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scorecard by MIKE25



Mikey Garcia

Robert Easter Jr

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He impressed me a lot, the way he sets up knockouts and knockdowns is impressive. Easter was doing well in the first two rounds his jab is pretty good as well. Wht did you think?

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I agree, Easter gave him problems with his reach, came to fight, was better than he had ever been before, knew Garcia as a fighter, listened to Broner, but at lightweight, you could see Mikey was faster, hit harder, more agile, and in the second half of the fight, it was all Garcia, all Garcia after 7 rounds I think, Easter tried his best, but lost to a top fighter. Do you want to be PCOM for August?

I thought for a second that he would be able to make it a more competitive fight, then after the knockdown it went down hill for Easter. I would but I don't know how active I'll be.

What do you think of the possibility of Fury fighting Wilder in December? I think it's dumb

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Easter can come back, he found his level, tried his best, but he lost to a top 5 world fighter. Well how about I just ask you all of them now and send you the BoxRecs of the ones you might not know that well.

Dib vs Farmer
Kovalev vs Alvarez
Bivol vs Chilemba
Alexander vs Berto
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Rojas vs Diaz https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://boxrec.com...
Fury vs Pianeta
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Raymundo Beltran vs Jose Pedraza
Isaac Dogboe vs Hidenori Otakehttp://boxrec.com/en/boxer/340543

And Early, Mid, Late, UD, SD, MD, Draw, put Any of these.
Only if you want.

Well it depends, Fury is dumb to take the fight after just 2 fights back and one of them is Seferi?, maybe, I think so to be honest, but for Wilder, I mean could you hope for a better match up?, fighting a guy who hasn't had a fight against someone who isn't worse than Kevin Johnson, for 3 years, a fighter who isn't a puncher, and a fighter who he can inflict serious damage on, but also a win that could take his resume up a notch, I mean he would beat the man who beat Klitschko, so no more being put below Joshua in that regard. I would love to see Wilder vs Fury, I think if Fury is in shape, after having 2 fights, he isn't inactive anymore, he will be better for those fights, but Wilder, still young for a heavyweight, on great form, undefeated, and still a better fighter than he gets credit for.

Who do you want to see both fight next? I'll make my predictions soon.

I think if they fight in December like Fury says, that would be all bad for him. He had bad preperation and he's been out of the ring for so long. Wilder on the other hand just fought a top 5 heavyweight in Ortiz.

Another question how do you see Joshua Povetkin going? To be honest I think Povetkin will give Joshua problems. I would rank him third best heavyweight right now.

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Ideally, Mikey would fight Lomachencko, but maybe the problem is, not that he doesn't want to fight Lomachencko, but because he doesn't believe Arum would allow the fight to happen, which is why he is calling out Spence, he has courage, but fighting Spence would be a big mistake in my opinion, it is just a bad idea, Robert should not let him fight Spence, I hope it doesn't happen, we'd all rather see Mikey fight Lomachencko, I mean, if Lomachencko beats the winner of Beltran vs Pedraza this year, then that would be two champions with 50% of the belts each, like with Usyk vs Gassiev, we want to see that fight, and Spence vs Crawford, not Spence vs Garcia. I think Easter will improve, he impressed me more in winning maybe 3 rounds against Garcia than in any of his wins, he tried his wins, he didn't take a brutal beating, took some damage, got well beaten, but he is only 27, he can do well at 140 if he moves up, but he might stay at 135, tell you a fight I would like to see Easter vs Campbell, that would be a very interesting one. Awesome!

Yeah absolutely, I mean he will be better for the Seferi and Pianeta fights, getting back in shape, having a good, consistent year of training, getting his activity back, having two fights, but still, in terms of prime on prime, Fury was still out for the whole of 2016 and 17, 2 and a half years, it was still a bad layoff as well as a waste of probably 5 fights, he still took cocaine, and he hasn't worked up to level, he still hasn't competed at a high level for 3 years, because Seferi, Pianeta, no preparation for Wilder, one is not good at all, the other is a vulnerable fighter, he would be better prepared for Wilder if he had fought Pianeta first, then a tougher opponent, or maybe Rudenko first, then maybe Breazeale or an opponent like that. I agree Fury would be in trouble against Wilder. Wilder took damage against Ortiz, and serious damage, but he should still be fresh enough, we've never seen him taken a beating like that before, and 9 months is enough time for his body to recover, and he wasn't too damaged to come back and stop Ortiz. Wilder might not be the best boxer, might not have the highest IQ, but he does the fundamentals better than people think, he can time shots!, he does have good reflexes, he has devastating power, he is a phenomenal athlete, and a brilliant, dangerous fighter, and I think he might be the best in the division, he is definitely top 2 in my opinion.

