Tyson Fury vs Sefer Seferi Scorecard by mike25

scorecard by MIKE25



Tyson Fury

Sefer Seferi

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What did you think of Fury in this fight?

I thought Fury did decent, he had his moments, but he also showed some ring rust as well. I thought that Seferi did horrible in the fight, just looking to survive in the rounds and dancing most of them to. Who do you want to see Fury fight next?

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Well he just couldn't hit Tyson, I'm not sure what Seferi's plan was, but Fury didn't let him into the fight. Fury has at least fought now, but based on what I saw against Seferi, I think in terms of being an athlete, I wasn't impressed, he seemed to struggle for pace a bit, but Seferi couldn't exploit it, his timing was off, he did seem to feel that one right hand Seferi did land with. The fight, to me, just seemed like a bit of an exhibition, and Fury, just looked like a 45 year old man who is retired really, showing he can come back and mess with a bum, and so he becomes deluded, thinks he can be the best again, and really he has had his career. In my opinion, Joshua beating Klitschko was the beginning of the main part of his career, but Fury beating Klitschko, that was the end of his, Fury is a fighter, Joshua is a professional, Wilder as well, he is a professional, but Fury, I think after beating Klitschko, boxing at a high level, he doesn't fancy it, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Joshua and Wilder fights never happened. Good question, maybe David Price, Dominic Breazeale, Alexander Ustinov. Like Tony Bellew said, the big chap can mess around fighting grandpa cruiserweight, for his first fight in 2-3 years, but not the second, he can get away with it once, not twice. If Tyson fights another bum, what a big sucker!

You were the only one of us that predicted Hooker beating Flanagan, well done.

I noticed that, he was just swining wildly hoping one shot would land I guess. I also noticed that Fury struggled with pace to, and had bad timing, but Seferi wasn't good or powerful enough to exploit this. I felt that it was an exhibition as well. I don't think he will be as successful at a high level like he once was. I think he'll be able to give Wilder and Joshua problems but not beat them. I say David Price would be a good fight for next, or Breazele.

I just saw that, I thought that Hooker would be the one to pull off the upset.

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Flanagan vs Hooker (Split, slightly)

Champion58 - Flanagan beats Hooker (UD) (0 points)
Champion97 - Flanagan beats Hooker (UD) (0 points)
Chrisvilla - Flanagan beats Hooker (UD) (0 points)
EndOfMe1994 - Flanagan beats Hooker (MD) (0 points)
Floyd tough competitor mayweather - Flanagan beats Hooker (UD) (0 points)
Gold - No prediction (0 points)
JML14 - Flanagan beats Hooker (UD) (0 points)
mike25 - Hooker beats Flanagan (UD) (4 points)
SalTnutZ1 - Flanagan beats Hooker (UD) (0 points)
what_is_the_default_password - No prediction (0 points)

Just look at that man.

He stopped when he realised Fury could see them coming a mile off, there was no speed, variety, not at all versatile, he couldn't do much at all offensively, or defensively really. When he faces a bigger, younger, higher level fighter, he won't be able to just stand back and rest, then get back to work so easily. You want me to be honest, I think Wilder, he counters him, messes with him for 2 rounds, probably edges them, then bang!, one right hand and it is goodnight! Joshua, I think would be cautious early, battle of the jabs would be interesting, Fury's jab has more years of practice and he has the reach, two stances as well, but Joshua has a stronger, faster jab, but something to bear in mind, is that people think it would be puncher vs boxer, no, when you are out for over 2 years, take long breaks, it messes up your timimg, ability to get into that rhythm, Joshua's activity, consistency would back him technically against Fury, but the opposite can be said for Fury, I think for 4 rounds, that could be competitive, but Fury blows a gasket, Joshua takes over, breaks him down. Price is well, well capable of knocking Fury out, he doesn't have his skill of Fury, nowhere near, he gasses, he is very chinny, still, Price can punch, been more active than Fury, he could pull it out! Price would be a threat to Fury! Price is just about as nice as people come, Fury is a big old fuck with a big, nasty mouth, wouldn't it be awesome if Price knocked Fury out?!

Very happy for Hooker! Never a fan of Flanagan, I did not see that result coming! Hat off to you bud!

I had to go with some bold picks and that was the one I felt more likely to happen.

Yeah, he won't be able to do that against a David Price I feel.I still think he beats Price, just not Wilder or Joshua. Joshua and Wilder are more consisent and improving more then Fury is. To be honest I don't hate Tyson Fury some of the stuff he does I find funny like that batman thing or trash talk, but sometimes he's an idiot and takes it too far.

I'm not a big fan of him either.

You hear the developments in Joshua vs Wilder? Apparently deals have been accepted.

