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Vasyl Lomachenko

Jason Sosa

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What did you think of lomachenko's performance?

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Phenominal, another fantastic performance, it was a technical, master class, he won every round, he strted to beat Sosa up, and was really physically punishing him, and of course him out there in an impressive way, I think when Lomackenko is having everything his own way, nobody puts cominations together and moves better, and he is so good at capitalising on everything, you can't afford mistakes, he is possibly the best boxer in the world, undoubtedly a top 10 fighter, and likely to be a top 5 fighter, but in my opinion, Terence Crawford, and Mikey Garcia, with their professional experience, adaptability, are slightly better, especially Crawford.

I'll respond soon. I'm watching the HBO replay of this and the Usyk fight.

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Ok man, enjoy the fights.

I just finished it and I agree. He completely dominated Sosa like no one has done. He has showed that he is on a different level then the rest of the division. He can put together combinations very well and is very good defensively. He doesn't have great ko power but he can break down opponents and stop them. I don't think there's anything left for him to do at 130 except rematch Salido if he looks good soon. I would like to see him go to 135 and fight the big names there. I think Garcia, Linares, Easter, and Flanagin are good options for him at 135. Garcia being the best. Me personally, Lomachenko is top 2 or 3 on my pound for pound list. I wouldn't argue if someone had him number one pound for pound he's that good. I also like that he's willing to fight the best of the best.

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I'm not sold on the rematch, I don't think the defeat means anything anymore, and I don't think ot is as worthwhile a fight as people think.

Yeah sure, I mean, there is no reason for him not to fight the big names.

I don't think Easter is in the same league as Garcia, and Lomackenko, if he has that potential, he has a bit to go, I know you like him because he's a home fighter to you, I admire your loyalty, but I wouldn't put him in the top 50.

Flanagan, in my opinion, is overrated, and Crolla, maybe Easter, definitely, without question Linares, Garcia, and Lomackenko beat him, those three, with ease.

Ok, but let's not carried away, I'm not saying you are, Ward, Crawford, Canelo, Golovkin, every other fighter who has a potential spot at number one in the world, they have prpven more than Lomackenko has, and have proven themselves to be able to come through adversity, how will Lomackenko respond when things aren't going his way?, I'm not jumping to any rash opinions. For me, Lomackenko is number six, I think, that seems harsh compared to many others, but that is only a relative thing, sixth in the world afyer what? 12 fights?, less? That's phenomenal, this wouldn't the firsf time I've been right when many say I MUST be wrong, Fury had 'no chance' against Klitschko, Bellew had 'no chance' against Haye.

I don't like the man, I mean, that is irrelevant to who he is as a fighter, I'm just glad for Crawford, Ward, Canelo, Golovkin, Garcia, Linares, Gonzalez, all great guys, hopefully Garcia can drill Lomackenko.

That's true. The defeat doesn't mean much anymore, he has improved so much from that fight. I think he would dominate Salido in a rematch if it does happen.

I don't either. I like Easter a lot, but I would like to see him in there with the best. I think Lomachenko, Mikey Garcia, Linares beat him to. I think Easter still needs to be tested.

I think Flangan is overrated to. Maybe the same with Crolla. I think Easter, Lomachenko, Garcia and Linares beat them to.

I don't mind you ranking him sixth. For me I rate him either 2 or 3. I have trouble ranking him and Crawford. I think those other fighters accomplished more but skill wise Lomachenko can be better than most of those fighters. He has accomplished a lot for having less than 10 fights. For me I picked Klitschko over Fury and that's because that's when I first joined and didn't know about Fury and knew a lot about Klitschko. I had the knowledge to pick Haye over Bellew but was wrong.

