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Title Bout predicts upcoming fights

Here are the predictions from Title Bout championship boxing for the upcoming boxing fights, sadly a few fights are low key, so only 1 of them is on the game (Eg, Donaire Bedak), but I'll make the most of it

Golovkin vs Wade- Golovkin wins by UD (115-109 2x 115-108, Golovkin knocked down in Rd 5, Wade down in 7,9, 2x 12, Wade was competitive at the start, by the half way point, he was 2 rounds up with a knockdown, but didnt win a round after this in my opinion

Gonzalez vs Arroyo- Gonzalez wins by SD (115-113 113-115 116-112, Arroyo was amazing at the start, winning 4 or 5 of the first 6 rounds, however after the 6th I think Gonzalez won every round)

Anthony Dirrell vs Caleb Truax- Dirrell wins by TKO at 2:51 of round 9- scorecards at time of KO (76-75 and 78-73 Dirrell, 76-75 Truax) - Dirrell down in rd 8

Andre Dirrell vs Blake Caparello- Dirrell wins by UD (98-92, 96-94, 97-93), good performance from Dirrell.

Badou Jack vs Lucian Bute- Bute wins by UD (115-112 114-113 114-112, great fight, and very close)

Victor Ortiz vs Andre Berto 2- Ortiz wins by UD (117-108, 116-109, 116-109- Berto down in 8 and 9, point deducted for berto in 12 for low blow)

Anselmo Moreno vs Suriyan Sor Rungvisai- Rungvisai wins by TKO (cut) at 1:59 of round 12, scorecards at time of TKO- 2x 105-104 106-103 Moreno

Saul Alvarez vs Amir Khan- (Khan wins by UD 117-106 118-105 118-105, Alvarez down in Rd 5, 2x rd 9, Rd 12. Destruction from Amir, great performance)

Kubrat Pulev vs Dereck Chisora - Pulev wins by KO at 2:17 of Round 6, Chisora down in round 5 and twice in round 6. Judges scorecards at time of KO- 47-47 and 48-46,49-45 Chisora on the cards

Deontay Wilder vs Alexander Povetkin- Povetkin wins by KO at 1:49 of round 6, scorecards at time of KO - all 3 have it 49-47 Povetkin

Denis Lebedev vs Victor Ramirez- Victor Ramirez wins by MD (114-114, 115-113, 115-113), Ramirez down in Rd 8

Erislandy Lara vs Vanes Martirosyan- Lara wins by SD (114-113 114-113 112-115) Lara down in round 8

Jermall Charlo vs Austin Trout- Trout wins by UD (116-112 119-110 118-112)

Jermell Charlo vs John Jackson- Charlo wins by UD (116-111 118-109 116-111) Jackson down in rd 11

Ricky Burns vs Michele Di Rocco- Di Rocco wins by MD (114-114 115-112 116-111) Burns deducted a point due to intentional headbutt

Tony Bellew vs Ilunga Makabu- Makabu wins by KO at 2:49 of round 6 - Scorecards at time of knockout (ALL 3 49-47 Bellew)

Ruslan Provodnikov vs John Molina Jr.- Provodnikov wins by KO at 2:50 of Round 7 - Scorecards were 60-55 60-55 and 59-56 in favour of Provodnikov

Demetrius Andrade vs Willie Nelson- Andrade wins by UD (118-111, 117-112, 115-113)

Dejan Zlaticanin vs Emiliano Marsili- BEFORE THE CARDS- that was as close a fight as you can have, great fight. Zlaticanin down in 12. Zlaticanin wins by SD (114-113 113-114 115-112)

Rocky Martinez vs Vasyl Lomachenko- Lomachenko wins by KO at 2:23 of round 5 - scorecards were all 40-36 Lomachenko

Keith Thurman vs Shawn Porter- Thurman wins by UD (all 3 116-115)

Jesus Cuellar vs Abner Mares- Mares deducted point in 4th round for low blow. Cuellar wins by DQ at the end of round 10 after repeated low blows. Scorecards at time of DQ (86-84 Mares, 85-85 85-85)

Tyson Fury vs Wladimir Klitschko- Klitschko wins by KO at 36 seconds of round 5. Scorecards (all 3 39-37 Klitschko)

Terence Crawford vs Viktor Postol- Terence Crawford wins by UD (116-113 116-113 117-112)

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That all looks cool mate, did you see you secured your first point in the prediction competition?

