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Iran Barkley

Mike Tinley

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This site is not getting better its getting worse thanks for helping the sport like everybody else does poor help this site is shitty stinky shit ran by Dopes. Adding fights we can't score and other idiot moves makes me upset.

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I assume you're having a bad day pal.

We Ain't I just want to make it nice as possible. I like Greatness if I think things can get better I say something I'am a Leader I'am a Alpha Male I say what I say I got Heart & Soul.Passion naturally in everything and you know how I feel about my Boxing so I look to be our best.

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Ok, I appreciate that, wanting the best for this site I mean, but what I'm saying is, rather than just simply state that the site is crap or whatever, and criticise the people who work on it, why don't you say specifically what the problem is, is it the pictures not showing up?, because that is the kind of thing an ICT expert or someone would have to deal with I suspect, it has nothing to do with how much work goes into the site, if it is the same fight twice, then that means everyone can get 10 extra points, thinking from a glass half full perspective, does that really lessen the site?, and like I said, I don't understand what you meant about fights we added that you can't score.

Constructive criticism is good, and if you could see how much time and effort I put into finding a decent picture, I write synopses as well, I try to add as much information as I can, and most of the time, we do check to see if a request is for a fight that is already on here, but occasionally, like in anything, it can slip through the net, but back to my point, I've tried, put a lot of effort in, as you know, into trying to improve this site.

You guys slipping like Ali when he got old somebody should have told him you might not like my choice of words but I did you a favor if you care about you work you can do better I see it I said something so what.

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No like I said, no issue with your words, it wasn't the swearing I called you on, but yeah anyway, I get the point, you are giving us advice, for the better, you have good intentions, no doubt, and I have, not being the person to start this site, someone whonis tertibke with computers, I've added a lot of fights, a lot of fights you have asked me to, widened the range of fights, I've tried my best with pictures, synopses, that's all I can do, with all due respect as well, this isn't my priority at the moment, I'm not saying this isn't important, but it is the most important thing I have to worry about, and even if I did try to bust a gut trying to do mlre for this site, I wouldn't get anywhere, because I didn't start it up. Really it would be better if this was your site, because you feel the strongest about it out of all of us, probably the biggest boxing and combat fanatic here, so it should be you who can make the decisions, you'll have to contact Mario Roberts about that, or maybe Corey.

I wasn't trying to be hurtful and I like all you guys for real if I didn't care or say something I would feel funny like I'am letting you down just like when Teddy Atlas use to cuss out Michael Moorer etc like other great trainers that's a tactic to cuss your fighter when you think they can do better see in this discuss I even taught you something about Boxing you knew but didn't know. Ear Bash those Fuckers when you think they can do better if you think they can't do any better then you show compassion.

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If you really think that, you don't have to keep scoring fights, so if this site is shitty, ran by dopes, why stick around? I'm confused, what fights can't you score, I added first round knockouts which you asked me to.

I'am doing for the sport and future generations of fight fans. I wish it was somebody around like me when I was a kid that shit would have been Dope.

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I respect you, you have the knowledge, the good intentions for the sport, but you don't need to insult people, that's all.
Anyway, enough on this, this weekend, we got Lomachenko vs Rigondeaux! You still going with Rigondeaux?

Don't get thin skinned about my colorful language it is to inspire a better effort. If I spoke to kind you would know my displeasure. That's Boxing motivational tactics its just like a trainer saying to a Fighter you Blowin It Kid in so many other words.

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I have no problem with urban, street, old school language, whatever you want to call it, it is only about the way it comes across, but yeah fair enough, I don't think you are being as aggressive as your words suggest.

Well that's interesting, the comparison I mean, if this means THAT much to you that you compare it to a trainer giving his fighter an ear bashing in the corner, then I think really, you would be happier if you had more power, just drop Zoe a message, or Mario, and ask them about being able to add fights, and maybe more, but I think because of how much more seriously you take this website than most, you come across, not as what you are trying to come across as, but you wouldn't have to make complaints, if you could actually make the adjustments

Exactly that's what it was a urban ear bashing of inspiration if I talked to nice you would not have got the point you right now you get it that's what a good trainer should do if he not getting in ring results he thinks his fighter can give he should get upset no matter the choice of words the fighter should know we not happy with the goings on Fussing & Fighting at its best you guys call it ear bashing I call it Fussing.

That's one of the things got me hot I seen the sweet picture and the photos not coming up so I got pissed off I don't like that new blank box thing your doing at all. Rigondeaux was born at the right time he know what's up.

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Yeah, I don't know how to respond, it is like a buffering computer, a traffic jam, whatever, just really annoying, all I can do is add the picture, but to be fair, I also get irritated when the picture doesn't show.

My prediction is Lomachenko but I'm not writing Rigondeaux off.

Try to fix it please somebody did somebody do it on purpose if they did it was a mistake it was better how it was I know the blank box ugly don't you want you stuff nice anyway stop adding old fights I'am finish then I'am done mostly little things like that taking the fun out of it and you guys don't want your site great so why should I care. I don't like settling and associating with mediocre.