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scorecard by MIKE25



Sammy Vasquez

Luis Collazo

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I didn't expect this result, you have to sympathise with Vasquez, it seemed like he was a real talent in the division, and his career was really on the up, and then he gets hit with two crushing defeats.

I think Shawn Porter should give up on the Andre Berto fight, and take the Collazo fight unstead.

Same, I picked Vasquez to win this. I thought that Vasquez would be able to take advantage of Luis Collazo being out of the ring for so long, but I was off. I really do feel for Vasquez, where does he go from here? Would you say this is Collazos best victory?

Yeah, Porter vs Collazo would be a great fight. Maybe even Collazo vs Berto 2. I also changed my prediction for Garcia vs Thurman. I'm picking Garcia, but still rooting for Thurman.

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Yeah, that's one of the reasons I thought he would out point him. Well that serious health issue, had to have been a factor, you know what his medical problem was? I don't know, now, go back to the drawing board would be my advice, and before he fights again, he takes as best care of himself as possible, makes sure his health is sufficient before he considers fighting again. I think Vasquez's next fight (assuming he makes the (hopefully) wise decision to fight again), sorry about the brackets, should be in a fairly long time, I say, realistically, 8 or 9 months, and I think his next fight should be an 8 rounder against an opponent who would have an extremely small chance of beating Luis Collazo. It's difficult to say, his most memorable fights, were some of his defeats, the Hatton fight, Mosley, Khan, but I would say his best victory, on paper, is Victor Ortiz, you could argue, I said 'on paper', is that the most credit worthy victory?, for me, maybe not, it is easier to say which his best performance was, and I think that was Hatton, but it is harder to give an opinion on his best win. Was Ortiz at his best when he fought Collazo?, no, but neither was Vasquez.

This may sound silly, but for this fight, what was the referee wearing, bizzare in my opinion.

Yeah why not?, it's a good opportunity for both, it's not the biggest fight in the world, bjt I think anyone would struggle to explain why someone was against the fight.

Ok cool, hey it could happen, Mikey Garcia thinks it will, so does Jessie Vargas, so does Errol Spence (Spence isn't Keith Thurman's biggest fan, one may argue), these are not the only people who believe Garcia will go home with two belts. I've said this before, but to those who have a ridiculous grudge against Danny Garcia, but come on, this is NOT a TV show all about Danny Garcia finally getting officially defeated, this, is a great unification fight between two undefeated world champions. I think Thurman wins, and I don't think it will be as close as the Porter fight was, slightly easier, and I would be surprised if a four point margin wasn't the widest vaoid margin in favour of Thurman, that is wide, but for me, anything narrower than 116-112, is at least, a fairly close fight, I think we might see scorecards that are as close as one point, so I think it will be arguably vert close, I have a feeling Thurman might score a knockdown, I just think with Garcia never having been knocked down (or has he?, not as far as I know, he's not been floored many times if any at all), he may lack some knowledge of how not to get knocked down, in comparison to Thurman, plus, Thurman is the bigger puncher, and in fights with a lot at steak, fighters expend when they find a good opportunity.

I'm rooting for nobody, I'm neutral, I enjoy fights most when I don't mind who's going to win.

I'm not to sure. I remember they were supposed to fight last year and that it got called off due to an injury by Collazo. I really don't know what's next for him. I mean he can be like an Orlando Salido type of fighter that is decent but has a lot of losses. If he does come back he should take a 6 or 8 rounder like you said. I remember when he fought Hatton he (Hatton) was undefeated at the time and I remember people saying Collazo should've won. If he would've got the decision, I would say that would be his best win. I say his best win is either Ortiz or Vasquez. I say Ortiz because he is a pretty athletic fighter he just doesn't put in a lot of effort, and for Vasquez, he came off a long lay off and had a ko of the year type of knock out on him. It's tough to say really.

I noticed it to.

When people make predictions, some mostly pick the guy they want instead of putting any real thought to it. Like I know a lot of people hate Danny Garcia, and that will cloud their judgement and they will say he sucks and stuff like that just off the fact they hate him. I think people think that Garcia sucks because of the "gift" decisions and forget that Garcia won fights that he was a huge underdog or had to make big adjustments to win the fight. Even though Thurman is the stronger guy, I just think that Garcias boxing skills will win him the fight. I also noticed Garcias a good body puncher and Thurman doesn't take them the best. People need to shut up and enjoy a fight between 2 undefeated champions.