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Oh hi champ, I see I did, and what a great ko from Bundu, a great fighter he is! You looking forward to Golovkin tonight?

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Well said lad, Bundu is massively underrated, let's hope he gets a world title shot soon! It is a disappointment that Branco pulled out, but being in his mid forties, I understand why he didn't want to fight Bundu, especially with Bundu's all action style.

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Thank you! Bundu is extremely underrated and he certainly deserves a world title shot soon. Bundu is an exciting fighter and whoever the opponent puts out an impressive performance. It is a shame that Branco pulled out, but Bundu's performance was still elite. A Jessie Vargas would be great in my opinion.

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Well said again mate, can't disagree with a word. That would be a tough one, but I think Bundu might just edge it, what do you reckon?

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Bundu is a very good, genuine world class fighter, but I think he still has some earning to do if he is to have another go at a world title.

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I agree champ, but age is behind him. Ideally he needs more tune ups to earn a world title fight but at 42 nearly, you have got to think that he surely doesn't need to waste any time. To be honest though, he is making the age seem just like a number, and is still performing extremely good performances

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You're right mate, but we have to take into account the fact that, one, he boxes like a man in his twenties, two, his professional boxing career started very late, and three, he hasn't looked impressive enough with his two wins against limited opposition since losing very badly to Keith Thurman. I question how much Bundu really wants it now, I don't think his trainer is of the highest standard, and I think hiring a new trainer would definitely be a good idea, I find Bundu so frustrating, he is in fine condition to say the least, I'm extremely impressed at his fitness, physical strength, commitment, and just his overall ability to fight, but tactically, there is so much you can criticise, I've never really seen him work himself into an effective rhythm, his jab is poor I'm comparison to other welterweights, I think his head movement is inconsistent, I don't think he is a strong counter puncher, there are many other things I could criticise, he has the heart to go very, very far indeed,I just think he needs to work with a trainer who can fix his technical and tactical problems.

He is performing well at the moment, but not against good opposition, it is not his fault Branco withdrew from the fight, but nevertheless, he does need to step up his level of opposition, my advice to Bundu would be to call out the winner of Ortiz vs Berto, I think he is capable of beating them both, and this could set up bigger opportunities for him. I highly doubt Bundu could come close to beating Vargas, but it would be a competitive fight for sure. I agree, Bundu does not need to waste any more time, so he needs to sort his wayward tactics out, and sharpish, I'm a massive fan of Bundu, but all the more reason to realise his flaws, and hope he puts them right. Have you seen Gavin vs Bundu?

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That would be a great fight champ. Personally I would rather have Ortiz fight Bundu than Berto, I just think stylistically it would be better. I think he can give Jessie Vargas a great fight tbh champ. He might not be a Thurman level fighter, because that is one of the best, but a fight against who you said, Sadam Ali, Luis Collazo would be a good fight to watch

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Well to be honest, I say call out the winner, I just said Berto because I think he'll win the fight, but if Ortiz wins again, then I agree, Bundu vs Ortiz, stylistically, Ortiz vs Bundu is more likely to be explosive, but stylistically, Berto vs Bundu would be more of a high action fight with both guys putting everything in, 3 minutes of each round, and in my opinion, it would be a more thrilling fight, of course the only way we could know would be if Bundu fought them both, and we could compare fights.

You're my mate, but I have to be honest, I think although it would be a great fight, and very competitive (because will try his best no matter what, and he has the stamina to keep up his pace for 12 full rounds), but I highly doubt Bundu could give Vargas a genuinely close fight, I think he could make Vargas work for every rounds he won, and Bundu could pick up a good 3 or 4 rounds, but he would be comfortably out pointed. The thing is mate, that is an understatement, if he was beaten with a unanimous score of 117-111, then he may be merely a class below, but let's not forget that for all his effort, Bundu didn't win a round against Thurman, it was either 120-108, or 120-107 as all the judges had it. I think Ali would be easy for Bundu actually, now there's a good match up, Bundu vs Collazo, what a great fight that would be. Bundu is one of those fighters who has few attributes, but the attributes in which he possesses, he possesses in a massive way, on the other hand, his extreme weaknesses in other areas make him stand out out as a limited opponent when he fights somebody who is good enough to find a way to work around the problems Bundu can cause with his strengths.

