Vasyl Lomachenko vs Guillermo Rigondeaux Scorecard by mike25

scorecard by MIKE25



Vasyl Lomachenko

Guillermo Rigondeaux

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Just realised it is a different year for you, still 2017 where you are, 2018 here now.

A few hours early, but happy new year Mike.

Thanks and happy New Years to you to.

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How would you describe 2017 as a year of boxing? In my opinion, one word, great.

I think in boxing, people can't say we aren't getting the fights we want to see, we saw Jack vs Degale, Thurman vs Garcia, Golovkin vs Canelo, Lomachenko vs Rigondeaux, Joshua vs Klitschko.

I agree, 2017 was definitely a positive year for boxing.

Exactly. I would also add the Ward Kovalev rematch, and Brrok vs Spence. There were so many other fights that you can't add them all on here.

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I hope Joshua vs Parker is confirmed in the next few days, man, what a fight it will be if it does take place. Respect to Eddie Hearn for promising Parker the majority of the money in a rematch if he wins, there is a rematch clause for Joshua I assume.

Devon Alexander vs Victor Ortiz who you got?

I have a good feeling it will be. Hopefully all the terms are fair. I don't like when the rematch clause is for only one fighter because what if there's controversy.

Devon Alexander, what about you?

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I think the difference is, if the B-side wins controversially, then he is ordered to have rematch, but it is more complicated if the A-side wins controversially, like when Froch controversiallly beat Groves, has that been the other way around, it wouldn't have been a long waiting process before confirmation, Groves would have been immediately ordered to give Froch the rematch.

I don't know, maybe, Ortiz hits harder later, he has suffered the tougher defeats, but Alexander has had to deal with a lot of issues outside of the ring, Ortiz is skilled, dangerous, talented, and he has some good wins, Andre Berto, Nate Campbell, Antonio Diaz, on the other hand, Alexander also, before he lost to Bradley, people forget how good he was, he has some very good wins, Juan Urango, Andriy Kotelnik, Lucas Matthysse, Marcos Maidana. I think Alexander has more hand speed, I think he is better at fighting dirty than Ortiz is, he is more resistant to punishment as well I think, he is also faster in foot, but Ortiz doesn't have bad history against guys with speed but not a great deal of power, and I don't think Alexander is the most unpredictable. I think I'd maybe edge Ortiz.

It can be tough to get rematches if the a side wins controversially.

I forgot about Alexanders out of ring issues. I heard he was addicted to drugs and stuff like that. That explains why he was out of the ring a long time after the Martinez fight. Ortiz has the skill and talent, but when the going gets tough Ortiz folds. He's more then capable of pulling this off. I still edge Alexander but this can go either way.

Valdez vs Quigg who do you got? Also what fight that is scheduled this year are you most excited for?

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It often isn't any better for the winner than the loser overall, yes they have that sense of accomplishment in that they got the W, but they will lose respect if they say job done, Carl Froch was backed into a corner, emplored by everyone to rematch George Groves, certainly wasn't a good time for him in his career, Floyd Mayweather as well, he would have been slaughtered had he not rematched and schooled Castillo. Canelo, I think would certainly have had his rematches against Trout and Lara, I think they both won 6 rounds against him, they didn't get Rematches, Canelo wasn't obliged to fight either again, he beat them both however narrowly, and forget fight them again, he should have been applauded for fighting them in the first place, especially Lara he did not have to take that fight, he asked the fans, they gave him their answer, so he fought him, Canelo did want a rematch against Mayweather, he would have pressed harder for a rematch had it not been so one sided, but Mayweather didn't have to rematch him. I think it is just another part of being the A-side, you pick the venue or have a different location put to you in a reasonable deal where benefit financially, you get more money, the judges do, rightly or wrongly, lean towards you in close rounds, when in doubt, you can make more demands, about gloves, the ring, as well, people say it is unfair, but on the contrary, all these fighters who are the A-side, they have all been the B-side, earned their rights, privileges.

