Jaron Ennis vs Bakhtiyar Eyubov Scorecard by Gold

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Jaron Ennis

Bakhtiyar Eyubov

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I gave you 5 points but I also gave 5 points to us because round 4 is probably mid in a 10 round fight

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Yeah, that's something I meant to ask about. To be honest, I thought Ennis showed some defensive flaws in this fight if you haven't seen it.

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I hope you don't think it's a cheat from me, because I don't think it is, I'm not the only one who gets the point, if it had been a round earlier, you would have been the only one to get 5 points, but without rounds 11 and 12, I think round 4 is mid, so I think us all getting 5 points was the fairest thing. Did you notice I started doing percentages, good idea?

I will watch the fights from last night when I've seen Davis vs Gamboa.

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No, I don't mind either. I didn't notice the percentages, how is that going to work?

Ok, makes sense.

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The percentage is of what is a 5 point maximum, though not always, most of the time. Do you think it's a good idea? And should I make it a percentage of 7 points instead of 5 despite it being virtually impossible that someone could get 100% in that case?

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I don't really understand it I guess. I think it is better to keep things simple in general especially when they are already working, but maybe there is a major improvement I don't understand.

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I appreciate your honesty on that, I'll ask other scorers.

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I saw the fight, I think there were defensive lapses, more than flaws, Ennis's upper body movement and blocking is impressive for the most part, telegraphs shots well, I think he fought more of an offensive fight, because he knew he was doing more damage, could dominate in the pocket, he got caught more than in his last fight, but Eyubov was awkward, and there was still a vast difference in punches landed in every minute of every round. It will be interesting to see, when Ennis steps up, if his defence is better than in this fight. Ennis's style reminds me of Russell, Farmer, I think he has the potential to be better than either of them, phenomenal hand speed, great defence at times, great variety, puts combinations together very well, it will be interesting to see how he fares at a higher level.

I know you don't usually watch press conferences or take what's said seriously, I often don't either, but did you hear what Fury was saying about going for the early KO? You never with Fury, but if he's serious, and he believes what Freddie Roach was saying, he will get knocked out clean.

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If you want to hear a hot take, I think Ennis is already better than Farmer in a pound for pound sense. I can see where you get the Russell comparison though and Ennis has a much better build than Russell who is a small 126. It could be at least partially that he was willing to trade to get the KO. Paulie was saying Eyubov was a really hard puncher but he also made himself look dumb acting like Amir Imam is a pound for pound level puncher. Ennis isn't signed to a major promoter, I get that he wants to keep his options open because the division could easily turn over by the time he is at the title level in a year or two, but at a point it is too hard to get relevant opponents and continue developing without signing to a major promoter.

I heard that and that it wasn't the only outlandish thing he said. I assume it is just bluster, he does a lot of crazy things but I don't think he'll do that. I think Sugar Hill will be a better trainer for him than Davison. I heard he has Andy Lee working with him as well which may help to keep him grounded.

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I don't know if I agree he is already better, but I don't think he's far off. I think it was, he didn't have respect for Eyubov's power, but I also think he still did a good job defensively overall, he was rolling with a lot of the punches he got hit with. I didn't catch that, but I was amused by Paulie's reaction to the referee letting Ennis get away with the push, "he just looked at it, he should be in the front row seat".

I agree, he is more experienced. I don't buy Fury being too light against Wallin, I don't think his weight was the problem, I don't think being over 260 will give him power if he weighs the same as in the Schwarz fight, and I think if he tries to knock Wilder out, neglects his boxing, he gets himself knocked out. I wonder if Freddie Roach got in Fury's head, saying he hits harder than Wilder.

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I think the fact that he's not working with Roach shows that he's not listening to Roach. I think the problem with the Wallin fight was that he wasn't properly prepared, took him lightly and then suffered that terrible cut. I don't necessarily think his weight was the problem either or in the Wilder fight, but I've heard that they had preparation issues versus Wilder where they tried to do elevation training and it didn't work so they had to switch plans. I don't know if it has credibility or not though.

