Miguel Cotto vs Sadam Ali Scorecard by mike25

scorecard by MIKE25



Miguel Cotto

Sadam Ali

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Didn't see this coming!

Me either. What did you think of the fight?

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I thought it was a great performance from Sadam Ali, I think Cotto is done, but he did well to make it competitive, come on strong in the middle rounds as he did, he was gone in that second round. I hope we see Ali against Liam Smith next year.

Lomachenko vs Rigondeaux next week!!

I thought it was to. I was thinking during the fight, good thing that Spence or Golovkin didn't take the fight because they would of really beat Cotto. Cotto should not fight anymore that is for certain, if he does come back I won't watch it. He looked like a shell of his former self. I heard Eddie Hearn wants Kell Brook to fight Sadam Ali, not a bad fight if Brook gets a tune up.

I can't wait, hopefully there's nothing that ruins that night. Is that fight on Boxnation or Sky Sports for you?

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Man, that would have been a grizzly end for Miguel. Good idea, I don't think he will, why would he?, there is no reason for him to return, he knows he will never be the fighter he once was, he has had a great career, he left no stone unturned, he did great, but he mus hang up the gloves now. I know, but it should be Smith, not Brook, Brook hasn't earned a title shot, Smith has, I think Smith can beat Ali, win back the title he lost to Alvarez. I think Kell Brook would be unwise to return to be honest, I think he's had the fight beaten out of him.

Boxnation, would be better if it was SkySports, but no fuss, to see the fight at all is great.

Horrible idea to fight those 2. I think he won't return either, he seems content with being retired and he should. He's not what he once was and he doesn't have enough to beat any big name at 154. He fought every big name in and around his divison there's nothing more you can ask of him. For Brook, you're probably right to be honest. There's an announcement for him at what he's doing next probably at 154 so I guess we'll see where he's at in his next fight.


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I'm rooting for Rigondeaux.
Did yoh know that Rigondeaux has a great reach advantage on this fight, not height, but a lot of cms reach, interesting.

I don't know who I'm rooting for to be honest, I'm a huge Lomachenko fan but I also gained so much respect for Rigondeaux for jumping up 2 weight classes to fight. I didn't realize that till now about the reach advantage.

Also, I haven't seen a Mayweather boxing gym predicitons for this fight, I look forward to those. If you find a link let me know.

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I'll be happy for Lomachenko if he wins even though I don't like him, it is great for an athlete to achieve at this level, for their hard work to pay off. Do you think the reach will make a difference?

Here are some Joshua vs Wilder predictions,


Nothing better then seeing hard work pay off. To be honest I like Lomachenko, his style is one that entertains me. And for reach it could make a difference.

I'm not able to view it for some reason but is it the Mayweather gym predictions?

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I like him as a fighter. I think it is very interesting that Rigondeaux has a sizeable reach over Lomachenko, it should play a part in the fight.

I'm sorry about that, and yes it was, tell you what,

Badou Jack: "it's a 50/50 fight" predicts Joshua.

Sharif Bogere: "I must credit Wilder, he is a wild fighter, he can destroy opponents in one round, when he did that, it was unbelieveable, you know, it's boxing, anything can happen, if Wilder brings his craziness, stays angry, he could cause some problems for Joshua, but if Joshua is smart, boxes well, eh, these are strong guys", predicts Joshua.

Lou Del Valle: "Joshua is the more complete fighter, Wilder is just an athlete, Joshua is a complete fighter", predicts Joshua.

Dewey Cooper: "I love both guys, for some reason, I still lean towards Joshua, Wilder has the power, enthusiasm, movement, athleticism, but I can't credit him for the Stiverne win because Stiverne was lethergic and flat, it would be a great fight, someone would definitely get knocked out, but still I roll with the Brit, Anthony Joshua", predicts Joshua.

Eddie Mustafa Muhammad: "let me tell you, Wilder, he throws that right hand like a rocket ship, man I've seen guys go to sleep, but man when the alarm clock goes off, Wilder's opponent can't get up. Both guys, looked excellent, in their last fights, I thought the referee stopped Joshua vs Takam a little too early, Takam could have gone on longer, but you've got both guys, with great height, reach, great punching power, the question now is who has the best chin, that, we're going to find out. If I have to, I'm gonna pick somebody right now!, I gotta go, with my boy from Tuscaloosa (sings the start of USA national anthem)", predicts Wilder.