I believe it was painkillers, that is always a tough, behind the screen sort of challenge for athletes, but in terms of inside the ring, Ortiz has suffered the nastier, more toll taking, mentally weakening losses, he had the fight beaten out of him by Maidana, he was knocked right out by Mayweather, Collazo as it happens, md he didn't really want to continue I don't think when Berto took it to him, but Alexander doesn't have that kind of power, it is easy to catch him with that right hand straight down the middle, he feints a lot, which is good, he does move his head at times, but not often enough, it might be beyond my knowledge, but if you watch the Khan and Porter fights, you see that as they exchange, they overlap by putting more shots together than him, but also, maybe partly due to his southpaw stance, he is there to be caught clean, I just don't think he can stand and trade at that level. Alexander could well beat Ortiz, he's light on his feet offensively awkward, Ortiz could really struggle with that hand speed, he has good variety, Ortiz may be unable to sustain his work for 10 rounds, I think pace wise, partly due to miles on the clock, Alexander might still be fresher. Age wise, there is nothing in this I don't think, both I think 30, not young fighters, but not old, could still have a fair amount left in the tank.

Valdez, you?
Tough one, if Joshua vs Parker happens, then that, Garcia vs Rios is up there, Golovkin vs Alvarez II would be up there, but why do I suspect Golovkin vs Khan will be confirmed soon?, I hope not, or a Canelo rematch (Khan), but no, assuming a fight like that does not happen, then hopefully the GGG vs Canelo rematch will happen, if so, then that is up there. How. How about you?

I felt that was the same with Ward and the whole Kovalev situation. If he didn't give Kovalev a rematch people would've been pissed. I think Ward gave Kovalev the rematch at the right time and it was before it's expiration date. There's some fights that do deserve rematches and some that don't. Mayweather Vs Canelo 2 didn't really need a rematch, but a fight like Golovkin vs Canelo does.

I heard that it was pain killers to. The reasons you mentioned, about the mentally weakening losses. I think Maidana and Mayweather took the fight out of him, and that's why I edge Alexander in this fight. I think that Khan and Porter are a level above Ortiz and Alexander. I could see Ortiz troubling Alexander though, this one is a hard fight to predict, because these 2 can be unpredictable.

I'm picking Valdez as well.

My favorite that is offical is Usyk vs Bredis or Spence vs Peterson.

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He did the right thing, he wasn't going to be bullied by the media, bullied by the public, but he took time to decide, and came to the decision that he should fight Kovalev again. I think Canelo wants that rematch more than he has ever wanted any fight, you can't blame him, time is on his side, had he lost the fight, I mean not gotten the decision, he would have wanted the rematch, if anything, more so, had he won, and Golovkin was a few years younger, he probably wouldn't fight him again, just like with Trout, Lara, people can talk crap, but his explanation is, "I've beaten him, why do I have to beat him again?, I want to fight somebody else, an opponent I haven't defeated yet".

I think the two things to look at, are the toll taking ordeals they have been through, and also, attributes they demonstrate in ring in more current fights, that is not all there is to making a prediction, but I think it is very relevant. I don't think either have what it takes to really make each other struggle outright, but in failing to do so, they will both be challenged. It might come down to who wants it more. I keep changing my mind for a prediction.

I actually changed my prediction to draw.

Both good fights, especially the first of those two. I think this is Peterson's last chance, I hope he boxes at least nearly as well as he did against Danny Garcia, what a performance from him in that fight, he wasn't too far from stopping Garcia if you look back at that fight, he was reeling, Garcia might not have been at his best, but still, I had that fight a draw to be honest.

That was good he wasn't going to let people influence his decision. I believe Ward made the right one. I don't blame Canelo for wanting this fight eihter. Huge payday, now has a better chance of winning. I mean I wouldn't mind a Lara rematch, but I would be ok without one, same with the trout fight.

