Keith Thurman vs Josesito Lopez Scorecard by Champion97

scorecard by CHAMPION97



Keith Thurman

Josesito Lopez

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Sorry, I haven't been active in a while.I was sick this past week.What did you think of Thurmans return?

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No worries, sorry bud, hope you are better. Good overall, not great, and at one stage, it looked like it was going to go very wrong, ring rust was a real factor, but overall, he did well, boxed very well for 6 rounds, and came back well in rounds 10 and 11, coasted a bit at times late on, but you can't blame him for that.

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I only got to see bits and pieces of the fight, I did see like the first 4 rounds or so, then it was spotty after that. I noticed there was a round in the fight where some scorers gave it a 10-8 round for Lopez, because I knew one round Lopez won clearly. What do you think is next for Thurman? I'm hearing Pacquiao is next and isn't a bad fight.

I'll make my predictions in a couple days, for some of the fights I need to do some research.

Also, I really want to see Joshua Fury next for some reason. I just feel that is a fight between the top 2 heavyweights. Also do you think that Joshua vs Fury or Wilder, or even both will ever happen?

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No that would be a great match up, more or less a 50/50 fight.

Fair enough, no rush until a few hours before the fight.

I think Joshua vs the winner will happen

Shame that Davis vs Mares is off.

I like that fight too, I give Pacquiao a great shot. Maybe if he can get a win that can bait Mayweather in a rematch. I would love to see Pacquiao fight Thurman.

There's some I know a winner, and you also have to throw in a couple upsets in there I'm debating which ones I think will be upsets.

I hope so, there's a lot of rumors who will be Joshuas next opponent will be. Do you have any ideas on who you think it'll be?

I heard, who did they find as a replacement?

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As long as Thurman's next fight is in July-September, he will be better than he was against Lopez, I definitely think the Pacquiao we just saw would beat Thurman, Thurman is not great in my opinion, but good, Pacquiao is great, but obviously Thurman, a decade younger. The fight would be great, I wouldn't be surprised if it happened.

I would be surprised if it wasn't either Miller or Whyte, obviously, it should be Whyte, no question he deserves the opportunity next, not Miller, but if Whyte doesn't accept an offer, Joshua might want to make his US debut instead.

Hugo Ruiz, not bad, good record, very experienced professional, but not the most durable at 122, so at 130, against a puncher like Davis, he won't last long, I'd say 4 rounds at the most, but it's a great opportunity for him. Davis vs Ruiz is now in the vault instead of Davis vs Mares.

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I agree on that he needs to be active. He doesn't seem interested on Spence or Crawford this year, who knows if he wants to fight Pacquiao. I think Thurman is good but not great, he has some flaws I think Pacquiao can exploit. I might actually pick him to win. One thing I admired about Pacquiao is he doesn't care who he fights. I know most fighters are like that but some make excuses not to make fights happen or just talk a big game.

Whyte has definitely improved since their first fight, and same with Joshua. Whyte has looked impressive enough to earn a rematch for a world title. If Whyte doesn't take the fight, I'd take the Miller route and make the U.S. debut. If Whyte doesn't take it I'd like to see him fight Ortiz down the line.

Wasn't he supposed to fight on the Pacquiao Broner undercard? But do you think Mares had a better shot then Ruiz?

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I think he'd take that fight, Pacquiao is 40. 50/50 fight in my opinion, Thurman is good but not great in my opinion, like Broner, but he is definitely top 40, maybe even top 30 when he is at his best, Thurman, so he is better than Broner, and he wouldn't let himself amd his fans down like Broner did, I'm very sorry about Broner, you and all his other fans deserved better from him. I'm never going to be Pacquiao's biggest fan, I think he takes a lot of steriods, but at the same time, he has always fought the best, have to give him that.

I don't agree, because Miller hasn't done more to earn the shot than Pulev, Ortiz is amother option, but I think Whyte is at the front of the line, followed by Pulev, of course, that changes if Miller fights an Ortiz or a Pulev, earns his shot like Whyte did by beating Parker.

He did, only 3 weeks between fights. Yes, I think Mares is better than Ruiz, Ruiz is also moving up in weight, Ruiz hits harder than Mares, but is also less skilled, has less high level experience, and although Mares doesn't have a great chin, Ruiz definitely doesn't. I think Ruiz will go in 2 rounds.

I think it's 50/50 at this point. I think he is still a top welterweight because of his wins over Porter and Garcia. He will give a better fight then Broner will that's for sure. I hear Pacquiao is going to fight either May or July next so we'll see if Thurman is ready by then.

I think Whyte is the most deserving, sorry for any confusion. Whyte and Pulev deserve that shot more then Miller, but if both can't fight Miller is a good option.

He's too small for Davis in my opinion.

I recommend you watch Shafikov vs Commey, great fight.

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Do you have your predictions yet?

Alvarez beats Kovalev by UD
Commey beats Chaniev by 5th round stoppage
Valdez by 10th round stoppage

Davis beats Ruiz by 2nd round ko
Lubin stops Smith round 8
Fortuna beats Boghere by SD

Vargas wins by ud
Machado beats Cancio by 6th round stoppage

Ramirez wins by UD
Okada beats Beltran by SD

Santa Cruz beats Rivera by 4th round stoppage
Figueroa beats Molina by 9th round stoppage

Eubank beats Degale by SD
Joyce beats Stiverne by UD

Dirrell beats Yildrim by UD