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Kell Brook

Errol Spence Jr

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I was able to watch of it but not score it. I'll probably rewatch tomorrow. What did you think of the fight?

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Awesome! Gutted you missed it man!

I'm glad Spence has won! I did not see him stopping Kell Brook, and with the way Brook started, his experience seemed to be showing, after 5 rounds, I was concerned for Errol, but 6, 7, 8, I knew Spence was taking over, he wore Brook down, dominated the last 4-5 rounds, and got the stoppage, well done Errol Spence Jr! One of my favourite fighters, he deserves to be world champion! He has to be ranked number one or two in the world, it is between him and Thurman.

This should be a lesson to young people, that if you shoot your mouth off, if you bully people, and you lose, you will have egg on your face, Brook and Ingle were terriblw throughout the build up to this fight, being nasty to Spence and his team, Brook just seemed to be bullying him, a lot of disrespectful comments, Spence was humble, was the better man outside of the ring, and in the end, he proved to be the better man in the ring too, whilst Kell was eating his beloved chocolate brownies, Errol was grinding in the gym. It is clear who is the better trainer too, I wonder if Derrick James give Dominic Ingle a thrashing for his disrespect, haha, no but seriously Ingle is lucky he wasn't serious, former professional boxer, plays the role of the opponent very well when he takes Spence on the pads, Ingle would have no chance.

This was an awesome fight! Watch it soon, you'll love it!

And George Groves is a world champion now as well!

I got to watch it, just not the best quality. I tried scoring and lost track after like round 5 and had it something like 3-2 Spence. I missed most of the undercard.

Same here. I thought he would win a decision over Brook if anything. The first 5 rounds I thought were very competitive and Brook was doing very well. After the 6th you saw him fatigue and his eye couldn't take anymore punishment. I'm so happy for Spence on winning the titled. He's shown that him and Thurman are one and two of the division. Whoever wins that is the best of the division.

Yeah, if you run your mouth and lose it just makes you look bad. I'm still a huge fan of Brook, but he needs to learn from this situation. You can tell the dedication of Spence was there throughout the build up of the fight. He just let the fists do the talking and came out on top.

One thing I will say with Brook is that I am concerned about the eye. I really thought it wouldn't be an issue in the fight and the problem showed up in the last few rounds. I'm not complaining about how the fight ended, but I think he would've at least went the distance if the eye was n good shape. I think him taking the fight with GGG was foolish, there is sometimes where you have to think about health over money. I also heard Eddie Hearn say that he broke his other eye socket. I really don't know about his future. What do you think? Am I overreacting?

My next question to you is what do you think is next for Brook and Spence?

I'm happy for him becoming a world champ. Hopefully we see a Degale rematch in the future.

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Well hopefully you'll get to enjoy a good quality version at some point.

I thought it was possible that Spence was going to stop him, but it was not my prediction. I don't think the eye was an issue until later than that, I think Spence was just doing well at that point. Absolutely, very hard to argue with that, I think Spence will get a mandatory this year, I know he is keen to fight again this year, because he said the gap between fights wasn't good for him, he wants to fight in Texas, I think that is very reasonable, guvsn that he has just come over to the lion's den, and defeated the champion.

Ingle as well, the idiot, he is jealous of Spence, he is even still picking on him now a bit, the idiot. I'm not, I know what I said before the fight, because I thought he was going to win, and I wanted to seem happy for the winner, but I don't like Kell Brook very much, because like a lot of that Ingle gym lot, I don't think he is a very nice person, I mean, he was never hoing to give Shawn Porter that rematch which he deserved, hey, maybe that fight should happen now, Porter is coming off a very good win, Kell has no more power than Porter now. He's 31, he should have already learned.