I can see this being a fight that can go either way. I see Valdez getting the nod though.

This is a great opportunity for Peterson. He has potential to outbox an opponent and he also has potential to really disappoint. I hope he puts up a good fight against Spence.

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We can all agree on that as fans, but if you're Canelo, why would you have wanted to fight a guy again?, who you edged out by virtually nothing, there is little to be gained by a more convincing win, why bother? I wouldn't be surprised if Canelo stopped Golovkin, I think UD, but I see it being really competitive again, if I was Golovkin, I wouldn't want to fight Canelo again, I'd prefer to fight Saunders, win a belt, still a very winnable fight. I'm wondering if Golovkin will decide not to fight Canelo again, if he doesn't, that's smart, but if he still believes he can win, good luck to him.

Could well happen, him being the champion, one thinks the technical fighter might have maybe 65/35 edge over the brawler in terms of modern judges. I think if Marriaga, Servania can hurt him, bully him, Quigg can, on the other hand, I think Freddie Roach hasn't improved Quigg's defence, at all, and I think if Frampton can outbox him, win the rounds, Valdez can.

I think he has a lot of vulnerabilities, if Spence can set him up, make draw him onto something, like he did against Bundu, he could KO him, but I think Peterson, being wiley, experienced, will make it awkward for Spence, I think for combinations, at long range, Peterson will give Spence problems, it won't be Spence's fight from the get go, Spence will have to make it his fight. I see Peterson really struggling, against Garcia, yes he made him miss early, but he was being backed up, and even though Garcia was sluggish, ponderous throughout due to I think dehydration, Peterson was behind after 6, and Spence hits harder, mixes his offence up from body to head, better than Garcia I think, southpaw too, and I think Spence can use his underrated jab to keep Peterson backed up, nullify his response with that weapon. I think if Peterson has to work harder in the early rounds, and being the older fighter, the late rounds don't look promising for him, Spence can punch, and also Peterson does not take shots so well. I think Peterson should retire after this fight. I don't think Peterson ever got his due credit for the Khan win, yes it was close and Khan was unfortunate with the docked points, but still, he won fair and square, for what it's worth, he didn't get dropped. I wouldn't actually have minded seeing Khan vs Peterson II, but I don't see that happening now.

I think that I have a different opinion then you about GGG. I think he'll take the fight for a second time. He's very confident he won the first fight, I think there's no doubt he takes the rematch. I don't think he's declined to the point that he would get stopped but I think if he takes the rematch next, he still has a good shot of winning. I can be wrong about GGG though, I thought Pacquiao was declined but still good enough to beat Horn easily.

Valdez is there to be hit, so it's not out of reach for Quigg to pull this off.

He does have some vulnerabilities. I think this fight might be somewhat similar to the Brook fight, where Spence will be competitive with Peterson, then towards the end of the fight Spence will take over and maybe even stop Peterson. I don't see the late rounds doing any favors for Peterson at all. About him retiring, I want to see how this fight goes to see what's next for him. If he pulls off the upset, I want him to continue, but if he looks terrible and takes a bad beating then I would be for him retiring. Peterson Khan 2 wouldn't be bad it's just Khan has been so inactive.

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Yeah that is a common difference of opinion amongst boxing fans, part of it might be that I had the fight close, you didn't, manh agree with me, had the fight close, but many agree with you too, had the fight quite wide. He doesn't have the slightest doubt he was robbed the first time, but there is a difference between 4 months ago, and 4 months from now into the future, this is timing I'm taking about, boxing is so much about timing. He's definitely declined, mark my words, mid thirties, after that war against Canelo, he has declined, but how much is a good question, I think his punch resistance will be weaker in the rematch if it happens, Canelo isn't as fresh as a daisy himself, but let's be honest, it's simple, he is 5-10 years younger than Golovkin, he's prime age, sure he'll get dropped by every big puncher he faces if he is still around in 10 years time, but for now, which is the relavent time, for one reason, age, if anyone will lose their punch resistance, it will be Golovkin, punch resistance is so, so important in a fight like this. Oh he's got a shot, he won the first fight, let's be honest, he won 7-8/12 rounds, maybe he will make the better adjustments than Canelo, maybe the weight won't be much less of a disadvantage for Canelo, and Golovkin still has a fight or 2 left before he really goes over the hill, this could be about who makes the better adjustments, who is more adaptable in that sense, Golovkin could win, but I'm 70% sure timing will be important, and Canelo will win.