Have you listened to the new Kanye albums recently?

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Well props to you.

Price is a threat, he can punch, Fury is rusty, and to put it this way, I think is fair, Price is capable of knocking Fury out cold, Fury is a higher calibre fighter with more talent, more skill, more natural resilience, and a 100% Fury doesn't have stamina issues, but, Price has experience, he doesn't quit, he gets up when he physically can, he has a decent jab when he uses it, but much more importantly, he is so dangerous, if he catches you, you might be done, but the issue is, Fury making no big mistakes, Price making no big mistakes, who wins?, heart says Price, but head says Fury wins, by stoppage as well.

It would be embarrassing for Fury against Joshua, I think he'd get beaten up, Wilder would just bulldoze him, I think Miller would beat him.

That's good, I don't seriously hate him either, I said that as a way of expressing my dislike, I don't hate Tyson Fury, but I think he is a wasted talented, and a terrible example.

Who Fury? He is a let down, and a disgrace to the sport, he is so disrespectful, when does he ever give anyone else any credit? Boxing should be about respect and conducting yourself like a sportsman, not acting like a bully, and really, look at Joshua now, biggest star in boxing, unified champion, what's Fury doing?, has Fury got world titles?, no he hasn't.

Awesome man! I'm confident it happens this year or next! Brilliant!! You?

No I haven't. Good tunes?

Thank you.

He is I feel. He gave Povetkin a tough fight, he can hit hard and doesn't give up. At this stage it could be a tough fight for Fury.

I agree, at this stage I feel other fighters have caught up to Fury, like Wilder and Joshua. They both would punish him I feel.

I know what you mean, it's all good.

He is a big let down, even though I'm a fan I wanted to see where he'd go from the Klitschko win, but it all got ruined. I also didn't like him calling out Lennox Lewis possibly the best british fighter ever for being jealous of him, same with the jealousy over Joshua to. I like him but those are things I don't agree with him on.

I'm more confident then ever that this fight happens.

Great songs.

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Absolutely, it is just whether or not they can come to an agreement, get the fight on. One thing is for sure, Price would be the B-side, underdog, the one with the big opportunity, Fury has a lot of options.

It's timing, and to be honest, I think Wilder is a younger 32 than Fury is 29, Joshua is 28 and will probably have a good 30-34, Fury has been inconsistent, got worse from the Klitschko fight, whilst Joshua improved and Wilder probably didn't improve or decline.

What's Lewis got to be jealous of?, he beat Vitali, beat Tyson, Holyfield, Bruno, had a great career.

I think Joshua vs Povetkin will happen this year, then Wilder next year, if that is the case, it is important that Wilder fights again this year.

Might give them a listen.

Whyte vs Parker, who you got?, have I already asked you that?, if so, apologies.

Sorry for late response. I don't think it'll be that hard to make that fight, I think Price knows that he will be the B side.

I agree, Wilder and Joshua wouldn't of been able to beat Fury Pre Wlad days, but now they probably will be the favorites if they two fight him at some point. Wilder seems like a younger 28, he's more active no drug use or anything. Ward said an interesting thing that if he knew his opponent smoke or drank that they had no shot against him.

In my opinion Lewis is the best British fighter ever, and not to forget he was the last undisputed heavyweight champion.

No mistakes and 4th dimension are my favorites.

Slight edge towards Parker.

How were the fights this weekend?

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It's more about Frank Warren's demands, Price's handlers won't want him to get mugged off, and Furys are difficult people to make deals with.

That's it! People don't understand why Ward, Mayweather, Crawford are so brilliant in the ring, why they deserve credit before you even watch them fight, because to be at that level, you have to live a certain lifestyle which is hard, taxing, and you need to be consistent. Virgil Hunter said to Kovalev, "you can't drink vodka every year and beat Andre Ward".

Good point! Lewis was brilliant, I think AJ is like him in a lot of ways.

Decent, disappointed with Javier Fortuna against Adrian Granados, Granados was going to win that fight, Fortuna was looking for a way out. Spence was brilliant, he is getting better fight by fight! Shame that Spence didn't get more than just the single round under his belt, but if he fights again this sure, that is more than enough activity. Lewis Ritson did exceptional! Geordie Golovkin!. I think Roman beat Flores by a landslide.

You watching Sheilds vs Gabriels and Hammer vs Nelson?

I could see that.

Oh yeah for sure, theres athletes in all sports who stay away from that stuff at all times, not even as an occasional thing. Consistency is hard, but it's worth it if you are consistent and dedicated.


That's what I heard Granados was saying to Broner in a post fight talk. I like that Spence is more active, he's got 2 fights under his belt, I feel that one more is good. Who do you want to see him fight next? I still have to see those other fights as well. I have to catch up on the lst two weeks.

