Chilling Knockout: David Lemieux KO 1 Alvaro Gaona

Canadian middleweight prospect David Lemieux had lost a lot of his shine coming off losses to Marco Antonio Rubio and former 154-lb. titlist Joachim Alcine, but he still has nitroglycerine in both hands, as demonstrated by his chilling knockout last night of a hapless Alvaro Gaona. Check out the straight right that plants Gaona on his posterior near the end of the first round, and then the vicious left hook that puts Gaona to sleep shortly thereafter.

Two Massive KOs Over the Weekend

I've been a bit down about all the recent cancellations (Rios-Gamboa, Peterson-Khan 2, Ortiz-Berto 2 -- the last 2 due to positive PED tests), but these two massive knockouts over the weekend deserve recognition:

Mikkel Kessler TKO 4 Allan Green - Instant wave-off

Karim Mayfield TKO 5 Raymond Serrano - The fight-ending blow occurs at the end of the fourth round, at the 2:49 mark in the video