Yuriorkis Gamboa vs Alexis Reyes Scorecard by mike25

scorecard by MIKE25



Yuriorkis Gamboa

Alexis Reyes

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He lost a point? Or was he dropped?

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Gamboa is not good at fighting dirty and getting away with it, he also isn't good at making things work for himself in the ring, like against Crawford, you can get up, fight back, swing for the fences, great, but he couldn't use intelligent tactics of how to survive, how to make the fight suit him more.

I noticed that quite a bit in this fight. Most if not all have their tricks and get away with it except for gamboa. I also think he fades in fights as well. I don't think he has great tactics either.

I will respond to Frazier Ali 2 later but one question I have is who said Mikey was ducking gamboa?

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I think that is a mental weakness, burning up nervous energy, not using early fights' experience wisely, lack of composure, all these things which are part of getting the wins ta this career stage. It is okay for fighters to fight a bit dirty, within reason, if they are prepared to accept that they might get caught by the referee, and penalised, fighters fighting dirty, to the extent that it is dangerous rather than bending the rules which is part of your game plan to build an ultimately clean victory, is terrible, fighters should be punished for turning their back, punching a guy in the back of the head, call me extreme, but I think that should be an automatic point desecration, and it should be compulsory that the referee calls a 30-60 timeout, for the the doctor to examine the fighter, do some tests, make sure he is showing no signs if severe head injury, I think 2, 3 tops, back of the head shots, you lose!, DQ!! Look what happened to Prichard Colon! I mean, if you lightly tap yourself on the back of the head, and think about it, you will feel slight dizziness, it hurts if there is any impact, if you hit yourself lightly on the forehead, your hand just bounces off it, the forehead is a very durable part of the skull. Did you know that Prichard Colon is now sitting up, moving his head, he hasn't pronounced a word yet I don't think, but he can respond a little bit, he can move his arms in punching motion, smile very slightly, he is still damaged, but a year ago he couldn't make a sound, move at all, just breathe, so that's progress! Let's pray that he recovers fully one day!

I don't know, some idiot, I'll try to find out.
I just looked it up, and hundreds were being fucking stupid! Accusing him of ducking Gamboa the same way as lot of people said Mayweather was ducking Pacquiao, Canelo was ducking GGG, for crying out loud, Mikey is unbeaten, he just beat Broner! Wide!, he would fight him, if it was necessary, but he lost twice, and just scraped past a merely tough, half decent Mexican fighter, young, never been at this level. We know, that if Gamboa was on a winning streak, doing well, then Mikey would fight him like Floyd fought Pacquiao, like Canelo agreed to fight GGG.

I agree on that. I think most fight dirty to an extent. It definitely goes overboard when it ends it something like a Prichard colon situation. Even if fighters fight dirty I think shots behind the head are deadly and should never happen. I heard about colons progress and that's great.

That always happens. There's always people saying someone ducking another fighter and the fight eventually gets made. It's more of fans being impatient than anything. As for gamboa, I think he's lost out on the Garcia fight the ways he's been fighting.

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That is why Joe Cortez can't be blamed for taking a point from Ricky Hatton against Floyd Mayweather, and Tony Weeks can't be blamed for taking a point from Tyson Fury against Wladimir Klitschko, even though it both cases, the Mancunians weren't to blame. It is wonderful man, I just hope!, that he continues to get better.

I think that has a lot to do with it, but it is also lack of knowledge of how making fights works, thoughtlessness. Yeah I mean, he's not going to get any better, maybe he has had a couple of off nights, but I doubt it, at his age, on the wrong side of 35, he is not going to improve, Garcia is in his prime, 29, absolute prime, I mean, a 36 year old who struggles against Alexis Reyes, stopped by Robinson Castellanos, not consistent with his activity, it isn't a very productive fight, it could happen, for Garcia, staying active, for Gamboa, money, an opportunity, maybe it would bring something out of him, he wouldn't be the fighter he was against Crawford, but he might produce something he didn't in his last couple of fights, I mean, if Danny Garcia can fight Rod Salka, Gennady Golovkin can fight Dominic Wade, Mikey Garcia can fight Yuriorkis Gamboa, but I doubt it will happen, Robert Garcia knows a lot about the dangers of boxing, and he would probably not want Mikey to fight Yuriorkis out of concern for Gamboa, also, Mikey Garcia is not the kind of fighter who batters a vulnerable man with a bigger name than belief in himself, just to look good, that's Chris Eubank Jr stuff.