I see why, he has been brilliant throughout his career aside from the Klitschko fight, but I don't think he is top 3, but you can't argue with that. I think Joshua vs Povetkin is a very interesting fight, Joshua won't underestimate Povetkin, and if he did, it would be very bad for him.

I think what is very interesting is that these are two of very few fighters who beat Roberto Cammarelle as an amateur, but as an amateur and professional, Povetkin has a lot more experience as an amateur and as a professional, but Joshua is much bigger, much younger, and he can box as well, he can do the basics, Joshua, he has good reach, and Povetkin, I think, is not absolute top, top level, he is everything but, but he is not Ali, Lewis, Louis, Marciano, I think Joshua is that good, and I think Povetkin is slightly less adaptable, and is just a notch below, but Povetkin isn't overrated, he is a very, very good fighter, I think Joshua wins, I think he can hurt Povetkin, overpower him, drain him, but I also think he could be in real trouble if he makes a mistake. You?

I like the Lomachenko fight better for Garcia for then the Spence fight. The Spence fight is just all wrong for Mikey, I admire his courage but that's too much of a step up for Mikey. I don't know who I want to see Easter fight next. But I think it would be cool to see Mikey fight Lomachenko for all the belts at 140, that would be great.

I just feel it's his opposition that will hurt him against Wilder. Pianeta and Seferi aren't great opponents. Wilder is a lot better fundamentally then people say but still isn't the best.

He's been great minus the Klitschko fight. It is a great but dangerous fight for Joshua.

I think this one isn't going the distance, both have great power and know how to use it. Povetkin will be a real threat to Joshua I feel. Probably his second toughest fight in my opinion. I really hope Joshua stops him. You think the Wilder fight will be next for Joshua?

Do you think Parker is the same fighter after Joshua and Whyte losses?

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Oh me too, no doubt. Without question, Spence is 5'9, Mikey is 5'6, when Mikey was fighting at 126, Spence was at 154, Spence works hard to make 147, and Garcia is slower, less dangerous at 140, he isn't even a big 135lb fighter, Mikey, he's just built up from 126 to 135 like Crawford has from 135 to 147. At 135 you mean? One of the best in boxing! Top 3 for me!

Agree, it is a different world, fighting at that level, Seferi and Pianeta aren't good preparation, and simply, you don't take 2 and a half year breaks from boxing, cocaine, obesity, I just think Fury has let it slip away. No, but he hits so hard, is such a good puncher, such a great finisher, slugger, that he can get away with lacking skill.

It's good that as a Joshua fan you realise that. It is a very dangerous fight for Joshua, but Joshua needs to be patient, use his jab, keep Povetkin busy, keep him moving, let Povetkin initiate exchanges, he is the younger, bigger fighter, if he does the right stuff, Povetkin will fade, and it should go well for Joshua, but Povetkin doesn't make mistakes, so he has to be patient, be aware, look for openings, not take any unnecessary chances, as soon as he catches Povetkin clean, he can hurt him, and at that point, he should go for it, but still be careful, because Povetkin has survival skills. I'm looking forward to the fight, I think it is a very underrated fight. Are you worried for Joshua?

I couldn't say, let's hope so, at the moment, I'm sure Joshua is focused on only Povetkin, which is wise, but after that, the teams just have to be fair, work together, and make maybe the biggest fight in boxing.

