Busted: Kelly Pavlik, DUI

Troubled former undisputed middleweight champion--it seems amazing that it was only last year that he lost his title to Sergio Martinez in a great, underrated fight--was arrested on charges of drunk driving in his hometown of Youngstown, Ohio, last night.

According to an article on WFMJ.com, Pavlik drove a "green ATV" into a lamppost and a telephone pole before making his way home. Pavlik was belligerent when confronted at his house by the police, was arrested, and made bail at 2:00 a.m.

In his mugshot below, Kelly looks inebriated, out of shape, and about twenty years older than he actually is (only 29).

What We're Paying Attention To

Busted: A house owned by Ivan Calderon was raided by police, who discovered $4 million worth of cocaine stashed inside. For his part, Ivan says he just owns the house, and that he doesn't live there and has no idea what its inhabitants are up to.

Busted: Joel Casamayor, who turned in a terrible performance, against Timothy Bradley on Saturday, failed his post-fight drug test for marijuana. That surely explains why he was fighting as if he were high.

Moved: The big rematch between Cotto and Margarito, scheduled for Dec. 3 at Madison Square Garden, will have to be moved due to Margarito being denied a license by the NYSAC for medical reasons. The commission apparently did not believe that Margarito's right eye, which suffered severe damage during the Pacquiao fight, is fully healed.

Busted: Arthur Abraham (Speeding)

Busted (a.k.a. When Boxers Go Bad) presents its first case: former longtime middleweight titlist and Super Six tournament participant Arthur Abraham was cited for speeding on the Berlin highway, apparently setting the standard against which all future German speeders will be measured, an astounding 230KM/hour in a 80KM/hour zone. That's almost three times the limit--a serious flouting of the law. Abraham was in the Ferrari we saw him driving on Fight Camp 360, and German authorities are saying his license may be revoked for three months and a fine up to 1360 euros administered due to the serious nature of the offense. For his part, Arthur says he was speeding because he was late for an awards ceremony at which he was an honoree.

Oscar Apologizes to Top Rank from Rehab

Directly transcribed from Oscar's Twitter. I'm guessing one of the first steps in the recovery program at the facility Oscar is at--for alleged cocaine and alcohol abuse--is apologizing to anyone that your addiction has negatively affected.

Dear Bob Arum:
First, I would like to humbly apologize for any pain I have caused to you and your family. I also want to apologize to Manny Pacquiao for any wrongdoing on my part. You are a great champion. I have realized that by accepting my mistakes everyone around me will hopefully forgive me. With great humility, I ask that we work together for the good of the sport we dearly love. It is not fair to the fans and to the fighters. So today, let's move forward and put on the best fights possible and show the world what we are capable of doing.

Thank you, Bob.

Your friend,