GGG’s next opponent

If Canelo-GGG III can’t be made for September, there are talks of GGG vs Jaime Munguia in September, fought at 160lbs.


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That would be a terrible fight, Golovkin is on borrowed time. If he doesn't get the Canelo fight he should bite the bullet and take the Andrade fight.

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I think so, too. I like Jamie, but he’s not ready for that, and probably never would be. I’m surprised they aren’t building him at MW for an eventual Mexico fight with Canelo, rather than cashing him out against GGG. I’d like to see Andrade too, and I think GGG works him over. Not sure Eddie will actually let it go on, as when Coppinger earlier in the year said that fight was potentially in the cards for this year, Eddie hopped on his ass and said it had never been discussed and it wasn’t in the plans, so who knows. Hearing Canelo and GB lowballed Kovalev, and Skipper said only 2 fights for Canelo he’d approve would be GGG or Kovalev, so if Kovalev falls through, we likely get Canelo-GGG III in the Fall.

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Munguia is an entertaining fighter but his limitations are very clear. I think the promoters are starting to get worried about his stock getting too low and him taking a loss before fighting one of them. I'm not high on Andrade either, he isn't a good offensive fighter and his chin is questionable, but if he point fights like he usually does he can make the fight difficult while it lasts. Hearn and Andrade have both communicated they want to fight Canelo/Golovkin so I believe the fight can happen if Golovkin wants it. I saw that about GB offering him ~6 million or less and I wouldn't be surprised if there were rehydration clauses and such. I have no problem with Kovalev turning it down. A lot of people seem to not understand DAZN has a lot of pull in these situations like you said the fight has to make financial sense for them. It seems a lot of fans soured on Canelo vs. Golovkin 3 (likely in part because they don't want to see Golovkin lose decisively) but the first fight was great and the second was even better so I have no issue with it personally.

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In my opinion, Munguia has the potential to be a great fighter, he has achieved a lot at a young age, the reasons for his last two fights not being impressive, in my opinion, are him fighting too often, making a weight he is too big for, and just having a lot to learn, being compared to prime fighters when he is not in his prime yet, Munguia is good, but badly managed. I think Andrade beats Golovkin, Golovkin knows that's not an easy fight, but Andrade has the WBO belt, so that gives opponents reason to fight him, it is a case of whether or not that is enough for Golovkin to take a high risk fight against a guy who isn't a draw, isn't known as that good. I don't think Alvarez wants to fight Golovkin again, he doesn't need that fight, it 99% wouldn't be an easy fight, and if you are Alvarez, you are well managed, you know where the money is, you know what risks are worth taking, you'd rather fight a Smith or Kovalev than do what you have already done and fight Golovkin again.