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Saul Alvarez

Billy Joe Saunders

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What were your thoughts on this fight?

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I thought it was interesting, Canelo kept utilizing his style of walking forward using upper body movement and countering but it wasn't as effective because BJS could use his footwork/defense to make it hard for Canelo to counter which was most effective when BJS was comfortable with his hands down. Ultimately Canelo was the better fighter and broke BJS down with power shots but you can see how his activity could cost him a fight down the road. A more active/committed Saunders could have made it a more competitive fight. What did you think?

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I pretty much agree 100%, I think Canelo's low output allowed Saunders to steal rounds, but like in the Kovalev fight, although his output was low for a different reason, the fight wouldn't have been 5-3 or 6-2 for Canelo had it been an 8 round fight, Saunders had done everything he could, Canelo had another level, Usyk vs Bellew is another example of a close fight for 6-8 rounds, where the activity and accuracy aspects are even or close, but one has all the ring generalship, is draining the other physical and/or mentally, and has a plan to take over in the mid-late rounds. Do you agree Canelo would have dominated after 7 rounds, eye injury or not?

I thought Canelo's single counters were great, his reflexes and timing were better than Saunders's, but he didn't cut the ring off as well as I expected, and I don't know why he wasn't more varied, he looked for the right uppercut, it's clear why, but he could have taken more out of Saunders mentally and more easily landed cominations if he'd been more varied. I thought Canelo's defence was great, and the fight was taking a lot more out of Saunders than Canelo.

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Yeah, Canelo would have dominated regardless because he did the work to the body and was clearly taking over in the 8th. The eye injury was caused by a punch so I don't see why anyone could/would use that to argue for Saunders. Maybe Saunders could have continued but it's not a good idea, that kind of stuff can be a career-ender and do damage beyond that.

I thought they were great as well but I agree that Canelo followed him around some. Canelo did use the left hook to the body to catch BJS escaping in some instances, that would have been good to see more of to prevent BJS circling. I think Plant could do better but I don't think he necessarily will, I think Saunders is more talented. I think that if Saunders had more power it would have been more of an issue for Canelo because Saunders did make Canelo think at times, but he could keep walking forward. I think Plant's chances are also limited because he lacks power, legitimate top level experience, and his conditioning has been questionable. I think Canelo vs. Jermall or Benavidez are probably the most interesting fights at 160 or 168.

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They argue for Saunders because they think it was unfortunate, but I agree with you, but Saunders was fading, I think Canelo would have stopped him regardless, it was somewhat similar to the Smith fight, Saunders gave Canelo more to think about, but I don't think Saunders would have got through the late rounds, but both fights were a case of Canelo having the ring generalship from start to finish, strategically letting most of the rounds be close for 6-8 rounds, not getting out of first gear until the late rounds, his output was lower and he was more cautious against Kovalev because of the respect he has for Kovalev's power, but that fight wasn't dissimilar, I wonder if that's how Canelo will pace himself from now on, most fighters can't drain the opponent by using consistent pressure with such a low output, let the opponent work, and still be ahead after 8 rounds, it's not only Canelo's mechanical skill in of itself, but how well adapted he is to the 12 round distance, he must have done it more than 15 times. I I don't know if Canelo had the right game plan, the difference in level is too big for the outcome to depend on the tactics, but I think he could have broken Saunders down earlier with more shots thrown, Saunders is defensively good, but I think Canelo should have thrown some combinations. Saunders wasn't in a position to continue, his coach said he didn't get the response he needed, good decision from Tibbs.