I know we disagree on a lot of fighters, but I really don't have a problem with Lomachenko as a person. I will say I think it was stupid of him to support pros in Olympics and calling out Mcgregor, but he seems like a good person. I really like the sportsmanship he showed Sosa after he beat him. I also liked him saying he wasn't going to trash talk to set an example for fighters. I know that's contradictory considering I like Broner, but I like a balance between the sportsman ship and the cocky fighters to. It's good to see guys like Lomachenko show good sportsmanship. I also like that he's willing to fight anyone. The thing is there's a few fighters I dislike and Antonio Margarito is the only one that comes to mind.

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I mean what does if really do for them?, no I'm nit interested in that fight, I mean no that's not true, I'm interested in seeeing it, in the same way I would be interested in seeing Joshua vs Charr, Ramirez vs Smith, Thurman vs Peterson, but, as a main fight, as a big one, no.

Yes, well, who knows? He's unbeaten, he's looked good so far in his career, I know he struggled with Comney, but I'm sure that was good experience for him, he should be tested, it will be interesting to see what he's made of.

Crolla isn't overrated!! If that's what you meant.

That's fair enough, but do you actually see what I mean about what (in my disputable opinion) separates him from Ward, Crawford etc? Well it's very hard to sum up overall skill in one sentence when the competition is this tough. Yes but I mean, that doesn't mean as much as people might think, he also has a defeat on his record, I mean look at his amateur record, his age, his career was bound to take off at a bit of a head start, I do give hi credit, but the fact he's had 10 fights just proves my point, about experience we don't see unless he's challanged, adaptability.

That was not about us two, I meant me, against what everyone said, with you, you're intelligent, you were easy to give advice to when you first started following boxing, bjt you're impressionable, which is why the "this is a mismatch, Haye will smash Bellew in 1 round", swayed your prediction, or was it not because of that?

That's fine, I'm not saying we should hold a grudge, I am saying, we should hope Ward, Crawford, Canelo, Gonzalez, Golovkin do better, why? they are good guys. If someone is going to try and damage his own sport by saying that, and saying "pros in the Olympics a good idea", and saying Kovalev was robbed of a win against Ward, saying he won 116-111, come on, let's hope he loses to Linares, Garcia, hopefully he will lose to Mikey Garcia, the better man, Crawford, Thurman, Wilder, Canelo, Golovkin, Garcia, Linares, Ward Gonzalez, all good guys, wouldn't talk s*** like he did.

Yeah, he's not evil, he's not hitler, he's not a woman beater, he's not a truly bad pers6onl he's not wven just a truly horrible person, but don't take me too seriously, and let's stick to freedom of speech here, he's not a nice guy, I mean, every boxer, every trainer, Angel Garcia even, has a heart, I mean, you're going to defend Lomackenko because he's good deep down, and we shoudln't hate him, that's fine, but of you do that for him, you have to do the same for everyone, thisnis just like our discussion about Broner, I mean, let's be honest, in all sports, in all areas of life, there good people, there are not so good people, in boxing, you have you're not so good people, Broner, Lomackenko, Saunders, Stevens Angel Garcia, Furys, Frank Warren, Haye, Dan Rafeal, and then you have the longer list of good people, Joshua, Wilder, Ward, Golovkin, Canelo, Gonzalez, Smiths, Hearn, Thurman, Porter, Crolla!, Linares, Garcia, Crawford, Parker, Jacobs, if the nasty people win, we'll live, if the nice guy wins, then awesome!, like when Bundu beat Gavin, like when Maidana won his WBA title, like when Bellew beat Haye, like when Thompson beat Haye, like when George Jupp beat Mitchell Smith.

Don't buy that, anybody can say that, he'snot fooling me, talk is cheap. I think you like Broner because he's from Ohio, which is not a bad thing, I was always confused by your particular support for him but that explains it, it's a good thing that you want to support your sttae fighters. I'm against "cocky" fighters, to me, it is disrespectful, it achieves nothing, that's my opinion, but I respect yours.

Every other figher up there, most fighers will fight anyone though!, I mean, boxers are known for grabbing opportunities with both hands!

