Tony Bellew vs David Haye II Scorecard by mike25

scorecard by MIKE25



Tony Bellew

David Haye

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What do you think about that?!

Didn’t expect it that early. Bellew had a brilliant performance. Haye was fighting a good fight till he got knocked down. I think at this point haye should retire. What did you think?

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Me neither, I didn't think Bellew could carry so much power, I think he was able to hit a lot harder than last time, he adapted to the weight well, he was lighter, Haye was lighter, and he could inflict damage on Haye, he punched with him, that first knockdown, right on the button, that last one as well, lovely left hook. I don't know, there was nothing really in it, Bellew was boxing well, but so was Haye, Haye did more work, threw the jab, and landed that one big right hand in round 2 which might have hurt Bellew just a little bit, but Haye was tiring in round 3 I thought, he was made to miss early. Oh it isn't even a discussion, he is done!, he is old, he is shot, and he did everything he could, his boxing career is finisned, he should retire! I think Bellew should retire, whether or not he will, is another matter, I don't think him continuing is necessarily a bad idea, but I do definitely think he should walk away now.

Did you see Butler vs Rodriguez?

He looked more powerful in this fight then the last fight that's for sure. He seemed more adaptable to the weight then in the first fight. The first round was pretty close, you got Haye throwing the more powerful shots and you got Bellew with the clean work. Haye boxed well the first two rounds, once he got knocked down by Bellew, he was done for. After that, he didn't really box much, he was just looking for one big shot to ko Bellew. There's no question Haye should retire, his body is finished and even if he continues, he's only going to get hurt more. I think retiremnet should be Haye's only option. For Bellew, I wouldn't mind seeing him fight 2-3 more times, he seems to be getting better. If he does continue who would you like to see him fight? I still think the Usyk Gassiev winner beats him easy.

Not yet.

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He was tiring in round 3, Bellew's head movement was brilliant, he made Haye miss, he was always aware of how dangerous or not so dangerous Haye was, and when Haye backed off for a rest, Bellew followed him, walked him down, and when they opened up, bang! I think he was lookinh for something to deter Bellew, so he could get back into the fight, and in round 5, when the oace dropped, when Bellew seemed to be relenting slightly, and Haye regained a little bit of confidence, Bellew executed that left hook brilliantly, Haye was really hurt, he was exhausted, he showed grit to get up, but his movement was gone, his legs were not there, he couldn't respond with anything, and even though just two of the follow up shots from Bellew landed, the stoppage was not premature, not in my opinion, and if it was it was not very premature.

That's unlikely, you can make a case for Bellew not retiring just yet, but I think Bellew should retire now, so does his coach, so does Nelson, so does Malignaggi, but meh, I don't know, the Ward fight could happen if Ward decided it was worth it, Bellew might want to take on Usyk, Gassiev, but no I think really, it is time to retire. He's not getting better I don't think, he's 35, I think we just haven't seen the best Tony Bellew until recently, he wasn't himself at 175, and he wasn't challenged at 200 until Makabu, not really, he just wasn't performing so well against Cleverly, etc, but no I don't think Bellew is getting better, he is declining, just not as drastically as Haye, and he knows his limitations, he knows when he will and won't win, and he knows why he will or won't win. I don't know. Absolutely not in my opinion!, I get that Usyk and Gassiev are great, but I don't think any cruiserweight beats Bellew without a struggle, that's my opinion, but I think Gassiev and Usyk are too young, not 100% though, and the Bellew who fought Makabu, I don't know, maybe he would have beaten Usyk, Gassiev, or if he was their age, tough to say.

It was sad to see as a Butler fan, I think he was unwell, didn't make the weight for that reason, shame, but he got beaten up there, he should retire now I think. On the other hand, brilliant from Rodriguez! You had to be impressed by Rodriguez, he did everything right, hurt Butler early, boxed within himself, knew how to pace himself doing 12 for the first time, did not tire, he did what he needed to, but was in control of the fight, could have inflcited more damage on Butler had Butler given him more openings, what a fighter! Bantamweight is great, Tete, Burnett, Nery, and now Rodriguez! What a division! You know Rodriguez was in a car accident a few years back, suffered burns to 66% of his body, to come back from that, and become a world champion, incredible

Not to take anything away from Bellew because he erased all doubts yesterday but do you think Haye was hurt? One thing he looked done after the knockdown, he still kept trying which is something I respect about Haye. That left hook from Bellew to finish Haye was brilliant. The stoppage was good in my opinion, his legs were done and it would've just got worse from there.

It's up to Bellew, if he feels he can continue I'm all for it, if he decides to retire I'm fine with that as well. I'm not really interested in a Ward fight for him, I rather see Ward fight Jack Stevenson winner or Bivol. I still think Ward has a couple good fights left in him. That just might be me still wanting to see him fight. I'm a big Bellew fan but I do think that Usyk and Gassiev would beat Bellew somewhat easily. Gassiev hits very hard and Usyk hits very hard and is a great boxer as well. I wonder how he would've done against them if he fought the way he fought Makabu.

That could be it. I have to check out the fight, because I heard a lot of good things about Rodriguez.

Looks like Kovalev is fighting Alvarez next, who do you think wins that if it happens?

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No I don't, I think because he wasn't injured, he was less defensive, and in more of a position to walk into and take the full impact of a punch. I think if you look for a sign of an injury, you'll find it, it is a psychological thing, but no Haye wasn't injured, he was beaten by the better fighter, we were right! All the idiots were wrong! Not saying the people were leaning towards Haye are idiots, you know who I'm talking about. Absolutely, hats off to Haye.

