Jarrell Miller vs Bogdan Dinu Scorecard by SalTnutZ1

scorecard by SALTNUTZ1



Jarrell Miller

Bogdan Dinu

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Eh, I can see his skills in terms of output and punch variety, and you could hear the thud from his body shots, but there are still a lot of questions for me. Can he be elite while being conditioned so poorly? How will that work on his gas tank when he fights a real, World level, or even contender level opponent? When will he fight a legit opponent? Not call out guys like Dave Allen, who I like, but he should be looking for more elite opponents. I want to see him against a Chisora level at least, or even a Parker.

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In my opinion, he isn't conditioned that poorly, but I suppose another question is, just how good is his conditioning?, people say he is fat, he is not, he carries much more muscle than fat, which is why he is so physically strong, still, muscle mass isn't a long distance attribute. Hopefully next, his opposition hasn't been terrible overall, but it hasn't been good, Wach, Adamek, Dinu, in my opinion, are not good enough opponents for a fighter at this stage of his career. I personally, think Miller is top 3 at this stage, just my opinion, but I think he is very underrated, I could be wrong, he could be the best i the division, he might not be top 8, we will just have to see, he is untested, but I definitely don't think he beats Joshua, Wilder, I think Fury at his best can beat him comfortably, and I think when Dubois is in his prime, he'll be better, but I think Miller is underrated, still, he isn't deserving a world title shot next, I think he is very slightly better than Whyte, but Whyte is the most worthy world title challenger in the division in my opinion, he beat Parker, no other contender has a win as good as that in the last 3 years.

That's a good point, but there is a reason he is calling out Price, Allen, and I think the reason is that Hearn could easily make the fight, it would be a good earner, but I think Miller would take a Chisora, Parker fight, the Pulev fight was going to happen, but there was a location issue I believe. The winner of Whyte vs Chisora II vs Miller should happen in June or July in my opinion, and that should be a final eliminator, but the reason it probably won't happen is boxing politics, as we both know, still, that would be a great fight.

Not saying it is likely to happen, but Ortiz vs Miller, who would win that?

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I'd favor Ortiz, as I've seen him take one of the 2 best HW's in the world to the absolute limit before losing. I don't think there is a HW with his punch variety/skill. If he were 10 years younger, he'd likely be considered one of the 3 best HWs IMO. I'm very high on Ortiz though. Miller would be able to body him up, and try to wear him down, but does he have the power and punch variety to counter the tools that Ortiz brings? I think his size, in that fight especially, would hurt him, as I don't think he would be able to keep up with the pace. Miller's path to victory would be to work the body early and often, and hope to catch him. I don't think he could outscore Ortiz to decision him. It would be a very interesting fight though, should it happen.

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I agree, I honestly did not think Ortiz was good before he fought Wilder, I was way off, he proved me wrong. I think so, but definitely, I think Miller would wear him down like you said. I don't think so personally, I think he would make Ortiz work much harder than he would be working, and his stamina is much better than Ortiz's despite the difference in muscle mass, partly because of the age aspect, but I think Miller would get stronger as the fight went on, and Ortiz would fade down the stretch. I think good, effective tactics, maybe ugly, slightly dirty tactics, early, against the better technical fighter, but I think it would be Ortiz who would have to rely on the early rounds, not Miller. I think he would bully, rough up Ortiz, and decision him, but like you said, it would be a very interesting fight. Here's thing though, apparently Ortiz is avoided, he is, but people say Miller fights bums like he hasn't tried to get tougher fights, people should consider that Miller is also avoided.

Not long now until Wilder vs Fury!