Michael Hunter vs Mike Wilson

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Michael Hunter vs Mike Wilson
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Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Michael Hunter UD

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I think Hunter is better than Wilson in every department, I think Wilson will have a tight guard, will come forward, but he won't throw many shots because Hunter's varied combinations will overwhelm his offence, Hunter will struggle for accuracy because of how negative Wilson will be, but he won't be frustrated, will weaken Wilson's guard, will throw more hooks as the rounds go on, which will get around the guard more easily, and as he lands clean, and hurts Wilson, Wilson will back up, Hunter will follow it up, Wilson won't have an answer, and Hunter will stop him in the mid rounds.

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mate been hearing since last week more or less that this fight gonna be preponed to Aug 3 at MSG,NY and that it could be part of a tourney on Triller