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Tony Bellew

BJ Flores

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David, rest assured, if you are having any issues with your process of sharing your scorecards, it has nothing to do with me, I did receive your recent comment, and I understand it is frustrating when the Internet doesn't work, for whatever reason, so I understand your annoyance, I have no advice, because I know little about computers, but I can assure you that if someone is disabling you from anything, it's isn't me, no problems on my side, hope your not upset with me.

I got it to work finally thanks for looking out and the reply I guess its ok now anyway how you been doing hope everything is ok with you Buddy you been ok did you see Bellew V Flores you think they gonna make the Haye match I was shocked he took Flores out that soon I was thinking Bellew for the Win but that was quicker than expected. Sad about Fury hopes he gets it together outside the ring. What you think about Klitschko Vs Joshua match up.

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It's no problem, yeah I'm doing great, how are you?. I haven't had the chance to see it yet, but I know Bellew won in an explosive way, I really hope the Haye fight happens. Me too buddy, I predicted round 5 to be the round he finished him in, but yeah, Bellew's one of those punchers who you can tell with. Yeah, but I think he'll come back stronger than ever at some point, I think Deontay Wilder was great to fly over here to support Tyson, but still expressing his desire to fight him one day, that just shows, you can be friends, show each other respect, and still have a great fight. I don't think it will happen, I'd like to be wrong though, because it's an interesting one. You looking forward to Ward vs Kovalev? And who are you backing to win?

I'am ok and I found a new church I been going the last couple of month so far the people been real nice I hope it keeps up and I find a girlfriend.I don't think Haye will fight Bellew at Cruiser I want to see Cruiser weight cleaned out so I want to see Bellew fight the young prospects in the division.Yeah Wilder gets it good sportsmanship don't mean you can't try to kill em if you fight we all hope Tyson Fury gets better.Can't wait for Ward Vs Kovalev I got Krusher Kovalev in the match plus I eventually want to see Kovalev Vs Stevenson that's the fight I ain't gave up hope but if Ward comes in and Wins let him get the match but we did all have Stevenson Kovalev both 1 & 2 at 175 who ever Wins they must fight Stevenson Light Heavyweight is close as ever to be cleaned out I want to see it happen.

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That's awesome, I didn't know you were a church goer, I've been going to the churcu I go to for about a year and a half now, and everyone there is awesome too. I don't think so either, I don't think Haye can make cruiserweight now, yeah, Bellew against Usyk, Lebedev, Huck, should be great fights if they happen.

I wouldn't be surprised if Kovalev won, but I'm going with Ward, I think what's so interesting about the fight is that, on the outside, it's very close, on the inside, skill wise, it's Ward's fight, but, we don't know whether or not the power and strength superiority of Kovalev will negate that, and weight wise, you question whether nor not Ward will be as successful as he plans, especially with such a strong, dangerous light heavy such as Kovalev. I would love to see Kovalev vs Stevenson, I, not convinced it will happen, but I hope I'm wrong. Me too, I wish it was that simple, but these fights we want to see, they stifle to get made, of course, we got Mayweather vs Pacquiao, we're getting Lomackenko vs Walters, we're getting Ward vs Kovalev, so it's not impossible. I think Kovalev beats Stevenson, but obviously, it's a great fight.

They all 50/50 Fights its happening again today Buddy I can't share the fights to Boxing Knowledge this is getting to be a problem that needs to stop asap.

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You've got to love 50/50 fights.

Sorry to hear that, is there nobody you can contact for guidance?, there should be, anyway, I'm sorry, I hate computers, it more frustrating with computers than with people because you can't reason with them. I agree, hope your problem goes away, like I say, I'm no computer technician, so I can't give you any advice, sorry, I'm sure there will be a solution.

Hi Boxing Knowledge - I just happened to see your comment here. Are you talking about the share-to-facebook buttons here on Eye On The Ring? ON the page with your card? If that's the problem, I'll trying and see if I can find the problem. I have some admin permissions here on the site. I'll at least give it a try.

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Hey Mario, do you add fights?

I reported it Broken to Facebook lets see if the get it fixed I can share everywhere but groups if I got blocked for sharing into a group I created I would stop I don't care I be doing this for Fight Fans current and future I will just share them on the fan page for Boxing Knowledge I give it a day but I'm keep watching fights anyway so they should let me score them correct. Walters better up his foot speed get after it early or he gonna lose a UD Lomachenko I hope he can if he can up it even more he can beat Lomachenko cause he the better puncher by far.

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It should do, it probably more a question of when rather than if. I can imagine it is frustrating.

I think the problem there is how Lomackenko can respond to that, he's a phenomenal counter puncher, and a great range operator, I think Walters should take risks, but I would say early, pressure, try and make Lomackenko do all the work, I think he would be wise to go all out in the second half, because he's less likely to waste what he has in the tank if Lomackenko is fatigued when he unloads. It will be interesting to see how Lomackenko does mentally, with the pressure of being in there with such a big puncher, I just feel he has what it takes to out box Walters, and make it a one sided fight. I agree that Walters should close the range early, and maintain that pressure, I just think he'd be wise to be conservative where throwing punches are concerned.

Thanks I appreciate that very much its still not working for groups. I see that cutting off Lomackenko's footwork is the issue if walters does a poor job cutting off the ring he will lose a UD its also a close fight on paper that can be a blow-out either way cause he can punch and is very competitive so Win or lose I don't think we seen the best from either yet in the ring.

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No worries, I'm sure it will soon. Yes, but Walters could be phenomenal at cutting distance, and Lomackenko could still negate that with his footwork, I mean, we could be taking the best footwork in the world, I suppose he still has an element of being inexperienced as a professional, and Walters has that adaptation to this professional level, so Walters could end up shocking us, he should be careful though, because he can be hurt himself, he doesn't have a particularly vulnerable chin, and it's not a major issue, but he doesn't age the toughest chin in the business either, and Lomackenko, can punch, himself, power wise, he's decent, but in terms of capitalising upon errors on the other side, and hitting his opponent where it hurts the most, and when they don't see it coming. I agree, they need fights like this to bring the best out of them, Walters is a very big puncher, and when someone carries that kind of power, they are always a threat, he makes you nervous as a Lomackenko fan, and that's great for the fight, I sort of want Walters to catch Lomackenko on the button, even though I'm more of a Lomackenko fan, you know, because I'd be interested to see how Lomackenko would be to take it, and how well he'd work around it, it's a very fascinating fight.