You have good reason to be, it isn't good, I realy didn't think there was a fracture, but he must have a weakness there. I'm not sure, those body shots, and the left hands and right hooks, he was feeling them, they were getting to him, he was fading, he would have taken a pummeling anyway, he coukd still have gotten stopped. I'm almost certain Spence wpuld have won had the eye injury not occured, and this wasn't even Spence at his best, he gave himself a B-minus. Forget the GGG fight, this wasn't the same eye. Yes and no, I don't think you are overreacting at all in terms of your concern for his health, I think the rest of his career (which should be no more than another 4 years maximum in my opinion anyway) should depend ln the advice and results from a medical facial structure exam from a doctor, if it can be fixed like the other eye, his sight isn't going to go away, then he can come back, if there is a high risk of that, and the doctors think that another break could casued additional damange to one of the first two breaks, then maybe it is time to retire, he has had a great career, 13 years, never really defended his world title, but still won it against a great champion, but yeah enough of all that, that is my opinion on it. I'm not saying this is you, well it might be, if some out there think all Spence's dominance, al the reasons combined for him in the seocnd half coming on strong, was all because of the eye injury, and without it Brook would have won, think again, because it's almost certainly wrong, Spence came on strong, forget the eye injury, Spence would still have pressured him, drained him, nailed him with big shots.

Well for Kell, if he continues, he can get his act together, do the decent thing and rematch Shawn Porter, the Khan fight is big, if his eye is good, but he can't make 147 again, he should go up to 154, I said before that he beats them all apart from Andrade, well I don't now, I think Charlo beats him. For Spence, unlike bully boy, his career is looking on top lf the world! Many big fights out there for him, I think he is the best welterweight in the world!, whoever Spence's mandatory is will probably be next, I wonder who he'll fight, the Thurman fight coukd happen, but if the Porter rematch happens next year (because Thurman might not fight again this year due to the injury), Thurman and Spence might both have moved up to 154, so we'd still see the mega fight, just at a different weight, for different titles.

Yes it's awesome, after all he went through, bitter disappointment, three times, early stoppage, best punch of Carl Froch's career in a more or less even tactical battle, and a split decision, infuriatingly close, but he's done it, and Chudinov is no Charles Martin, he was a good champion, legitimately undefeated, Groves got a good win there, I have to say the ability in that family to stay in their feet, quite something, his brother didn't go down against Euabnk, and Groves did everything but drop him in that sixth.

This is unrelated to boxing, but I've suffered a setback to my training, I might have an injury, dang it, today, I was in denial for about half a mile and then I just said no, f*** this, I'm going to try in the next day or two, I haven't lost all hope, but I might have to pull out, very annoying.

I thought that Brook was durable enough to go the distance. That made me think that he would go the distance. I think that Spence should get a fight in his hometown. He deserves it, I think it will be huge in Dallas.

I think I saw the interview you are mentioning. He was saying that Spence still isn't all that great. He showed to be a bad sport. At least Kell was a good sport and gave Spence credit. At least from what I've seen. I still like Brook but he should give Porter a rematch.

I think it was a fracture, but I'm not positive on it. I'm sure that Spence was going to stop him without eye injury. He wore him down with the body shots. The eye is a concern because he might end up ruining his vision. I just think it's a big issue because it's both eyes. That can take years off his career. It could be like the Margarito situation and his eye might not be the same anymore. Also, I think Spence deserve all the credit for beating Brook, but his eye was messed up and it was from punches from Spence himself. He was very dominant in the later rounds and the body shots took a toll on Brook. I think it would be better if I wait for details to see how it is to continue his career.

Yes, the Porter rematch should happen at some point. I don't know how he does at 154 now, he used to look great now he might not be the same fighter anymore. Also he might of been exposed to in the fight to. I also like Spence vs Porter or Peterson next to.

I like that he won. Also, I never asked you but did you think the stoppage in the first fight was ok, or do you think it was premature? I've heard it was controversial. That's a good point Chudinov should've been undefeated going into the Groves fight because he was robbed against Sturm. Solid win for Groves.

Those are the worse. How long until the next marathon?

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He is, but Spence is capable of stopping him without breaking a bone in his face, which would have happened? I think Spence would still have stopped him late, but Brook woukd NOT have quit because it was getting too tough, end of story, I definitely think Spence was going to win. Yes absolutely, he's the champion now, he's the A-side, he has every right to stay in
Texas for his next outing.

He's an idiot, and he isn't even right, he was bullying Spence and James at both press conferences. He's always had it in for Spence, I think Spence got under their skin, because he's so calm, he just tells the truth, and that's the truth, haha. In the scenario that he comes back, but I would advise against it, I mean, eyesight, walking your daughter down the aisle, looking at your woman when you tell her you love her, seeing your kids grow up, nice days out when the weather is good, ability to drive, ability to care for people, ability travel the world, see it, enjoy it, he'll have plenty of money, he's been world champion, should he continue? In my opinion, no, but I'll happily go back in that if a dcotor assesses him and doesn't advise against it.