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I agree, and fighters like Wallin or Schwarz, who are unbeaten, hasn't fought enough good opponents to give them credibility, but haven't only beaten terrible opponents, they are n unknown, are untested in a lot of ways, and it's hard to predict how they will do in their first big fight. I think Schwarz was very disappointing, Fury might have got complacent, I didn't think Wallin looked any better on paper than Schwarz, and Fury might have thought Wallin should have been an easy opponent for that reason, but unlike Schwarz, who was probably worse than his record suggested, Wallin was there to win, was better than his record suggested.

Fury admitted the Wilder fight was too soon, elevation training is hardcore, they probably tried to vastly improve Fury's fitness in too short a time, that's my assumption.

Looks like Pricey isn't done, he still wants the Lucas Browne fight, I could see that happening, but after the Chisora fight, I'll say it, he should retire and take care of himself.

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I wouldn't mind Price vs. Browne, that's the level he should have been fighting at in my opinion. Sometimes fights versus two shot fighters can be really entertaining. Wish both would retire though for their health

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I know, but you said it, they should retire for their health. Either you were right about Price being shot when he stopped Allen, he fell off a cliff between the 2 fights, or it was a bad night for Price, but I think the last of the 3 is the least likely.

Yafai vs Gonzalez is confirmed, I was expected it to be Estrada vs Yafai, and Ioka vs Gonzalez, but it's a good fight.

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I wouldn't mind seeing Price going out on a win versus Browne, Browne is finished in my opinion. Possible that Price has more left in the tank.

Will you be pulling for Yafai or Gonzalez? I think you know I'm going for Choco, to see a legend like him win another title would be fantastic. His speed looked poor in his last fight but the technical ability still looks like it is there.

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It's as if we've switched sides of the argument. Based on The Chisora fight, I see no reason to think Price isn't flat out shot, he looked vulnerable from start to finish, did a lot worse against Chisora than Povetkin.

I don't mind, I like both fighters, which makes it easier to enjoy the fight. Yes, I know you generally don't support Matchroom fighters and dislike Matchroom as a promotion company, and of course are a fan of Gonzalez as a hardcore boxing fan. I think it depends more on Yafai than Gonzalez, and how much better he is capable of than his last 2 performances, I haven't seen Gonzalez's last fight, but I wouldn't imagine that makes too much of a difference given the opponent and where he is at in his career.

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Obviously the transitive law/triangle theory doesn't work in boxing, but Price beat Allen easily and Allen destroyed Browne, I never gave Price a chance versus Chisora so I didn't have expectations based on that. The two relevant opponents Browne faced since he juiced out versus Chagaev he got blown out by, so that's what I am basing it on.

I agree about Yafai and his level. Do you know who you'd pick? I think I am going to pick Chocolatito by a close points win but I'm not very confident about it.

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To me, it's an exaggeration to say the triangle theory doesn't work at all, if it wasn't an exaggeration, you wouldn't venture it, what it is is unreliable for a few reasons, but still something to take into account.

Ok, but did you expect him to be that much of a mess? He was dead on his feet after 3 rounds, looked very vulnerable, made Chisora look an absolute beast. I'm not saying Browne would beat Price, I'm saying both should retire for their health, look for another way to make a living.

Not yet, I'd need to think about it, but it's definitely an interesting fight. If it was a prime Gonzalez I would pick him to destory Yafai, and if I still rated Yafai as highly as I did after he beat Carmona, I would pick him to win, but it's a thinker.

Hearn offered Ruiz 7 figures to fight Whyte, I don't see why Hearn is trying to put Whyte in against Ruiz, he has a lot to lose, Whyte, Ruiz is high risk, and he doesn't need the fight, what do you think?

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I'm just using it as a gauge of their levels versus a common opponent. I don't think the triangle theory is reliable at all to say that A will beat C because A beat B and B beat C, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. Of course, the most famous example of it failing is Ali losing and struggling in wins versus Frazier and Norton who Foreman destroyed, but Ali stopped prime Foreman.

Probably not that bad, but I picked Chisora to win by mid-round KO. I thought Chisora's pressure style would be terrible for Price but he wouldn't really push it for the first few rounds to feel out Price's power and let him gas himself out more.