I commend Lomackenko for what he has achieved in the ring, but, and I really hope I'm right, Mikey Garcia will beat him.

He's unbeaten so far and that's a good thing. I like him but I'm not going to act like he's pound for pound. I think he still needs to prove himself, and he would against those top guys in the division.

I meant to say just Flanagan. I think Crolla is a good fighter.

Yeah, I see what you mean with Ward and Crawford. That's true Lomachenko does have a loss on his record, Crawford and Ward don't. We have seen him tested and lost to Salido, but I think he has improved a lot since then and need to see him challenged.

I had my reasons why I thought Haye would beat Bellew, and I didn't let anyone effect my opinion on it. I thought it could be competitive since they are both big punchers and anything could happen, but I thought Haye would be the victor. I for one completely forgot that he gasses out later in fights. I think I focused more of the bad then good with Bellew. Like I let the loss with Stevenson and the knockdowns effect my prediction. I really didn't listen to anyone elses say because I was confident he would win.

I totally agree. The good guys should dominate the sport more. I don't agree with the whole pros fighting in Olympics idea. I don't hold anything against him saying that Kovalev was robbed because he is a little biased because him and Kovalev are good friends. I think of it like Mayweather saying that Jack was robbed against Degale. They both are saying it because they have their personal biases. For most of Lomachenko's fights I will be neutral except when he fights Mikey Garcia and Terence Crawford. I would be rooting for Garcia and Crawford over him.

That's a good point. Angel Garcia isn't a nice person, but we know that he isn't like a woman beater or murderer or anything. I do think there is a difference between Angel Garcia and Lomachenko. Lomachenko I think is genuinely a better person than Angel Garcia. I like both sides of the spectrum. Mostly for the bad guys I only like them as fighters and not outside of the ring.

I think even if he wasn't from Ohio I would still like him. There's not many fighters I truly hate, and I will defend most fighters. There's some I won't defend out the ring. Like Lomachenko, he hasn't crossed the line for me yet so we'll see. I'll admit that Broner takes it to far and there's some things I won't defend. If I like a fighter I don't have to agree with everything they do or say.

That's true.

I think Garcia will beat Lomachenko.

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That's very honest of you, I'm not writing him off!

Yeah, good, your a pal, but even so, anyone saying Crolla is overrated (not the best in the world yes I know, but, overrated, no sir) gets a bashing from me.

That's not all I'm saying, yes, I'm talking about the loss, but I'm more talking about an unanswered question, and one that I have an idea what the answer is to it, whe he dominates Martinez, Sosa, Walters, boy oh boy does he do it, meaning he wins every round, but, that shouldn't be used as a measuring stick, like Luis Ortiz, like Chris Eubank Jr, like I used think Anthony Joshua, like David Haye, these guys, it is hard to take them out of fighting their kind of fight, and this is typical amateur but not such a pro, well, that's part of it, and they might well come apart, Mikey Garcia has been dropped, been confronted, adapted, gone straight back to business, and won in a dominant way, Crawford was really challenged against Gamboa, I thought he was being out worked and out boxed after 4,just look at hos he adapted, just look at how provailed, I don't need to say another word on Crawford vs Gamboa, surely, look at Ward, against Kovalev, after 2, he was 20-17 down, hadn't really made any mistakes, it was all hoing against him, what did he do?, he got his head together, he kept czlm under pressure, and he thrived in a way only special fighters, and I mean all time greats can thrive, he won 7-8 of the last 10 rounds, after being dropped and hurt. If Lomackenko is confronted with adversity, will he be anle to adapt? For me, we shouldn't get carried away and rank him number one or either top three until we know the answer to that question.

Will send the other half of my response later.

I'm not either. I don't rank him yet but he can be a great fighter we just have to see it happen.

He's not the best in the division but he's no slouch.