Ronald Gavril: "Joshua vs Wilder, wow it's gonna be great fight, people want to see it, heavyweight boxing has come back, I think Joshua wins the fight, I pick Joshua", predicts Joshua.

Layla McCarter: "Wilder, I was already leaning towards Wilder, he's my favourite heavyweight in the division, he's exciting, he likes to fight, Wilder's the man, I think Joshua's risenhas been really fast and he's limited, experience wise, and I think, Wilder also has a lot of flaws, but he's just an animal, he comes to fight, and he's gonna do whatever it takes to knock him out", predicts Wilder.

Lanell Bellows: "I pick Joshua, I was impressed with how explosive Deontay was in his last fight, but Joshua he's an animal, he took a big punch from Klitschko, and got back up and stopped him, you know, I think it's gonna be a great fight, but if I have to pick somebody, I'll go with AJ", predicts Joshua.

Chris Ben - Tchachrteyhdhduud: "I'm going to go against the grain on this one, I think Anthony Joshua is technically more sound, good basics, good fundamentals, but then a foghter like Deontay, who's wild, aggressive, you don't know where the punches are coming from, he's very unpredictable. If Wilder tries to box Joshua, Joshua will break him down and beat him, if Wilder jumps in and goes Apeshit on him, he'll knock Joshua out, so I will say, he's going to knock Joshua out", predicts Wilder.

Charvis Holifield: "I think Wilder's gonna win the fight, he's a little faster, and I think he's got more to bring to the table, skill wise, he's more agile, but I'm not counting Joshua out though, he's got some aspects about him that can definitely turn a fight around, but I think Wilder wins by, I'd say KO", predicts Wilder.

So based on this, Joshua is a 60% favourite, if it was a boxing match, he'd win 96-94, but as you see, amongst people who know boxing, it is close, and tough to predict.

That's how I am with some fighters with character issues, I like watching them as fighters but find some things they do out the ring annoying.

That's what I love about this fight, it's too close to call and fights like that are the best. I think this will be an all time classic. The good thing about this we'll be happy for the winner regardless of who it is.

Luis Ortiz is fighting this Friday, thoughts on that?

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Yeah and that's the way it should be, people shouldn't feel they have to deny people credit for doing what they do best, just because they personally dislike them, really, I should give certain fighters like Saunders, Haye, more credit than I do, as boxers, that is, I have low opinions in them as people.

If it happens, that is, because let's not put the cart before the horse, it isn't close to being confirmed yet, just today, Wilder demanded a 50/50 split, understandably, but that won't help negotiations, given that Hearn is trying offer the other champion less than 35%. Me too, but a rematch would be more exciting if the older fighter wins the first fight, what we have to remember about this, is that Wilder needs this fight, Joshua doesn't.

I don't know, it was to be expected, he's fighting some guy who just got drilled by Bryant Jennings. Ortiz is only getting older, so if he gets a big opportunity, it won't go well for him.

Would you like some more information from the Mayweather Boxing Club?

Exactly. I mean it's not bad to dislike those guys at all.

We got to hope for the fight to be made before we get ahead of ourselves. I hope it isn't a fight that we have to wait so many years for.

I didn't know that he was going to fight this year. But I think time is over for Ortiz, he could've had a chance against elite fighters 2 years ago but it's gone I think.

They made a video just a little ago on the predictions for the Lomachenko Rigondeaux fight they seemed split.

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I sense as well, that you very much dislike Saunders as well, for those revolting, below the belt things he said to Monroe, and speaking of that skumbag, I suspect he has a serious grudge against you guys in the states, I hate pieces of shit like Saunders, you guys rock, and that is coming from a Brit, born and bred.

I think that is a possibility though, there are potential roadblocks, and I think if it does ever happen, it will be in 2019, at the earliest. I think Joshua vs Parker is more likely for 2018, and it is nearly as good a match up, I'd give Parker a 30-40% chance of winning, 90% chance of making it a great fight.

He blew it, I don't feel sorry for him, he has only himself to blame. I'm 99% sure Ortiz wouldn't win against Wilder and Joshua, and not much less confident he loses to Miller, Parker.

That's interesting, it doesn't surprise me, Rigondeaux is Cuban Albert Einstein who can box.

Degale vs Truax should be a good fight.