When is that, those seem like good fights?

Thoughts on Canelo GGG 2 being made?

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I saw that video as well, Granados was taking over the fight, and he was going to get the stoppage I think, Fortuna shouldn't have done that, he should have done an honest night's work, he owed that to his own team, the fans, and maybe to himself as well. I hate all that stuff where a fighter pretends to be in serious trouble, that's why I don't like Flores, Andre Dirrell.

For Spence, this year, I think either Yordenis Ugas, or Jessie Vargas, are likely, I think Vargas is much more of a challenge, Spence has said he would rather fight Vargas than Ugas, I think Spence vs Ugas is a mismatch, but Spence vs Vargas, that could be the second hardest fight of Spence's career so far, but I think Vargas as well, not that dangerous, and based on the Bradley, Pacquiao losses, we know it is unlikely he is good at a high enough level to be too much of a threat to Spence, especially given that Spence is a gym rat who I think really wants a tougher fight than his previous two, so he won't overlook Vargas, will train properly, and will prepare for the best Jessie Vargas, and I think Vargas would take that fight straight away, I think the Broner rematch is a fight that makes sense for him, but I think forget that if he gets offered a Spence fight opportunity.

Friday, should be great, I think Shields and Hammer will win big. I think Claressa Sheilds is just awesome!

Great that they've rescheduled it, and come to an agreement, but I think part of the fight has been ruined. I'm not looking forward to the fight as much as I was looking forward to tne first one, and a big part of that is that when the good guy loses, it is sad to see, and I don't expect Golovkin to beat Canelo, man, if he did, that would be awesome, Canelo and his team are criminal, drug cheats, probably involved in some kind corruption which would explain him always getting favours with decisions, so much so that the boxing lesson and mental destruction he got from Mayweather was declared close, and I don't give a f*** about The Ring this, and the PPV star that, to be it doesn't register as significant, not in comparison, and Golovkin, he has the real world title belts, he has the WBA, WBC, he is the experienced middleweight, he is the guy who fought for and won belts at 160, he is a unified champion, he's the A-side, and still Canelo has his team get 57.5%, bullshit. Let's hope Golovkin can whoop this MF, I don't think he will, but it would be awesome if he did! You?

I saw the part where Fortuna went through the ropes, he could of looked for a way out. I was shocked because I thought that Fortuna would beat Granados, he looked pretty good against Easter.

I would like to see the Ugas fight rather then Vargas, I want to see Vargas fight Broner in a rematch. I think he beats Ugas or Vargas somewhat easy. It seems like Spence works his ass off in the gym, I really hope we see a fight with Crawford fight sometime soon. Who do you think Crawford should fight next? I say winner of Pacquiao vs Matthysse, even for Spence.

Her and Katie Taylor are putting womens boxing on the map.

I think so to. I feel like that Golovkin was setup for failure ever since the fight was being talked about, from the corrupt judging, having to wait years for the fight, and the failed drug tests. It sucks if Canelo wins that he'll be remembered as the one who won the fights even though Golovkin got robbed in the first fight. I give Golovkin a good chance in this fight. I honestly love to see Golovkin whoop Canelo, I hate the way he is carrying himself throughout this fight. I really do.

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I am 95% sure he faked it, got to feel sorry for Granados, I think Fortuna knew at that point that he had no chance. I thought Granados because Fortuna is no Porter, and more significantly, the weight, who does 140 benefit?, you only have to glance at their weight history, to see Granados had a bid size advantage. I for the life of me think he got robbed, but I might simply be wrong about that.

Disagree personally. More than Spence vs Garcia?, because you think it wouod be closer and more interesting?, I get that, maybe it won't be Vargas, but Ugas, I mean, what's the point?, you see Ugas lasting 2?, because I don't. I think Vargas would make him work, have a little bit of success. I think late next year to be honest. Yeah maybe, Arum has suggested Khan, yeah I think Khan would be the perfect opponent for Crawford, Matthysse, again, good opponent, easier than Khan in most aspects, easy to hit, you can damage him, he isn't the best boxer, but man, he has experience in using his power, and if he hits you clean, Crawford included, could be lights out, Pacquiao, I think in some ways is more difficult than Matthysse, but no I don't think that is a really hard fight for Crawford, he's naturally bigger than Pacquiao, Pacquiao is nearly 40, and Pacquiao, I don't think, was ever as good as Crawford is now. I think Crawford would stop Matthysse, Pacquiao, and Khan, do you agree? I think Spence is fighting the WBC champion, probably early next year.

Yeah absolutely, and Christina Hammer too. You think they both win on Saturday, and are you watching it?

