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Sam Eggington

Paulie Malignaggi

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What were we talking about on Lubin vs Cota? I can't find it so lets continue here.

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I think Gonzalez would beat Rigondeaux with no problem.

I don't know if I agree with that, that's certainly not been the case in my experience, I'm talking about the 'popular crowd', the people who have no reason, no excuse, but just enjoy bullying people, I knew a rich, fat kid, he came from a privileged background, I'm not going into it, but in terms of people of mentioned, he was the nastiest, most cruel minded piece of shit I've ever met, I've met many people whonhave anger issues which can be taken out in a bad way, they can end up being bullies themsleves, but in my personal experience,this level of bullying isn't as bad as the other type I mentioned before, then again, in all fairness, I'm just one person, I only have my own experience, if you've had harder times in the last from people havd reason to be horrible then people who just enjly other people's pain, then each to our own.

Well yeah, and more tha that, it would be a bit of fun for Mayweather, I mean I think woukd try to carry McGregor for a few rounds before stopping him, I think he would try to torture him, I mean that might sound a little bit overly drastic in relation to reality, but the point is, for Mayweather, it would be fun, but that's it. I bet that annoyed Ray Leonard. I don't have any opinion on her at all, she's just another UFC fighter, I mean, haha, it's all about aggression, just because, mentally, she wasn't as confident, she got smacked with a bare knuckle punch, and then she got battered, haha, I don't know anything about UFC, but I don't want to. UFC fighters need to know where they stand, if they want to declare being top dogs on the streets and be the ultimate aggressive thugs and bullies, they have that right, congratulations to them, we don't want to mess with them, but they can't compare themselves to boxers on an athletic and sport concerned basis. Sorry again if you like UFC, tell me why it's probably more complex and more of a sport than I just said it was if you like, I'll never, ever be a UFC fan, but I do want to be fair.

Yes, but it has taken interest away from the fight. I don't think Golovkin vs Saunders will happen, and in my opinion, it doesn't matter, because I don't think Saunders really wants it, Frank Warren certainly doesn't, and Jacobs and Charlo are probably both better than Saunders, and are more challenging and productive opponents for Golovkin, those two fights, in my opinion, will absolutely make the the remainder of GGG's time of competing at 160.

Golovkin vs Charlo could happen late in 2017, but I would think it more likely that, if it is to happen, it would be next year. Someone said (I want to say Abel Sanchez), that Golovkin would fight four times in 2017, I find that hard to believe, I think he'll fight two or three times, maybe two, but maybe three, obviously, three would be better.

Yes, I think Saunders vs Quillin would still be an interesting fight, they could really both do with a win, for different reasons, and at the same time, what a win that would be for either, I'd lean towards Saunders, but it could be a 50/50 fight.

Doug Fischer is another Dan Rafael, Skip Bayless, etc, he was commentating for Jacobs vs Quillin, he yelled 'premature stoppage!, premature stoppage!', haha, when the man on the receiving end says it was a good call from the referee, you must know you're wrong, the guy scored Kovalev vs Ward 117-110, moron, Paulie Malignaggi would have gone mad.

He has a lot more than a punchers chance, but I'm not one to pick at your words, I agree if you mean his power is his biggest attribute, and it is what gives him his best chance. I understand why you are going with Stevens, could well be a 50/50 fight, I'm still going with Lemiuex, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Yeah me too, I expect him to do the business, against quite an opponent, not much a name, but so what?

Yeah absolutely, that was interesting to read, but it still seems to me like something which is more ideal, understandably very worthwhile, very popular, but something which would still be very difficult to sort out.

Apparently Pacquiao vs Khan has gone up in flames, shame isn't it?

I responded on the other card.