No sorry it was a fracture. I can only agree with that whole paragraph.

I don't think Porter should be next, but at some point sure, I mean, there wiuld be no build up there, not at all, but I bet you, the respect between the two would help them throw themselves into the deep end and fight it out like warriors, Porter is about as good as Brook, acceot he doesn't have eye issues, and he grains harder, Poryer could give Spemce a haredr fight than Brook. I think an opponent who is good enough to keep him busy, but he doesn't need another really hard fight this year, I like the Peterson match up.

No, if anything it was about 4-5 shots too late, teh Chudinovs are gokd at staying up, but staying up for what?, to take brutal beatings to an unnecessary degree, Groves was nailing him, every shot, accurate, every shot, a crushing blow, nithing back from Chudinov, he was defenceless, he was definitely hurt, mkre than hurt, I see why people might not like it but the correct answer is that that was a good stoppage. Absolutely! So happy for him, maybe Degale next. Inthink the top three are Groves, Smith, Ramirez.

4 weeks, I'll test it the day after tomorrow, if it isn't up to it, I've got no choice, well, it's either pull out, or just worsen and damage a vulnerable ankle, I have terrible ankle issues, for most runners its knees, but for me it is my ankles, I'm gutted I really am, I trained so hard for weeks, killing it in the heat, over 6 miles and ready to step it up, if I have to pull out, I'll be devastated, I'm still determined to run 26.2 miles, in decemt time, before the end of the year.

Before the fight, I thought Spence wouldn't stop Brook. Then during the fight seeing that Kell was slowing down and him getting stopped was more likely. I thought him winning was more likely as the rounds went on. Brook was doing well in the first 5 rounds then was struggling in the last half.

Yeah, that's true, Ingle did seemed bothered by Spence. I think that Brook should take a long break before returning and make a decision on his future. I think that it could be serious and might not be the same. He has to make a decision to continue or retire. I wouldn't argue with him retiring, because being with your family and being able to see well is very important.

As long as it happens I'll be ok with it. There won't be any build up. The Peterson will be better, then after that is Thurman. That fight is getting built up right now and I can see that fight being huge. I think now Porter has a great chance of beating Brook, that's if the eye hasn't improved. I think Peterson is a good fight, but a lesser stay busy fight isn't bad either. He deserves it after all he waited to win the world title.

I meant Froch vs Groves. Did you think it was controversial? I have to still see Groves vs Chudinov. If he is defenceless and hurt badly then it should be stopped. The referee probably made the right decision. I agree with you on the top 3 of the super middleweight division.

That sounds good. I would get a lot of rest before hand, ice the ankle up or something like that. I feel bad for anyone who puts a lot of training into something, only to get it ruined by something out of your control. If you have to withdraw I wish you a speedy recovery.

Also, on the undercard of Brook Spence did you get to see Lawrence Okolie or the debut of Anthony Fowler? I'm a fan of both and think they could be the future.

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Yeah that's how I saw it, Porter had it 3-3, I wasn't sure about that, like me, he was really rooting for Spence, many had it 6-0, that's a joke, it was 4-2 for me, could have been 5-1. After 6 rounds, 7-10, I almost certain Spence won every round, so you had to have him ahead by at least one point, people scoring Brook ahead is annoying.

His decision should be based on a doctor's advice in my opinon.

And that won't be a bad thing, they will still go for it in the ring if they fight. He has a strong chance, Brook's eyes ok.

Yes I did, it was an early stoppage, it wasn't as bad as many said, and the abuse, and threats Howard Foster got afterwards, certainly not justified, but it was not a sustained beating, Groves was hurt, but Froch wasn't landing everything, Groves's legs were beneath him, I think had it gone on 10 seconds longer, Froch may still have stopped him anyway.

