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1. Mikey Garcia started boxing at 15, he turned pro at 18, 4 year amateur career you say.
2. Terence Crawford wasn't a good amateur, he is living proof that an amateur with a record of 58-12 can be the best in the world, and an amateur like Devon Alexander, 300-10, can be far from it.
3. Mikey Garcia proved himself as a good world level fighter against Salido, not before.
4. Tyson Fury didn't look talented before the Chisora rematch, otherwise why was that expected to be so much closer than the first? Why was Fury such an underdog against Klitschko?
5. If you went into a coma in 2012, just woke up, someone told you David Price was world champion, you wouldn't be surprised, because pre Thompson, nothing to suggest he wasn't world level, not a lot to suggest he was, but nothing to suggest he wasn't.

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In 2003 Garcia was fighting at a national junior level, so he was 16 at the time, and everywhere I've seen says he started as an amateur at 14.

Just because you don't understand the US amateur boxing scene doesn't make it true. He beat Mikey and Danny Garcia as an amateur, there are only a finite amount of spots on international traveling teams for each country and the US has the most amount of amateurs competing for that number of spots.

Beat a variety of regional titlists, a world title challenger and a former world champion in Barrios before fighting Salido. You said he fought nobody before Salido, Barrios is not a nobody.

Because of stuff like Fury punching himself, his style basically being a one-off in Heavyweight history, etc. Fury was such an underdog versus Klitschko because Klitschko was making the 19th defense of his IBF title lol.

Exactly, he never faced anyone before Thompson, and when he did go up to gatekeeper level he got sparked.

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That's not what he said, so tell your friend Fat Dan to get his facts straight.

I understand alright, don't make this something more complicated than it is just because I've got you on this one, you do not have to consider me the ultimate expert, just a simple "fair enough, you are right on that one" like I say to you, will do. They weren't great amateurs, he beat them, ok, he wasn't a poor amateur, it was 1-1 with Danny, and 58-12, look at all his losses. Well never, that's what a tournament, you have to earn your spots, but every Olympian is a great amateur or even really a good amateur by the standards of top level.

Yes, regional titles, means nothing when Crolla wins them. Yes, but he wasn't winning world titles you muppet, Barrios was not a good world level fighter, world champion, so was Crolla, Mikey was unproven at world level before he beat Salido.

No, he was such an underdog because he wasn't considered that good, Klitschko was 39, declining, looked poor against Jennings, Fury had not been impressive before 2014. You read too much into styles.

Well for what it is worth, remember his bad luck with drug cheats, and that is a factor!, but also, that was not my point, this isn't about Price being good at all at world level, it isn't even aboit him being better than you think, it is about the fact that fighters can look great but get found out as not good, and can also be the opposite, Price wasn't a bad amateur, and as a professional, up until Thompson, I've said it already, we didn't have any reason to doubt he was world level before he lost to Thompson

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http://www.premierboxingchampions.com/mikey-garcia No need to make stuff up, and I couldn't care less what Fat Dan has to say, he's irrelevant to this conversation. Maybe instead I should listen to the cheerleaders on Sky Sports? If I did, I'd think Bellew has a chance to outbox Usyk, which I don't even think Bellew would say.

As I said, it is much harder to make the Olympics in the US, would you say someone like Badou Jack is a good amateur just because he represented Gambia in the Olympics and likely didn't have to do anything to get that spot? Almost every good US champion never fought outside the US as an amateur.

Mikey was moving up as a prospect, that's what you expect good prospects to do, go from beating regional titlists to world title challengers to former world champions. So what else do you want? Him to win world titles before winning world titles? Crolla was not a prospect before he fought Perez, he was just a domestic level fighter, he had already had a lot of issues on a domestic level. If Barros was not a good world level fighter, then Perez and Barroso are legitimate bums.