Re: Title Bout predicts upcoming fights

I have to agree with you mate, I think Bundu would edge a great slugfest. Maybe by a couple of rounds

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Yes I am mate, I think he'll stop him with ease, and we won't really see anything impressive from Wade, I do think will land plenty of leather on Golovkin, but I think that will be due to only the fact that Golovkin will know he doesn't have the power to hurt him, and he won't be able to bring out the boxer in Gennady, therefore GGG will walk through him, and tee off, I really hope Gennady gets a real challenge next, in a sense, Lemieux was a challenge, well, a potential challenge, only potential because Golovkin turned out to be classes above him, but with all the ease Golovkin found himself boxing with, he did have to box, rather than just clumsily walking forward looking for a short lived tear up, he even admitted he was a little bit scared of Lemieux, which meant he boxed within himself, he boxed with so much sensibility, and just a little bit of fear, I was so impressed with that almost flawless performance, and I really hope his next opponent can challenge him like I don't believe Wade can.

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I just finished doing scores for all my predictions on the Prediction king/queen of the month forum. I feel Wade may come out all guns blazing, he has nothing to lose and people are even forgetting Golovkin really has a fight. I just started a twitter page called Flash Knockout boxing so I was adding a few news stories onto that. I set up a Firy Klitschko poll and announced the Kovalev Chilemba fight before others. David Lemieux took some huge shots vs Golovkin but it annoys me nowadays. The business aspect of boxing has took over. Yes Golovkin is good, but how good no-one knows because the toughest test of his career bar the Lemeiux fight is Martin Murray, no disrespect to Murray but Maravilla Martinez who was aging got past Murray before Golovkin, and I asked someone to compare Golovkin and Maravilla and they said Golovkin was much much better, which I disagree with, and Martin fought a tough fight too. Maravilla I loved but he peaked too late. His next opponent better be a challenge to him. I uploded a news article onto my twitter page saying that Lemieux wanted to dominate Tapia and get a rematch, but whoever it is I just hope it is competitive

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I saw, and I saw you extended your list as well, you know what? I think you're spot on, he doesn't have anything to lose, he may as well go for broke, but I don't think that will stretch our the length of the fight at all, and nor will it make it any closer really, I don't think. I'm not really a fan of Facebook, Twitter or anything else like that, but of you're making good of use of it, then that's awesome, good for you. I'm looking to try and score more fights soon, there are so may fights I want to score and analyse, but there is one problem, and that is time, oh well, I'll find a way around it.

I would love to have a discussion with you on Fury vs Klitschko 2, I know from looking at your prediction that your view differs massively to mine, but hey, that's what makes it so interesting. I have always said just that, but he proved so much against Lemieux, that great amateur pedigree finally showed. By the skin of his teeth though, and Martin Murray is a great champion, he was able to give Golovkin a good work out, he gave him genuine rounds, but he wasn't able to bring out the boxer in Golovkin, so it is hard to give him credit for landing so many clean but in the end useless punches. So, and if you do then I'm sure you (being the great judge you are) have a valid case to build, do you think Sergio Martinez was actually better than Gennady Golovkin? I highly doubt that's going to happen, I suppose Jean Pascal got a ridiculous rematch against Sergey Kovalev, but at least he won a round against Kovalev, convincingly.

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So basically, I think that Fury Klitschko 2 will be a brawl. Klitschko will go all out because I believe he retires if he loses, so he will either be KO'd or will KO fury. I don't really think he can win a points decision in the Manc. Like the judges there who scored Hatton vs Tzsyu 8-3 Hatton, there was 2 rounds in that IMO. Well definitely have to score sometime champ, you are a great scorer and I like comparing scores with you and thanks for the compliment about me being a great scorer!,. We are very similar scorers in my opinion. Maravilla Martinez just always did enough to win fights but he had brutal power. I really think 2010-11 Maravilla would give Golovkin a good go, because just how good is Golovkin really? Let's be honest, I think Canelo does him and I think Canelo lost to Lara. Kovalev vs Chilemba is a good fight for Kovalev and will be a good test for Andre Ward, but Kovalev wants Stevenson then Ward. I think Adonis Stevenson is a little ducker who would be beaten by Kovalev, I would want him to win as generally I'm one for the underdog but there are 2 levels, he needs to stop the chatter because that fight won't happen, Stevenson gets easy pay days.