Yeah well, I've already trained so hard, I'm very light, 129 lbs, so at worst, I might have to lose some training in the last few weeks, but keep up my diet, it would mean I won't get the time I was aiming for, but I will still run it, provided my osteopath doesn't see any reason why not. Icing up an ankle is something I've been told to do before, my problem there is that ice I think only helps a new, more minor injury, mine seems to be more of a reoccurring issue. Yeah it is devastating! And in my case, because I have specific concerns, I didn't sign to run for any charities this time, there is at least one charity I definitely want to run for in the future, and it would be so sad if people sponsored me, and I had to withdraw, so I will wait until I'm more confident about being injury free before I sign up for anything like that. Thanks man, that means a lot.

I did I saw both, Fowler was in a bit of trouble with the referee, he hit his opponent when he was down, nothing malicious, just inexperience mkre than anything esle I think. Okolie looked good, stopped his opponent in one round, it was an explosion finish, he's a big cruiserweight.

I wonder if Thurman and Spence will move up to 154 soon, did you see how gaunt Spence looked on Wednesday?, and Thurman is a big welterweight, I think Spence should target Lara, I think he wins that fight all day, Thurman against Andrade would be awesome, Andrade beat Thurman twice when they were amateurs, so there is some history there, I know Spence vs Charlo is extremely unlikely, maybe Charlo vs Thurman, if this happened, and Crawford stays at 140, Porter could easily be a world champion again, could be the best in his division. I think Porter vs Garcia should happen.

Yeah. For me I had in like 3-2 Spence after 5, but I lost track after that. I think some people who had Brook ahead could've had a bias for him.

True. I mean if they say he won't suffer permanent damage then it would be hard to argue against him returning. I still think he needs time off.

I would like to see Porter get a shot at redemption, even if he loses. He has a better chance now.

I can agree with that about the stoppage. The referee for that fight shouldn't of got threats like he did.

Yeah, I say just do what works for you. Have you had issues with the ankle in the past?

I saw that, I think it was just nerves. Okolie looked great Saturday night. How do you think they will do in the future?

Same here. I think Spence beats Lara. It would be interesting to see how they would do at the next division. I would still like to see Spence vs Thurman even if it is at a different weight class.

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I saw it as 4-1, or 3-2 to Brook, I had it 4-1, but Porter had it 3-3 after 6, and at that point, Boxing Knowledge had it 4-2 Spence, so you could well be right. Yeah those who had him 6-0 up yeah. I'm over the moon for Spence, and I'm very happy for you guys in the states, you've got another title.

Yeah definitely, well, if he does return, then it won't be at 147, I'm 99% sure of that, so it is hard to see who he fights, maybe Charlo, Andrade, Lara, I think he can win a world title, but not against Errol Spence, or Keith Thurman. I think Spence vs Brook II in the future would be something Spence would agree to, and Brook would want, but I think Spence would stop him inside 10 rounds.

It would be a 50/50 fight, Porter under performed the first time, he was gung-ho, and underestimated Brook. Brook was disrespectful to Porter in my opinion, he acted as if he had never had the title after he won.

Of course not! I think some of them went to his house. It wasn't a terrible stoppage, to be fair, that was a massive shot, Groves was in big trouble, his legs were beneath him, but not firmly, and I think about 5 big shots and maybe 8 seconds later, the stoppage probably would have been necessary.

Yeah, well I'll see how I go, I'll run, even if I can't train, I'll be light, I'll eat well, I just won't have the time I would have had had I been able to train propertly for the last 4 weeks, I'm only 19, which is young for a half marathon runner, so I have a lot of time to run marathons in the future, hopefully I can get another humber half in the books, and then all being well, I'll do a marathon later in the year, but I won't be able to be a teen marathon runner, even though I've known that for a while. Yes, last October, when I was training for a Marathon on an island, I rolled my ankle, and sprained it, I was out for ages.

Hard to say, I think they both have chances of winning world titles, I don't think they will ever be top 10 P4Pers. Cruiserweight is not a great division to be in. With Fowler, yeah, well, nerves, inexperience, lack of composure, too hyper, whatever, it wasn't malicious, I say live and learn.

