Top 100 Fights Restructured?

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Top 100 Fights Restructured?

Hey I love this site and always am coming back to log fights. But the top 100 fights isn't accurate whatsoever even though I think it could be a really great list for beginner fight fans.

Is there a way to have both fight ratings and number of scorecards factor into the rankings of fights? Right now even if there's 40 5 star ratings 1 1 star rating can knock the fight off the list. Can the algorithm for rankings change? If not can someone manually fix it?

Just an idea to improve the site.


Re: Top 100 Fights Restructured?

I agree. I think the algorithm/method of choosing the 100 fights should somehow take into account how many scores and ratings there are on a fight. I don't know how that would be done, but I feel like its the best way to go about it. I feel like giving a 1 star rating to every fight that has one 5 star vote is just going to confuse people into thinking that a fight must not be that good because it only has 3 stars and will scare them away from watching said fight(s). Thats just my two cents on the matter.