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I think from Klitschko's perspective, this really is a last resort to save what he has left of a career, I'll make my view as simple as I can, Tyson Fury is a little bit like doctor house, he can be a bit of a div, he's crazy, he's a good man really, and he'll be more popular than Muhammad Ali one day, mark my words, but at the end of the day, love him or loathe him, he's the best, he can do everything you're average world class heavyweight can do, but he carries featherweight advantages as well, he is extremely intelligent, he is the only boxer besides Floyd Mayweather who can make his opponents look bad like that, nullify them, and just out class them in that genius way he does, he is the best technical operator in the sport of boxing right now in my opinion, so to top it all, if Klitschko does what he did in the first fight, he will lose by a very wide margin, I think Fury will do to him pretty much exactly what Floyd Mayweather Jr did to Saul Canelo Alvarez, if Klitschko decides to pull the trigger, and tries to hurt Fury, and doesn't manage it, then, the same story, if he catches Fury, and has a physical impact, then he's getting brutally out fought, stopped brutally, and beaten into retirement, people don't realise that in the last round of their first fight, (a round I thought Fury won), Fury got caught flush because he decided to focus on nothing other than his shorts which were falling down, and once he was hurt, he backed Klitschko up with few throw away punches just to shoe away the annoying wasp whilst he tries again to adjust his shorts, and the reason behind the point deduction in the previous round, was due to Fury having Klitschko in so much trouble, Klitschko struggling to endure the physical toll of the punches and the sheer distress they brought, so he turns round to kill time, and Fury accidentally gets the back of his head, my point is, there is no way Klitschko can out fight Fury. I think Fury will absolutely school Klitschko for the first 9 rounds, I think it will be easy, and then Klitschko will hurt Tyson, which will be his own defeat warrant, in a painful way. So is your prediction still Klitschko by UD?

Definitely my friend, I scored Gonzalez vs Arroyo today and what there was of Golovkin vs Wade, and tomorrow I'm going to score Santa Cruz vs Mares and Pacquiao vs Bradley III. At some point, we should definitely score any fights you have in mind. Thank you very much mate, the reason why you're a good scorer is because you asked questions when you were learning, you didn't refuse to listen to experienced boxing followers and try to create your own version of the sport, (which is basically what the fans who don't appreciate boxing do), and now, I'm not a better judge than you, no way, I look at your scorecards, and there no different to those of scorecards of judges who are five times as knowledgeable as I am. I think we are similar scorers.

I have to disagree with you there mate, how good is Golovkin? In my opinion, top 5 in the world, he could easily be the best on the planet, have you seen his fight against Lemieux? I think Lara beat Canelo by a couple of points, but nobody can argue with that score the other way. Gennady Golovkin, as I'm sure you know, is an extremely dangerous concussive puncher, he is a very effective pressure fighter, and GGG, can fight, but Golovkin is an all round ultra class boxer, he can do everything in that ring, I think him taking so many punches is a sign of boredom at times, but it is also a mind game against his opponent, he breaks his opponent emotionally, once they realise they can't hurt him when they've caught him with anything, they try to out box him, but he makes it look so easy when he walks them down with his offence, he out hustles them, and when he finds the opening, he tees off, creating the finish. When Golovkin fights somebody who is a dangerous puncher, he boxes with sensibility, he opens the gap, boxes at range, and boxes in an active, accurate, cautious way, from long range, that jab is something special, it is so commanding the way he doesn't even need an opening, he just punches through the target, his timing is impeccable, and so is his judgement of distance, Golovkin is an extremely strong defensive fighter when he wants to be, if Golovkin fought Alvarez, I think Canelo would make him box tentatively, I think Gennady would dominate on the jab in the early rounds, I think Canelo would try physically harder as the fight would go on, I think, Golovkin would be try to do downstairs damage, I think he would try for the finish, but, he wouldn't manage it, and he would settle for a one sided unanimous decision victory, that's my opinion on what would happen if Golovkin fought Alvarez.

I want our dog to meet a bitch and have puppies, Kovalev wants Stevenson to have the balls to fight him, our dog's been spayed, Stevenson wouldn't dare fight Kovalev, we all want things we can't have in life, but hey, Ward vs Kovalev!! If that happened, just think how good that would be for boxing.

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I don't know if it was just hyperbole but I seriously doubt Fury will ever be remotely as popular as Muhammad Ali. Ali has become the universal symbol of boxing and a hero for black people for standing with his religious beliefs and not fighting for a lost cause. I do respect Ali as a figure for civil rights and he is one of the most well known, influential, intelligent people in the world.