It depends on the fight. I'm neutral for some, and for others not really.

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Orlando Salido's attitude it one I think is very good for boxing. Victor Ortiz's heart has always let him fown in the ring, I feel very sorry for him, he's achieved great things in the ring, and he should be very proud of himself. I would like to see Ortiz step up to the plate now, and fight Brandon Rios, I highly doubt he wouldn't get stopped early, but he has nothing to lose at this stage of his career, of course, if he wants to retire, that's more than just, he's a triathlete, so, (chuckles), if some spotty, overweight fool wants to sit behind a computer screen and call him 'a pussy', then, you know. I think the Maidana fight was what sent Ortiz's career down a bad path, Maidana is a great man, but in the ring, an animal, and I believe, him being underrated (I'm going a bit off topic here), was what made Manny Pacquiao get his ears boxed off by Floyd Mayweather.

It's mainly because of the common opponent situation, and also the fact that the Herrera and Peterson fights etc, to be fair, maybe he's lucky to be undefeated, I don't like that two judges had him winning wide against Herrera, when I reckon, let's say (this is an estimate) 8/100 would tell you he won that by the skin of his teeth, but, like Joe Calzaghe, he doesn't have any invalid wins, and he can step it up when he needs to. Interestingly, if you look at Joe Calzaghe's career, the Reid fight, the Hopkins fight, and I believe another, they could have gone the other way, but now, after he beat Kessler comfortably, he beat Roy Jones, nobody has forgotten the Lacy win, nobody is complaining now about decisions they didn't agree with, my point is, if Garcia beats Thurman, this whole previous fight business won't matter. The answer is that they're idiots, who don't understand boxing, aimple as that, the only rhing I can say against Danny Garcia, is that fighting Rod Salka, that was ridiculous, and, let's be honest, that performance against Lucas Matthysse, he hasn't shown us anything like that since, I mean, well, maybe that's a tad harsh, he didn't look bad against Malignaggi, although I wasn't keen on that stoppage.

You may well be right, if that's what you believe, then good for you, hey, those who said Tyson Fury would beat Wladimir Klitschko (cough me cough) haha, they looked and felt pretty clever, as will those who predicted Danny Garcia, I do believe in Garcia, and I think he'll win an unlikely minimum of 4 rounds, I highly doubt he will get stopped, and I think this will be almost as difficult for Thurman as the Porter fight was. I'm going to make a very precise prediction, Thurman wins via unanimous decision, with the scorecards being 115-112, twice, and 114-113, that's 7-5 twice, and 6-6, that's my prediction.

Garcia throws body shots naturally, that's his style, he doesn't need to make a special effort to target the body, that should work in his favour. People are bound to exaggerate, and that body shot he took from Collazo, forget "he was hurt, he's weak to the body", he did well to stay up, and recover the way he did. However, I think Thurman's durability to the body, is questionable.

Salido does have a good attitude in the ring. His ways of winning aren't always pretty but he finds a way. He's always a tough fight for anyone. There's a lot of fighters who have a lot of losses but are tough. Like Darnell Boone, the guy who knocked down Ward and stopped Stevenson. I think that after the Maidana and Mayweather losses, Ortiz really lost his heart. It's such a shame because he's a good fighter with good skills but he just doesn't have the heart to compete. He was doing great against Berto then it all changed after the knockdown. Maidana is a very underrated fighter. He showed no respect for Mayweather and his skills. He tried to win by any means necessary and is a threat to anyone.

I think he lost to Peterson and Herrera but they were close fights. I thought Herrera did pretty well against Garcia, and I thought Garcia let it slip against Peterson. Those 2 weren't robberies like Garcia haters say they are. Two very close fights but I thought he lost those fights in close fashion. I see where your'e coming from like Calzaghe had some questionable decisions and when he beat guys like Kessler, Lacy and Roy Jones no one really questioned him and that might happen with Garcia.

I think for the first fight I picked Klitschko to win and most of the boxing world was shocked. For Thurman Garcia, I don't think anyone will get stopped either. I think it will be a decision. I think there will be one card that is ridiculous.

That's why I'm picking Garcia. He throws a lot of body punches and Keith really isn't great at body punches. He doesn't go down but you can tell he's hurt.