Not in my opinion, I think if Ward did come back, it would be some crazy one off thing, the fight shouldn't happen, but no Ward is retired, and I think (you don't have to agree) it should stay that way. Agree to disagree on that. I think, very well, he may have beaten them!, tough to say, Bellew does not perform at a lower level, if he fights a journeyman, he fights like a journeyman, if you put him in a world title fight, he fights like a world champion. Bellew is one heck of an inside fighter, could give Usyk and Gassiev all kinds of problems, he's a big cruiserweight, experienced, good chin. I do think Usyk and Gassiev are better than Bellew, and in all honesty, they might both be better, but in all likelihood, the fights won't happen, and Bellw will retire, it is up to his missus, not his decision, hers, they do say the wife is the boss.

Tough one to call, I don't rate Alvarez as highly as Browne, but he is still very good, unbeaten, 23-0, beat Pascal, Bute, Chilemba, but he did struggle against all of them, he is 34, and he is coming off a layoff. I think Kovalev straight shots at range, the weight of those shots, the accuracy, his ability to hold centre ring, I think might be too much for Alvarez, his chin would be tested. After 6 rounds, Kovalev would slow down, tire, but would Alvarez be even more tired? And would he be able to stop Kovalev controlling the pace and dropping the tempo on his terms? I think Kovalev. You?

In the post fight interview Haye didn't mention any injury so I'll take his word on that. He wasn't very defensive at all. Also, I think we can put that he can beat Fury (even now), Wilder or Joshua thing to rest, a lot of people thought he could beat them.

I still want to see him fight because he's one of my favorites to watch. I'll agree to disagree on that, I think Ward has some left for a couple fights.

I say Kovalev for all the reasons you said.

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The issue was, people don't understand it, timing, age, Bellew has said it 100 times as well, boxing is not a sport you can take 3-4 year breaks from and return at 36 thinking you can beat top dogs in their prime. Even in his prime, at heavyweight, Haye was never as good as those 3, probably got the weakest chin of the 3, by far the smallest, least methodical.

Well it's subjective, there are two different ways of looking at it, but what we can agree on I'm sure, is that if Ward is coming back (I don't think he will) then it will have to be soon, because if Ward comes back in 2020 or later, does a David Haye, and fights the best at 175 at that point, we know what will happen, because timing is important in boxing.

That to, people thought he would be the Haye of old against Bellew, and that just can't happen when you come back from a long break off bad preparation. I don't think he would've beat those 3 in his prime, as you said too small and weakest chin of the three.

I think if he takes a year off with good preparation he'll be fine, but if he takes longer not so much. Timing is important in boxing.

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Ward is 34, so another year off, that would be mean he would return at 35, having missed 4 fight slots, and at 200, I'd say Bellew might beat him under those circumstances, then again, if Ward returns, has some fights at 200, he won't be as good as he was at 175 and 168, but he'll adapt, and when he fights Bellew, he won't be coming off a break, he will be younger than Bellew, but there is still lost time now, this isn't his first big break either, and he will always be at a substantial weight disadvantage in a hypothetical Bellew fight. Just like the Haye fight, sure Ward vs Bellew is a mismatch now, but if Bellew beats him, afterwards, even though ever yone will have known Ward was inconsistent, past it, and a blwon up light heavyweight when they gave Bellew no chance, they will fixate on those 3 things after Bellew makes them eat their words again, and ignore Bellew's achievements.

The thing that was bad is he took long layoffs before 2017, I wish he would've fought in that time. He could possibly beat him at 200. It's ridiculous that they try to discredit his acomplishments, Bellew that is. He was a world champ, fought a lot of big names, beat Haye twice when he was the underdog. A lot of people talk about a Stephenson rematch what do you think of that?

They added a bantamweight tournament to the world boxing super series who do you want to see in that?

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Haye? Or Ward? Bellew vs Ward, at 200, would be very, very interesting. Bellew is very, very underrated at 200, he might be the best at cruiserweight, he is definitely top 5, I think top 3, at 175, he was nowhere as good, Bellew is unbeaten at cruiserweight, people forget how good Makabu was, and just how he destroyed Flores, he could have done better against Cleverly. Well I think that's unrealistic, would Stevenson come up to 200?, no chance, Stevenson has proven himself to be a fighter who opts out of big quests like jumping up in weight, fighting tough opponents, and at 200, he must know he wouldn't beat Bellew, but at 175, Bellew making that now is basically a physical impossibility, there is no reason for that rematch to happen in my opinion. If Bellew and Stevenson met at a catchweight of 185 or 190, then maybe it could be an interesting fight, but that seems like a lot of unrealistic effort for a random match up, and first and foremost, Stevenson has to beat Jack, which I don't think he will.

That's great! Hopefully, the top fighters, Tete, Rodriguez, Nery, Burnett etc. You?

I meant Wards long layoff, that's why I want to see him fight once or twice more. Bellew is very underrated at 200, he seems to have more power and is just more comfortable at the weight. I heard people say the rematch is a good one but I have no interest, theres such a big gap in weight classes and it seems like a lot of effort for a random matchup like you said.

I know that Tete, Burnett and Rodriguez are confirmed wonder who else they'll get. I want to see what other weight classes they'll get to.