Oais Ashfaq vs Jay Carney Scorecard by Champion97

scorecard by CHAMPION97



Oais Ashfaq

Jay Carney

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http://eyeonthering.com/scorecards/isaac-dogboe-vs-emanuel-navarrete-sco... These have got to be troll cards, right? How is every fight scored so much different than how everyone sees it? All benefit of the doubt to A side it seems?

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I don't know, this one seems bad but not so bad it's a joke, however, Broner beating Mikey, that was just a flat out mickeytake.

Ramirez vs Hart II should be good, if I'm not wrong you think Ramirez wins but it will be closer than the first fight

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Yeah, this one isn't as bad, just another example of goofy scoring, haha.

Yeah, it should be interesting. I know a lot are high are Zurdo, but I'm just not. I don't love his motor, or ability to adjust in the ring. Guys can make him uncomfortable too easy in my eyes. I could be dead wrong, but I think he's the 3rd best at 168, behind Uzcategui and Callum. I think both would toast him in a unification bout. But, the person I'll be pulling for this weekend is Rocky. I'll feel like I'm watching the movie, as I chant his name rooting him on, haha. The Ginger needs his medicine from someone, lol. I did hear though that there is some indication of a May, Canelo-GGG III in the works. I saw someone post that Golden Boy and GGG promotions held a date with the NSAC for May 4th at T-Mobile Arena. If this happens, I wonder if GGG takes a small tune up first next month or February. Only fight I've seen him linked to recently was Callum, but I don't how serious/far those talks went, and that is far from a tune up.

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Motor? There are fighters other are high on that I am not high on or wasn't high on until I was proven wrong, Luis Ortiz and Gvozdyk are examples. I disagree because I think Ramirez has the output, doesn't lack defensively more than they do, and is very good offensively, great variety, can go through the gears, let's see how he does against Hart, see how much he has improved in the last year.

Come on Rocky! Mark my words, Rocky will push Canelo, Canelo will tire, the only way Canelo can have an easy time is if he can find that perfect body shot, to the solar plexus, that Rocky doesn't see coming, but hopefully Rocky won't let him get settled enough to land that shot. I hope that doesn't happen because I give Golovkin less than a 10% chance of winning, he lost the second fight, he is declining, I think he would definitely need Canelo not to be at his best, but I still think a 33 year old Golovkin, a 2015 Golovkin, would beat Canelo. I'm 95% that Callum Smith beats Golovkin at 168, I still think moving up would be a big mistake for Golovkin.

For this weekend, let's look at this in terms of this fight, with all the circumstances and factors, not thinking about just levels and reputation, Canelo can not be prepared for this fight, 3 months after the Golovkin rematch, it is not enough time. Canelo, if he thought it was worth it, might be able to cut down to 154 again, he could definitely make 156, Fielding kills himself to make 168, he is a massive super middleweight, I don't think he could physically make 164, and if that is the case, then this is a guy who can't make 164 vs a guy who can make 156 without even pushing to the absolute limit, sure, they might well both be 190 during the fight, but that does not mean much at all, and the weight Canelo carries, will not give him power, it will work against him as the rounds go on, and to do the damage he should be able to with 2 shots, he'll need probably 4 or 5 shots, because the bigger fighter will soak up his punches, the difference in physical strength will be a lot, and I think Fielding will hit Canelo harder, has more of a chance of hurting him than Golovkin did, not because he hits harder in his own right, but because he is a puncher in his own division, is a big super middleweight, Golovkin is not a big middleweight, he was willing to come down to 155 for the Brook fight, and Canelo might still be recovering from the Golovkin fight.

I think for Canelo, the last 6-8 rounds will be physically very tough, Fielding can't be on him 180 seconds a round, and Canelo will do clean work in the intervals, he is a professional ring veteran, Fielding won't confuse Canelo, but he will tire, Canelo, I don't think he will be able to seriously hurt Fielding.

If Fielding wins this, I will not be shocked, I will also not be shocked if Canelo knocks him out with a phenomenal body shot like the shot that knocked out Smith, it is a very unpredictable fight, and a lot of it depends on how good Fielding is, beating Zeuge, top of the mountain dor Fielding? Or was that just a statement?, if the latter, Canelo has made a mistake if this was supposed to be an easy fight.

Hope I haven't rambled on too much.