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I think Manny Pacquiao watched Mayweather stop Hatton, knock Ortiz out, school Canelo, beat Cotto, and he didn't fancybfighting Mayweather without cheating, but then, this 'methodless plodder', this guy who 'can't box', gave Mayweather two very hard fights, heat him to the jab, hurt him un both fights, and I think because people don't understand what a phenomenal ftrainer Robert Garcia is, and they don't understand what kind of a great fighter Maidana is, Pacquiao being one of them, I think Pacquiao was willing to take the risk, ans fihht him clean, look what happened, Maidana beat Broner in style, people shouldn't forget that Broner is a very good fighter.

Well I think mentally, he was under pressured and not so focused when he foght Herrera, whereas against Peterson, the issues were more physical. I thought he did enough to win against Peterson. Well, the difference at the moment, is that Garcia has more to prove, Calzaghe is a guy in his fourties who's been retired for years, he sealed his legacy, Garcia hasn't done that yet, he's not retired, he isn't even 30, if he beats Keith Thurman, there we go, the same thing should happen.

That shouldn't be something we feel we should predict, but at the same time, I easily understand that prediction, and I wouldn't be surprised if that was to be the case, I really hope the judging system in boxing improves, because I think 1 in 6 scorecards are invalid.

I think that will be a factor, and you could be right that it will be the difference, but I think Keith Thurman will prepare for the style of Danny Garcia, and I don't think that body shits from Garcia will be enoughl granted, I thinkit will be a great weapon for him, but I still think Thurman will out point him.

This is a hilarious clip of Modern Family, Phil Dunphee is in a bad mood because his father in law has embarrassed him and put him down infront of his son and step nephew, here's how he takes out his anger,

I'm not sure on that. I think for Pacquiao and Mayweather are both to blame for their fight not happening. First with Manny refusing drug tests and then getting knocked out by Marquez set the fight back. Pacquiao said he doesn't need Mayweather for his legacy. For Mayweather he also said he didn't really care to fight Pacquiao because he didn't need him for legacy and stuff like that. And Bob Arum really ruined the chance of the fight happening earlier to. I say their both to blame for the fight not happening earlier. Maidana is a very underrated fighter and if people want to beat Mayweather they should follow his and Jose Luis Castillos blueprint. Even though I think Mayweather beat Maidana, Maidana gave Mayweather a very tough fight and made it closer than most of his other fights.

I heard that to. He was fighting Herrera in Puerto Rico and was very distracted and didn't look great. In the Peterson fight, it was physical. I thought that Peterson won but it could've won either way. The difference to is that Calzaghe is retired and people don't get recognized until they are gone and I believe that the same will happen with Garcia if he beats Thurman.

I know it's not something to predict but I have a feeling a judge will be way off. Let's hope the judges get it right.

It depends. If Thurman doesn't have an answer for the body shots he will lose, if he can find a way past it he will win. It all depends in Thurmans game plan during this fight. Nobody should underestimate the other.

I wasn't able to view it. I will have to go on my youtube account to see it.

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In boxing, fighters are going to say things, and they are going to annoy fans, but fans need to take it with a pinch of salt, for example, Danny Garcia says Errol Spence needs to step up his opposition when he's obviously trying very hard to do just that, unlike in other sports, Errol Spence won't be bothered, he'll say something back, and Garcia won't be bothered. Look at Angel Garcia, to any former opponent of Danny, he's going to verbally bash them before the fight, and after the fight, he'll be much more respectful, I realise he wasn't with Amir Khan, but usually he is, the point is, after they've been in the ring nobody really cares. I have changed the topic a bit here, and I'll give my opinion on that first point you made shortly, but I will say a couple more things on this topic, Oscar De La Hoya said Bernard Hopkins did better against Sergey Kovalev than Andre Ward did, I bet Ward and De La Hoya are ok with each other.

Floyd Mayweather said Robert Garcia is 'a bum trainer', he criticised the Golovkin vs Brook stoppage, he knows that Jack vs Degale could have gone either way and a draw was a fair result, Floyd Mayweather (likw many other fighters) wasn't a logical time planner outside of the ring, he is the kind of guy to contradict himself, and if says 'I don't need Pacquiao for my legacy', that's a very goos example, because he probably said he would fight Pacquiao a month later, but, in this case, we have to remember, that Pacquiao, tried to take radndom drug tests out of the equation, and credited Mayweather's team with no intelligence at all, Paulie Malignaggi was saying, that for goodness sake, in boxing, you have the A-side, and the B-side, now, Mayweather was the A-side anyway, but more to the point, the A-side gets privileges as far as anything within in the bounds of what legitimately, is a negotiation, but random drug testing, that, is not a negotiation, you darn well accept those tests.

