Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder III

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Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder III
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Saturday, October 9, 2021
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Champion97's picture

None of this is a personal observation from me, I'm only going off what I read on here in relation to boxing itself, I want to make that clear. If you want to agree to disagree, fair enough, we both given our opinions on the fight and backed them up, if we disagree too strongly to discuss it further, it might be best to leave it there.

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I’d absolutely love to hear your short answer of who would win between Wilder and Whyte? @champion97

Just to clarify what I said/meant re: motivation, I was referring to what he does from now on. He's already cemented his legacy and has nothing more to prove. AJ was a huge domestic showdown before AJ's frailties were exposed. Now that's not 'as' big a fight as it was previously. Fury has nothing more to prove so we have to hope that him unifying the belts is just as much as a motivator as overcoming all his demons and beating Wilder thrice.

Let's not forget that this has happened before. When Tyson beat Klitscko he'd achieved everything he set out to do by becoming the heavyweight champion of the world. He then fell into a very bad way with drink and drugs playing a part. Coming back from that darkness is incredible, one of the best sporting stories ever in my opinion.

So let's hope he doesn't think this is the pinnacle. He still has more to do in my opinion, I hope he feels the same way. A fighter like Tyson deserves to beat Whyte, Usyk and AJ. Then retire.

Ego is also a potential danger for him. As I alluded in a previous post, he needs to remember how skillful he is. I hope he doesn't get drunk on 2 huge knockout wins.

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beaunuitmem's picture

I think I was referring to "- I do believe Fury underestimated Wilder". I would bet my house that's not true.

I wouldn't want to see you out on the streets mate lol.

Seriously though, we'll have to agree to disagree on that. Fury didn't use the same upper body movement like he did in the 2nd fight. Why not? He just launched in with the right hand over the top on multiple occasions, walking onto that enormous shot in the 4th. Tyson Fury walking on to a shot? It sounds like sacrilege.

Would you agree Fury has the skill to have made that fight much easier than it ended up being? If so, why didn't he do that and take risk out of the equation? He knew from the 2nd fight that he had the power to stop him so there shouldn't have been any rush.

beaunuitmem's picture

:-) I can only make guesses but they would be that the lack of sharpness from less sparring and less conditoning could be factors.
Really going out on a limb here but I think it was the opposite, I think he was super nervous. If you look at the 'beheind the scenes' of the ringwalk, he didn't look the same; others had noted that even though he was saying the right things at the press conferences and the weigh in the energy wasn't the same.

but wouldn't less sparring and less conditioning play into the narrative that he underestimated Wilder?

We'll never know how much the 2 weeks with his daughter affected this but if I were Fury and I thought I were short on preparation and conditioning, the last thing I'd do is bore forward without some boxing first.

beaunuitmem's picture

no because it wasn't intentional it was enforced. Overtraining is a thing, 2 years out the ring they had to tone it down some time and then when it came down to it the camp got covid and then his new born was ill.
I think people forget that Fury has basically been Wilder's best promoter. I first heard of Wilder about ten years ago because Fury was bangin on about how good he was. He's always banging on about Wilder being the most dangerous man in boxing history, when people tried to write him off after the last one he wouldn't have any of it. It all stems from Emmanuel Steward picking those 2 out as future world champions.

Hmmm I'm still not convinced on the conditioning. Personally I think he purposely came in heavier because he knew Wilder was working on strength and he still wanted to be able to bully him around and wasn't interested in anything other than the knockout. We'll never know for sure, we watched the same fight and it's ok to come to different conclusions.

Manny Steward was one of the best trainers in boxing history in my opinion, it could be argued that he was thee best! He knew his onions and even back in those days he knew how good they both were.

beaunuitmem's picture

Not sure he came in heavier. He was fully clothed, with a massive hat, trainers on and there was definitely stuff in his pockets too. Mind games I reckon.
If I didn't want to hear other people's opinions, I wouldn't be here. Mediterranean blood, we love a debate.

Here Here on Manny Steward.

Massive hat lol. I loved what he said at the weigh in. He's an absolute boss at mind games. I also applaud Wilder for how he approached the fight. He said he was looking to go into the fight 'calm to make great decisions'. I think he did exactly that, he wasn't intimidated by Fury which was a feat in it's self, he just got beat by the better man. He couldn't have done anything any better.

And yes, I also enjoy our occasional chats (this is where I'd put the punch emoji if one were available....)

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Agree, I've rated Wilder extremely highly since the first Ortiz fight. If the man didn't have the heart of a lion, he would have folded then and there. [puch emoji]

Gold's picture

I agree with what you are saying Champ, Fury fought below his level and on Wilder's terms but that made it a classic fight. He's taken damage in the first and third fights but you have to wonder if anyone can stop Fury, he was the puncher versus Wilder in the second and third fights because of his chin and recovery. In regard to Fury having suboptimal preparation, I read somewhere he was sleeping on the hospital floor and doing workouts in a park, but I don't know if that is true or not.

@champ97 - I don't understand your last post to me mate.

@beaunuitmem posted this in reply to me: 'I think I was referring to "- I do believe Fury underestimated Wilder". I would bet my house that's not true'.

My reply was to that.

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Yeah um sorry not sorry but this fight was shit. It wasn't the shittiest of shitty shitfests out there but pretty shitty fight. Everyone and their motherfucking brother was like “Oh my GOD!!! This is the greatest heavyweight fight in like the history of heavyweight boxing since Da Thrilla in Manila! But that whack ass bullshit couldn’t be further from the truth! As I’ve said may fucking times, a FOTY needs to be a fight with a constant change in ebb and flow throughout the duration of the fight be it a couple of rounds (Hagler vs Hearns) or the full distance or fuck it even the full distance WITHOUT a motherfucking knock down (Taylor vs Prograis fine ass motherfucking example). Alright once fucking more a FOTY needs to be a fight with a CONSTANT CHANGE in ebb and flow THROUGHOUT the DURATION of the ENTIRE fight. IF Fury vs Wilder III would’ve played out like it fucking did for the first four rounds and then Fury would’ve finished him off in the fifth like he did in the eleventh or fuck it Wilder would’ve finished Fury off in the fifth for all I care THEN AND ONLY THEN can you claim this was FOTY otherwise it was a fucking one lopsidedly unnecessary beating for an extra 7 rounds.

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I agree...many knockdowns make not a great fight...really after the fifth round Fury-Wilder was a one-sided beating of one of technically weakest and worst prepared champions of all time (Wilder)by an awkward but quick and defensively gifted giant (Fury): i think from 7 ALL rounds could have scored two pints for "Gipsy king"...
Gonzalez-Estrada (except the debatable decision) was a thrilling fight between two small but great fighters.

Chris M95's picture

man this year off to a flier in the first quarter apparently according to TR official press release Fury vs Whyte has been secured at 41 Mil USD..purse bid...till take place on ESPN with no date or venue released yet

my guy suspects it would be on March 26th with Berchelt returning on the undercard too

Jarod Killian's picture

that means Fury is making 12.5 mil and 3 mil for Whyte