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    Hi Zoe; Same request as Casualfan please; if you'd be willing to grant me the privilege, I'd be happy to lighten the load of the main queue.

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    Breidis Prescott vs Francisco Figueroa
    Sergei Vorobev v Konstantin Ponomarev
    Karen Chukhadjyan vs Sergei Vorobyov
    Bryant Perrella v Breidis Prescott
    Kyrone Davis v Marcos Hernandez
    Alfredo Mejia Vargas v Leonardo Baez
    Leonardo Baez v Christian Eduardo Bacasegua
    Leonardo Baez v Edixon Perez.

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    Phenomenal performance from Stevenson! I expected Herring to give him problems, and he beat him easily. Stevenson's footwork was important, he took centre ring, stepped in with his jab, negated Herring's reach and neutralised his size, he cut Herring off with his front foot, stopped him moving to his left, which took a lot away from Herring's game plan. Stevenson was mentally balanced, took necessary risks, was aggressive, but his defence was great in the pocket, and when the stronger fighter took more risks himself, Stevenson fought comfortably off the back foot and still did all the damage, and he out fought Herring on the inside.

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    Edwin Santana vs Ben Tackie
    Kevin Kelley vs Edwin Santana
    Joe Casamayor vs Edwin Santana & vs Lamont Pearson,vs Joe Morales, vs Rasford Beasley & vs Jong Kwon Baek & vs Antonio Ramirez
    Sharmba Mitchell vs Pedro Saiz & vs Chris Smith & vs Michael Stewart & vs Vince Phillips & Reggie Green & vs Elio Ortiz & vs Ben Tackie

    Lorenzo Simpson vs Jaime Meza, Brandon Quarles vs Aaron Coley (both bouts on the Peteson vs Lipinets card)

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    Porter has the better wins, but Crawford is a heavy favourite because of how easy his career has been, ans because Porter has a few losses. These are 2 of the most professional athletes in boxing, I think both live the life more than most fighters. Timing could favour either fighter, both must have started declining, Porter has far more miles, is more reliant on physical attributes, and is coming off a longer layoff, but Porter has done a lot more rounds in recent years. Crawford is experienced at 147, but none of his opponents have had Porter's strength, Porter is definitely stronger than Crawford, and if he hasn't got old overnight, he can take Crawford's power. Porter doesn't have Crawford's ring IQ or timing, and I think Crawford is the better inside fighter, but it's very hard to comfortably out box Porter on the outisde because he cuts distance so well, his opponent is never comfortable in the pocket, he makes them work for every second. Both fighters are very fast in hand and foot, I think Crawford has the faster hands, but I think Porter has the faster feet, the better jab, and Crawford can't match his output. I don't think this is a great test for Crawford's chin, he's fought a few bigger punchers than Porter, but it's a great test of his overall durability.

    I think Porter will start fast, will jab his way in, will get off first, Crawford will land the cleaner and harder shots, but Porter will out work him on the inside, over power him, and Crawford will be uncomfortable. I think Crawford's timing will improve in the mid rounds, he'll catch Porter as he's coming in, more often, land some double impact shots, will do damage, but he will struggle to use his feet to disrupt Porter's pressure, and Porter will use his own feet to keep Crawford in front of him for the majority of the rounds, I think Crawford will do a lot of damage at close range in the late rounds, but Porter will hold up well, and keep the pressure on, I think both fighters will finish strong, Crawford won't be able to push Porter back even when he lands a great shot, but Porter will get beaten to the punch as he goes for broke.

    I think it will be close for shots landed, but Crawford will be far more accurate, do a lot more damage, and win fairly wide, I wouldn't be shocked if he got a stoppage, I'd be surprised if Porter got the upset, but I'm fairly confident Porter will go the distance.

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    Mary McGee SD