Tyson Fury is very similar to Ali. King of the division surrounded in controversy for who he is: Fury (gyspy) and Ali (black). If Ali was around nowadays he would be immensely unpopular.

Wasn't a big fan of the attitude though, too cocky and nasty sometimes.

Re: Title Bout predicts upcoming fights

We won't really know mate, not until Fury gets noticeably older, more mature, and most importantly, more respected, the thing is, Muhammad Ali isn't famous because he was legitimately better than many other great heavyweights, it is because he transcends the sport, because his story is so fascinating, I think because he was such a showman inside and outside of the ring, and his massive personality, he made himself very remembered, I can't see that ever changing. Whatever I have said or will say about Muhammad Ali being overrated as a fighter, I love those two things about him, if any one is up for standing with their religious beliefs, it is me, and to represent equal rights, is very inspirational. 'Influential', great word!

Indeed he is, but I believe he is a much more complicated character. I don't actually believe the situation regarding being a traveller has anything like the impact some people believe it to have, I think it is all about who Tyson Fury is, he constantly says stupid, weird, insane things, so nobody can complain about the controversy that surrounds Fury as a celebrity. You're right, that is one of the main reasons why I see Tyson becoming extremely popular one day.

I find Tyson Fury very interesting as a fighter and person, if you ask me, he does have some kind of mental disorder, maybe it is a bipolar disorder, maybe it is something similar, but it is clear to me he has something wrong with him, I do think battling his situation has made him stronger, and I think his whole life has been one big fight, have you heard the story about what happened when he was born? I think being so horrible at times, is his way of staying in fighting mode, I think he likes being the underdog, I think he is dreading people having high expectations of him, which could explain his strange comment 'I think erm, I think Wlad might have let me win tonight, on purpose', and his insinuations that he isn't motivated to do anything any more, hates boxing, will retire after his next fight, has achieved all he wants to achieve, and the implication that he doesn't mind if he loses to Klitschko in the rematch, I think in his mind, it's all a bit of fun, and what he says is south to the north truth, his reaction to his victory over Klitschko was very telling. I won't argue with anybody in this country who has something against Fury for his disgusting, ridiculous comments regarding homosexuals and women, but everyone should put their personal feelings aside, and accept the fact that he is the best in the heavyweight division, and stop giving Anthony Joshua more credit because they like him as a person and/or how he was made to look when he won the IBF belt. This is how I think this is what started his feud with Anthony Joshua (which is probably partially staged), I think the sooner Fury gets the respect he deserves, the sooner he will show more of his humble side, and be the new Muhammad Ali in the eyes of the public, I think he would get more respect in the USA. I remember Fury making some points on the topic of what is important in life, and he spoke like a true champion, he mad the point that in life, you don't need material things like flash cars, expensive watches, massive houses, famous friends etc, if you achieve what you set out to achieve, speed your life with your loved ones, and know you're going to heaven one day, then that's being as successful as you can be in life, I agree 100% with those comments, I just wish Fury would speak publicly like that more often.

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the original predictions on this thread are CRAZY.
A majority of matches don't include multiple knockdowns especially both guys going down
No way a guy as green as Wade survives 12 with GGG. I was very confident Berto would win last night too. Berto has been more active and Victor's chin is not great.

I don't think Khan has much of a chance. When you go up in weight that much your timing is off. Sure everyone can say "well pacquiao did..." but this is not a shot fighter like Oscar... Canelo will win propably by 8th round ko.

Lara will most likely school his opponent. So nah on the SD

Jermall Charlo vs. Austin Trout is the most intriging. Crossroads fight.

I think Fury will win again. It will by another fencing match and since Fury is younger and it's in the UK I'll say him. I have heard some crap that Tyson Fury will retire after this fight and that too me is just signs of him wanting no part of Joshua or the other new HWTS.

Thurman vs. Porter lean Thurman but could go the other way perhaps.

Re: Title Bout predicts upcoming fights

People have opinions, and if they turn out to be wrong, they turn out to be wrong, they don't need to be told their predictions are 'CRAZY', if originally most people were wrong about Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan, and the weight situation works out well for Khan (which is key as to who will win the fight), then I'm very confident he will win, and if so, then you will look very silly indeed, even more so if Vanes Martirosyan performs beyond the bounds of your expectations, it is never a good idea to criticise people's predictions.

