Davis PPV scorecards

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Davis PPV scorecards

yeah, yeah fuck it man! let's give this a try:

Gervonta Davis vs Hector Garcia
Davis: 4,5,7,8
Garcia: 1-3,6

Jaron Ennis vs Karen Chukhadzhian
Ennis: 1-3,5,7-12
Chukhadzhian: 4,6

Rashidi Ellis vs Roiman Villa
Ellis: 1-6,8
Villa: 7,9,10-12 +2kd 12

Demetrius Andrade vs Demond Nicholson
Andrade: 1-10 +1kd 2, +1kd 10

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feel free to post yours on this thread if you want

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Hi, why there is no new fights?

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Ennis don't have a good footwork and footspeed for cutting the ring. His workrate and defense is also not really good. I think Spence and Bud would beat him right now, especially Errol, because he is still enough young and fresh. Thurman,Ugas, Stanionis, Ortiz, Villa will give him tough fights.
I believe that Jaron has a good talent, but he needs 2 years more to realize it. Next fight vs Ellis, and after that Villa, Thurman, Ugas.

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I really love how Ellis was fightning till second half of the fight. I have 114-112 Ellis or 113-113.