Andy Vences vs Jono Carroll

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Andy Vences vs Jono Carroll
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Saturday, August 14, 2021
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Andy Vences UD

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Both can box on the outside, Vences has a good jab, it isn't fast or particularly accurate, but it's a purposeful shot, he uses it to negate his opponent's offence, that could be a challenge for Carroll, Vences is patient, has good timing, isn't defensively bad, leans at an angle as shots come, and I think his ring IQ is better overall, but there's no comparison for speed, the difference is massive, Carroll's movement is good, Vences will struggle with that, Vences's footwork isn't good, I don't think he is good at cutting off the ring, and I think Carroll's style is bad for Vences for that reason.  Both have proven they can fight in the pocket. I think Carroll is the better inside fighter, he has the higher output, but Vences hits harder, punches with the opponent and gets the better of exchanges by setting up his shots with his positioning.

I think Carroll will have the better of the early rounds by using the ring and throwing combinations, speed will be the main difference, Vences will struggle to cut off the ring, and will struggle to time Carroll because of his feints and movement. I think Vences will establish his jab in the mid rounds, will start to time the lead right hand, and he'll be out of position when Carroll throws. I think the late rounds will be close, I think Carroll will try to fight Vences on the inside, will back him up with volume, and will set up his shots with his feet, but Vences will land the better shots in the exchanges.

I think this is a 50/50 fight, I wouldn't be surprised if either edged it, I'd be surprised if it was one sided either way, I don't see a stoppage either way. I think Vences edges an SD.