I'll have another response later.

I think it could've been the case of him stepping up in competition as well. Or maybe a combination of him getting older and stepping up in competition. I think this fight will depend on how much Golovkin has declined, he could be fine or he can have like a Pacquiao like decline and look bad. Timing is important I agree, but I think Golovkin still has enough in the tank to beat Canelo, but I can be wrong.

Lara vs Hurd might happen, who are you picking?

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Hurd, he's big, he's young, and he can take punches, Lara has a lot of skill, an incredible amount of skill, he has great amateur experience, he can punch himself, but he's old, and he's vulnerable.

I'm edging Heard as well. Lara does have a great amount of skill but, he's older and he tends to gas out in fights.

Khan signed with matchroom for a 3 fight deal, what do you think of that?

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Interesting, expect his next fight to be a surprising one as well.

Who do you think it will be? I've heard Broner is an option. Also I like the move to matchroom because Hearn will put him in the right fights.

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Golovkin, Canelo, maybe even McGregor, Mayweather, hopefully it will be none of these, one who is done, one bogus boxer, two guys who are far too big.

Yeah absolutely, but for him, that's financial, because the fights we want to see him in, he won't win, I highly doubt, then again, it's money. I'm angry at Amir Khan for his disgusting behaviour, making boxers look bad, but that is irrelevant, I think he is still young enough that he has a shot against some really good fighters, but to be honest, I think Jeff Horn would have a good chance of beating him, I think if Lamont Peterson and Julio Diaz can drag Khan into a war and outfight him to just lose or edge him out, Horn can, I don't think he beats any of the top 5 at 147, he's been so inactive as we both keep saying, and he is what?, 30, he's not improving, that is for sure, I don't think he'll ever be as good as he was against Luis Collazo, Devon Alexander, I think that was his absolute prime, 2014, those were his best performances, unfortunately, he wasted the next 5 fight slots he had which I would say were the rest of his prime time, on what?, and off night against Chris Algieri, I thought that was a close one, and a stupid fight against a gut two divisions above him, and now, he's starting to get old, there is so much ring rust, he has a very vulnerable chin, and I think he will have to target a weaker champion if he wants to win a world champion again, his best hope is that Thurman falls out with the WBC, that belt becomes vacant, he fights, let's say, Frankie Gavin, or maybe a marginally stronger opponent for the title, I wouldn't write him off against Jeff Horn, I think he's more talented, but I think I'd predict Horn to win that fight.

I think Broner would have a chance against Khan, the only worry for Broner really, I think is the weight, moving up to 147 is never a good idea for him, but I think Broner could beat Khan, yes he's been inconsistent, but Khan has been less consistent, he's had 2 fights in the time it has taken Khan to have none, yes Maidana bet Broner and lost to Khan, but that doesn't mean that much, especially seeing as it wasn't the same chino, and would Julio Diaz give Broner the trouble he gave Khan? I think Broner should fight Figueroa at 140, assuming Figueroa could make that weight. I think at 140, Broner beats Figueroa and Khan.

I don't think we have to worry about him fighting Golovkin, Mcgregor or Canelo. I can see a Mayweather fight happening though. I really don't care if that fight gets made. I remember telling you I respected Mcgregor a lot in UFC, now I really don't. I'll probably root against him most times he fights.