Yes, and I still believe that that's why Pacquiao agreed to fight Mayweather without using any kind of drug, because Maidana was belitonbe nit hald the fighter he was, Maidana vs Pacquiao, would have been interesting.

I really don't think Maidana enjoyed boxing that much, I don't think he was born with boxing running through his veins, I think he very rarely ever needed to be brave, because he was such a tough guy, do you know what I mean by that?, because I know that sounds a little bit confusing.

I think the same kind of thing will happen if he loses in the way I think he'll lose, it won't be the same as him maintaining his undefeated record, andd if he beats Thurman, well such a win could emulate his career and his name to the very top.

We'll see. I think Garcia has been very fortunate with scorecards in the oast, this isn't something to make a fuss about about for long, and mathematics, as in comparing 119-109 to 118-110 very carefully and using them as a measuring stick, is not the way to go about understanding this topic (I mena people who are new to boxing, I know you understand it), anyway, I would have liked to have split decisions against Gerrera and Peterson, it's nobody's fault, and not a big deal if all three judges score faily but unanimously, but I'll tell you something, against Herrera, 116-112, that's a wide scorecard, I get that, you know, you have a draw, and you just switch a round, and another, doesn't feel like much does it, well, on the other hand, if you do this, you gave a fighter double the points you give his opponent, anyway, I'm rambling on, I just wish the judges hadn't gone so far with the leniency, because I don'tthink it is fair kn the opponent, and I still thknk Herrera should have gotten an immediate rematch, instead of that monstrosity of a fight against Salka.

I think there is a bit more to it than that, but the body work of Garcia could be a large factor, although I'm keeping an open mind about this whole speculation aboht Thurman being 'weak to the body', I mean, have we ever seen himget dropped on a body shot, when Porter hurt him (who's feet are extremely fast when he comes forwrad abd covers the canvas), she made Porter unable to follow it up.

Do you have any videos on Youtube?

Yeah, I notice that a lot. Fighters say stuff to piss off the fans. Something I learned about boxing is one to not to take anything these fighters to say seriously unless it's official and to be patient about big fights because they will come. I just don't lose sleep over these fights being made because I know if a fight can or can't be made. What did Angel say to Khan after the fight? I missed that part. Some people say stuff just to get a rise or attention.

Floyd does come off as contradicting and I won't fault him too much because a lot of fighters contradict what they say. Like Garcia fighting a guy Spence knocked out and telling Spence he needs to step up the competition. I think Pacquiao should've accepted drug testing, but after he accepted Floyd wouldn't give him the fight. I say both are to blame.

I would've loved to see Pacman vs Maidana. Great fight. Or Maidana vs Thurman or Garcia.

I understand what you're saying, and I agree. Maidana strikes me as someone who is a tough guy, and treats boxing like a regular job. He seems like a guy who doesn't get scared easy.

That's why I think a bad scorecard could be possible. He's gotten some lucky scorecards before. Herrera got wide scores by the judges and definitely should've been closer. I think the Herrera rematch is something that shouldn't happen now. That offer is over and it should've happen earlier. I think the Peterson rematch can happen if he can win his next fight. He is still a solid fighter.

We'll just have to wait what happens come fight night. These guys are going to bring out their best in this fight. We'll see some new things happen in this fight like weaknesses and strengths. Thurman might be weak to the body but he might be able to negate Garcia's body attack but we'll see how he can do against thurman. Do you think Garcia is the best opponent Thurman faced and the same for Thurman?

I don't have a channel I just use it to subscribe to channels.

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Oh he just refused the rematch, and continued the grudge that they and against each other before the fight.

I find the difference between toughness and bravery very interesting indeed, I mean, I was 13 when I started boxing, I've always been an emotional and sensitive guy, and because of the fact that I was raised in a middle class family, I was never going to be a tough guy, I git scared all the time, I'll happily admit that now, I was brave enough to take on a bunch of guys who were much bigger and tougher than me in sparring, fairly often, but in the end, I discovered that I would have had to have loved fighting in the ring a heck of alot morethan I did to find the motivation and use of bravery to go far, I was in denial for a while, but anyway, th point is, brave guys have tolove boxing go go far with it, and tough guys, well, obviously, if it is their genuine pride and joy, that helps a great deal, because that's what separates discipline levels, for example, Julio Cesar Chaves Jr, he doesn't have boxing running through his veigns, I don't think he likes it as kuch as his dad did, but because of his natural talent, I'm assuming the extra practice he got as a kid, and the fact that he's such a tough guy, he's good. Someone like Nicholas Walters, is the absolute opposite, he's the best example.