The intangibles favor Yafai and the timing favors Yafai, I know you are big on timing so that's a good reason to pick Yafai. I just don't know if Yafai can really deliver the big performance he needs. Chocolatito has been there so many times by now.

Because Hearn believes that Ruiz will be undisciplined and Whyte can win which would be a big boost to his profile and resume. I would kind of be surprised if it happens unless Ruiz's contract is up with PBC and Hearn really pays up. Usually, PBC guys are loyal to Al because he makes sure they are paid well.

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That's what I'm saying, if it didn't work at all you wouldn't even use it as a gauge. I agree it's unreliable, and there is no reason to put stock into it when we can get other important information from BoxRec and can watch the fights and know the strengths and weaknesses of the fighters. It may be the most famous, but it isn't the best, because Ali beat Frazier twice, I think Gonzlaez beating Cuadras, Cuadras beating Rungvasai, and Rungvasai beating Gonzalez is better, but I know you weren't saying it was the best example, just the most famous.

He hurt Chisora at the end of round 3, but he collapsed onto his stool, Chisora was having an affect with partially landed shots, it was horrible to watch as a Price fan.

I think Yafai can do a fair bit better than in his last 2 fights, but I don't think he will need to be as good as I thought to beat Gonzalez now. When you say big performance he needs, do you mean like Horn against Pacquiao?

Is Ruiz not active on social media? If he is, Hearn should know he is unlikely to be undisciplined for his next fight, he has been training hard since he lost, ironically. Good point about PBC, I keep forgetting Ruiz is a PBC fighter. I don't think Hearn cares that much about whether Whyte fights for a title or not, because I don't think he'd match him against Ruiz if he did, I get the sense Whyte is unpopular in the US, and Hearn doesn't think he can make much money off him.

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Here's another example. Taylor beat Hopkins, Pavlik beat Taylor, but Hopkins beat Pavlik.

Yeah, that's why I thought Chisora would wait for Price to gas himself out some first.

Sort of like Horn against Pacquiao, just that it is versus a much more experienced opponent. I think if Yafai shows up like he has recently he loses, but if he can fight at his best he'll beat an aged Chocolatito.

I don't know, Ruiz has money now so he may not have the desire. He should have had all of the reasons to train hard for the rematch. Hearn definitely does want to get the WBC mandatory enforced because if Whyte somehow won then he'd be able to make the undisputed championship in house. Depends what you mean by unpopular, with hardcores probably. He's a good level draw in the UK so I assume Eddie believes in his draw there.

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Good example.

More experienced opponent? I think both Pacquiao and Gonzalez are veterans if there are any in boxing. I agree on that, it depends on Yafai.

That makes sense, but Ruiz has been training since the fight, we know that, I think he is embarrassed, disappointed in himself, and wants to right the wrong, I think that because he has been training harder than most would after a big fight, since the fight. Good point, but how confident is he Whyte would win? I mean unpopular as in, people in the US aren't bothered about seeing him fight Wilder, and they aren't generally buying any of the excuses after the failed test.

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I wasn't aware of Ruiz training personally, he should be embarrassed, he let everyone including himself down. I hope we see the best of Ruiz in his next fight but I don't expect it, remember what Hagler said that it's hard to get up and do road work when you sleep in silk sheets. I don't know how confident he is, only Eddie can really know. I think he is confident though if he is willing to pay Ruiz big money to fight Whyte. Yeah, I don't think people really care about Whyte fighting Wilder in the US, and if they know about Whyte their opinion is probably neutral or negative partially for the reason you mentioned.

I don't know if I'm going to be able to catch any of the fights tonight live, are you going to be watching? What's available in the UK?

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The only reason I'm aware is because I follow EsNews, but I think he will be more dedicated this year. It's ironic not only that Ruiz is training probably harder after the fight than before it, but after everyone said Joshua was the one who underestimated Ruiz, let the money and fame get to his head, it was Ruiz who went off the wagon. Good quote, but I don't think that will happen again because now, although he is still rich, he won't be complacent, I would have said he has to ponder his career, but he probably doesn't need to seeing as he started training soon after the fight. Ruiz let himself down, but Robles more so, he did everything that can be asked of him as a coach, no reason to question the work they did in the gym, nothing wrong with the game plan, but what the fighter does away from the gym isn't something a trainer can control.