Yeah, you can't blame them for that really. It's better safe than sorry. It's good to see the progress that Colon has made in the past few months.

That to. Boxing is a business to and some fights could sell better if it's waited out a little. Not 5 years but some build up and not right away. I think it could be a decent fight for both, but it's not going to be built like the competitive fight as it once was. It can be a tune up fight for Mikey and a good fight for money for Gamboa. I think it is a fight that probably won't happen for some of those reasons.

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That poor family, strong, loyall, inspirational family. I hope beyond hope that he continues to make progress, manages to talk, stand up, that would be a miracle for his parents, things like this make me appreciate my life more and it is a reminder that I'm very lucky despite what I'm going through at the moment (which is horrible I'll tell you), very lucky to be blessed with eyes that work, I can talk, walk, I'm not disabled, and most of all, I'm a alive, and it is the same for all of us, we are lucky to have our luck, being well, alive, able, we are all blessed!

It is always tough to know when the right time is, because the fight will grow in excitement, popularity, money, but not if one of them loses first, so there is a risk aspect of it. Yeah I agree. I've written a top 100 P4p list, I've missed some, it is not near to accuracy, but with 18 weight categories, I'll say, it is not easy, but yeah I've written a top 100 list, I might go to 150, or even 200.

It's a shame what happen to him in all aspects. I really liked watching him fight before the incident. Seeing incidents like this make you really appreciate the little things in life and we should be thankful of it.

That's really hard to make a top 100 list, props to you for doing so. There's so much to look into when making list. Like attention of weight class, like the weight classes less than 115 are not very popular, and you have to look at strength of weight class and things like that.

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I hadn't heard of him until after it had happened. It is very hard to appreciate what you have in life, and easy to take it for granted, until something provides you with the realisation that you are lucky, that is one of the many things my work with the Charity I work for taught me, I've seen a lot of poverty, I mean, people who have to live in squalor, (and we never know why they have to live the way they live) and they would love to have what average people like myself have, enough food, decent quality, the ability to keep myself clean, to have pride, I mean, learning to be happy with what I have rather than duell on what I don't have has been great for me.

Thanks but I got so frustrated, and deleted the bottom 70, I still have my top 30 though.

I think it is interesting, at the moment, there are three unbeaten fighters, all 22, all new world champions, two of them brand new, all three, I think will go a very long way in this sport, they all have the potential to be top 10 fighters, 1 of them might even become the best one day. Gervonta Davis, Claressa Shields, Luis Nery.

I saw him either once or twice before the incident. It's easy to get caught up in stuff like that, take stuff like vision for granted. I'm happy for what I have.

Still pretty solid.

I think it's great seeing young champions in the sport. I think especially Davis and Shields are going to be pretty big stars. I think Nery is on his way to as well.

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I mean, to think there are those out there who get their kicks out of 'working for' money, more money, and yet more money, and they don't care about those who are living in poverty, barely getting by. That's great, whether you are someone who always thinks about the future (like me), or someone who stays in the present, it is great to appreciate the good in life.

I think for Nery and Davis, there is one man in each division which they are not ready for, but bar him, they are top of their division, for Davis, it is Lomachenko, for Nery, it is Tete.

Lomachenko vs Rigondeaux is near, maybe, !

Yeah, I hate that. I like the ones who give back though. Ones who take time to help others in need.

That sounds fair. I don't think Davis is ready for Lomachenko yet, and same with Nery and tete.

I heard it's almost offical. What a fight that will be. Who are you picking?

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Yes! And it is important that the giving rich are appreciated and praised, so that they are encouraged to share.

I don't think it will be too long though, both of them are just fantastic, especially Davis, I watched his fight against Walsh again, it was technically brilliant while it lasted.

It is hard to say, but I think Lomachenko, he's 29, he's had what? 10 fights now?, not a lot, but how many has Rigondeaux had?, less than 20? Rigondeaux is on the wrong side of 35, I don't think he has a good chin, he hasn't had a challenge for a long time. I think Lomachenko has more raw power, I think Rigondeaux is better at putting his opponents through pain. It is such an interesting match up, I mean, Lomachenko, I think would be outdone defensively, when have we seen that before? Rigondeaux, well, he's had a phenomenal amateur career, he's never fought anybody with nearly as good an amateur as he has had, well is his record as good as 395-1? How many medals did he win? It will be very interesting to see how Rigondeaux does when he was the less experienced, maybe less successful amateur out of himself and his opponent? Rigondeaux, I think with the faster hands, Lomachenko, better pressure fighter, I think Lomachenko, physically, better at working 3 minutes a round, less likely to make mistakes in that regard than Rigondeaux, I think Rigondeaux, mentally, better at working 3 minutes a round, less likely to make mistakes in that regard. Awesome, very interesting match up! I hope it happens!


