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Doesn't it make you sad to watch these now you know the bad guy won?

I have to comment here. It does not make me sad because boxing is just a sport and Mayweather was the winner of that sporting event. It is not a movie.

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It isn't a movie but it is a long story with a sad ending, that comment wasn't a serious comment and to be honest Mayweather earned respect from me and other boxing fans, no matter what he has done he trains very hard every day and he faced Manny Pacquiao in the ring as the hated fighter with very few people on his side, he boxed brilliantly and I'm not buying this rubbish in the daily mail about Floyd being lucky to win, apparently Floyd only out landed Pacquiao in 6 rounds, this is a false statement.

Agreed my man. I wasn't being serious with my comment either. Floyd has a great work ethic as well. Its crazy to see a 38 year old who has never looked out of shape.

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Absolutely, people won't agree but I think we saw a tougher Mayweather against Pacquiao and I say this because of how he taunted Pacquiao for more punches when Pacquiao hurt him and put him in the ropes in round 4, I was expecting him to clinch. I'm sure I didn't convert you to team Manny and I haven't been converted to team Floyd but I am starting to see that whatever Floyd has done he can't have been in his right mind and he must have heart if he trains this hard, I didn't let my personal judgement get in the way of my scoring but maybe my comments a little bit. I don't know if you agree my friend but I think Mayweather would beat Pacquiao in a rematch but it would be a lot closer, would also very narrowly beat Khan but Thurman would put an L on his record. If Manny fought this Floyd again but with a good shoulder I think he would win but he doesn't have a time machine and Floyd is the adjustment king and I would give him the edge again.

I think he would win another decision vs. pacquiao. hard to say how close based on how off judging can. Kahn would be outmatched in areas that he is normally dominant in. Thurman, I like him alot but I wouldn't say he would have more then a 50% chance to win. Floyd is hard for anyone to beat but "one time" can pull it off if things can go his way. I saw in an article that ODLH and golden boy are thinking of a possible pacquiao vs. lucas matthysse

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I think the blurring hand speed of Khan would be an issue for Mayweather but Floyd would drag him into a chess match style fight in a few rounds and I think Floyd would shake Khan up a couple of times. I hadn't heard a out Pacquiao vs Matthysse but I had heard about a possible fight between Pacquiao and Kell Brook and also a Matthysse vs Provodnikov rematch. I think Keith Thurman beats Floyd Mayweather because of that fantastic footwork, the way he floats about all over the ring, he would make Floyd chase him and I think he would manage counter at times but what he would rely on would be putting the pressure on Mayweather, throwing plenty and excepting that he needs to take out punches to land punches, I think he would get more punches into exchanges and I think his pace would be too much for Mayweather, I think Thurman would knock him out. The best person to ask about this fight is Robert Guererro seeing as he has fought both of them.

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I have just watched an argument between Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless. I have never seen such a biased, untruthful, sore losing idiot like Skip Bayless, everything he said sounded like what comes out of the mouth of an aggressive person who just sees boxing as 2 guys hitting each other, he says Manny wins the fight because he was the aggressor, the word aggressor is used with different meanings in the sport of boxing, Bayless needs to learn the difference between effective aggression and ineffective aggression, if what Bayless says about aggression is true then Mayweather wouldn't have won a fight in years, it certainly is not true that aggression comes first always if there are no knockdowns, Skip truly is a moron if he doesn't know how ridiculous he is being, does he not know that boxing is subjective?, does he think that landing more clean punches means nothing?, what is really funny is that Skip was talking as if he was saying Mayweather defiantly didn't win because he wasn't as aggressive but he is saying this about rounds that Manny clearly lost, even if Manny could have won which he couldn't then Skip would still be being stupid because Floyd being more accurate would make it debatable. The fight is 33% subjective and if I'm honest that statement is factual really, one thing that should always be unanimous is what is a clear round and what isn't, I understand better than most people that people who talked about Pacquiao winning are upset and embarrassed and Pacquiao is better than what we watched on May the second but in 7 of those rounds Floyd Mayweather would throw more, land more, make Manny look so clumsy by countering beautifully, and would be unfazed by any landed Pacquiao punches. People like Bayless were giving Manny rounds based on him chasing Floyd when Floyd was moving on the back foot, that is disgusting and just as cruel to Manny as it is to Floyd, also I noticed that Mayweather was landing the right hand right on the button where as Manny was often landing shots that only partially got through or round the guard, tapping Floyd's temple, many people were fooled by the crowd, Manny won round 4 when he hurt Mayweather but rounds 6 and 10 looked better for Manny than they really were, they were very close rounds.

What I hated about what I have just viewed is the way Skip Bayless talked about the judges who did their jobs very well, as long as they score the fight for Mayweather by at least 2 points but give Manny at least 1 round then their is no problem legitimately, Bayless said Mayweather had the home advantage but I don't agree seeing as Manny only won 1 clear round and he got 4 on 2 cards. I do feel like a better judge after this fight because I'm such a huge Pacquiao fan but the opposite towards Mayweather and yet I have scored the fight fairly unlike people like Skip Bayless who can't accept when they are wrong and get aggressive. I do think there should be a rematch. If I had the chance to speak to Skip Bayless the first thing I would explain is that Manny may have been the 'aggressor' for most of the fight but he was not hurting Floyd, not only failed to chop down Mayweather's work rate but was out worked and this means that he couldn't make Floyd throw little enough to land little enough to make Floyd inactive and he was mainly hitting thin air and Floyd's shell therefore he was out landed, also it seemed like it wasn't Manny forcing Floyd onto the back foot but more Floyd choosing to fight that way and Manny choosing to follow him, taking many gambles.

I'm still gutted Manny Pacquiao lost but people living in a world of denial and giving boxing false ideas and false hope make nothing any easier for anybody.