Not live, but the ShoBox card from last night and Williams vs Rosario are both on Boxnation, it seems to have picked up after a dry spell, it's a good channel, very reasonable price. Fox seems to be taking over the PBC fights, there are more of them than Showtime, more preamble as well with interviews in the studio, do you think Showtime boxing is coming to an end?

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I hope you are right and that he comes back strong. I agree that Robles was let down and he didn't deserve some of the comments Ruiz made about him after the fight.

That's good, I hope Williams has a good performance for his hometown. Yeah, the plan is clearly to put fights on Fox who has a lot of pull as a major network. Theoretically, Showtime does as well through CBS but it hasn't played out like that. If Tank vs. Santa Cruz isn't on Showtime I think it will be a sign of the true end as Tank is the only star level PBC fighter left on Showtime. Showtime has already gone downhill significantly in terms of programming which is a shame, because their production is clearly better than PBC on Fox.

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So do I. What were those comments? I know he apologised to Sr and Robles at the post fight press conference, but I didn't know he'd said anything else. I know you are not a Joshua fan, but do you agree he deserves credit for being gracious in defeat, not making any excuses, taking the criticism well? Because we know he had issues the first time, it's easy to make excuses, Ruiz did, and unlike Joshua, it was his own fault he wasn't at his best.

I think he will, it's easy to underestimate a Rosario after beating a Hurd, even unconsciously, but he might not underestimate him, and a fighter deserves the benefit of the doubt, which is why my prediction is a mid stoppage for Williams. They have Jermall Charlo, but he will never be the draw that Davis is, it seems like Showtime need Davis vs Santa Cruz. I don't know about the overall production, but I don't like the commentary on Fox as much as Showtime. I was thinking, if Ray Mancini and Paulie Malignaggi are ever at the same commentary table, there will have to be security between them, I think Mancini was a very offensive fighter, and he is biased in favour of the aggressor because of that, and Malignaggi can be the exact opposite, have you noticed that?

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If I remember correctly he blamed his training in either in the post-fight interview or the post-fight press conference which was completely on him rather than Robles, but it is possible I am remembering incorrectly. I don't really agree that he was gracious in defeat, saying it was a "punch from the gods" and such. He wasn't a sore loser though and he obviously realized he needed to make changes which takes a level of humility.

Wow, what happened with Williams? I haven't followed Rosario so I didn't expect that at all. I guess J-Rock said he has a rematch clause? If so, PBC should book Charlo vs. Harrison III in my opinion. Bookies didn't either, I believe Rosario was a +2000 underdog. Yeah, and Charlo is older than Davis. The presentation with stuff like All Access makes it better in my opinion. Both Mancini and Malignaggi are very outspoken as well, I can see why you would think that. I don't like Paulie because he gets into his biases too much and can run with narratives but I think he is much better at explaining the tactical elements than Mancini.

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He blamed his weight, admitted he didn't train as hard as he could have, I don't think he was blaming Robles but I can see how that comes across. Even when he said that, he didn't trash talk Ruiz, and in general, when it comes to how Joshua, Fury, Wilder, Joshua is the most professional of the 3, is definitely a good role model, but I think the excessive hype from the British media before he fought Klitschko has done his reputation more harm than good in the long run.

Shocker, phenomenal from Rosario. Another example of the unreliability of the triangle theory. It wouldn't surprise me if we saw that next, it's 1-1, the rematch was a good fight. I agree, it's interesting to see the preparation for a big fight. I think part of it is that Showtime are more analytical overall, but I agree Paulie is better at explaining the tactical elements.

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Fair enough, I took it as that he was offloading at least some of the blame onto Robles and his camp. I'm not going to get into it regarding Joshua again because we've had this conversation before and there's no way we will reach a common ground.