That's true there are some unanswered questions about Lomachenko. I feel like we seen him in some adversity, but that was in his second fight. There were lots of things to take from his Salido loss. Like he didn't know how to react to a dirty fighter, and deal with a fighter that is coming in overweight. I think that he has improved a lot since then and will know how to react to that. I feel he's been challenged more than Ortiz and Eubank Jr. I thought he looked great against a solid fighter in Russell. You are right about Garcia, Crawford and Ward. They all faced tough moments in their careers and adapted and came back to win. That's what makes them great fighters. Those fights show what they can do when the going gets tough. I think we will see this soon with Anthony Joshua against Klitschko. Me personally, I think that Lomachenko can adapt and do what it takes to win tough fights, but it's still something we have to see. I can be wrong. Him dominating Sosa, Walters, and Martinez show us something but not the complete picture.

You mentioned Gamboa. I like that he's finally active now. He's fighting again in May.

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I just lost my reply, I can't type it all up again.

One thing I will repeat, is that I do agree wjth you on how good Lomackenko is, I just think he doesn't make the top 3.

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Sorry buddy, but this guy is a disgrace to the sport, he's as bad as AG in my eyes.

In my opinion, Canelo, Ward, Joshua desreve your loyalty and back up, AB doesn't, your decision 100%, but I think he's let you down.

I like Joshua and Ward better than Broner for sure. I really think Broner and Mayweather feuding is staged.

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I don't think so, that picture was taken a while ago I think, that isn't staged, mean, the way Broner talks, I just don't think he can act that way.

That's true that Broner always talks like that, but it's with Floyd Mayweather. Those guys are friends and staged this. Like when he said stuff about Pacquiao and Arum, he was serious.

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I don't agree, we can't know, but what we do know, is Adrien Broner is not a nice guy, he is a great fighter, but an idiot.

I like him, but you're right.

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Are you sure you didn't even in the slightest?, I mean, I know you didn't just simply have uour opinion, because some random people thought it would be a mismatch, but I thought mkre and more people giving you reasons which you thoight were true, ah, if you say no, that'sgood enough for me, I believe you, but at some point, read this, and get back to me on it, if you want,

Of course you don't, it's definitely wrong. He said it to the media, for all the fans to read, that's true, but I think Mayweather had more reason to be biased, he's the trainer, the promoter, that was staright after the fight, he was on the spot. I'm a very good judge of character, I know a bad egg when I see one, I don't obsess over it, but you seem interested to discuss it.

No, they both nasty men, I mean if we're going to meausre nastyness and stupidity on a chart then we may as well say, "right you've got 5 things to say that are bad for boxing, but don't cross that line", I mean, yes Garcia is worse than Lomackenko, but that doesn't mean much, because I's comparing up, not down. Not in my opinion, but I mean how could either of us possibly know? Ok, but I only like what is good for the sport, I mean for me, if you want to see a slagging match (and hey they can be entertaining), watch one of Kim Kardashian's fallouts with one her friends on Youtube, or go an watch an angry response to Trisha Paytas, I mean why do we need that shit in the sport of boxing? I know it can sell tickets, that is a vaild reason, but the fans would buy it without trahs taok, boxers might think they don't, this is why some of it is sometimes staged.

I'm not someone who makes up other people's minds for them, but I'll tell yiuntgings I've heard about Broner which are probably true, just before the finalisation of Granados, he was in trouble for allegedly strangling a waitress, and around the time he fought Malignaggi, he said he was "glad his cheating ***** of an ex miscarried", I mean, from where I'm standing why on earth would anybody not have loved seeing him get beaten by Maidana and Porter, two great guys.

And check this out, looks like Broner has opened his big mouth again,

I don't hate any fighter! Yeah I get it, but it is relative thing, the giod guys deserve oir support, above the nasty people but good fighters, like I say, Lomackenko isn't the nicest of chaps, I mean, you don't cross the line with me, I either like you or I don't.