Oh absolutely, there's far less point it now, it should have happened, straight after the first fight in my opinion, who could be more deserving than a tough underdog who does enough to win the fight legitimately in most opinions?, is very understanding about the defeat, takes it like a man, and gets a raw deal with the scorecards?

We should also consithe fact that Shawn Porter is improving all the time, he's always been a body worker too, that was very useful flr him against Kell Brook, and taht shot from Collazo, I don't need to say anymore, but I'm not get to carried away with the 'Thurman is weak to the body" rumour, I think he might well be able to withstand Garcia's downstairs offence to an extent, and I mean, we should ask ourselves, what would happen to otyer fighters atbthis level if they took body shots like he took in the Collazo fight and in the Porter fight?, I think if his apparent weakness to the body was anything like what people on social 9are speculating, then he would jot have stayed up against Collazo or Porter, recovered atbthat impressive rate, and made them unable to follow up, I mean, if we widen this, Bute hurt Jack with a body shit late in in their fight, is he weak to the body?, Alvarez knocked out Liam Smith with a body shot, is he weak to the body?, do ykh see what I mean. I don't think body shots will be a particular problem for Keith Thurkan against Danny Garcia.

Yes and no, I still feel Porter is slightly better than Danny Garcia, and would be the worst possible opponent for Garcia, I could well be wrong about that, and with the execption of Shawn Porter, I believe yes.

Me too, I used to have a video on YouTube but it got taken down, it was of me doung impressions of my geachers at school, man everyone loved those.

Ok, I think I vaguely remember that now.

Yeah I see what you mean. Those 2 fighters that you mentioned probably don't love the sport but are so athletic and tough guys that they are good fighters. I feel like that's how Maidana is like. You really have to be passionate about boxing to keep going through it or you won't get far.

Yeah, it should have happened right away. Now that Herrera regressed so much, there's really no point in having the rematch now.

That's true, Porter is a good body puncher and Thurman managed to beat him in a clear but close fight. It's not like Thurman goes down a lot from body punches, he does look visually hurt but never goes down. None of those guys are weak to the body but the guys who throw them are good punchers to the body. Canelo is great with body punches. I think people are buying into that Thurman is horrible at taking body punches. I definitely think it's a weakness of his, but not as exaggerated as everyone makes it out to be.

I feel like Garcia would have a tougher time with Porter than Thurman based off styles. I think Porter can beat Garcia.

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Actually athleticism isn't an attribute that these guys usually hve in large doses, because often they lack motivation, and therefore, discipline. The whole point really on this topic, is that if you are not a tough guy, and you don't live the sport, you're very unlikely to go very far at all, guys who are tough, can go far because they can withstand a lot of punishment, and nothing really fazes them, if they don't truly love the sport, then they are hardly going to be inclined to train, diet, properly, you see what I mean?

It's not nice to have to say, but you're absolutely right.

Yes, but, well, Bute was the best example of the two of them there, Collazo is a fantastic body puncher, and so is Shawn Porter, and what I'm saying is, in my opinion, Thurman isn't particularly weak to the body, no more than many other fighters, like I say, he was durable enough to keep his composure, he didn't go down, he didn't take any more, he recovered fairly fast. If it is a weakness of his, we might find out against Garcia, you might be right, but I think if he has a weakness in taking body punches, it is barely exsistent.

How much of the Quinlan vs Eubank did you see?

True, some people who are natural athletes don't have a lot of motivation. I will say that Lebron James is an exception. He is one of the best athletes in the world but is always motivated. I understand what you mean though. You have to be a tough guy or at least not scared to fight and get hit to last in the sport.

Yeah, it's a shame I like Herrera but I think his best days are behind him.

I haven't seen many Bute fights so I can't say much on him but I saw Collazos last two fights and his body punching is underrated. Same with Shawn Porter. I think we'll find out more in the Garcia fight how good he is at taking body shot because he throws a lot of them.