It depends, if he still has that desire, can think of nothing but boxing during his break, gets back in the gym, works hard, has more desire than ever, then he can be right up there with the best, he has been a world champion, he took Joshua 12, was unlucky to only win 1-2 rounds on the cards I think, came back far too soon and lost, but finished the fight on the verge of coming back to winning, surely that will be a sort of frustrating motivation. If Parker is 100% mentally in the game, he will be better than ever, could fight Joshua again, Wilder, he is only 26, even though he took damage against Takam and Whyte, he hasn't taken much, a lot of hard 12 round fights, but not too many beatings, he still physically must have a lot in the tank, especially for a heavyweight. If Parker, mentally, doesn't have that motivation anymore, wants to retire early, do something else with his career, like Robert Garcia, Barry Jones, that would be good for him, but whichever, fighter, trainer, other, Parker has a good future, but if he doesn't have that desire, goes to the gym and trains just to get it done, and never gets that hunger back, then no he won't be the same fighter, because mentally, you have to be in the right place, it is very, very important.

You want to make the predictions now?

It's not because of the skill difference it's all size for Mikey against Spence. I meant to say Lomachenko vs Garcia at 135 for all the belts.

That's a great way of putting it, he can get away with not being fundamentally great. He has the power that makes up for.

Outside of Wilder, I can only see Povetkin beating Joshua. I mean he can be hurt, he was in the Price fight, and I feel Joshua has more power then Price. Povetkin is someone who worries me for Joshua, same with Wilder if they fight. Do you think Joshua can stop Povetkin?

I think he took a tough fight too soon, Bryant Jennings was a better option for Parker then Whyte was. He got a raw deal on the cards against Joshua. He didn't take terrible damage in his fights so he should be fine, he just needs some easy fights then maybe later a title shot.

How bout Kovalev? Never expected that.

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It is very dangerous, Mikey wpuld have a lot less power at 147, he wouldn't take Spence's power, he would have to work much harder than Spence for the same amount of success.

That's one of the exciting things about boxing, with punchers, you never know when it could be lights out.

Joshua might have the same amount more or less, of power than Price, but he has better stamina, better chin, faster, more agile. Well he's a threat, he is very experienced, he is a successful fighter. Yes, I think he is more than capable of stopping Povetkin, but he has to break Povetkin down, be patient.

Yes or Ustinov. This is why fighters shouldn't come back too soon, Parker is a very active fighter, always has been, and maybe he's too active. We'll see.

Not a shock, it's what happens with Kovalev, for 6 rounds, he is almost unbeatable, but he always tires, and he doesn't gradually fade, rest and get that gas in the tank back, he just blows a gasket. Alvarez proved himself, that's the career defining win for him. Kovalev should retire now. Alvarez is 34, but he is a fresh 34, coming off a great win, so I think he could have a big year or two ahead of him, Bivol, Beterbiev, he is their rival now, not Kovalev. Is Alvarez the best at 175?, Bivol? It's interesting, that's a fight I'd love to see, Stevenson is still knocking around, and Beterbiev vs Johnson is a fight which the winner of is right amongst the best at 175 like Alvarez and Bivol.

That's a good point, he would have to do more work to have the same success. If he somehow pulls it off then he would be number 1 pound for pound.

Very true.

I think so too, he is a pretty patient fighter and doesn't take stupid chances.

Ustinov isn't a bad option, I would say come back in like december or early 2019, what do you think?

I was a little shocked to see him go down like that. Alvarez had some success in the early rounds, I forget which one it was but he hurt Kovalev pretty good. That's horrible for Kovaelv, being a good boxer, but having stamina issues hold you back. Alvarez has taken less damage at 34 then Kovalev had. Also I feel like the Ward losses ruined Kovalev, what do you think? Also Alvarez has a career defining win and is one of the best at 175.

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Probably, he would be a 5 weight world champion, and Spence is already a top pound for pound fighter in my opinion, but to me, it is poor that because of boxing politics, the best fight offer Spence gets is to fight a guy who is a world champion two divisions below him, and isn't even really a big lightweight, and Garcia calls out a fighter who could inflict serious damage on him, because his best rival, who is his size, in his weight category, is being protected, and people with power, won't allow the fight. I think Thurman doesn't want Spence, I think Crawford would fight him, but I really hope Arum doesn't ruin it, and we get to see Garcia vs Lomachencko sooner or later. I wouldn't mind seeing Garcia vs Commey at the end of the year, and Lomachencko vs Beltran/Pedraza, then if they both win, if they fought next year, that would be brilliant!!