Maybe a little, but for the most part I really didn't let other opinions influence me on that fight. I thought that Bellew's lack of experience at Heavyweight, being stopped by Stevenson, and knocked down in other fights would be a factor in this. I thought Haye was a harder puncher than Stevenson and I was wrong I feel. Haye fought very reckless against Bellew. Another thing I forgot to factor is Haye's weaknesses. Like that he gasses out and is injury prone and stuff like that. I believed that none of that was going to come up in this fight. This is just an observation, I think that Stevenson is a way better fighter than Haye. Stevenson and Bellew didn't like each other and Stevenson didn't let that get to him like it did to Haye.

I think it's wrong for him to say it's a robbery, but I'm not going to hold it against him. I don't care to talk about it I was just responding. I believe you are a good judge of character, way better than me.

I'm going to say this. We might not like it but the trash talking and cockiness sells tickets and people don't care as long as it makes them money. Me and you might not like it but sadly it's the way it is. I think some of the trash talking is staged. That's why I don't take it seriously.

I won't address the things he is accused of because we don't really know, but I will say something about the miscarriage. That's a terrible thing to say and I won't defend him on that one, that's going to far. I know I told you I have Broner listed higher than Porter, but personally if they were to rematch I would be neutral it's just there's people in other weight classes I like better.

Another thing I will say is that I think the whole Broner vs Davis and Mayweather feud is staged. I'm not one to make excuses, but I think it is. Broner and Mayweather took a picture together over the weekend.

I agree. The good guys deserve the most support.

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Yes, that annoyed me (not you but that whole thing), why did nobody even think about the inactivity?

No I agree, I think Stevenson, that's another reason I want to tread carefully with the whole Adrien Broner thing, because I don't want to discourage you from supporting unpopular guys like Ward, Stevenson, Canelo.

Did you read that analysis?

I know, but I was saying that that is the problem with boxing fans. I take it seriously to a certain extent, meaning I do truly think it is bad, and a genuine issue, but it isn't ruining the sport, and I'm not losing sleep over it.

When they fought I was over the moon to see him lose, and was rooting like mad for Porter who 100 times the man Broner is, Porter is a great role model, he's also a much better fighter than Broner is, he made a mug of Broner, it is a shame about the knockdown, but it was funny when Broner got upset about the PD, it was gokd to see the good guy win. I think Broner mocoed the shooting in Connecticuit shortly after losing to Porter, he's a shit, I mean, just forget that he's Broner for a second, that's worse thn anything Angel Garcia has ever said, I think. For Ohio, you got Porter!, and hey, you got Easter too. I'll only talk about Broner for as long as you want to, I've given my opinion, but I just feel like I'm bashing yours, keep your own opinion, and I'll leave this topic bwhind now I think, because there's nothing fruitful aboit it anymore. Like I said, your support for Canelo, Ward, Stevenson is something I admire very much, I will be very happy for you if Canelo beats Golovkin, because you called it, it is great when that happens, believe me, same if Stevenson beats Kovalev. I really hope Ward beats Kovalev, and I'm confident he will, I'm not ruling out a stoppage, bjt I', going with him winning 7-9/12 rounds.

There should be an established difference there.

I'm not sure. If I were to guess fans probably were thinking it didn't matter and that he was the David haye of old.

I just got done reading your analysis. You were spot on. It was badly predicted and I'll even admit I made a bad prediction. Many fans thought this would be an easy fight for Haye because he is the bigger man. People didn't look into bellew that much. They focused more on the negatives than the positives. I'm guilty of that as well. I think I told you Haye would stop him in the fifth round. I was off. I'm not even going to use the excuse of him tearing his Achilles because many fans said Haye will knock him out early and it didn't happen before the injury occured.