It helps to build up the big fights as well, HBO 24/7 was fantastic and really made the fights feel special. It just feels like there is something missing to the presentation on Fox, ESPN, and DAZN, I think that is a part of it. I like that about Showtime personally, I wish the other networks would follow suit.

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If I was Robles, I don't know what I would have done, he was saying he tried to take advantage and work Ruiz as hard as he could whenever he was in the gym because he wasn't there often enough, but it doesn't work like that, you can't compensate for missing days in one day, you have to be consistent, and Ruiz let himself down. How do you think the fight would have gone if Ruiz was 255, which was roughly what Robles wanted him to be. Ok, might not be the best idea to continue on that topic.

I agree, I liked 24/7 for Pacquiao vs Bradley II. I personally don't miss HBO, I've never liked their commentary, they were heavily biased.

I apologise if I've asked you already, but do you think the winner of Dorticos vs Briedis is the best at 200?

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Agreed, not the fault of Robles that Ruiz didn't fill his part of the bargain. I think Joshua still would have won closely on points but I wouldn't have been surprised to see Joshua get hurt or knocked down as Ruiz would have been able to close the distance better to set up combinations.

The ending to the MayPac one is great too. I've liked basically everyone I've seen. They definitely had their biases but every company will to promote their guys. The most blatant feature of bias today in my view is the punch "stats" on Fox which are always biased to the A-side house fighter. Have you noticed that?

I don't think you have, and I think you have to say yes based on resume as the other champions/contenders don't have that. I would like to see the winner versus Goulamirian and Makabu if he wins the WBC though.

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I agree, I think Ruiz's lack of preparation and weight was a factor, but not so much of a factor that he would have won if he'd done everything right. I doubt we will get a third fight, Joshua would almost certainly fight Ruiz again, but Ruiz doesn't deserve a third fight in my opinion, and Joshua has too many options to take that fight.

The epilogue? Or all access? Yes I have, people don't like Charlo, probably exaggerate how well Harrison was doing, but those numbers were well off, I know both are PBC fighters, but it seems Charlo was favoured the first time as well, I had to mute the commentary. I don't like punch stats, but I think it's pointless to have the overall number caption, because it's round by round as we know, and a fighter can narrowly win 10-9 after 10-9 by landing a single figure amount more shots, another can win 1 or 2 10-9s by landing tens more shots, most often if they hurt their opponent and build on it, so the overall punch number is misleading.

Based on limitations I've seen from both, the timing aspect, and the top contenders in the division, I don't think either are top 3. I think Goulamirian, Makabu, Lerena are all underrated fighters, and would have the beating of Dorticos and Briedis. Okolie was in the SkySports studio recently, sounded very ambitious, which is always good to hear, he was talking about being undisputed this year, which is unrealistic, I don't think he's top 5 even if I rate him higher than you do, but I expect him to beat Glowacki.

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I agree Ruiz doesn't deserve the fight at this point. If he can somehow rebuild his level and get himself into a mandatory position or get a title somehow then possibly, but at this point definitely not.

The 24/7 for MayPac leading up to the fight. Yeah, Charlo was the A-side fighter, I'm sure they chose California specifically to favor Charlo and the judges obviously favored him. If I remember correctly even if Harrison won 11 and 12 he would have lost on points which is crazy.

Do you think that Goulamirian, Lerena, and to an extent Makabu are overinflated due to their opposition? It is easy to say that both Breidis and Dorticos have limitations but they've also faced opposition those guys haven't. I expect him to beat Glowacki. I hope he doesn't because his style is terrible but he should be able to beat a likely damaged Glowacki.

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I don't think he will get the trilogy even in a few years, because based on the competitiveness of the prospect level, I think there are several heavyweight prospects who will be more than good enough to beat him in a few years.

There were a few close rounds, but I think Harrison won an absolute minimum of 5 rounds. You're right, Charlo could have lost the last 2 and it wouldn't have cost him the fight. Harrison is 29, I think he can come back a better fighter, I think the referee might have saved the rest of his career with the stoppage, he can't do anything about his chin, but I think he can work on all his stamina and survival skill.