I saw bits and pieces. I knew that Eubank Jr was going to get the stoppage. I'll watch the full fight at some point.

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I think the Gomez loss told us a lot about Herrera.

What a joke that 'world title' is. Eubank Jr is being stupid in my opinion, calling out Golovkin and Saunders,guys who are a weight below him, I'v never even heard it suggested that Saunders move up to 168.

I think Brook vs Spence will happen!

Yeah. It showed that he's pretty much done.

I didn't get him calling out guys a weight below him. I think most big super middleweights beat him. Degale, Ramirez, and probably Callum Smith. If Eubank jr and Saunders fight at 168 that would be a stupid idea.

I think so to. I had my doubts on it but I really think it will happen. What's your prediction?

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I think so too, he's not getting much experience fighting guys who are of the standard of Tony Jeter and Tom Doran, I don't think Quinlan ia a great fighter, and the fact that was was an official world title fight, it's just annoying.

It's a great fight, I think it's very hard to predict, is Spence an inexperienced fighter who will learn slowly?, and he gets more confident, the better he does in the fight?, or is he adaptable and able to improve under pressure?, and did that defeat to Golovkin take anything out of Kell Brook?, has he improved a lot since we saw him in a fight that wasn't a mismatch?
I think Kell Brook wins, you?

Yeah, he doesn't gain much from fighting those guys. I don't think that Quinland is all that great either. Quinlan hasn't really fought anyone good. He beat a Daniel Geale that has been knocked out by GGG and Cotto and he's the best name on Quinlans record. Who do you think Eubank Jr fight next at 168?

I think it's a hard one to pick, but for right now I'm picking Brook. He's more experienced and has better skills in my opinion. The only concern I have for Brook is if he's still the same after a brutal stoppage loss for Golovkin. I really wish he just stayed at 147 instead of moving up and fighting the best in the division. I mean he did give Golovkin a tough fight but he suffered a bad injury and now has a loss on his record.

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It's difficult to say, I think Eubank vs Murray would be great.

I don't know who to root for, I think I'll just support both. Do you think Garcia is number one in the welterweight division?

I like Eubank vs Groves to.

That's a good idea. It eliminates biases. I'm rooting for Thurman though. Not to see Danny lose it's just I like Thurman a little better. It's hard for me to say who's the best welterweight right now. I think there should be a tournament. The winner of Thurman vs Garcia vs the Winner of Brook vs Spence. Maybe a super six where the winner of Garcia Thurman fights Pacquiao and the winner of Brook vs Spence fights Shawn Porter.

Did you hear Matthsye is moving up to welterweight and is expected to return on the Canelo vs Chavez undercard?

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Yes, I think Groves beats him comfortably, he mught even have what it takes to stop him.

That's ideal, I can't think of a reason why it shoudln't happen, but I don't think it's realistic.

That's great, I like Matthysse, I always thought his performance against Garcia was underrated, and I thought that like Herrera, at the time he might have even been deserving of a rematch, I mean Garcia won, the eye injury was a factor, and Matthysse did have a point wrongly taken away from him, but Garcia won that fight decisively.

I think Rios vs Ortiz will happen, who do think wins?

I give Groves a shot to beat him. Did you hear what Billy Joe Saunders said about Eubank jr?

I like the idea. I don't think it will happen either. There needs to be another tournament like the super 6 again.

I like him to. I have heard people say he's the hardest puncher they have faced, including Zab Judah. I still have to see his fight with Garcia. I heard he had a good performance against him.

I think Ortiz is more skilled but I think Rios will win.

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No, I know he's said many things abouf him in the past, they do not get along!

I would like to see that happen, I just think for a number of reasons, that won't happen.

He started very well, I didn't think there was anything in it at 6, I think Garcia took over in the last half of the fight, but like I say, Matthysse wasn't completely out of the fight, he had point taken away from him which shouldn't have been (he waasn't penalised, he was wrestled to the canvas and the referee deemed it a knockdown), ans t.he eye injury was a factor.

I don't even think that, I think Ortiz beats him in almost every department, I think it's a mismatch, but the fight would be great for Brandon Rios, I could be very wrong, but that's what I think.

It's just one of those old school domestic rivalries. Billy Joe said that his best name he fought was a loss.

I agree, I think it won't happen. There needs to be a super six though or even a 4 man tournament would be cool.