I think if he takes boxing seriously he can be a good fighter, he's still young. I give Horn a pretty good shot of beating Khan, but an in shape Khan could give Horn a lot of problems. That's the other thing, he won't beat a Spence,Crawford or Thurman. He would have to fight for a vacant belt, or a weak champion. I thought it was dumb of Khan to hold off his career to get a Mayweather or Pacquiao fight, if I was him I would've kept fighting who they put in front of him then the oppurtunity will come. Fighting Canelo was so stupid in my opinion.

I give Broner a very good chance of beating Khan. As we always talk about the timing is right, Broner has been more active and training, Khan has fought twice since 2015 and probably hasn't been in the gym a lot. I would lean towards Broner in the fight. Who would you root for in that fight? Also I believe Matthysse is a good fight for Broner as well. People always talk about it and it's not a bad option.

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Let's hope not. That's completely up to you, I don't like Conor McGregor, I can not respect a 29 year old 'boxer' who gasses after 2 rounds against a man who isn't trying, and I can not respect a man who laughs at the idea of concussion a sparring partner, I think he is a vulgar character. With all due to respect to UFC, it is not boxing, it isn't as technical, it is not as historic, there aren't as many levels, and ruling UFC is not like ruling Boxing, just as ruling badminton is not like ruling tennis. I think Mayweather expected McGregor to hit harder have higher stamina, and have a bit more bottle in the end, McGregor didn't want to carry on, OK he didn't quit, but he can't fool everyone with his words, when the referee stopped the fight, McGregor was relieved.

I don't think he's young, he has taken some beatings, been knocked out a few times, as well as being inconsistent, he's 30, not old, certainly not, but not young, I don't see him coming of age either, like I said, in my opinion, his prime years were going to be 2014-2016/17, he boxed two masterclass performances in 2014, the best Khan we've ever seen, 2015, one off night, still a win, not terrible, not a bum he fought, nowhere near, but nothing else that year, disappointing, 2016, one bold, questionable fight, moving up 8 lbs, from a division which was already a raised weight for him, got knocked out cold, did nothing else in that year, did absolutely nothing, wasted the whole 2017, and now, it is too late. His desire let him down, he fell off the wagon, you can not take long breaks from boxing.

I'd be behind Broner, got a chance, Broner is a couple of years younger than Khan, he's already achieved more, won 5 world titles, at 4 different weights, but Broner has to stay in the gym, stay on point, now, he's probably got, realistically, 2, maybe even 3 fights left before time goes against him, he shouldn't let his personal life keep out of the ring like Khan did, but Broner is smaller than Khan, of Broner could somehow drag Khan down to 140, I think he'd destroy him, at 147, different story, however, he's been there before, he's been more consistent than Khan, he can punch, he is a counter puncher, I think Broner can deal with speed, then again, Khan's hands are like lightning, I think his speed is probably still there. You? Oh wait, sorry stupid question, I know Broner is your favourite. Yeah sure if Matthysse beats Kiran, which he'll be expected to, and if Kiran wins, then maybe Broner could fight him.

I don't think we have to worry about that. I'm pretty sure Canelo and GGG are rematching. The thing I don't like about Mcgregor is how he conned people into thinking he can beat the best fighter in the world in his first ever fight. I also don't like that he won his belt late 2016 in the UFC and haven't defended it yet, they pretty much let him do what they want. The Mayweather fight gave him way too much power and it's being abused. I also hate that he tweets at UFC fighters to beg him for a fight, I think that's terrible. I will never root for him against any boxer, but I think I might not root for him much in the UFC. To be honest I thought he would have more power but that wasn't the case at all, I knew he would gas out after a while.