I agree, they are both on the way to become huge stars. The fight for Davis that stood out to me is the Pedraza one. I really think he would'nt win and he won big. I thought that Pedraza would be too skilled for Davis and it turned out to be the other way around. He looked great against Walsh to.

I'm leaning towards Lomachenko for many reasons. One is age obviously. Another is weight, I think the weight will be to much for Rigondeaux. He never fought above 122 I believe, and he's been knocked down by lesser opponents. I don't think his chin will hold up at 130. I think it all depends on how Rigondeaux does at 130. I think he will be good enough to challenge Lomachenko, but I still feel Lomachenko wins. I think this will be a fight for the boxing purists, fans of action fights I don't know if they will. I personally like the fight. We are really getting close to this happening.

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For me it was the Walsh fight. I saw the highlights a couple of weeks ago, and the head movement, defence, speed of Davis was just phenomenal, I mean, you can see he's squat and well built, but in hand speed, maybe foot speed, and stamina, it hasn't been a problem for him at all going into round 7, he does a lot of roadwork, and being a great runner, should mean he has absolutely no issues stamina wise whatsoever other than the likely inexperience, unfamiliarity issue, which goes with experience. I still can't believe what happened, gutted for Liam, he's a great guy, he's been training for that fight his whole life, and after he felt the power of Gervonta Davis, his dream was left in tatters, but at the same time, Davis is a special fighter, not good, not great at what he does and 'B-level', he is a special fighter, no doubt.

Sorry, Rigondeaux, the stubborn guy who can be an underwhelming fighter, is willing to go from 122 to 130?, whilst Lomachenko can stay nice and comfortable at 130? I mean, I find that hard to believe, I assumed they would meet at 126. I don't know, I mean, I think when we are talking about a fight of this magnitude, two likely top 10 fighters, one of them the best in the world in many opinions, I think everyone who follows boxing will be excited for this one.

That was a great performance against Walsh. In the Pedraza fight that's where I saw things I haven't before like good head movement, and defense. I thought with inexperience and lack of good opponents prior to that fight he wouldn't have the experience to beat him, and I was wrong but I'm glad I was wrong. I can't wait for his fight this weekend.

I was assuming that the fight would be at 130. I guess that's something we have to wait on more details for as the fight becomes official. I think meeting at 126 or some sort of catchweight half way is a good idea. I think Rigondeaux is in a position where he might have to go to 130 becuase that might be the only way it will happen. I think most fans will find this fight entertaining.

I might be switching my prediciton to GGG beating Canelo.

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No it will be good to watch, it is good for fighters to stay active, fight twice or sometimes even three times a year. I think Fonseca will last a few rounds, show courage, but it will be all Davis, I think it will go a few rounds, which is good because punchers are helped by getting the rounds.

I can't for the life of me see that, I mean, Rigondeaux going up 8, that is a lot for a small guy, when Lomachenko was fighting at 126 not that long ago really, I don't believe he can't make the weight, and hey, 126 is fair, let's give the Cuban a fair shake, he's still moving up a division, competing at 126, where he has never competed before, or maybe once in 2009 I believe. For goodness it has to be. Well from the other side, that is not good enough, Lomachenko can not expect Rigondeaux to jump up 8 lbs, that's crazy, the answer to these situations is, one word, compromise, one guy who is at 122, one guy who hasn't been at 126 in a few fights time and is currently at 130, the answer is obvious, catch weight, 126. If it is the only way it will happen, Lomachenko isn't willing to cooperate, be fair, then he can't expect the fight to happen, I mean, 100-0, and 50-50, 130-130/122-130 and 130-126/122-126, which looks fairer, it is a no brainer. Oh absolutely!