Usually following an opponent is a sign of struggling with the movement, Canelo wasn't cutting off the ring like against Smith and Jacobs, but like Usyk against Bellew, and I think this fight was very similar to that fight, the better fighter doesn't cut off the ring, let's the opponent move, but is always in control of where his feet are in relation to his opponent, I watched it again today, I might watch it again, I thought when I saw it live that Canelo struggled at least slightly with Saunders's movement, but I don't think he did, he always kept Saunders in front of him, Saunders could never step to the side and to position a shot or get any respite. I noticed that in round 1, that knocked something out of Saunders, but he'd have slowed Saunders's legs down more quickly if he'd been busier, that might have taken something away from his counter punching and use of feints, it's arguable, but I think he should have done more work. I agree he's more talented, but Plant's feet are faster, his stamina is better, I know he gassed in the late rounds against Uzcategui, but I think Saunders would have gassed earlier had he thrown as many shots, he has a higher output, I don't think it's too much of and different fight to Saunders. I think his output cost him more than his lack of power, he out worked Canelo, but not heavily, not all punchers are reliant on power, but they are always used to hurting opponents, I think Canelo has the best chin in boxing, Saunders being a fair puncher, which he isn't, wouldn't be enough, he'd have to have top level power to even get Canelo's respect.

No doubt, and I think both fights can happen in the future, they just won't be easy to make, I'm sure there will be a negotiation process. Plant's opposition has been very poor, one tune up is fair enough, but ideally you fight 3 times that year, and 3 easy tune ups, as champion, against a shot fighter and fighters who aren't world title calibre, is a joke, I don't know what his options were, I'm sure he'll take the Canelo fight, I don't like accusing fighters of cashing out, but Plant's only good win was when he wasn't a champion.

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I think that's part of what made Golovkin a difficult opponent, he had to work versus Golovkin in both fights, especially in the second. I agree with what you are saying, his style works but you can see how it could fail in the future. He could have got BJS out of there earlier if he would have stepped up the pace but he didn't want to gas. I heard about the injury of BJS, he shouldn't have continued but it does make him look bad considering what he said about Dubois.

I think he should have worked more as well to slow BJS down and keep him from moving as much but as we said he likely wants to preserve his gas tank for the later rounds. I disagree about Plant's stamina because of the Uzcategui fight and if I remember correctly he largely gassed himself out in that fight. Canelo will put more pressure on Plant mentally and physically. I don't think it is a significantly different fight either. I'm not sure about that, I think Canelo respected Kovalev's power and that's the most recent fighter he fought who has a big punch. Saunders hit him clean with some good shots from time to time trading but they didn't seem to have much effect on Canelo. It isn't just about hurting him either, it's about getting his respect and making him think like versus Kovalev.

Basically everyone in and around 168 is trying to cash the Canelo check, so I'm not surprised about Plant's opposition and he isn't the only one.

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I think he overestimated Golovkin's power in the first fight, but he walked into a lot of shots in the second fight, especially the jab, Golovkin's success in the rematch, at 36, is a testament to him as a fighter. I think it could potentially fail against another great fighter, but he would be prepared to maximize his chances of winning rather than fighting in first gear for 6 or 8 rounds. I don't think it was that personally, I don't think he was being conservative with his gas tank, I think he was a perfectionist with his shots, which didn't cost him much against Saunders. So did I, and my interpretation was that more than wanting to continue or quit, I thought he was disorientated and incoherent, which is why Tibbs didn't get the response he needed. True, no fighter knows what like fighting in a certain predicament is like until they experience it themselves. What a good kid is Dubois, he sent Saunders a very positive and encouraging message, I hope he comes back better.

I should have been clear, I think his objective was to slow Saunders down, and his own gas tank wasn't a concern, he had the ring generalship throughout. He didn't gas to the extent he was static on the ropes and struggling to get through the rounds, but his output dropped significantly, and his feet did slow down, I still think his stamina is better than Saunders's, but either way, like Saunders, he can't keep up his movement against Canelo. I think Plant has faster feet than Saunders, but I think Canelo can still keep him in front of him for the majority of the fight, force him to work, and no doubt, 6 rounds under Canelo's pressure will take more out of him than 8 rounds against Uzcategui, so I agree he won't hold up well down the stretch. True, that and the first Golovkin fight are the only times I've seen him fight cautiously. Right, but Jacobs didn't have his respect, neither did Smith, and if Saunders was a puncher, he still wouldn't be better than Golovkin or Kovalev, I think if anything it's more of a shock to the system for a puncher to fight Canelo in that sense because while they're used to hurting opponents, Canelo wouldn't be hurt, so they'd have to adapt to that. I think Saunders's fatuige was the difference in round 8, he missed earlier in the fight, but then he'd held his position and not fallen with his shot, whereas in round 8, he missed and fell into the counter right uppercut, it was double imapct, and the timing and accuracy were perfect from Canelo, if it had landed on the chin, he'd have knocked him down heavily, and Saunders would have done well to have got through the round.

