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Monica Gentili

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You might be getting your wish champ. Haye is hurt bad

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Hey Mike,

It hasn't really hit me yet, I am over the moon for Tony Bellew, I was right when I predicted Bellew at the start, but I retracted my prediction, just like I did with Canelo vs Khan, which was also a mistake.

Just to make everything clear buddy, like I said before the fight, it would be wrong of me to try to force my opinion upon anybody else, I still dislike David Haye, I strongly dislike the way he has behaved in the past, and I strongly dislike some of the things he said in the build up to this fight, but, I don't have the level of dislike towards him which I did before the fight, I have always respected him as a fighter, but as a person, I didn't, I do now, I don't like him, I think he is better for boxing a loser than a winner, I do respect him, I commend the way he took defeat like a man, and I hope he shows us a different side to David Haye, I would like to hear him apologise, but I would still be happy if he just conducts himself in a different way from now on.

My wish wasn't for harm to come to David Haye, and I'm glad he is ok physically, my wish was for the man who had said what he had said (not going to bring it up again) to lose, but more so, for Tony Bellew, a good man, to come out victorious, it's not that I'm so happy Haye lost, it's that I'm so happy Bellew won, for what it's worth, I wish David Haye all the best for his future too.

Congrats on the prediction. I'm happy for bellew for pulling off the upset.

I understand it's alright. I like Haye only as a fighter not so much as a person. I do commend him for fighting hard for having a brutal injury. Hopefully this loss humbled Haye.

I know I mean just in terms of losing. You wanted bellew to win and he did. I understand that you wanted bellew to win. Also what's next for the 2? Any rematch possibility? I think Hayes done to be honest. An Achilles injury takes so long and he's old enough as is.

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Thanks man, I just wish I had maintained it.

Thanks, it is just important to me that people know it was never Haye suffering I wanted, I wanted the mission he was on which I believed was very bad for boxing, to end. Absolutely!

I think Bellew should retire after maybe a big opportunity at heavyweight, if Deontay Wilder would take him on, what a fight that could be!, but Bellew is 34, he's had a quite a career himself, he's a family man, he has said he wants to retire soon, Bellew, in my opinion, would be wise to do just that, I think there are more opportunities at cruiserweight, but better ones at heavyweight, I believe he should target a Wilder showdown this year, and retire.

I think David Haye should retire a warrior, I mean, that injury, think how long that will take to heal, he'd be 37 when he came back, he'd only decline, he can't be doing too badly for money, he should be a pundit, maybe a trainer, an athlete if his body will let him, but I think realistically, it is highly likely that his professional boxing career is over, his life isn't, I feel for the man, I don't feel bad about what I said before the fight, but I do take some of it back, I really hope he recovers physically, mentally, and emotionally from this, last year, and bear in mind I'm an amateur, hard training but not elite runner, last year, I sprained my ankle when I was training for a marathon, and it killed me, and sent me on a downward spiral, I wish Haye all the best for his recovery.

That's understandable.

I think Bellew should still continue to fight a little bit longer. I say vacate Crusierweight belt and fight one last fight at heavyweight. He had a good career and I wouldn't be upset if he retired. Maybe target Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder.

I think he should retire to. He lost to someone in their first fight at heavyweight. I did notice the flaws of Haye you pointed out. For one, from the rounds I saw he was very reckless and swung wildly. Next I noticed the stamina issues. He gassed out after the sixth round. An injure of Haye's nature is hard to come back from and added that he's 36 only makes it worse. I don't think he can beat any elite heavyweights at this point of his career. He had a good run at cruiswerweight I think he should hang it up.

I'm about to watch Haye vs Bellew entirely.

Usyk vs Bellew wouldn't be bad either.

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Forgot to score as it happened.

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Sorry I should have added it earlier.