It isn't a bad thing at all to keep changing your mind when trying to predict a fight this close, I've made my prediction (would you like to read it?) I'm 51% sure Golovkin will win, for me, ultimately the main things to look at, are that Canelo might have been made to pay for his lack of amateur experience in the past, against Lara he nearly lost, he nearly lost against Trout too, well Golovkin is a class above those guys, so he will need improvement, a lot of it to win. Canelo is going to be heavier than Golovkin on the night, he'll be carrying more muscle, that will work in his favour in the early rounds, but he's slightly shorter, not as naturally big as Golovkin, so in the second half, in round 6, 7, 8, when we've seen Golovkin come on strong many times in the past, his natural size will work in his favour. I think Canelo is likely to finish strong, I mean at 27, having been the full 12, 9 times, been in round 12, 10 times, Golovkin has been in round 12, only once. For Golovkin, he is 35, but I believe he is a young 35 for what that is worth to him (although a certain age is a certain age, all boxers are human) and no matter about using age, 160 has always been his weight, he fits the weight like a glove, Canelo, other than the Chavez fight, he has never weighed in above 155, he isn't a natural middleweight. Golovkin had 350 amateur fights, made it to the Olympic final, and Canelo has had under 50 amateur fights, but, who apart from Jacobs and an unfortunate Kell Brook has Golovkin fought? Murray, Geale, these are decent, but these guys, and Lemieux, Stevens, Rosado, they are not in the same class as Austin Trout, Amir Khan, Erislandy Lara, Floyd Mayweather Jr! Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosley, and to the people who say "how could Canelo possibly beat Golovkin when he barley got past Trout and Lara?", well, when Golovkin fought someone who is probably not much just slightly better than these guys, look what happened, that fight was extremely close, just like Canelo vs Trout! I mean, Canelo has been in with 2 boxing legends, beaten one, and learned more than he may ever know from the other.

You can read my prediction analysis if you like, but in case you would rather I cut a long story short, I think Golovkin will win a split decision, 114-112, 110-116, 114-112.

Another reason I think this fight is good is because of the platform. Even though he isn't fighting some big name guy he's getting a crazy amount of exposure from being on the Mayweather Mcgregor undercard. It's a good showcase fight for him and will probably draw him more fans.

I can see it happening if that's the only way it could happen. I'm sure his team is negotiating a catch weight for the fight, because I remember a few years ago they were fighting and Rigondeaux wanted a catchweight. I don't see how he would change his mind unless he really had to. I think the fight is near done they just need to work on the weight.

I had some down time and I really was thinking of the fight. I will read it sometime before the fight. Something that stood out to me is Golovkins Jab. I think people don't give it enough credit. He broke down Lemieux with the jab, and was very accurate with it against Jacobs.I wonder how Canelo will handle the jab of Golovkin. I know what you mean by a young 35. He hasn't taken a lot of damage and somewhat hasn't been pushed really hard minus the Jaacobs fight. He's not a Gamboa 35 where he has taken some damage and lost to fighters he shouldn't have. The thing in the Jacobs fight that Golovkin struggled with was hand speed, I think Jacobs might be a little faster then Canelo. For Canelo, I think that he took a lot of pages from Mayweathers book after their fight, he is starting to get better at defense and is using some of his moves. Even though Golovkin hasn't fought the caliber of fighters Canelo has fought in the pros, I think his amateur experiecne will help.

I'll check it out.

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Yeah exactly, the bigger the main event, the more people are going to watch. Yeah I think so, he has a lot of fans anyway, but I don't doubt he will gain fans.

What 130? Man, well, you could be right, but I mean, let's break this down, Lomachenko doesn't have to compromise weight wise at all, and Rigondeaux, a guy who uses his feet a lot, is quick, relies on pace consistency, is going to jump up 8 lbs, from super bantamweight to super featherweight, Rigondeaux isn't even used to 126, he hasn't been up there since 2009, never mind 130! I mean, think how much slower he would be, think what it would take out of him, I mean, he is not a natural featherweight, forget super featherweight, besides, just fighting a bigger guy than he has ever fought before, Rigondeaux wouldn't be able to sustain the pace at 130 which he can sustain at 122. Lomachenko can make 126, maybe it would be a serious struggle, maybe he wouldn't be as strong as he was at 130, but that is fair, Rigondeaux is going up to 126 for the first time against a good opponent. I would be shocked of Rigondeaux made the mistake of going 130. He wouldn't be a position in whoch he would have to, he doesn't have to! It isn't like he is demanding Lomachenko comes down to 122 and murders himself. Very simple, Lomachenko has to meet Rigondeaux halfway, if not, then no fight, and it is on Lomachenko, not Rigondeaux.