I think he's a good boxer but, I'm not a huge fan to be honest. I don't like how he talked to Monroe, or Golovkin and Canelo. And that means a lot.

I think if Tyson Fury comes back that could be another roadblock. I honestly don't know when it will happen now. Maybe late 2018 or late 2019. In the mean time, the Parker fight is more likely to happen next and that's a great fight.

I agree with everything you said. Ortiz ruined it for himself, and he won't beat any top heavyweights.

I think after the fight he will crack my top 10 pound for pound.

Very good fight. Also, the Bellew Haye rematch is scheduled for May fifth.

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If Billy Joe Saunders is the racist I think he is, then more fool him, because Ali, Leaonard, Louis, Marciano, Tyson, Mayweather, Hagler, and more, all these boxing legends, where are they all from? Can't wait to go to the states one day!

I'm sure it would exceed expectations, Joshua is always an entertaining fighter, when he isn't classes above his opponent, and Parker, he can take a punch, he has the high output, power, the desire, it can't go wrong, I just hope that if it does happen, and Joshua digs deep, struggles, but gets the victory, shows that heart, that toughness, people give him the recognition he deserves, rather than disregard Parker as an opponent, and discredit the win.

It sounds harsh when I say it like that, but ultimately, in boxing, I feel sorry for Eduard Gutknecht, Mike Towell, Nick Blackwell, not Ortiz, a man who chose to screw up his own career.

Haha, you don't miss much do you?, right that's great, I just hope for these fighters, nothing like that happens again.

What makes you think he's racist? I think he's an idiot, but I don't know about racist. It's hard to hate on American champs like the ones you mention, or discredit them.

I think it would do, fans shouldn't be disappointed if this fight gets made. Joshua is an entertaining fighter, and Parker is an underrated fighter this makes for a great fight. Parker isn't an opponent that will lay down to Joshua, he seems like he can genuinely beat him. Do you think Joshua vs Parker goes the distance or no?

That's true.

I'm still keeping up with boxing despite being busy.

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The way he disrespects every American boxer, he has a grudge against Jacobs, Charlo, he talks such shite about you guys.

What he is, is a threat, he isn't the favourite, and rightly so, but he has strenths which I don't think we've seen the best of yet, he is young, can punch, has a great mentality, he has the output, he isn't flat out incapable of beating any heavyweight out there. I do, I think if Joshua catches him clean, really lands a smasher, he could knock him down, but I think Parker could get through it, I doubt Joshua would manage the stoppage, then again, you never know with these punchers, if Joshua kands that uppercut, that right uppercut, Parker could go out like a light, then again, Joshua isn't the most resilient, he's always been that way, he always will be, so Parker is capable of putting him on the deck, but Joshua as well, great fighting heart, courage, fitness, ability to recuperate, but interestingly, I would give the lighter guy with the stronger chin the better chance of coming out on top in a skill neglecting barn storm, so I wouldn't consider it any more likely Joshua stops Parker than vise verse, my prediction would be Joshua by UD, I think, in all honesty, Joshua is better because he's bigger, stronger, and a more complete boxer, I think Joshua is more capable than Parker, of box a mistake free fight, I think his jab, his straight shots, land, consistently, slightly cleaner than Parker's, I think they both have similarly impressive punch variety, but I think Joshua, with the way he sets guys up, draws them onto that right uppercut, that could be a split second defeat for any opponent, that includes Wilder and Parker, then again, Joshua is human, and he can really be hurt, ue was very close to gone against Klitschko, Wilder, Parker would be able to sustain attacks for much longer, but then again, Joshua is gaining experience, and could they make Joshua fall into a lethal shot like Klitschko, the absolute veteran did?. What do you think?

You must have found out about that seconds after it was confirmed, and I noticed with Golovkin vs Brook as well, you might have even beaten Boxing Scene to it, processing news is definitely one of your strong points I would say.

I can see that.

He's a very big threat I think, but isn't the favorite as you said. They have attributes that give each other problems and that's what makes this a good fight. With Parker being young, I think he can give him a tougher fight then Klitschko, I don't know about him decking Joshua but he can give him problems that can make him have to dig deep. I think with Joshua he will dig deep and be able to get the win. I think with Parker, we will see his chin tested like we haven't seen before. I think Joshua will stop him in the later rounds between 10-12.

I follow Eddie Hearn and Matchroom boxing, along with all the big boxers and promoters on twitter and instagram they are always posting news, that's probably where I find the news quick.