I should note I've not seen Lerena or Goulamirian fight, but I've seen Makabu fight and I definitely think he beats Briedis and Dorticos, I doubt he'd be the favourite against either, but I think he has the skills to beat both, and the timing aspect benefits him. Lerena beat Mann, Kucher, Kalenga, Goulamirian beat Merhy, Bejenaru. BoxRec is all my opinions on Lerena and Goulamirian are based on, but based on their resumes, I don't think they are overrated because of their opposition, and it is also that 200, like 154, is wide open, I think Dorticos vs Breidis, although it certainly wouldn't be a weak quarterfinal, is a weak final, I think Dorticos is defensively poor, struggles to cut off the ring in the early rounds because he has slow feet, and let's not forget, Briedis was terrible against Gevor, we don't know how the Glowacki fight would have gone if it hadn't been for controversy.

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That's possible, but I'm talking about in the 1-2 year frame and I think it still is possible for Ruiz in that time frame.

Also, his consistency, knowing when to take risks and when not to in fights, which is what cost him in the second Charlo fight.

Disagree, I think Dorticos and more likely Breidis as a counter puncher would beat Makabu because Makabu is too one dimensional, but I'd like to see the fight. Makabu would be a live opponent and a tough challenge. None of those guys Lerena and Goulamirian are really that impressive, I kind of wonder about Lerena given where he's fighting if he's ever going to fight for a world title. Dorticos was poor versus Gassiev but I would take Gassiev versus the field at 200. Brieidis was terrible and I don't want to excuse his performances but there were rumors that he wasn't training seriously in that fight or the one before it. While the timing would favor the younger guys I don't think it is significant enough to outweigh the gap in experience.

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We'll see, but certainly this year, let's hope we see Joshua vs either Usyk or the Wilder vs Fury winner.

Yes, tactical dicipline, like Joshua showed against Ruiz, a fighter with a bad chin needs to accept he can't take as many risks as a fighter with a good chin.

I see why you disagree, but I think Dorticos and Briedis are also one dimensionl. Have you seen Lerena or Goulamirian fight?. So would I, I think how poor Gassiev was made to look against Usyk is a testament to Usyk. Well agree to disagree I suppose, hopefully these fights happen or at least some of them.

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I think there is a great chance we see Joshua vs. Usyk towards the end of the year if Usyk vs. Parker is made for the vacant WBO and Usyk wins. However, I'm not going to count Parker out, he certainly has a chance to win.

Agreed completely.

I can see why you say that. I haven't, hopefully they are on a major promotional show sooner rather than later. I have more hope for Goulamirian than Lerena in that regard. I agree it was also a bad stylistic matchup for Gassiev in hindsight. He wasn't able to keep up with Usyk's movement or pace. I hope we get the fights, I assume you heard Makabu is fighting for the vacant WBC?

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Parker hasn't been active, and although he is good, there is a big difference in skill level between him and Usyk, and he won't get away with not having the aggressive mindset of a fighter against Usyk. but he is definitely a big step up from Witherspoon, and Usyk is still relatively inexperienced and untested at heavyweight. I would be rooting for Parker, not because I don't like Usyk, but because Parker is one of my favourite fighters.

Yes I'm aware, I would have put it in the PCOM vault if the fight had been announced earlier. I don't know much about the opponent, I might do a prediction, but I definitely think Makabu is underrated, and I think Bellew was an underrated fighter, we've discussed Bellew before and disagreed, I stand by everything I said about him as a fighter, but man he's biased.

It looks like we will see Oubaali vs Donaire, if we see that fight, do you like Donaire over Oubaali after Inoue vs Donaire?

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I don't know if you saw this, but Parker is supposed to have a tune-up on the Garcia vs. Vargas card. Eddie really stacked that card too, fantastic value for hardcore fans. I agree that there is a big skill difference, Usyk is one of the most skilled in the world, but there is also a big size step up. As you said Usyk is untested at 200+, Parker is only an inch taller but he's filled out at 240+. I will probably pull for Usyk because he can make history, but I wouldn't be mad if Parker won.

Are you referring to something recent and specific when you say he's biased? I agree in general, he does at least as much cheerleading as analyzing, he makes Paulie look perfectly unbiased.

