Gennady Golovkin vs Vanes Martirosyan Scorecard by mike25

scorecard by MIKE25



Gennady Golovkin

Vanes Martirosyan

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What a finish from Golovkin!
I thought it was an interesting, well matched bout for a round, Martirosyan was there to win, had a plan, but Golovkin just pulled a tremendous win out of the bag in that second round.

That was one of the best combinations set up to a knockout that I have seen in a while. I don't think a single punch missed. Also his jab is the best in boxing in my opinion, no one yet has been able to stop it.

He was doing well in the first round, tagged Golovkin a good bit. I still want to see him fight, I think he can be a good fight for anyone at 154. Also I really liked the sportsmanship they showed after.

Who do you want to see Golovkin fight next?

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Could be, it is a great weapon of his, Groves has a great jab, Mikey Garcia as well, but no I think you are right. Come to think of it, that jab, really, was I think the difference in the Canelo fight and why he didn't lose, was unfortunate to get a draw.

Well I don't know, he's 32, he's already had opportunities, been tested, he took some damage against Golovkin, why continue? Yeah me too, Martirosyan said "Canelo, I don't blame you for eating dodgy meat". I wonder just how important Canelo's PED was against Golovkin, in a rematch, the outcome could depend on that.

Good question, tough to say, it depends, the Canelo rematch can still happen, I hope it doesn't. I think if Saunders gets past Murray, which he should, that will surely be the fight Golovkin wants. I think Golovkin should retire soon, maybe if he fights Saunders, beats him, gets all the belts, then at 36 or 37, call it a day, retire before he gets beat. You?

Oh yeah, they all do to, I just think that with Golovkin no one stopped his jab as of yet not Jacobs or Canelo. Honestly, there hasn't been a decision in recent years that I was more mad about then that, Golovkin should of won.

That's true, he was brutally knocked out against GGG. Also what do you think of the hair test to prove his innocence, or do you think he's still a dirty fighter? Honestly I don't know how that covers up for failed drug tests.

Maybe that Derevyanchenko next, because I heard if he doesn't fight him next, he'll be stripped of his IBF title. I think Canelo would want a tune up when he returns, so I don't think it will happen next. I hope the Saunders fight happens next, then maybe Charlo and then retire.

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I agree, he breaks guys down with that jab, I think he fatigued Canelo with the jab, wasn't a powerful punch, just solid, consistent, effective. I think 6-6, meh, I don't know, I think certainly 7-5 or even 8-4 for GGG is definitely fair, and to say Golovkin won 10-2, would be stupid, let alone 10-2 the other way, it has been 8 months, but still, can't forget that terrible scorecard.

I was a fan of Canelo, I defended him at times, but I think he's been taking something. Hair sample, well from when?, would a hair sample show any trace of a PED from months ago? I mean of course Canelo is clean now, during his ban, but to prove he isn't taking a PED now, means nothing, what matters is, is he taking them when he's fighting? I'm no biologist, I don't really any more than you.

That's a shame, but yeah I think that might be a plan, I think maybe Derevyanchenko, then Saunders, but I would not fight Charlo, not unless ordered. I would like to see GGG in maybe just one more fight, maybe two, but I think he shouldn't fight Canelo because he is a PED user, and Charlo, I don't think anyone over 37 can beat Charlo, and to be honest, because he is old, Golovkin, Saunders might become a 50/50 fight, we don't like him, but he is a very good fighter at world level, and Derevyanchenko, a threat.

Jacobs also had a hard time dealing with it. I think that if you're a generous scorer 6-6 could work, but 7-5 to 8-4 is more then fair. I think anything worse then 8-4 is unfair to Canelo. I was upset because this would've been GGG's defining win and he was robbed of it.

I really don't know how the hair tests work.

I like the Derevyanchenko fight, he gets to fight him and not get stripped of his titles. I want to see Saunders most importantly. I'm not a fan of the Canelo fight much anymore just because what happened, I wouldn't mind seeing a Charlo fight though.

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Definitely, Golovkin needed to use his jab, whenever he really held his ground, Jacobs got the better of the exchange, threw in variety, and used his footwork. Spot on, Golovkin won 6-8 rounds, the result is a draw, that is the harsh reality, but, you can argue that 2-10, from Adalaide Byrd, that invalidates itself, and takes legitimate away from the decision. Hard cheese, it really was, but, he didn't lose, and he fought Canelo, did not get beat, it isn't a win but it is something.

Me neither.

Yeah good fight, risk for Golovkin though. Saunders will fight Golovkin I think, he is 28 I think, GGG is 36, he knows timing is in his favour, would it be enough?, Saunders is a threat to Golovkin now, 2 years ago, I'd say he was no more of a threat than a blown up Kell Brook, now, different story. If Golovkin vs Canelo II does happen, how about Saunders vs Derevyanchenko?, it is about time Saunders fought an unbeaten fighter in his twenties, rather than fighting fighters who are well into their thirties and already beaten and somewhat ruined by Golovkin, but back to the point, I wonder if the IBF belt became vacant, would Saunders fight Derevyanchenko then?, and the winner of the fight has to fight GGG? Not very realistic I know, but in an ideal world, I think a good plan. I agree, I don't want to see Canelo fight again. Golovkin vs Charlo, I think would be great, I think now, Golovkin might still have an edge, maybe not, but in just one year, I think Charlo stops him. If I were Golovkin, I wouldn't fight Charlo unless I had to.