Lastly, the scorer your criticising is the prediction Champion of April 2016, just though you should know.

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Oh also. Ward and Sergey are signed too fight on November 19 barring injury or upset in the tune up fights.

And yes. I knew it. Floyd Money Mayweather Jr. is hinting at coming out of retirement. Whispers of him possibly taking on undefeated* fellow cherry picker Danny Garcia. Possibly a rematch vs. Manny.....

Re: Title Bout predicts upcoming fights

This was a simulator game Vock, they aren't my predictions. I don't know if you know that but there goes. I disagree with most of these cards.

Re: Title Bout predicts upcoming fights

Just ignore him mate, when would you like to score Berto vs Ortiz 1?

Re: Title Bout predicts upcoming fights

I will mate cheers, and is 8pm ok?

Re: Title Bout predicts upcoming fights

Cool, he will get bored soon enough. I need to finish scoring Donaire vs Rig first, so I might not get a chance until maybe a little but later, but around that time, yes. How you doing BTW?

Re: Title Bout predicts upcoming fights

Ok then, no worries. I'm doing great champ thank you, How about you? Geeat that I can finally reaccesss the website after being forbidden, do you have any idea why that happens?

Re: Title Bout predicts upcoming fights

Good to hear that! Yeah I'm doing good, I'm all about running at the moment, I have a tough challenge ahead of me, you know I mentioned I'm running a half marathon? Well it is a tough one, it contains a lot of very steep hills, one them has been named 'cardiac hill', there has to an ambulance present at the top, so that is definitely something to train for, and a great goal for me. No mate, I have absolutely no idea, but it is strange it happens to you so often, I'm sure any IT whizz could sort out your problem.

Re: Title Bout predicts upcoming fights

Yes, good luck with the half-marathon, you will smash it! Cardiac hill doesnt sound fun.Good luck for it, and it is a great goal for you. It gives you something to aim for too. Good to know that you're doing good,and just let me know when you wanna score. What is your opinion on Whyte vs Cornish possibly happening on July 30? and what is your opinion on Fury's retirement? Hughie Fury looked terrible vs Kassi too

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Cheers mate, are you still playing tennis BTW? How about 5 minutes, and that's a good match up, I expect Dillian Whyte to get the stoppage, I underestimated him before he fought Anthony Joshua, although I still think Joshua is a league above, and he could have done a lot better when they fought, three things I underestimated especially badly about Whyte were his lateral movement, his jab, and his chin (I knew he took take a punch, but I didn't know he could absorb that kind of power, and at that kind of volume). I didn't think Hughie Fury looked terrible mate, far from it, and I think Tyson Fury is fooling a lot of people, but he isn't fooling me, he loves boxing, he doesn't think women are inferior to men, and he will retire when he has dominated the heavyweight division for many years.

This is unrelated to boxing, can I make some song recommendations?

Onefoursix - The Fall
Duck sauce - the big bad wolf
Wheatus - Teenage dirtbag

Re: Title Bout predicts upcoming fights

Thanks for asking! I do it often, I have started doing boxing training too, just learning the fundamentals for now, ill decide if I wanna do it if i'm good enough to be honest. Not bad start though. Focus on my main weaknesses is the first start, which I havent really found out yet. Whyte vs Cornish will be a mid round stoppage IMO. I'm sorry, he's done what he's had to so far, but I ain't on the AJ bandwagon so far. Martin was a champion who won the belt due to someone twisting their knee, and was 2-0 down on scorecard at that time IMO, he doesnt throw anything. Breazeale should be first 2 rounds also. How will he cope against the best, at this rate, I think Pulev, Haye, Klitschko , Fury will all beat him and Wilder and Briggs will be tough fights. You may be thinking what with the Shannon, but I believe he is a great fighter and people just know him as a trash talker, he beat George Foreman,albeit controversially, but only 5 people did that

Re: Title Bout predicts upcoming fights

Hey Cf, if you don't mind if I interject but I agree with you about Anthony Joshua and Shannon. Briggs vs Haye may be happening this year.