You could argue that he is an old 30 consider the beatings he's taken. He's not a fresh 30 where he is undefeated or took 1 loss. He's had some great performances in his career, but he wasted a lot of his prime years chasing big fight, and that's just a bad idea. Let's say he was going to get the Mayweather fight at some point while Mayweather wasn't retiring, I would still want to be active so I can be sharp as possible against a great fighter. There's only been a few instances where long breaks didn't go wrong, like for George Foreman or Ray Leonard. But I think with those 2 they stayed in shape, I bet Khan wasn't super dedicated to the gym in his time off.

I would definitely back Broner in a fight against Khan, and I give him a pretty good shot of beating him as well. I think Broner does a better job at seperating his personal life from boxing, to some degree. I mean it's not keeping him out the gym. I would like to see the Matthysse fight at some point this year.

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That would be good for boxing, in my opinion, great for Canelo, and for Golovkin, well good luck to him too, I can't write him off, he'll be confident he can win. I think that's on the public as well, maybe if they hadn't been so gullible, naive, and anted to learn about boxing, they would have understood that hat the deal was, in terms of the sport itself, let's get something straight, and this infuriaties me when the stupid media over here get this wrong, McGregor did NOT do well! It is a problem with the world, that he gets recognition based on his mouth, it would be wrong to judge a fighter based on personality, even if a fighter is credited for being charitable, but people like this guy because he opens his big mouth, wins a medal for effing and blinding, acts like people who used to bully me at school, shame on the media, for all the BS in the build up to the fight. It's very simple, he's a bully, he's scum, and he isn't a boxer, I have no interest in UFC, but in boxing, McGregor's amateur record is 0-0, like me and you, as a professional, 0-1, boxer?, haha. He's pathetic, his whole training camp revolved around his demands, he didn't train as hard as he said or as hard as he seemed to.

Khan wanted Mayweather, it didn't happen, Thurman, Porter, Garcia, Golovkin, all wanted Mayweather, I don't see their careers being ruined over it. Khan has been screwing up his career since 2015, he had a great 2014, he needed a year good year, coming off two losses, two wins, one of which he fought life and death in, Khan has too many mental issues, he has the talent, such extreme speed, he has skill, pick his moments, controls range, mixes it up from head to body so well, but when you hit him, not only does he go down, he comes apart, evidence, the beatings Diaz, Maidana inflicted upon him in narrow defeat, and Garcia battering him, Peterson backing him up, bullying him.

Your guy has a chance, maybe if he fought him next year, age could be a factor, he's certainly got a far better chin, more power, he wins a slugfest, I think a good start would be important for Broner, based on his he was against Mikey Garcia, I'd give him a decent chance against Khan, but the problem is the weight, he is not the same at 147. Yeah well, horse before the cart, Kiran is Matthysse's focus, he is an outstanding puncher, and he is fighting a guy who has competed at nothing like the level he has, the difference in level of opposition, significance of titles, is substantial, I'd he beats Kiram, then the Broner fight is an option. Khan vs Matthysse would be great, not a close second of the fight, either it's all Khan, with control of distance, speed, skill, and Matthysse being so defensively poor, facial issues as well, on the other hand, Matthysse lands one, and Khan is f*****.

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We don't like Brook or any of that lot, but I think he's a level above Peterson, after 5 rounds, he looked like he was out boxing Spence, I don't see Spence doing that. If he loses and doesn't look so bad, has a lot of money, at 33, I would say retire anyway. Everyone hates Khan over here, he's been exploited as a bully, I though the you'd like to know, but Khan will have a fight announced soon, and it will shock us, Golovkin? Canelo? Khan has been awfully inactive.

Yamanaka gets his rematch against Nery, thoughts on that?

I say it depends on how he looks in this fight. And what did Khan do to be thought of as a bully?
I wonder who it will be against hopefully not Golovkin or Canelo, that would be a huge waste of everyones time.

Not a bad fight. I think Nery wins it.

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Khan acted like a schoolyard bully, manipulated people, got someone in trouble for something which was mostly his fault, pretended to be a pussy who can't do trial anyone can do easy, and last of all, he doesn't know his own daughter's birthday, f******?!!