I won't say anything because I have yet to see it but I'll give credit to Danny for getting the win in a fight that people said he would get koed. Anyone who gets a big win as a huge underdog deserves repsect.

Ortiz is the most active fighter, but sometimes when he faces adversity he gives up, like in the Berto 2 fight. He was dominating him till he got cut and then knocked down. That is a concern for me. He was in a fight with either soto karass or Maidana where he was winning but quit. We'll have to see. You never know what your'e getting with him.

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That's right, what bigger name has he faced?

Yep, but like we say, it doesn't for a second feel realistic, and there are reasons why I don't think a tournament is a good idea, don't get me wrong, most points I could make would be for, not against, but when we consider the fact that number ine and number two could fight in the first leg, we see it could become quite misleading.

Oh of course, I'm not trying to take the win away from Garcia, I'm just praising Matthysse, and I wasn't complaining about the point, because at the end of the day, Garcia wins by 2, 3, it doesn't really matter ultimately, and as for the eye injury, well I think we would have seen a very different Matthysse, but I think that may well bave only brought more out of Garcia, and made him rise to the occasion even more.

Barely. He's not the most durable, and Brandon Rios is very dangerous, relentless warriors like Rios can sometimes be worse for fighters with questions marks around their heart, than a more explosive puncher. Well the thing is, when you say that, it slunds like he is unpredictable, but I wouldn't comsoder him so unpredictable anymore, because I don't feel any reason to question him before any half meaningful fight, I wonder if he should retire.

The only big name he fought was Saunders and he lost.

I know your'e not taking anything away from Garcia. I'm just giving his props for beating someone who many picked him to lose.

Rios is a dangerous fighter and Ortiz is in for a tough night. Also the weight is a concern for me. He weighed so much before Bradley and had to focus more on losing weight than actual training. I saw an interview of Rios with Ellie Seckback where Seckback said that Rios would beat Miguel Cotto and I thought that was extremely laughable.

I'm trying to watch a lot of these old fights and I'll be in like the 7th round then after that round it would skip to round 10. Very Frustrating.

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Exactly, and he might have a belt, but he's not a real world champion.


Yeah well the fight isn't happening just yet. Yeah well that's all behind him now. His chances of winning would be very slim in my opinion, he'd make it a great fight in his day, I think, but I doubt he has what it takes to have the beating of a prime welterweight Miguel Cotto without there being a factor.

I added a few of Jack Johnson's fights earlier, and at least one of them, was scheduled for 45 rounds! And that was barely over a century ago.

Did you get my latest comment on my card for Frampton vs Santa Cruz?

Do people like him in the U.K.? I like the son but Eubank Sr has been annoying as of late. I still respect his boxing career though.

Hopefully this fight gets made. It's a good rivalry. There's question marks surrounding both guys so it's hard for me to make a solid prediction. I think the best Rios would never beat the best Cotto. Cotto is on a different level than Rios. On the topic of him when do you think Cotto will fight next?

I do want to see all these old fighters like Archie Moore, Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis and so on. It would skip rounds so I can't score it properly. Fourty Five rounds is crazy, that would take me a couple days to score that one.

I did and just responded.

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Sorry for the late response, I missed your comment.

He's definitely a controversial character, in average, no, neither of them, they are very much enjoying being the villians, especially Jr.

Maybe the same night, or maybe a little later if a replacement opponent wants to fight at a later stage, but the Kirkland fight was scheduled for June, so I'm not sure.

What do you think of Canelo vs Cotto II, I think if Cotto gets a win this summer, and Canelo comes through Chavez, they could get that fight on, I like what Canelo said 'it would be an honour to fight Miguel Cotto again'.

That's fine. I am busy today so I won't respond on all the other cards until later today or tomorrow.

It's no secret they love being the villain.

I thought Kirkland was scheduled for next week.

I rather see Canelo vs GGG, but if it can't happen the rematch is fine. Who do you think is a realistic opponent for Cottos next fight?

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No, but they are taking it to another level as of now, or so it seems.

Unfortunately that's not going to happen for a while if ever. The winner of Hurd vs Harrison perhaps, maybe John Jackson, Willie Nelson, there are lot of options, it's a crowded division.

It's no secret they love being the villain.

I thought Kirkland was scheduled for next week.

I rather see Canelo vs GGG, but if it can't happen the rematch is fine. Who do you think is a realistic opponent for Cottos next fight?