Smith and Benavidez's opposition have been a fair bit better in my opinion, I think Plant's opposition has been especially poor since he beat Uzcategui.

You might have read it, but Joshua is Fury is likely to be in Saudi Arabia in the summer, I know it would be better in the UK, but I just want to see the formal fight announcement.

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That's the thing about Golovkin though, as we know he isn't someone who has to wind up his punches to get power on them, he threw a lot of jabs and they were scoring punches (even though it was exaggerated by his most devout fans). He made Canelo work and think. I think him being a perfectionist with his shots and being conservative with his gas tank go hand in hand, it maximizes the value of what he does throw. Recall the first Golovkin fight where he didn't do it as well as he needed to strategically. The second Golovkin fight is the best version of Canelo I've seen, he dug deep in that fight to win.

Again I'm going to disagree, part of the issue with him being short and stocky is he's carrying a lot of muscle so he can't throw as many shots without wasting energy. Plant may have faster feet but Saunders has better craft and defense. I don't think Jacobs was good enough as a boxer in terms of technique or ring IQ to really make the best of his physical abilities versus Canelo, similar to Smith. What you are saying about the difficulties a puncher would have is why they would need to be a boxer puncher, a boxer more dependent on their punching ability won't be able to have much success versus Canelo because he has a high ring IQ and technical ability.

I think Plant's opposition has done him no favors in getting him ready to win versus Canelo, but they got him to the fight versus Canelo which will be a big payday for him.

I heard that, there is too much messing around with the fight. I'm confident it will happen provided the money is actually there because this is the kind of fight promoters make their money on, but they need to hurry it up to get everything signed and sealed.

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He was busy with the jab in both fights, but I think his jab was more important in the first fight even though he threw so many more in the second fight, because in the second fight, even though it was landing and taking a toll on Canelo, it wasn't controlling the distance or taking much away from Canelo's tactics, whereas in the first fight, it put Canelo in a position to take power shots, his defence was great, but Golovkin's jab put him on the defensive. If we were talking about the first Golovkin fight or even the Cotto fight, I would agree, but his stamina has improved, granted, at 168, he's carrying more mass, and he did tire in both Golovkin fights, but you recently said gassing isn't the same as tiring, and if my interpretation of that is what you meant, Canelo didn't gas as much as tire against Golovkin, because look at the last round he had in both fights, but no doubt, we've seen him finish stronger in his last few fights that have gone late, and he has been more conservative. The best Canelo I've seen is in his last few fights, he's definitely improved since the Golovkin rematch, but if you meant it was the best we've seen on account of the opponent rather than him being at his best, I agree.

I just think Canelo has more control than that, I don't think he needed to be conservative against Saunders, you could argue fatuige in the second half against Kovalev would have been costly, I think the low output was necessary in that fight, but Saunders isn't stronger or more dangerous than Golovkin or Jacobs, so I think it was just perfectionism for that reason, especially seeing as Saunders was always likely to tire himself. I don't agree on Jacobs, I thought that was simply a case of Canelo doing a better job of implementing his game plan, I was impressed by Jacobs's work off the back foot. I don't think Saunders could have done better than Jacobs if he'd hit as hard, he doesn't have the athleticism of Jacobs, Saunders has better reflexes and timing, but Jacobs is an effective switch hitter, is selective with his shots, uses feints and draws and sets up the opponent by drawing a reaction with a throw away punch, he did a good job of that against Golovkin. I think it's hard to assess Plant because all we have to look at is the Uzcategui fight, I don't see a reason to think he has Saunders's overall ring IQ, he's not as good a counter puncher, he throws more shots, and he turns away from shots as they come, and I thought he did great job of making the most out of a small amount of power against Uzcategui, but as you said, the Thompson fight takes something away from that win, and you have to question if Uzcategui was made to look better than he is against Dirrell.