A lot of people were to. I agree that Porter is the better role model. I actually like Porter as much as broner despite them being far on my list. I never heard him mock the shooting but I'll read up on it. I'm not offended that you don't like broner as a person or anything, a lot of people don't. I think it would be better to talk about him just as a fighter. Don't feel like your bashing me, it's your opinion not to like broner. I'm pretty neutral on kovalev vs Stevenson to be honest. I would pick kovalev to win but I would be neutral if they were to fight. Same with ggg vs canelo. I would pick canelo but I'm neutral on who I want to win. My list might be confusing. It's all the weight classes combined so all of them would be farther apart. Except for Joshua and Ward I will root for them over anyone they fight. I'm picking Ward to beat kovalev again but I won't be upset if kovalev wins. I'm also confident Ward beats kovalev.

Also, we talk about Ward being a good guy and he is, but why do you think he's disliked by a lot? I never understood it, he seems like a great person.

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There was far more to if than that, I mean, I did talk, and talk about it before the fight happened so you might remember all the reasons I mentioned.

It wasn't just about that though, my main point, was about gambling, and why that shouldn't be a source for liklihood information, and why twitter polls are not the same as prediction percentages amongst pundits, Haye was only a slight favourite amongst pundits.

Ok, he is a very good fighter.

Well for a start it is not his problem, it is the fans' problem. I think because he took some time before aggreeing to the rematch, and they don't understand how he wpbeat Kovalev, they are nasty people.

I remember most of them.

I never listen to the betting odds. I remember one time for the first Santa Cruz and Frampton fight, Frampton was a 10/1 underdog to win and I picked Frampton to win long before that was discovered. I picked him to win after the fight was made. I didn't even know that there were a lot more people picking Bellew to win than I thought. I only knew of Anthony Joshua. I should've guessed that the people rooting for him also probably picked him to win, that slipped my ming.

That's true, it is really the fans. I also think it's because he was inactive for a while. I understand it's frustrating, but not a reason to bash a fighter. You're right those people are nasty.

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Good. I don't remember you predicting Frampton to win, hats off to you!

Yeah well, exactly! That's the problem, it shoukd have been accessible to you, that is what should be on the screen, pundits predictions, they are the ones who know what tyey are talking about, I mean, none of them said it was a mismatch, from now on, I think you should look up pundits prediction, that way younstill bave your own opinion, in your own right, as a knowledgeable boxing fan, bjt it helps to gatger all the facts together, the facts you missed before Haye vs Bellew, it isn't your fault that happened, it is very common, and the reaosn why, is the reason I've just mentioned twice.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think in America, people are more sensible when it comes to boxing, and are less gullible, from what I gather, in America, Mayweather vs McGregor is sort of a 'LOL' kind of thing, over here, there are actually news readers and reporters taking it seriously! And, I know, the biggest gambling city in the world is Las Vegas, I know too well America has plenty of gambling, but I believe that in America, gambling is what it is, like drinking, people know it is a bad habit, even those who enjoy for a bit of fun, and they understand it, but over here, people are using William Hill gambling, bookies, odds, all that shit, as a source of liklihood, and that is not right.

I think Anthony Joshua just wanted him to win, I don't think he predicted it.

I think Haye vs Bellew II would be a 50/50 fight, but I'd give Bellew an edge, I really doubt he would stop Haye, I think it would be a fight with two halves, first half, Haye impressing, on top, winning really, Bellew taking it and showing that grit and determination, but losibg the rounds, second half, reversed. I did underestimate Haye's chin. Do you Bellew would win a rematch?

Yeah you're right, but for the layoff, what do these fools think Ward was doing during his time off? He was trying to get fights, looking for work!, couldn't get it, I would like to see him stop Kovalev, it could happen, but I think Ward will beat him again, this time wider.

In terms of who he is in the ring, for Broner, I think he has little to lose, the Rios fight would be good for him too because it would bring out the warrior in him, that fight is what many think Rios vs Ortiz is in my opinion, for Broner, I think if he either just wins, or just loses, against Rios, ina fight which everybody loves, that will help his reputation as a fighter, of course there is Lamont Peterson too.