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    Great call.

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    What a shit kicking.

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    I agree

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    after da last performance I'd be shocked if Canelo fights anyone above 168 EVER again unless it's a very winnable proposition. didn't he start backpedaling from "yeah, I want that immediate rematch this ain't going to end like this" right after the fight to "we'll see" a couple of minutes later at the press conference?

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    Farmer UD
    Williams UD

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    Do you have a prediction for Tevin Farmer vs Mickey Bey and Traimaine Williams vs Isaac Sackey?

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    This is a step up for Buatsi, and a good test, Buatsi has the better amateur background, but Richards is the more experienced professional, he has a great chin, he hits very hard, and if he lands clean, it will be interesting to see Buatsi's chin tested. The battle of the jabs will be interesting and important, both have very purposeful jabs, if one can beat the other to the jab, they can set up their right hand, and force the other to open up and take risks. It will be interesting to see if Buatsi can hurt Richards if he lands a great shot, and how Richards holds up physically down the stretch if Buatai attacks in volume. I think Buatsi is defensively better than Richards, he's definitely faster in hand and foot. Richards judges distance, has good awareness, sees shots coming, it will be interesting to see if he can make Buatsi fall short, and how Buatsi is able to set up his shots.

    I think both finders will land the jab in the early rounds, Buatsi will be more aggressive, will put Richards briefly on the defensive, but when Richards lands the counter right hand, he will get Buatsi's respect, and negate his momentum. I think Richards will out jab Buatsi in the mid rounds, will beat Buatsi to the right hand, and back him up, but Buatsi will be ahead with the feet, will step into range, and will out work Richards, will attack head and body, will make it hard for Richards to get his shots off, and Richards will be an easy target in the pocket. I think Richards will be competitive in the late rounds, but Buatsi will finish strong.

    My prediction is Buatsi by UD, I think Richards will have success, and it will be closer (unofficially) than the Bivol fight, I wouldn't be surprised if Richards won, Buatsi has a lot to prove. It would be a statement from Buatsi if he stopped Richards, but I doubt he will.