I think Oubaali will win because I feel like the Inoue fight could have taken a lot out of what was left of Donaire. Oubaali has a good work rate and I think he will be able to box Donaire at least in spots, but I don't think Oubaali's chin has ever been tested or been in a real tear up. He certainly tested Inoue's so we'll likely find out if Oubaali can take it. I think it will be interesting if there is full VADA or not. I know Donaire is a big proponent of VADA and I hate to say this but I think Oubaali is suspect. He looks big for the weight and his back is insane.

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I saw that. Definitely, best upcoming card in my opinion. Speaking of good upcoming cards, although the main event is probably a mismatch, the card on the 30th is a good one, it has the two fights which are closely split in the PCOM vault.

Yes, he verbally slaughters a journalist for calling Whyte a drugs cheat, insists Saunders is clean, whilst foreign drug cheats should have a baseball bat taken to their head. The disrespect towards Joseph Parker, from SkySports, is disgraceful, it has to be said, I don't know what their problem is, if they are annoyed by how reluctant Parker is to talk any trash, but the commentary for the Whyte fight was a joke, I thought at the time they were right and I was biased in Parker's favour, but a lot of people picked up on it. As a pundit who influences people who look up to him as a fighter, Bellew should put his biases to one side. I watched Murray vs Rosado, and I was wondering why Bellew wasn't biased for Murray, and then I saw Creed, and that explained it.

Very possible, I suppose it's another case of whether a fighter will have fallen of that cliff. If the fight happens, I'll definitely watch Oubaalivs Takuma before I make a prediction, because I missed that fight. It will be interesting to see how Inoue's eye socket heals and if that will be a problem in the future, I don't know if Brook's left eye going against Spence was related to his right eye going against Golovkin, but I know of fighters who have had to retire because of eye problems, there is a lot at stake for him though, that's for sure, with the potential he has, so it would be a shame for him if his career was compromised or worse because of an eye problem.

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Farmer vs. Diaz and Roman vs. Akhmadaliev I assume? I would be surprised if Roman vs. Akhmadaliev is bad and that fight alone makes the card worth it for me, but I wouldn't be surprised if Farmer vs. Diaz is a boring decision fight.

I don't know if he's just an idiot or he's a shill personally. I agree that they were very disrespectful to Parker, has to just be a nationality thing because as you said Parker is a respectful guy, conducts himself professionally in and outside the ring. What is the thing about Creed and Murray vs. Rosado? I don't know the context.

Mentioning that fight, that goes against what I said previously because Oubaali had difficulty boxing with Takuma Inoue who doesn't have relevant power. Maybe I will pick Donaire, I don't know yet. I agree about the eye socket, I hope it doesn't affect him. Apparently the Casimero side isn't committing to the Inoue vs. Casimero fight, if that happens I think he should take the tune-up with the IBF mandatory and then target the WBC.

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Was getting pretty worried about that considering Casimero is represented by Gibbons who turned down fights for Ancajas apparently multiple times versus Inoue, and I hadn't heard anything recent about Inoue vs. Casimero, so I'm glad it will happen

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Yes. Should be an interesting fight if not an entertaining fight, and I meant they are well matched, and it's a 50/50 fight, more than it being likely to be a good fight.

Make of him what you will in terms of whether he's an idiot or not, but like Paulie, he is a great analyst when he is unbiased, I have learned a lot from him, but he can't be unbiased, which is unprofessional. That's the only time he hasn't been biased in favour of the Brit, and Rosado was also in Creed, so they were probably still friends, if you haven't seen Creed, I recommend it, good movie.

I was about to say before SalTnutZ1 posted the link, I would be very surprised if Casimero didn't take that fight because he comes off a momentum and confidence boosting win, it's the biggest opportunity of his career, and after the Donaire fight, Inoue will be less likely to be ducked, I think anyone who says he's a hype job is being stupid, but he lost that reputation as a beast or invincible, I think ducking him makes no sense. Looks like the fight is on, one of the fights I'm most looking forward to if it gets confirmed.

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Yeah, Farmer and Diaz are well matched. Are you pulling for either of them, or indifferent like myself?

