Rocky Fielding vs Saul Alvarez Scorecard by mike25

scorecard by MIKE25



Rocky Fielding

Saul Alvarez

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I was gutted for Rocky Fielding, but Alvarez did brilliant with the body shots, most underrated body puncher in the world. Where do you think Canelo should compete? 168?, or 160?

I was too, I really wanted him to win. I would say he's the best body puncher in the world. I think that competition wise he should stay at 160, what d you think?

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I still don't rank him top 5 in the world, that's not me being a hater, I rank him 6th, but I just think there are fighters out there who can beat him. At 168, I think Callum Smith beats him, at 160, I think there are maybe 2 fighters who beat him, but he is a great fighter, Alvarez.

I agree, there are bigger fights for him at 160. I think at 160, at this time, there are more possible great fighters than at 168, so Alvarez might stay at 168, but I think he'll move down to 160, the Jacobs fight is a good one.

Willie Monroe failed a drug test, Charlo fight is is danger, if Matt Korobov replaces him, does he give him a tougher fight than Monroe? Also are you watching the fights nest weekend?

I rank him in the 4-6 range it's hard for me to say. In my opinion Crawford,Loma, and Usyk are the top 3, it can be in any order because you can make a case for either of them being number one. I think Callum Smith has a great shot at beating him, I think he can beat everyone at 160 possibly.

What do you think is next for Canelo?

Yeah I'm going to watch the fights next weekend. To be honest I havent seen much of Korobov so I don't know how good he really is.

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I think Charlo and Andrade would beat him, but not Jacobs, Saunders, Golovkin, and I would be less than 60% confident Charlo and Andrade would beat him.

I think he'll go back down to 160, might take on Jacobs, Jacobs has a belt, that fight would make money, but I'm not sure. I wouldn't be surprised if Alvarez stayed at 168, built the Smith fight. It would be awesome to see Callum Smith beat Saul Alvarez!, the Smiths are awesome, they have done a lot for British boxing, and they have been in good fights in the US as well, especially Liam, it would be great to one of them beat Alvarez. I think we shouldn't forget why Alvarez was suspended this year, we shouldn't forget he failed a drug test, and we should ask ourselves if we think Clenbuterol is the only thing he is taking.

It is a real shame, because I used to look up to Canelo, bullying victim conquers, becomes champion and all that, but the whole drugs thing, very poor, very disappointing.

There isn't that much to go on, his activity, opposition, over the last 4 years, has not been good, he is 35, but he was beating Andy Lee, and more importantly, he beat Jose Uzcategui.

I think Canelo beats them both to be honest. Canelo will have a very close fight with Andrade and get the decision, and I think he can beat Charlo too, I'm not sure how that one would go.

Oscar Dela Hoya said there will be a fight announcement soon, so we'll see, it's tough for me to say becasue he can fight in both weight classes. I would love to see Charlo, Jacobs or Smith. If Ramirez stays at 168 he should fight him. I give him a good chance of winning that.

I agree on that, I'm still mad about the whole GGG situation.

I heard that they will do purse bids for Charlo and GGG for a mandatory spot at Canelo, assuming Charlo wins. What do you think of that fight? I think GGG still has a good chance of winning, but if he's going to fight him it should be sooner rather then later.