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    Haney vs Kambosos


    Haney's jab and use of his reach are very important, he's better off being first with his jab rather than going 50/50 with Kambosos in a counter punching battle. I think Haney should look to jab off the back foot consistently, I don't think Kambosos is a good pressure fighter, he will struggle to cut Haney off, Haney can use his jab to keep him at bay at least for some of the fight, and if he can use it to score points at long range, it's Kambosos who has to take risks. Haney should be varied, he's more reliant on mobility than Kambosos, so he has to try to make it so that the fight takes more out of Kambosos than him, he should go to the body, but on the inside, he could fall onto a counter uppercut, and reaching with the lead right to the body could make him a counter target as well, Haney should throw the right to the body behind the jab to the head in a combination, and finish with the left hook as he steps back.


    Kambosos has to try to nullify Haney's jab, being out worked is a concern for him, he should try to keep it at a low tempo. I think Kambosos, like Haney, is better on the back foot than the front foot, but if he backs up, he creates distance, and allows Haney to get his jab off. Kambosos should look to step to his right as he steps in, it could set up an opening for the over hand right, negate Haney's pivot, and he's out of position for Haney's jab. Kambosos's plan should be to keep the centre of the ring, establish himself as the counter puncher early, but he can't rely on counter punching, because that will allow Haney to get off first, Kambosos should look to stop Haney from working, keep him occupied mentally, use feints, and make Haney react, but at that tentative pace, he'll struggle to pick Haney off, so he has to let his hands go put Haney on the defensive, and make it so that Haney has to exert more movement than him.

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    Gervonta Davis UD

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    Jessica McCaskill vs Anahi Ester Sanchez

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    Jamel Herring better go back to the gym and train!

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    This is the second fight when Babic suffered consequences of his high risk style, and he was down in this fight, but I think he reacted great, physically and mentally, he took hard shots in the following rounds, but his defence was better than I'd seen it overall, and he was able to still apply his usual relentless pressure while he had to respect Balski's power, he out worked and swarmed Balski between the first and last round. Babic was unfortunate to take the shot after the bell, but he was lucky it was late in the fight, because he was hurt very bad, Balski's fatuige was a lifeline for Babic, he'd recovered by the end of the fight, but he took damage, it's a dangerous situation, it was a bad foul from Balski, it probably wasn't intentional, but the point deduction was fair, and Babic deserved to win.

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    Great learning fight for Buatsi. Buatsi did very well to beat Richards to the jab as easily as he did, he judged the distance well, his punch selection was good, and he made it hard for Richards to work, but his pacing and tactical discipline were poor, I think he was affected mentally by both the referee and the back and forth trash talk from before the fight, he didn't pressure Richards consistently because he punched himself out several times after landing a good shot, his defence got worse as the fight went on, I think both fighters were hurt at different times, but both recovered well, Richards had slightly more in the tank in the late rounds. I think Buatsi has the potential to beat an opponent as good as Richards fairly easily.

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    Great call.