Yeah, well, it will be as good, if not better, Spence wants to unify, unless he expected to look like a someone who was living on apples three days before the Brook fight, he can't be a 147 lb fighter for a lot longer, and I know Thurman struggles to make weight, Spence should try to unify at 154 in my opinion, but maybe the weight situation is under control, I mean, he looked better at the weigh in, he had to be no more than 157 for fight time (I don't like that rule), but he didn't seem weight drained during the fight. Spence's jab, as he said, was being overshot in the early rounds, a bit of ring rust there, but when he came kn after round 6, man that jab is quite something, it is so powerful, I wouldn't be surprised if that broke the eye socket, or maybe just a short, cupping little right hook, but I bet you, the shot that broke the eye socket, was not one of his better shots.

According to Dominic Ingle, Spence was 'not qualified' to beat Kell Brook, he is a 'fake Olympian', and now, apparently, "yeah he's quite good, tough, but Porter was better, Porter was tougher", he isn't saying that out of respect to Porter, it just suits him, Shawn and Kenny Porter wouldn't agree with that I'm sure, even Brook said Spence qas the toughest guy he has ever been in against.

Errol Spence Jr is my favourite fighter now for sure, it is funny because our favourite fighters have a lot in common, both in London 2012, both at the start, both got 11 round stoppages, both impressed on massive stages, both just answered a lot of questions, both are easily hyped, both are marketable fighters. It is good in my opinion, that you are from the US and support a fighter from the UK, and I'm from the UK and support a fighter from the US.

I think 6-0 Brook is a bit too wide. I'm about to watch the fight so I'll see if it's different the second time around and better quality.

I don't think Brook will return to 147 either. I think he's fighting at 154 now, and that's not bad. I don't know how he would do at 154 but it's a good move. I think if there's a rematch with Brook and Spence Spence will win big again.

That's a possibility that Porter underestimated Brook. I would imagine that he did that because he was unknown in the States at the time.

I didn't know they went to his house. Either way that's awful and taking it way too far. I don't remember the stoppage so it's hard for me to say.

Yeah, take it day by day. Also being light will help you out a lot. Being younger is good to, you have a lot more time to participate in marathons. Good luck to you in the next one you do.

I think they can win world titles but not become pound for pound stars. I agree with you on that. The only fighter in the cruiserweight division I think has the potential to be a pound for pound star is Usyk. I like him vs Okolie in a couple years, I also like Usyk vs Gassiev to. I can't wait to see how Okolie and Fowler do in the future.

If they both are struggling to make 147, it can still happen at 154. I would have no problem with that. They both should try to get belts at 154v then unify by fighting each other. This situation reminds me of Sergio Martinez vs Paul Williams where they were the best middleweights fighting at a different weight classes. I believe it was at a lower weight class but that would be different then Thurman and Spence. As long as the fight happens within 2 or so years I'll be happy with it. It's a great fight that can happen at either weight classes.

I don't get why he would say it. It just sounds like he's a sore sport about his fighter losing to him. Kell was a good sport after the fight from what I remember and his trainer should have the attitude of him post fight. I find the whole Olympic thing irrelevant. Floyd Mayweather lost to Augie Sanchez in the Olympics and look who had the better career.

That's true Anthony Joshua and Errol Spence have a lot in common. They both did everything very similar. Joshua and Spence could very well be the future of boxing.

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Cool, I can't wait to see the fight again, Man Down!!!

Well let's hold our horses, should he continue?, it is not for anyone but Kell, and a doctor to say. I think he'd stop him.

He definitely did, yeah that's probably why, also, Brook rises to the occasion, if Porter watched the Jones fight, then it is no wonder he was going for the eary knock out. I was absolutely gutted when Shawn lost that fight.

I think Foster let a fight the week before, get to him, it was James Kirkland vs Glen Tapia I believe.

Will do, yeah, it makes a big difference, long distance running is very much about being light, I don't lift weights anymore or do press ups because I don't want to build up muscle, times are priority, and 1:43:24, for me, is just not good enough. Thanks man.

Usyk is great, but so is the Latvian dude who just beat Huck.

Yeah good point about Martinez and Williams. I agree.

I think it is relavent, but not so relavent that he should sum up the fighter based on it, and Kell never got anywhere near the Olympics.

I agree, they have big, potential 50/50 fight making opponents in Wilder and Thurman.

Same here. Man down.

Very true. If the doctors say he's good to go and he wants to continue it would be hard to argue against it.