Do you think his last 3 tune ups helped him get the Canelo fight? My impression was that he's the frontrunner for Canelo's next fight just because he has a belt.

100% agree. Hearn has been unwise to get everyone's hopes up and promise everyone the fight is on, when there are still things that can go wrong, but I'm also confident the fight happens next, I don't think the announcement will come for another few weeks given an exact date and location hasn't been decided, and how team Fury will play hardball, but I think the fight will happen. If the fight doesn't happen, Hearn will look a clown, and even if it does, I don't agree with over excited promoters promising fans fights, they can let them know if a fight is being negotiated and if they are optimistic the fight gets made, but to promise the fight is a done deal when negotiations haven't finished is stupid.

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I agree with what you are saying about Golovkin's jab being more important in the first fight. I think it is hard to say how much his stamina has decreased from 160 to 168 if it has decreased because he does a good job of maximizing the value of what he does throw. Right, he tired but he didn't gas out versus Golovkin. Yes, that is what I mean, best that we've seen because Golovkin demanded it.

I think we may be splitting hairs on this largely, we agree mostly on Canelo and his abilities. I think when Saunders was effective fighting with his hands down and Canelo couldn't as easily predict what Saunders would do, it made Canelo think more and slowed his output down further, so he couldn't just step on the gas as easily. I think Jacobs limitations technically were shown versus Golovkin, Canelo, and even Dereyvanchenko to an extent, so we may have to agree to disagree on that. Jacobs arguably the Golovkin fight by switching and getting knocked down.

I don't think it helped him any more than keeping the belt with him so he could get to the Canelo fight.

I think Hearn ran his mouth a lot, but it's also on Fury for playing hard ball (which when it comes to whether the fight will happen as promised financially is totally understandable). It feels like they announced the fight on ESPN many months ago. It will be an awful look for everyone involved if it doesn't happen. Every fan wants to see this fight.

Are you guys able to get Nery vs. Figueroa this weekend? It should be an interesting and entertaining fight to hold us over until Taylor vs. Ramirez. I was not impressed by Nery with Reynoso but he's back with his old trainer. I think Figueroa can give him a good fight offensively but his defense will let him down, I picked Nery UD but I wouldn't be surprised if he won by KO.

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Maybe we are splitting hairs, we mostly agree it seems, and we're bound to disagree on a few specific aspects. Canelo was always a step ahead, and because of his reflexes and ring IQ, he can adapt on the fly, so I don't agree Saunders fighting with his hands down and being unpredictable was effective overall, effective enough that he won a clear round and made a few rounds close, but I didn't see anything which would give him a chance of beating or even hurting Canelo if he hit significantly harder than he does. I think technical limitations is ambiguous, because a lot of things are technical in boxing, I don't think Jacobs's punch accuracy is good considering his level, and he gets hit in exchanges, struggles with combinations, but he has good reflexes, is a solid athlete, hits hard, has good movement, has a good jab, and can fight on the inside, I think tactical discipline is a problem for Jacobs, I've seen him oblige opponents and stand in front of them as they attack. I think Jacobs proved he was very good in all those fights you mentioned, he gave Golovkin and Canelo problems, especially Golovkin, I definitely think he's better than Saunders, that being said, he's been terrible in his last 2 fights.

I think it's unnecessary for a promoter to promise fans a fight that hasn't been finalised yet. They announced the news they'd a deal, unless I'm mistaken, but it wasn't finalised, there was conflicting information from Hearn and Fury, Arum said it wasn't happening, I think it will happen, but like you said, everyone loses if it doesn't, and Fury and Hearn could have trouble coming to an agreement.