Oh yeah it's fantastic! There are more hardcore long time fans who like a brawl or a fighter who destroys guys, a boxer dominating on the jab, to them, is boring, but no he has an incredible jab! He wouldn't have won the fight without the jab, he needed it to set up his offence. Yeah it is an interesting question, Canelo does move his head, and his upper body well, he is a great counter puncher, he has fast hands, can be land the counter right hand over the jab of Golovkin? Will that jab of GGG negate this? Yeah that is what I mean, also, I think his conditioning is phenomenal, I've seen him doing brutal neck strengthening exercises, not something I've ever seen before, he is very disciplined, but I do think he is declining, slowly though, very slowly hopefully. Yeah that was one of the reasons why Jacobs was a struggle. Agree on everything you said there.


He does have a lot of fans as is, but I think he will add a lot more.

Yeah. I think if he really has to he might do it. I do think that Lomachenko will take the fight on the catchweight. Also at the first time this fight was offered, I think Lomachenko accepted Rigondeauxs demands of a catchweight and the money as well. I think the fight will be better at 126 then 130 for those reasons you mentioned. I think at 130 Lomachenko will be just too big for Rigondeaux and stop him. I also really doubt Rigondeaux's chin will hold up at 130. I think that Rigo went the wrong way of approaching the fight. I think he should've moved up to 126 for challenges he wouldn't get at 122 and because it will get some experience at a new weight class and will prepare him for Lomachenko. It will also show he's serious about big fights. I'm not doubting Rigos hunger for boxing but some opponents might not take his call out serious if he stays at the same weight class. I will say 126 is fair, and that if the fight isn't made bc of that then Lomachenko will most likely be his teams fault.

His jab is great. He used it to dominated and break down Lemieux and eventually stop him. He used his jab to set everything up against Jacobs to. A good jab is a great thing to have because that is what sets everything up. I think Canelo has good head movement and he might be able to avoid it but can he for 12 rounds. I think Golovkin is declininng at a slow pace as well. He did struggle against Jacobs but he di very well to. I think him not doing as good as everyone says has more to deal with Jacobs being underrated.

I heard that Pulev declined a Joshua fight because he needs 3-4 months of training. Who do you think is a good option for him? I say Miller or maybe a Whyte rematch, or even Ortiz.

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Yep. I think Davis could even be the best in the world in 3 years time or more, I think Floyd Mayweather believes so.

Well that is not too much to ask, no way, it is still a disadvantage for Rigondeaux if anything, he hasn't ever been at this level at 126, he has a style in which being lighter is good I think, I know it is not that simple, but anyway, it wasn't that long ago that Lomachenko was at 126 was it? I would love to see Rigondeaux beat Lomachenko, but I'm 62/38 on Lomachenko being too much for him. Possibly, but he might have believed he would never get the fight, the weight wasn't a problem, but no I think he maybe should have done, or considered it, although if 122 is just his weight then it his weight, 4 pounds can be a lot for featherweight and bantamweights. That's fair for you to say, I mean, he hasn't exactly gone to great lengths to secure big fights in the past, and to be honest, I think he's avoided, but he's more than happy where he is, just being known as the guy who's avoided, unlike someone like Spence, who doesn't care what people think, he just wants to achieve. For Rigondeaux to accept the fight on the condition that the bout is fought at 126, so they literally meet halfway, that is more than fair, Lomachenko wants Rigondeaux to muscle or drink his way up to 130, Bullshit!! I mean, I think people need to calm down a bit, yes, Lomachenko has destroyed 4 solid guys in a row, yes he has an exceptional amateur record, he may be the best, it is hard not to put him the top 10, he makes my top 5, and Rigondeaux,his fight can be a little but dull, but if Rigondeaux was asking Lomachenko to murder himself, wreck himself down to 122, everyone would be going off on Rigondeaux. I think Mikey Garcia would knock Lomachenko out.

I think the jab will be a problem for Canelo early, but what we have you remember is that he is no Lemieux, he is faster, far, far more technically skilled, and early, with Canelo probably carrying more muscle, being the heavier of the two, at that point, I think maybe even for 6 rounds, he will be the stronger of the two, and that will play a part, I think in rounds 7-9, when natural size takes over, Golovkin won't use his jab much at all, he will unload his power shots on Canelo. Yeah well Jacobs is phenomenal, one of the most underrated fighters out there, I mean, I think he's better than Lara and Trout, not taking a dig at Canelo at all, but I'm just responding to those who say "Jacobs beat him or very nearly, Canelo will destroy him".

That's disappointing, the fight has been a strong option for months. Maybe Whyte, I doubt Ortiz or Miller but they are good match ups. Tough to say, I mean, a solid opponent like Carlos Takam or maybe a likely downgrade but still good, Andriy Rudenko, maybe Bryant Jennings, or even Alexander Povetkin.