People simply didn't believe his style would work at a world level, and he obviously was not at his best when he fought Jennings and Fury, but he still beat Jennings wide, won at least eight rounds. Old man Wlad was still good enough to go life and death with Joshua. Fury beat Chisora before 2014 who gave Vitali the hardest fight of his championship reign, so no need to exaggerate.

I really hate this line of reasoning with Price. If it wouldn't have been Thompson, it would have been someone else. Someone else using steroids doesn't give Price terrible defense, terrible stamina and a terrible chin. Those are his own negative attributes and why he has never been a world level fighter. We didn't have any reason to believe he was a world level fighter either, and it is better to assume he isn't good until proven otherwise.

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Sorry, I just told you what was said in their gym, you calling me a liar, you're the liar here, and you know it, I just looked it up, he was 14, very nearly 15, easy mistake to make, he didn't have a 4 year amateur career and even if he did have a 3 or more year amateur career, he turned pro at 18, wasn't that good an amateur.

Bellew has admitted he wouldn't outbox him. SkySports are unbiased, Johnny Nelson made one biased comment, call him a cheerleader all you want you little pussy, but he was a world champion.

Bullshit, it is levels, if you make the Olympic team, great, but what do you do when you are there? Crawford lost to Belmontes, Ugas, Robinson, and many others, and he is the best in the world, so my point is, the best amateurs don't always make the best pros, so don't use the amateurs to make it seem like you are making sense when you are talking shit.

Yes you shithouse, like Browne, like many others, but Mikey had a lot of pro fights on a lower level, stop talking bullshit, Mikey was unproven before he fought Salido, Mikey is my favourite fighter, stop talking bullshit. He is a great success story you moron! You motherfucker, they are better than Barros!

Exaggerate you shithouse?? He struggled did Wlad, Fury looked shit against Chisora first time, he won 2-3 rounds agaimst Klitschko, what an achievement, overhyped. You are one to talk about exaggerations. Fury proved himself in the Wlad fight, only world level evidence from Fury, even if he did look talented, who gives a fuck?, he didn't prove himself until Klit win.

Yafai, Browne, Whyte are better than you say they are.

He was the victim of PEDs you moron! How do you know you clown! Thompson took PEDs for a reason, and maybe he would have lost Price but not like that. No, but the chin is weaker than ever because of PEDs on the other side. David Price is 10 times a better man than you will ever be, so talk all the shit you want, but just remember that, you couldn't even beat me in a fight nevermind any of the professional fighters who you shittalk.

I should not be talking to you, you are causing me a lot of difficulty and distraction from recovering from a mental health issue, so fuck off you pussy and with any luck, get off this site, because you are ruining it for me.

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He was 14 in his first amateur bout, turned pro at 18, four-year amateur career. Don't see how I'm a liar.

They are extremely biased, that's why everyone they have on is British to promote British Matchroom fighters. Once a world champion, and now he is a cheerleader, they aren't mutually exclusive.

It's not even about levels. If someone is a good amateur they will be more likely to be a good pro than someone who is not, but that doesn't mean a bad amateur can't be a good professional.

Browne got floored multiple times, arguably lost, arguably should have been DQ'd, can't get in the ring for a title fight because of his out of the ring problems. If they are better than Barros list off who they've beat.

He struggled relative to his usual level, for any other champion winning eight rounds or more is not struggling. Fury won 9 rounds or more, how'd he look like trash? Don't know why you'd bother to dispute that Chisora did better than anyone else during Vitali's second championship run. Vitali essentially didn't lose a round during that championship run and Chisora gave him his hardest fight. Fury beat Chisora twice, so that's not true.

If Yafai and Browne are good, lets see them get in the ring and prove it. For Whyte, lets see him beat a world level opponent without knocking them down with a headbutt.

Just excuses for Price, his chin gets exposed because of his trash stamina and defense. He's a glass cannon. Just making irrelevant arguments because you know you are wrong.

If you can't have the discussions without getting mad about them, why respond?