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That's not hard evidence, but given that he has called many top fighters pussies many times, and linked an insult to John Thompson to Monroe in a way whoch suggested he was insulting Americans, and he said to Monroe "We'll fuck your mum like the bitch she is", why should I not assume the worst?

I think if he lands bang on the chin, Joshua might go down, but in terms of capitalising, yes he would attack with more volume, more youth, more enthusiasm, but at the same time, he would be charging forward, dangerous, if you are going towards a counter, you could be in trouble. I think so, but they will both do that, it is a question of who gets the win, I agree it's Joshua, I just hope he gets the credit he deserves, that's assuming the fight does happen. Well he's passed some pretty steep chin tests already, but we'll see just how granite his jaw is if he takes some wacks from AJ. I see that, I predict him to put Parker down, win 7-9 rounds.

That's good.

I just added unofficial scorecards outside of Eye on the ring to the write up sections of some fights, you'll see if you look at the Golovkin vs Canelo fight page, dk you think that is a good idea?

That's too far saying about Monroes mom. There's trash talk then there's just being an asshole and he just crossed that line.

I think if he catches Joshua gassed out he could knock Joshua. I think he could do a better job with Joshua when he's hurt then Klitschko did. Joshua's chin has been tested and passed the test for the most part, he's still able to recover after getting decked. I could see this going the distance depending how good Parkers chin is.

It's not a bad idea, I think it would work a lot for close fights or robberies to see what other media outlets saw a certain fight.

You watch the boxing voice at all?

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It's absolutely disgusting, it is the worst kind of schoolyard talk, it causes fights, grudges, all kinds of issues, to see a 27 year old set such a terrible example, a father no less, it is terrible. I hope my son never learns who Billy Joe Saunders is. Ultimately, the line can be fine, it is one of the reasons why I don't like trash talk, because it so often gets out of hand, twice this year, controlled insults, goading, "mind games", turned into death threats, I mean, look at Davis vs Walsh, at first, it was just entertaining trash talk, at the end, they had to be separated, and there was serious talk of major violence, not Liam or Gervonta, just Floyd, Ryan and Michael, but still.

I don't think he has to have him gassed to put him down, I think Joshua's chin is vulnerable. That's very true, I mean, the way he got through hellfire against Klitschko, and came back with that tremendous stoppage win, thatbwas proving his ability to bounce back, and then some! Parker's chin is granite, believe me, I certainly think he has a better chin than Joshua, they both have the heart, they can both punch, Joshua, maybe with more power, Parker, maybe slightly faster hands, I think Joshua is the more complete boxer, and he'd win by 1-5, maybe 2-6 points.

Cool man.

Occasionally, I don't subscribe, I just watch the odd video with Michelle Joy Phelps, Radio Rahaim, Ellie Sechback, and all those people.

I think Joshua and Hearn need to give in now, accept 65% against Parker.

I like trash talk as long as it doesn't cross lines. I think it adds to the build up. Even though I thought Mayweather vs Mcgregor trash talk was staged and stupid. I don't mind it with like Morales and barerra, or anything like that. I don't mind a rivalry either.

That could be true. He has heart, but is also intelligent to. He doesn't take a beating for the sake of it, it seems more strategic like taking rounds off to get that second wind. Joshua is the most complete boxer I agree on that, handspeed is neck and neck for me.

I listen to the boxing voice when I'm at the gym. I like those other guys to. I'm also a big fan of IFL tv. I got a picture with Ellie Seckback at the Broner fight.

I wonder what Hearn thinks is a fair offer. I mean 65 percent to 35 percent is more then fair. Obviously Joshua is the A side but there needs to be a fair split.

Also have you watched Holmes vs Nielsen?

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Yeah, how and why there were so many press conferences was beyond me, it was just two guys making idiots out of themselves. Yeah that was good, apart from that punch.

He can do that because he has the power, speed, and timing, to be dangerous at all times, he is always a threat, even when tired. There is a reason as to why Klitschko didn't go all out in round 6 after the knockdown, and it wasn't just about conserving gas in the tank. Parker does not need that, he still has the output, stamina, punch resistance, granted, but not the size, strength, power, and I think Joshua goes a certain distance, maiing fewer mistakes than Parker, he does the fundamentals better, and I think he'd win. I'm 70/30 on that fight, if they were the same size, I might still edge Joshua, but probably 55/45.