He is a fighter that rises to the occasion. I think if he did watch that first Jones fight he would've went about the fight the wrong way. That fight was in 2012 and improved a lot after that, in the second fight he was able to stop Jones. I know Jones isn't the best but it showed his improvement from a competitive fight to an easy stoppage.

That's probably likely.

It's always good to chase a goal. I don't know much about running but I would think it would be better to be lighter than muscular then huge.

Oh yeah I forgot about Bredis. I think he's good but Usyk beats him. Something I would like to see down the road is Bredis vs Gassiev then the winner of the fight fight Usyk.

I think it is relevant in terms of experience. But to say someone is bad because they weren't good in the Olympics is wrong. There were many olmpians who weren't really good but improved a ton.

Imagine those 2 fights on the same card. They both are their own fight but it would be cool.

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Love saying that, something about it, just sounds cool.

I think the most optimistic way of thinking about it is that the right has a metal plate in it, and is stronger now than ot was before he broke it.

Yeah definitely. I've never been the biggest fan of Kell Brook, but I am starting to feel qiite sorry for him, 'he quit like a bitch', come on guys, the pain could have been 10 times worse, he could have just not been worried about going blind, and he would not have quit.

When I get myself into tip top shape, most 14 year olds will out weigh me, haha, I mean, if you eat well, train hard, get increasingly physically fit, you can never be too light. Eith long distance it is about being light, it is about your cardiovascular system, diet, how hard and how well you train, leg strength, which builds up as you get the miles behind you, it's tough is running, you've got to love it to have the motivation, but everything can be challenging, I'm not good at basketball, and I've never played baseball, we all have our strengths in life, by the way, I'll tell you something about fitness and activity which could work in your favour, I've read that the vitamins which blueberries and raspberries contain are great for your fitness, I hate raspberries, the sourness gets the better of me, but you were saying you like them, that's good, because they are an underrated food for health.

I agree, and yeah that's a good match up, to tell you truth, I don't think Gassiev or Lebedev are great, I think Usyk is the only top level fighter in the division.

You're right on that one, and above all, he wa wrong, if you compete in the Olympics, you are an Olympian, you don't necessarily have to win a medal. Dominic Ingle's voice annoys me, and so does his attitude, never fought a day in his life, with his dad being a well knosn trainer, you would expect he would have been in the ring, at least as much as I have, he had the gall to disrespect Derrick James, maybe not a great public speaker, granted, maybe not a guy who is good at debate and discussion, but a brave former professional boxer in his own right, and a now proven, top, top trainer.

I don't imagine either will not fight in a main event, maybe on the same day.

I know. A lot more people are starting to say that now.

True. If the damage isn't career threatening or won't make him go blind then go for it. I just don't want him ending up like Margarito.

Same here. I hate that people are calling him a bitch for quitting. It's not he just quit because the going was getting tough. He did get up off the canvas and fought for another round. It was a valid concern of his of going blind, you just don't want to chance your vision. If it went later his vision could've been damaged permanent. I know it's one round but it could've made a difference.

Don't worry about weighing less. As long as you eat well and train right you'll be fine. Being motivated is something I tend to struggle with at times. Not even with sports like I struggle staying motivated with school. I read that to about berries. That's great to know because I eat rasberries and blueberries all the time even if I'm not on a certain diet or training for an event.

That's what I mean, I think Usyk is the only one I think in the division to be a pound for pound star. The way he moves around the ring for a cruiserweight is just something else. I think he beats Bredis or Gassiev, it's still a fight I want to see. Usyk vs Gassiev is a very underrated fight in my opinion.

Yeah. Like Wilder and Mayweather got Bronze medals and they did better than who got gold in that division. Even though I like Kell, I'm not a big fan of his trainer. I didn't like his attitude after the fight. I like Derrick James though. He seems knowledgeable about the sport. I think he trains other big fighters to, I think he trains the Charlos and maybe Lara, since they all live pretty close.

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It's catching on!

On the other hand, if he recuevesthe same advice as Anthony Ogogo, I think he should hang up the gloves.

Some people I think don't realise the situation, and some of them, I get where they are coming from, because I suppose, you pay to see a fight, you just see a swollen eye, these things happen in boxing, you want to enjoy the last round or two, andthe champion takes a knee, and more or less quits, ot is disappointing, I think that is why Gervonta Davis criticised him online, because he didn't understand the scenario, but Chris Eubank Jr, he knew what he was doing.