No we're not, the Showtime app isn't available here as far as I know, it isn't on Fite TV, or on any UK televison network, I'm looking forward to watching it later on. I'll need to look at the fight, but I think I agree, Figueroa was in a great fight against Ceja, his offence was great in that fight, his defence was very poor, we know Nery is offensively brilliant, he can be hurt, Figueroa is big for the weight, seems to have a solid chin, might be stronger than Nery, it will be interesting to see how he holds up, but I'm leaning towards Nery by UD, and it could be a stoppage because of how easy a target Figueroa will be.

I will have my Ramirez vs Taylor prediction write up on here later, you might want to give it a read, I'll be interested to hear your thoughts.

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It was when Saunders was at his most effective overall but he wouldn't have won the fight even if he could have kept that up. What I mean is that Jacobs doesn't do anything technically that you mentioned at a bad level, but he doesn't have good enough ring IQ to the extent where it lost him key fights (Pirog, Golovkin) and he wasn't able to put it together at the best level so overall I would say his technical ability is limited, but not in a specifically obvious way. It's just critiquing him at the highest level, of course, he was a good fighter, but as you said, his top-level career is likely finished.

I watched the weigh-in for Nery vs. Figueroa, Figueroa looked much bigger, it will be interesting to see if Nery can overcome it. If he doesn't, I think people will question if he really was a weight bully at 118.

I read your prediction, I think you highlighted a lot of the relevant factors (Ramirez has done more rounds recently, will likely have a better gameplan, styles favor Ramirez). I favor Taylor because I think he is the better fighter overall and has the most relevant high level experience between them by beating Prograis but I really wonder about Taylor's inactivity and Davison, this will be a big fight for Davison's reputation as a trainer to make Taylor fight to his strengths. I think he will have to make the distance favor him at times to make the fight uncomfortable for Ramirez as the shorter fighter who has had difficulties with outside fighters, Taylor has good technical ability to do so, but he likes to mix it up which favors Ramirez. I don't think I agree with Ramirez having much higher volume, I recall Taylor's volume being good versus Baranchyk and Prograis, again Prograis being the clear best opponent between them. If Ramirez can do good compact work on the inside and let his hands go, keeping Taylor tempted to fight at his range I think he can win, it is a very well matched fight. I think Taylor has more routes to victory, it wouldn't surprise me if Taylor fought Ramirez's fight on the inside and still won, Ramirez is much better technically than Baranchyk but Baranchyk is strong for the weight and has good power, Taylor won that battle mixing it up with him. It will be a great fight in my opinion.

I saw a rumor Madrimov may face Michel Soro next, I think that would be an interesting fight but it could be a big mistake by Madrimov's handlers. I can't give Madrimov a good chance in that big of a step up at this point in his career.

Also, did you hear Hunter pulled out of the Hrgovic IBF mandatory fight? I'm not interested in what Hunter is doing if he's going to pull stuff like that to take a way worse fight. He must not fancy his chances versus Hrgovic because one thing about the IBF is that the winner will get the title shot if they win the mandatory.

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Hunter got that Triller cash to fight a lower level fight

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I saw that now and read he has a multi-fight deal with them. I guess the money was worth it to him, it will be hard to get in another title eliminator.

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He doesn't have as good a ring IQ as Canelo, Golovkin, he can do certain things as well as, if not better than them, so if what you're saying about his technical limitations and ring IQ are a basis for him being at least a broken down level below Canelo and Golovkin, I agree, I think Jacobs, at his best, was top 20, possibly top 15, but obviously Canelo and Golovkin were well inside the top 10 for years. I didn't see the Rosado fight, but it was more or less as close as his fight against Golovkin, which says a lot, I thought his performance against Chavez was poor, I think he did great against Canelo, and what Canelo has done since then shows how well he did, but that was the last we saw of him.

I've written a game plan break down, and I think Nery wins by UD, you had a late stoppage on your PCOM list but I believe you said UD yesterday, so I thought I should clarify that. Figueroa is massive for the weight, he'll be stronger than Nery, he can hurt Nery, and aside from the link between height and strength, being abnormally tall or short makes you harder to prepare for, Figueroa is 5'9, Nery fought a 5'7 Yamanaka, but apart from that, his opponents have been 5'6 or less, Nery might have the issue of his shots falling under Figueroa's chin, and having to lunge. I don't think Figueroa can win if struggles to take the sheer power from Nery, but I think he can, and Nery has to make it technical. I think Nery can prove his boxing skills against Figueroa, and it might be good for him to have to stick to the game plan, but I don't think he can keep Figueroa at arms length for 12 rounds, even if he boxes on the outside, and it will be a tough fight for him. It seemed to me from what I read that Nery struggled to make the weight, if so, that raises questions about his discipline.