I'm saying he's an idiot as in there isn't a "general" form of intelligence, clearly, he knows a lot about boxing but everything I've heard from him outside of boxing says that is where his intelligence is limited to. Maybe I will at some point, I kind of lost my will to watch more boxing movies after Raging Bull (even though that arguably isn't really a boxing movie) because I knew it was never going to get better than that.

I was very pessimistic because of the promotional reason I mentioned but I'm glad it is happening. I kind of disagree that he lost his reputation as a beast, Donaire without a doubt should have been counted out when he got put down. People gloss over that someone like Tucker went the distance and had success versus Tyson because of his other fights, so if he knocks guys like Casimero out, which I think he will, I think he will be back to where he was. I agree he isn't invincible but no one is.

Did you see Andy Ruiz isn't with Manny Robles anymore? That's a bad sign in my opinion. Also, Ruiz posted a picture of him in a "workout" on his "journey back to the belts" that is from years ago. Again, not a good sign in my opinion on if he is going to come back at or around the level he was at in the first Joshua fight.

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Indifferent, don't mind who wins.

I never saw Raging Bull, I've seen all the Rocky movies and The Fighter, I thought The Fighter was good, but the more real fights I watch, but it's interesting how many non-boxing fans like the Rocky movies and how many boxing fans don't, I liked the films when I was a casual, before I realised how unrealistic they were.

I meant more that the public think he isn't the beast they thought, more than he logically isn't as dangerous as we thought. That's true he should have been counted out, I don't personally rate him lower than before the fight, it was the learning fight he needed, questions were asked of him, Donaire was prepared for his style, Inoue proved to be adaptable.

I saw that. I can't say it's a good or bad sign, because we don't know if he's taken responsibility, has the right mentality, and just wants a fresh start, or if he's blaming Robles. I'm not at all surprised Ruiz has left Robles. I don't take anything from that, there are more questions than answers about Ruiz in my opinion, it all depends on how much time he spends training, if he lives the life, it's unpredictable. I wouldn't be surprised if Ruiz started training with Robert Garcia, both have have the proud Mexican fighting heritage, and he wouldn't have to move out of state for camp. Ruiz has trained with Abel Sanchez, but I don't think he will go back to big bear gym because he said he more or less trained himself when he trained with Sanchez.

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I hadn't heard of The Fighter, but that's interesting that it's about Micky Ward. I assume you think it is good because the boxing is realistic? Raging Bull is fantastic and rightfully considered an all-time great film but it's an ask to watch unless you are really into films in general. It's a slower film that is almost entirely in black and white but it is a very rewarding viewing experience because of the all-time great acting and directing. I don't like Rocky personally, the Raging Bull fight scenes aren't realistic either but they are exaggerated to show LaMotta's violent character. De Niro, who plays LaMotta, was trained by LaMotta and I believe took a few amateur fights to get into the character. Sorry if you aren't interested in the details of that lol, but I felt I should at least pitch it to you.

I see what you mean, but I don't think he has much exposure to casual fans outside of Japan. Once they put him on ESPN versus Casimero though that will change. I don't rate him lower either and I agree with your assessment of the fight.

It may be a logistical thing with Garcia, he has so many fighters that he may not be able to handle it. I wouldn't mind seeing it though. I just hope that Ruiz really puts his best foot forward with his next fight (which seems more and more like it could be versus Whyte) as you seem to believe he will because I'm not very confident in that.

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I’ll concur on Raging Bull. All time great film, but I’m also a film nut as well. The Fighter is very good. Enjoyed Cinderella Man as well.

Heard Ruiz is meeting with Teddy to see how their chemistry is, and that may be his next trainer.

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I don't know if I can classify as a film nut because I haven't seen enough movies, just can't commit myself to one usually. I forgot about Cinderella Man, that's one I wanted to see. Braddock has a great story, I remember finding out about it watching a video of an HBO PPV when it was coming to theaters or in theaters.

It could be interesting given Atlas is a motivator type but I think it is really on Ruiz, to be honest. If he doesn't want to put in the work Teddy can't really make him do it like how Robles couldn't make him to it.