Great that you're going to the gym, I'm not, I'm doing 10ks a lot though, I'll do 2 more before I step it up to 14k, and that will be my new distance, I plan on doing half marathon, then a marathon, running is great for my mentality. I don't like IFL so much, too much 'banter'. That's cool man!!, great guy Seckbach, knows boxing too, I remmeber him saying Wilder beats Joshua for the same reasons I said, but like you, Robert Garcia disagreed and said Joshua wins, I think the main reason he said was his resumé, but I think he picked up on his speed as well.

If this carries on, their reputation won't be helped, because Parker is being very fair, not onky did he reduce his own price, but he has been very fair, they were actually supposed to fight just after Parker beat Takam. If Parker beat Joshua, I think from a certain standpoint, it would be good for boxing, I think heavyweight boxing would become less about the AJ show, and more about AJ, granted, absolutely, but about his rivalry, and potential superfights against Wilder, Parker, maybe Hughie Fury one day, Daniel Dubois in a few years maybe, rather than his apparently axiomatic dominance above every other heavyweight in the world, I'm sure he doesn't want to lose a fight, haha, but I think Joshua would be happier, more motiavted with a calmer, more realistic nation behind him. On the other hand, what is important is that it is a great fight, and I like AJ, good guy, so I won't be rooting for anyone, I honestly don't mind who wins. I said before, that if Joshua beats Parker, people will be not impressed with the win, but unimpressed with the struggle, granted, but ultimately, people are negative, and Errol Spence Jr, well if he loses a single round to Lamont Peterson, these idiots will call him a hype job, I just think Parker's underwhelming performances don't help the situation, it's ok for Joshua though, if you like him, he likes you, but if you don't, he won't dven bother asking himself why, he'll just say shove off, which is good.

Nope, good fight?, I know it was controversial, and that's all I know.

Looking back on that whole press tour was dumb. The fight was more about hype then a good competitive fight. It's just putting 2 guys in a ring just because they are huge stars.

He was able to take off rounds against Klitschko to. Klitschko didn't want to punch him self out either. I think Joshua does the fundamentals better and has more power I could see him stopping Parker. I give him a 70/30 edge over Parker, I might be a little bias though.

I've been finally going at a consistent pace which is good for me because I struggled with getting myself there. I enjoy IFL, I like their interviews with Joshua and Hearn, sometimes they get Lennox Lewis on there which is cool. I like Seckback to, sometimes he can be a little biased though. Tha boxing voice is a page that's starting to grow on me.

They would be looked at as divas to be honest and it hurts me to say that. I'm a big hearn fan and I think that he should be reasonable with negotiating these fights. It's not like Joseph Parker is some nobody with more losses then wins, he's a world champion and I think that warrants 35 percent. People expect fighters to fight a perfect fight and if they are pushed somewhat they are called a hypejob. It shows how a fighter reacts in certain situations. No fighter in history has had the easy road and was purely dominant.

It's pretty good. I thought Holmes outboxed him and should've won. I recommend it.

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It's funny because all the idiots who said McGregor really did well, look silly now, Mayweather admitted to carrying him.

I could see it, I could see Parker stopping Joshua too, better punch resistance, great power as well, but I think Joshua is better at setting up an opponent, I'm sorry I can't shut up about that right uppercut, that's enough to put the fear of heck into an opponent, and Joshua, I think is better at making the most of his power. No I don't think so, you think he beats Parker and Wilder, so do most people, I really don't see any bias.

Well done pal. I'm going to start doing more circuit training soon, I used to do a lot of that, but I rarely use equipment, all I need is myself, and the floor, haha, sort of old school training, dumbells are good for your strength, and I like treadmills. I'll tell you something mate, I don't want to go for a run in 2-3 days (resting up for a week because of a minor injury), I won't in 2-3 days time any more than I do now, it will be the kast thing I want to do, but once I'm out there, I'll be as happy as a pig in muck, getting out the house is so often the hardest part. When have you heard bias from him?, I've never seen that.

Yeah well it's the truth. That's it, bang on, losing rounds, that's what happens when you step up in class.

Ok, I might give it a watch. I saw your scorecard after I replied last, you had it 10-2, man, looks like it must have been a bad call, that's what I scored Lewis against Holyfield when he was mugged in the street.