And that's why he did what he needed to against Parker, got the job done, looked solid, didn't inflict much damage, but didn't really take any either. I think Joshua will be challenged against Povetkin, but will be the best Joshua we've ever seen.

Yeah I think so, he is every one of his 35 years old, he isn't a fresh fighter. Vodka is poison. When he blows a gasket, tires, takes hurtful punches, look what happens, he has been getting slightly worse for some time now, just gradually declining, he will only get worse in the future, and not just because of age or him not having the genes or natural ability to decline slowly, but now, it is case of him taking a plummet, because being already past his prime, he took a beating, dropped several times, he was never going to be the same after the Ward losses, but now, he is much further over the hill than a year ago. Kovalev should retire now, if he doesn't, he's a stepping stone, and when you have the vulnerability of Kovalev, a stepping stone for young, dangerous fighters on the rise, is a bad thing to be. Definitely, he's ruined Bivol vs Kovalev, but now I think the biggest fight at 175 is Bivol vs Alvarez! Let's hope that fight happens at some stage!

Beltran vs Pedraza, who you got?

What I think should happen is Lomachenko fight Beltran Pedraza winner, then Mikey fights someone else then the winner of the other fight. I think Lomachenko is the better fight for Mikey. He would beat someone who many consider the best in the world today.

I hope so, Povetkin can be dangerous at times and I want to see Joshua beat him.

John David Jackson looks so smart right now for bringing up the training problems in the past, because it clearly showed in this fight. I've seen interviews leading up to the Ward fight and he said that Kovalev is stubborn and likes doing things his way. Kovalev reminds me of Amir Khan in a way because they both have great skills, but their physical traits hold them back. At least with Khan it's something he can't help, Kovalev is self inflicted. I really want to see Alvarez vs Bivol before it's too late.

Tough one, great fight, I might lean towards Beltran what about you?

What did you think of Wilders comments to Breazele?

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Perfect, ideal plan, but boxing politics might get in the way.

Povetkin can't walk through Joshua's punches, that could be key. I think Joshua can break Povetkin down, he just has to be patient, use his jab. Povetkin is going to tire, especially if Joshua keeps him out of his element, comes in light, and that's the thing as well, Joshua should be a maximum of 245, he's significantly bigger and stronger than Povetkin, no need to carry too much weight, and if he comes in at the same weight he was against Parker, he should do the distance just fine, but Povetkin doesn't have the has tank he used to have. I wouldn't get too worried about Povetkin just because of the Price KO, most heavyweights could have knocked him out once he was asleep on his feet like that, but he is still a very dangerous fighter, still has the Takam knockout besides a lot of others.

He's a top trainer, John David Jackson, was a good fighter, and he is a great trainer, Kovalev is ungrateful, blames his inabilities on Jackson, but as we saw, he wasn't being trained badly, given the wrong advice, he lost because he is an on top fighter who comes to pieces when it goes against him, he came apart mentally and physically against Ward, he came apart mentally and physically against Alvarez. And their disrespect, it wasn't Roach's fault Khan got knocked out against Garcia, it wasn't Hunter's fault he got knocked out by Clenelo, and if he gets knocked out because he makes a mistake, chin doesn't hold up, that won't be Goosen's fault, Khan has to take responsibility for his own mistakes and inabilities.

I think we'll see it, Alvarez vs Kovalev II might happen, but no I think think Bivol vs Alvarez could happen as well.

Pedraza I think. Do you still want to make predictions for next month? Probably too late for this month.

I don't follow any of that stuff, but I saw what he said, meh, so he told a big mouth trash talker that he would KO him in front of his son, bit ruthless, cold, but meh, this is boxing, people need thicker skin, and skumbag fury should get off his high horse! He comapres a sexuality to paedophilia, he encourages drugs in boxing, talked about hanging his own sister, so who the fuck is that shithouse to open his mouth?