That surprises me to read, I wouldn't have thought we'd differ on something objective like punch output. If you recall Ramirez's fight against Orozco, consider the last half of the Imam fight, and the Hooker fight, I don't think Taylor often throws that many shots, I'll say with confidence that Ramirez throws more shots when he can fight his fight than Taylor can, but his output unsurprisingly drops when his opponent uses the ring, he isn't a like Porter in that regard, who throws the kitchen sink at his opponent, regardless, still, I think Ramirez throws more than Taylor overall on account of how often he's able to impose his tactics. I think Ramirez can have more success at mid range than close range because Taylor can't smother his work at mid range, Ramirez can set up his flurries with the jab, and it's when Taylor tries to cut the distance to force the inside fight that I think Ramirez has his best chance. I think Ramirez's foot speed, moving in and out of range, will make him harder to time, but I think Taylor's overall footwork is better, that could be important. I don't often predict draws, but they do happen, no one has ever called a draw for 7 PCOM points in 3 years, but I'm going for it with this fight.

I hadn't heard that, I like that fight, I think I agree with that, I think prospects who are more reliant on amateur background are taking more risks because of the time lost from the pandemic, I'd need to see more of both to comment, but that's definitely a high risk fight for Madrimov. Another fight that has reached a deal is Fundora vs Sergio Garcia, that's a great fight, I could see them setting a 154lb punches thrown record.

Yes I did, ridiculous, I don't know if Rahman or someone else from his team told him to turn it down, but there's no good reason to turn it down, he isn't as close to getting a shot for another belt as far as I know, like you said, that's a very high reward fight, we don't know all the details, he might have had a specific reason, but questions have to be asked.

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What he did as well or better than them he did largely because of natural attributes, not because of built technical ability or ring IQ, so that's the basis of what I'm saying as you mentioned. We've discussed it before but I think when he got rid of Rozier it pointed to his top-level career being finished, I heard Eddie wanted to make Jacobs vs. Joe Smith Jr but why would Bob do that when he can have a three belt unification in house. It won't happen and I understand why Hearn would want to make that fight for Jacobs, but I think Smith would beat current Jacobs up badly.

Nery loops his punches as well even when he is at his best, so he could get caught coming into range by Figueroa. I think if one thing is isolated it's what we have discussed if Nery can assert his will onto Figueroa. I've seen people saying there has been a good amount of late money on Figueroa to bring him down from around +350 to +200 in some places, so it seems some people are confident Figueroa will be able to prevent Nery from dictating the action with his offense.

I don't think those are the best comparisons because Orozco, Imam, and Hooker weren't at the level of Taylor, it will be harder for Ramirez to keep his output high versus Taylor. I agree that Ramirez does throw more punches than Taylor and he will need to but the difference may have to be significant. As I said Taylor threw a good amount of punches versus Baranchyk and Prograis, I think for Taylor he needs to make Ramirez pay at mid-range and then keep it at his own range when possible, that would do a lot to blunt what Ramirez can do. I saw you picked a draw, it wouldn't surprise me personally, but as you said no one has got it in PCOM because it is hard to pick on a specific fight.

I didn't see that about Fundora vs. Sergio Garcia, that will be a good fight.

Seems like Salt said he got a good payday on Triller, don't know if that is the best career move but if he has the mentality of a prizefighter specifically perhaps it is.

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I mentioned in my pre fight analysis not specifically that he loops his punches but that he was down when he was pushing for a stoppage when he hadn't broken his opponent down, but I don't expect him to do that against Figueroa. I know you don't often put stock into what fighters say, but Fulton is picking Figueroa to win, which is interesting.