F*** Canelo and his team, sport should be fair, they stink, they disgust me, nobody buys the lies about tainted meat, Canelo is a cheat, and what makes me angry is him playing tne victim, being angry at Golovkin, like Golovkin is the bully, Golovkin has only even started being at all nasty when Canelo failed the test, Golovkin is as humble as they come, what fucker is Canelo for being aggressive after failing a test. Come on Golovkin!

He has a chance, and you know what, if they wre the same age, I would say GGG wins this time, hie much difference will the activity difference make?, only 2 rounds, but it is something, is GGG the better at making adjustments?, we'll see, how much will having to be clean take away from Canelo? Did Golovkin really underperform slightly the first time? I would love to see Golovkin beat Canelo! If Clenelo wins, big deal, 28 year old man beats a 37 year old man, what an achievement!, it must hurt his pride anyway that he got lucky in getting a draw against a 36 year old when he was 27.

I haven't seen the fight to see the context of the move so I won't comment on it.

I'm not a big fan of Spence vs Garcia, Garcia is just too small. I think Khan is a good opponent for either Spence or Crawford. I thought aabout it, I think Vargas is the fight I rather see for Spence, Ugas would be easy. I think Crawford stops all 3 of those guys.

I forgot darn.

I hated the way they acted this whole time. I find it odd they blame tainted meat, when you have a lot of money you should know what you're putting into your body. I hate how they said Golovkin was making excuses for calling Canelo out on it.

If they were similar in age Golovkn wins easily. I'm curious to see how this fight goes down, see what adjustments both makes. What do you think Golovkin needs to do to win more convincingly?

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Sorry I mean Danny, not Mikey, the winner of Garcia vs Porter is what I meant.

Well, for a start, he should press harder for the first couple of rounds, exert more out of Canelo, I think his jab will be as good for him in this fight as it was the first time, he mustn't neglect it. When Golovkin has Canelo on the ropes, if he is aware, keeps himself out of a position to get countered, if he gets the distance right, I think he should fire off some body shots, not just for the sake of doing that, because he will hold his ground too much, and get punished, but maybe if he catches Canelo upstairs, or just has Canelo unprepared for a second, maybe when Canelo is moving his head, Golovkin should bang away at the body. You?

I gave into temptation yesterday and added Gassiev vs Usyk, sorry, but are there any fights you wabt me to leave for you to add? Also, I wonder if I could suggest a new picture for Matthysse vs Pacquiao, and maybe you could change the date to July 15.

Oh, but Spence fighting the winner of that is a good idea.

To be honest I don't know, because it's hard to win a decision against Canelo, just ask Lara and Golovkin. Even Mayweather almost got screwed, but gameplan wise I feel Golovkin should invest in the body earlier. In the first fight he didn't go to the body as much and Canelo still gassed out mid rounds. If he can get a good body attack going he can win. I hope he gets a fair shake this time around.

That's fine I have been busy.

I heard there was some news with Joshua and Wilder falling through, what do you know about that who's responsible for it not happening?

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The only issue with going to body is that you hold your ground more, and make yourself viable to take the full force of a counter from the opponent. Golovkin has a chance, it would be awesome to see him win! Big drama show let's go let's go! I think Canelo, but man, if GGG wins, what a result!

I get the impression, that the Povetkin fight has just come first for formal reasons, maybe Hearn also decided making the Wilder fight this year wasn't worth the trouble of tackling the issue with the WBA and their mandating, but now, I think Joshua vs Povetkin is 99% guaranteed, and Wilder feels he has been outright ducked, he is seething with rage, I don't blame him, but I don't blame AJ either. It is boxing politics, business, that's the issue, in business, people do often think they have been messed about or short-changed. I think Wilder should fight Miller this year. Joshua vs Povetkin would be good, Povetkin would have a chance in theory, but Joshua is great at staying on track, and not overlooking opponents.

Dib vs Farmer who you got? My dad is a big Dib fan, he is insistent that Dib comfortably beats Farmer.

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Do you want to add Gassiev vs Usyk and Thurman's return fight (if he does return soon)?, or do you want to leave it to me?, I'm more than happy to do it all but I'm also more than happy to leave even maybe half of it to you if you want.

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If you can, or if you are in contact with Eve, who I gather is the site creator, are able, I'd be happy to help add fights as well. I am on often as you know, and I can help out and contribute more to the site. Let me know!

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Thanks man, but I've got it covered, it is actually Zoe, and she is very busy, but I'm sure she would give you ability to add fights.

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That is the name I meant to type, I don't know why Eve popped in my mind. Cool, I wasn't sure, because I hadn't seen her on the site in awhile, at least since I've been around, but her being busy explains it.