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Fights/Fighters not found in search engine


I am trying to rate the fights I watch, and I recently realised some fights I saw were present on the site but I found them by chance, they were not found when I used the search engine of the site. Examples of fighters that are present on the site but not found by search engine :
Giovanni Santillan
Angel Ruiz
Bobirzhan Mominov
(and the fights between Santillan and Ruiz and the fight between Ruiz and Mominov).

Is there a reason, some feature I didn't use well on the site (I am French so may not have noticed something specific).

Anyway this is just a question, not at all a bad feedback, thanks a lot for running this site who is very interesting and constantly growing up, a major ressource in the boxing universe.

Re: Fights/Fighters not found in search engine

I can't tell you the specific reason, but I've noticed that as well, I think it's because they are new fighters, it takes time for the site to fully process the documents.

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hold up i'll try to copy paste my comment from last year tackling this issue and a lil guide on having it easier but problem is that first i'll have to dig it up and find it, i do remember asking Saltnutz if i had to make it a forum topic so that it may help the newer or less regular users on here...which i feel i will do now if i do manage to find that comment

as for now the easiest ways are typing the name of fight along with the name of this site on Google rather on this site engine directly in case of newer fights (Feb-March 2020 onwards)....for instance Google "Eye on the Ring Giovanni Santillan Angel Ruiz"...if you aint sure on opponent's name Google and search for the A fighter's homepage

and secondly check the pages of regular users like Saltnutz, Jarrod Killan and Capman difficult to miss with those 3 and Gold too on bigger cards Champ97 may not be scoring on fight night as he'll be the one updating the fight pages but a few hours or days following you'll find em fight cards on his page or just visit the site right before the bell rings on a fight..chances are you'd find the fights like Santillan vs Ruiz much easier if thats indeed what you wanna do or if you like scoring on here live on fight nights

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for new comers (based on a earlier comment ) in case your frustrated on not finding some more recent fights on the search engine of this this site Follow these steps and save time but first my experience

this site is run great and for me fights could be easily got through the search engine regardless of when they were uploaded prior to say March-April 2020 basically the lockdown period for most of us and in most cases fights were available on both fighters pages (except in rare occasions like Whitaker DLH or Maidana vs Kotelnik and where it's on one fighters check both) but for fights uploaded since around aforementioned lockdown period as of this post some of em may not be found even on the fighters pages in which case

1 rather google search it along with the name of this site for ex type in Kingsley IbeH vs Guido Vianello

2 and for fighters whose fights are uploaded during the lockdown period for the first time on the site like let's say Kingsley Ibeh or Kim Clavel and if STEP 1 ain't helping know the date of the fight and you can look it up on the pages of certain users whose consistency in uploading scorecards during aforementioned period while help you find em easier if at all mainly Jarod Killan, metalhead123, gold, mbuck, saltnutz1, champ97, capman among other on user pages fights scorecards are saved date based from recent to oldest and knowing the date of the fight can help you find he scorecard of the fight from the page of said users or others in conjuture to the fights around the time period of the one you're looking for

3 if you know the date of fights happened and or uploaded prior to aforementioned period March April 2020 you can find em typing the date on the search engine and no need of step 2

4 and remember to be searching for em regardless on both fighters pages regardless you never know theres a good majority of fights you still find regardless of being uploaded during lockdown period on both fighters individual pages

once again the admins on here manage things real well
so after them steps if you feel a fight still ain't on here go ahead mention it
6 in case of fights of the 'recent past' chances are they were uploaded not too long before the fight date (mainly undercard fights) and you find em rather easily scrolling down the home page and scrolling through the fight pages numbered provided tthe fight wasn't postponed at least once (like the guy asked Spence Garcia ) in which chances are they were uploaded earlier

know this may be obvious or stupid to common users but for the ones who find it helpful go ahead...

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Thanks for the extensive answer, very complete (it seems I have not gone far enough in my exploration of the forum I didn't find that when I searched about that subject). Now that I am aware of the limits of the search engine (I confirm it only affects fights I searched from the recent period, mostly 2021) I will use external search engine, thanks for the tip.