Yeah, well weight is relavent, but really you're right in that weight is a sign, and it is more diet and training which should be directly set as goals. I understand that!, it is hard, I mean, I guess I would say the senself achievement, take inspiration from athletes you look up to, Joshua, Canelo, Spence, Ward, and use that as encouragement, I thjnk these ae gold motivaion tactics, I definitely think motivation is positive, some trainers yell and say, something terrible is going yo happen if you slow down, and it is negative, I don't agree with that at all. Motivation with school is something I was never able to use. Well that will work in your favour. There are some foods which I think are worse then people realise, but some which a better than people realise.

Like his pal Lomackenko (or at least, six months ago), I think he is the star of his division, like Rigondeaux, like GGG before Canelo looked likely to fight him, Charlo was at 154, and everybody was writing Jacobs off.

Yeah true, I mean, Canelo had I believe 40 fights as an amateur, Audley Harrison won an Olympic gold. I didn't know James trained Lara.

Apparently John Davis Jackson, may have jumped ship.

Is Ogogo retired or not yet? I remember him losing I didn't remember the bad vision until I read about it today.

That's a good point, fans pay hard earned money to watch a good fight, and to see someone go out like Brook did can be disappointing. I think that's part of the reason and them not knowing how a fighter is going through during the fight. Sometimes it might not look bad, but on the inside it's a million times worse.

That's what I do if I'm doing some sort of sport. I take motivation in successful athletes. For me I think motivation is make or break for me. If I'm motivated I can do something well, if I'm not then most of the times I fail. For school I was motivated for a short period then when I had the grades I wanted then I got lazy.

I think they are still friends. For now Usyk looks great for his division. I really want to see how he does at heavyweight.

Exactly. I'm not sure if he trains Lara but they are probably in the same gym.

I heard that to. I think Kovalev is already beaten before he enters the ring. I think he's beat mentally.

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He has been advised to be a doctor, but I think he will fight on.

I think the fans will take it better if they understand the situation. Oh absolutely, I mean, I can relate to about 8% of it from my own experience, even just stepping into the ring, taking a jab, it's something else.

Same here. For me, at school, being popular, wanting to be a tough kid, that came well before school work, I wish I had started boxing a few years earlier, therefore started running a few years earlier, I would have been a calmer, mkre fulfilled kid, and would have listened more in class.

I don't think Usyk wil ever be the most popular, but he is a phenomenal fighter. I don't think 200 is doing great. I think the two best are 147, and 126.

Let's hope so. Come on Ward!!

Bro, he have the same scorecard. I thought Brook was doing an amazing job in the first rounds, but then came the comeback! Spence is real deal for the next years. One of the keys, in my opinion, was that Spence did much better adjustments than Brook, who followed the same plan all night long. Sorry for my english and congrats! From Spain!

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1. Errol Spence Jr
2. Keith Thurman
3. Kell Brook
4. Shawn Porter
5. Danny Garcia
6. Amir Khan
7. Manny Pacquiao
8. Tim Bradley

You ever watch Joe Frazier vs Floyd Cummings?

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Nope, I know it was Frazier's last fight, he wasn't Fight of the century Frazier, or Thrilla in Manilla Frazier to put it lightly, and the fight was a draw. I saw your card, I've heeard it was controversial, but I can see you thought the decision was wrong.

I thought it was controversial. I thought that Cummings did more work in almost every round and out landing Frazier.

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Interesting, a prime Frazier vs Cummings, break that down?

O haven't seen much of Cummings but if I were to guess I would say Frazier wins it easy.

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I don't find that hard to believe.

I just watched Brook vs Spence again, and I'll probably watch it again soon, such an awesome fight!, I scored it closer this time, but still had Spence ahead. One thing I really noticed second time around, is that Spence answered questions about his chin.

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Round 1 - Could go either way
Round 2 - Brook
Round 3 - Could go either way
Round 4 - Brook
Round 5 - Brook
Round 6 - Could go either way
Round 7 - Spence
Round 8 - Spence
Round 9 - Spence
Round 10 - Spence (one extra point)