Wow, I never heard those stories. I thought that he was a respectable guy who was a bit of a diva at times but I didn't know it was that bad. Also I think the Kell Brook fight might've been revived with Khan signing to Matchroom. I used to think the fight was unrealistic, but now I wouldn't be surprised if we see it at the end of 2018. That's a prediction I have on that. Would you still watch it, or do you think the interest in the fight has been lost?

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I shouldn't be bad mouthing him, not that he deserves more respect as a person, but this site is about taking boxing, and it is irrelevant, what an idiot he is as a person.
That's good news.
I can't really answer that question in terms of my personal interest the fight, but in terms of the general public who like or love boxing, I think it will generate about as much interest, publicity as Joshua vs Whyte did, so a lot, rather than the amount Haye vs Bellew, Froch vs Groves II did, which it would have done had it happened 4 years ago.

I think it's somewhat relevant. Because we always talk about how guys like Joshua, Canelo or GGG are good people and good for the sport, but judging someone as a person and putting that into your opinion (which you don't do) is irrelevant. A lot of people lost interest over here I feel, but I still think it will be a huge domestic fight. Now that those 2 are in matchroom, Eddie Hearn would promote that fight so much everyone will know about it. I'm still interested in it, but I have to admit the interest for me has went down a little I'll still watch it though.

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That's why I'm annoyed, but I just meant that if Khan was a nice guy, I'd want to say he would beat Broner, Horn, because Khan is a p****, I want to say he is worse than he is.

I think Brook would certainly win, the question is, in what form, in my opinion anyway. I'm not particularly interested in hype, magnitude, popularity, how many people would be in pubs, bars, in attendance, and home buying PPV to watch it, I'm interested in the fight, crunch time, when none of the chitchat matters, and how it would pan out, I wonder what the weight situation would be. I think it could be just as action packed now as a few years ago, there is less at stake, and they are still able of being competitive against each other, they are both slipping, going downhill, it is when a fighter who is in his prime fights a fighter who is declining, is when it is ruined, Joshua vs Fury, I would talk about more if Joshua not training, 2-3 years inactive, it all depends on how the two opponents compare to each other.

I think Brook will win to, but I'm not sure either on how it would be done. I'm only interested in hype when the fight is a good one, not a Mayweather Mcgregor hype where that was the fight was built off of, basically built off of them being just 2 mega stars and because they are the two best fighting each other. I like hype in fights from Mayweather Pacquiao, Canelo GGG, Joshua Klitscko and so on. Fights that are built on seeing who's the best. I also love seeing the atmosphere of a huge fight like those fights I mentioned were, or how I think Joshua Fury or Brook Khan will be.

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Here's the main reason why I think Brook will win. In all honesty, I think Khan's objective is to be safe, don't get hit, that's great, but man, the rounds really tick by when you think like that, when you are far more vulnerable, you don't hit as hard as the other guy, it is easy to nullify your own offence in the process of staying out of harms way, whereas Brook, his objective would be to take the fight to Khan, I think he certainly has the mental upper hand, unless Khan inflicts facial damage, Brook doesn't really need to respect his power, but Khan, he has to respect Brook's power, he can't afford mistakes. Brook has been more consistent than Khan, he has had 5 fights through 2015-17, Khan had 2, and he has fought twice since Khan last fought, for all we can say about GGG and Spence, Khan is Khan, he doesn't have the power they have, he isn't unbeaten, he's been beaten 4 times, he's taken big chunks out of the ring, Brook hasn't been ruined, just HD something beaten out of him he was good enough that he can afford it at a certain level, just not at the top level, Khan is not that great, it is sad, but he never actually won a really, really big fight, and he has wasted so much time, he could have had great years in 2016 and 2017, maybe just 2 big fights, but that would have made a difference.

Fury is the most depressing of the lot in my opinion.