Re: Title Bout predicts upcoming fights

No worries. Glad you agree with me about Joshua, the man needs a greater test, he holds, and it can't really be denied, a metaphorical paper belt, doesn't mean anything but because AJ holds the belt, he deserves it. The first words the presenter on that PPV card Joshua vs Martin said was does he draw similarities to Mike Tyson, that is abysmal. Iron Mike, who was a great world champion, he beat Spinks, Tubbs, Berbick, Ruddock and was a world champion at 20. Briggs vs Haye will be a great fight in my opinion, Haye will be a heavy favourite but I think it will be a rather evenly matched, could go either way.

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Awesome mate, me going far with boxing wasn't to be in the end, but I have no regrets, I got to the stage when I was easily good enough to compete, and I never would have found my passion for running had I not participated in the sport of boxing, that's so great to hear you've taken it up, whether you decide the same as I did, or go a lot further, it is great to have experience in boxing, something that is so important is finding a good trainer who you get on with well.

About Anthony Joshua, this is my opinion, first of all, it is great to see you you're being intelligent in not being fooled by his seemingly explosive win over Charles Martin, the thing is mate, that win was like lettuce for Joshua, if he beat Luis Ortiz, that would be a broccoli victory, I will explain, so a high percentage of lettuce is water, there is little good or bad in it, but what there is, is good, broccoli on the other hand, is probably the healthiest vegetable you can possibly eat, it is absolutely wonderful for you, there absolutely nothing unimpressive from Anthony Joshua against Charles Martin, at all, there was little about that performance that could have impressed or unimpressed you about Anthony Joshua, but after seeing that fight, your opinion on him either stayed the same, or improved very slightly for the better, Charles Martin was out of shape, unprepared, and not even that interested in the end, his counter punching skills were non existent, his timing was none existent, he looked slow, and there was no real method in his work, I got the sense that had he landed anything other than two glancing blows (which is all he landed with), then there wouldn't have been any spite in his punches, he was the most disappointing world champion I have ever seen try to defend his title, but at the end of the day, that isn't Joshua's fault, he got offered the shot, boxers are opportunists, they grab chances with both hands, Joshua was cautious against the expected challenge you would imagine any world champion would pose, his performance was good, and it could have been great, had his opponent been able to bring it out of him, I don't see how anybody's opinion of Anthony Joshua could have dropped after that performance, given that he won almost as emphatically as physically possible, but, I will definitely go along with the opinion that Anthony Joshua shouldn't be a world champion yet. I have just seen a comment from the other Jonny, he agrees with you, only time will tell whether or not Anthony Joshua is as good as I think he is.

I'm not happy about that fight at all, I think he will get rid of him in one round, Breazeale is nowhere near as good as his record suggests, a reliable source in Peter Fury says his win over Fred Kassi was not legitimate, and he looked awful against an extremely unlucky Amir Mansour.

I agree to an extent, he does need genuine experience, against opposition that can provide him with hard fights in which he can learn from, but, I would put my house on him beating the **cking Hayefaker easily, I reckon it would last 2 one sided rounds, David Haye, I don't even know where to begin, I dislike him more than you dislike Degale, I won't go into it right now, but I can talk all day long about why he is terrible for the sport, and why he does not compare to Wilder, Joshua, Fury, Povetkin, Ortiz, Pulev, Browne, Parker or any other great heavyweight.

No need to explain yourself my friend, I'm with you 100% on that one, I'm a massive fan of Shannon Briggs, I hope David Haye grows a pair and gives him his shot, I would predict Briggs to stop him, Briggs is just a laugh, and a great showman, I know, officialdom also doesn't do him justice for his fight against Lennox Lewis, he knocked out Ray Mercer, the boxer who went the distance with Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis, and pushed them both, making both fights close.

When you have finished reading this very long comment, would you like to score Berto vs Ortiz?

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Haha champ, you give the best analysis and opinions! Sure I will score. I forgot to say, Luis Ortis is my favourite heavyweight, even though he took drugs, he is the best heavyweight in the division in my opinion. That might be a crazy preposition, but really I don't care, Fury is a very unorthodox body, but Ortiz is well rounded, he can box, he can brawl, he can slug.

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Cool, I'm about to start, right now, I believe he is the third best out there, I'm a massive fan too mate, I explained very recently (on a scorecard from mike) the reasons for Fury looking like not half the athlete he really is when he's in shape, I'm not going to say it all again, anyway, Fury vs Ortiz is an option for the future, I think Fury is the best of them all.

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Hell, I already know all them songs. The big bad wolf is amazing, I like that song, Teenage dirtbag and the fall are pretty good too!