No, but as you've said, Taylor likes to mix it up on the inside, his output wasn't particularly high against Postol and Zepeda because they out boxed him on the back foot for half the fight, I think the 3 examples I gave were all good enough and made the fights competitive enough to gauge Ramirez's output based off those fights. Taylor beat Baranchyk and Prograis by doing more damage and being more accurate, certainly against Baranchyk, and he certainly doesn't have the problem of low output, like Broner or Danny Garcia, but he didn't out throw either fighter. If Taylor fights Ramirez toe to toe, I'll be shocked if he can out throw him, he can reduce Ramirez's output by staying out of his range, or smothering his shots, but his output in of itself, I'm confident won't be higher than Ramirez's. That's interesting, but I don't think I agree because Ramirez is to effective at mid range, is such a good combination puncher, Taylor can stop him working and impose his size at close range, if there's one thing Taylor proved against Prograis, it's that he can fight on the inside, I agree he should keep it on the outside when possible, assuming that's what you mean by at his own range, because he is the better boxer on the outside based on what I've seen. I'm looking forward to writing my game plan analysis on the fight.

No doubt, Garcia proved himself at European level against Cheeseman, that was a dominant performance, but apart from that, he hasn't been able to put himself on the map, it's a great opportunity for him.

It's never the sort of mentality we as fans want a fighter to have, but fighters make their own decisions, still, I think it's a big mistake. They've put a couple of real fights on Mayweather's muck about against Logan Paul, I'm not buying the fight, but I like the Pascal vs Jack rematch, should be a good earner for them towards the end of their careers assuming that fight is cheif support.

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I think the Nery vs. Figueroa fight was interesting, I thought Nery looked really good early but to me it's clear he was a weight bully, Figueroa broke him down. Fulton was right, but I think Figueroa is still limited and it won't be a difficult fight for Fulton. I hope Aleem is able to get into the picture soon, I think he could beat Figueroa.

Yeah that's my point, Ramirez has a higher output but Taylor's is good enough to where I think the action will favor Taylor with his other attributes. Yeah I mean that he should make it uncomfortable for Ramirez, Taylor has areas where I think we both believe he is better so we'll see who can execute their gameplan to their strengths better.

I like the Pascal vs. Jack rematch as well, their first fight was great to watch.

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I can't comment on Nery vs Figueroa until I've seen the fight, but what a division PBC have at 122.

I think Ramirez is being written off in the UK, it reminds me of Jack vs DeGale, it was a 50/50 fight, as well as a unification, this backs up what you say about British boxing culture.

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It was a good fight so I'd recommend watching it when you get the fight. Sorry for spoiling it, I didn't know you hadn't seen it.

I don't think writing him off is fair or good analysis but I think it is easier to write Ramirez off than Taylor in general, Ramirez has had more questionable and recently questionable performances which can stick in the minds of more casual fans who don't look at the individual skills or matchups between the two. I wish I had more time to watch fights analytically but I don't have the time at the moment, I'm planning on rewatching some classic British fights though, thinking about starting with Eubank vs. Benn I/II and working from there with Eubank fights.

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I hope you don't mind, but I added these fights to the PCOM vault because I thought they were good fights in a month without many interesting fights, you don't have to make predictions for these fights, because of the percentage system, I would have added them before the month started if they'd been finalized in time.

Jaime Munguia vs Kamil Szeremeta
Bektemir Melikuziev vs Gabriel Rosado
Ibeth Zamora vs Marlen Esparza

David Morrell vs Mario Abel Cazares
Efetobor Apochi vs Brandon Glanton
Omar Juarez vs All Rivera

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Jaime Munguia beats Kamil Szeremeta by UD
Bektemir Melikuziev beats Gabriel Rosado by KO/TKO 9-12
Marlen Esparza beats Ibeth Zamora by UD

David Morrell beats Mario Abel Cazares by UD
Efetobor Apochi beats Brandon Glanton by KO mid
Omar Juarez beats All Rivera by UD

Shame that the Morrell vs. Ryder fight didn't happen, that would have been a good one.