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Gennady Golovkin

Kell Brook

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Did you enjoy this event?

I sure did. Brook did real well before he got stopped. He probably gave Golovkin his toughest fight to date and he deserves a lot of credit for that. Two questions for you is, Do you think Kell Brook will be the same after this fight and how serious is his eye injury? I've been asking around and no one really gave me a good answer.

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Yeah he did, he definitely gave Golovkin his toughest fight yet. No I don't think Kell will be the same after this crushing defeat, I think he'll be better than ever before when he rebuilds, and has 5-10 great fights, in his prime, at 154, by the way, I think he beats everyone in that division with the exception of Demetrius Andrade, I think Alvarez vs Brook would be absolutely massive.

His previously suspected injury has been confirmed, a broken eye socket,
Here's a picture,

Obviously, a serious injury that will worsen badly and possibly fatally if capitalised upon, and further offensive success from Golvokin would have done just that, however, Dominic Ingle is a fantastic trainer, cares for his fighter, and did exactly the right thing, he didn't stop the fight too early, he let Kell go out for round 5 and compete in a large portion of it, but he pulled Kell out when he was taking too many punches, and was in no mental position to defend a worsening, potentially long term injury, so because of the 'premature stoppage', I won't downplay it, I'm angry at the imbeciles who criticise the stoppage (not excited, passionate fans who don't understand the situation and boo, but the fans who look back and criticise), there is absolutely no reason why Kell won't make a full and speedy recovery soon, it's serious enough that it needs surgery, but not so much so that it's permanent, thank god.

I think the move to 154 is good for him. Hopefully he can get big fights there as well. I really hope this fight doesn't change his career for the worse like what happened to Roy jones when he moved up. He was a powerhouse for years and he moves up to heavyweight and gets knocked out by tarver. He was never the same after that and I hope that doesn't happen to Brook. I feel we can still see the best from him though.

I didn't know the injury can be fatal if it gets worse. I know it was serious but I never knew it would be fatal. I thought at worse he would lose vision in that eye but never thought it was fatal.That was a good move for ingle to stop the fight. At first I thought it was ridiculous that he threw in the towel. Then after Kell Brook said stuff about the injury and how is eye was messed up I understood why ingle did that. There's no reason to take that kind of damage, Brook was taking so many shots and it was necessary to stop the fight. There was some thing that someone said about the stoppage that was so ridiculous I can't believe it was said. The person said that it was fixed and that brooks corner was paid to do that. Just ridiculous.

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I wouldn't worry about Brook, he'll be fine, once he's completed his recovery, he needs to begin his light middleweight journey, and I'm confident he will prevail, I have no doubt that he's more than capable of winning a world title, and there are few fights I would rather see that Alvarez vs Brook, I think Kell wins that fight, razor tight, and very fascinating, but he has the edge in my opinion. It was different with Roy Jones, because of the reasons why he competed in the heavyweight division, Kell Brook is a natural light middleweight, he's always struggled to make 147, and I think he's out grown the welterweight division, granted, Golovkin says he isn't a real middleweight, and he would know better than anyone, but 154 and 160 are two completely different divisions, so my point is, if 154 is the right division for Kell (we have no reason to doubt it is) then he should return stronger than ever.

Sorry mate, I must correct myself, I misused the word 'fatal', it wasn't going to kill Kell, but it could have caused permanent damage, putting an end to his career, which is a fighter's worst, long term nightmare, so you can see why I used the word fatal when describing that chilling possibility. The reason you may have thought it was ridiculous at first was because Kell hadn't taken a beating with a high frequency of damaging punches, and his movement hadn't slowed down a great deal, but all these things because meaningless when you think about the eye damage, I noticed him dabbing at the eye a lot, I think it would have been a lot better a fight, and Brook would have impressed everyone far more had he not sustained the eye injury, it's funny, because it wasn't the best punch Golovkin hit him with that broke the bone, definitely not. You'd be wise not to waste another second of your time taking notice of what morons like that say.

You looking forward to Alvarez vs Smith?

Ok that's good to hear. I want to see Brook come back and dominate. I think he will do well at light middleweight. The canelo vs Brook fight is probably likely now considering that canelo said that he is going to stay at light middleweight the whole next year. I think that's ridiculous because now the golovkin fight will have to wait another year. That's a fight I want to see. My bold prediction to you is that I think GGG VS Canelo will happen at light middleweight next year. Canelo vs Brook will be interesting if it can happen. I mean brook is definitely that faster of the 2 fighters but I question how Brook will react to canelos power.

Ok because that was confusing. So you meant permanent damage that would end his career I got it. When I was watching it I thought that brook was fine and could go on and he was still in a good position to win. If he didn't have the bad eye injury I think the fight would've went differently. Yeah that it wise to avoid people like that because all it does is get me mad. Also, do you think that Golovkin got exposed? Many people say yes but I don't think so necessary.

Yeah I'm looking forward to canelo vs smith. I'm not really looking forward to the undercard, but the main event should be good.

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I believe he will. I have no doubt in my mind that he will. It a mega fight, and one I would love to see, I would rather see Alvarez vs Brook than Golovkin vs Alvarez. Saul Alvarez will be Saul Alvarez, yes, he shouldn't be fighting at light middleweight, but he hasn't done himself any favours in terms of standards, I think Liam Smith will give him a hard time, the Charlos would too, and Andrade beats him fairly comfortably, and I think Brook is better than he is too. I think your best off forgetting all about that now seemingly unrealistic fight, I highly doubt that will happen, I wouldn't get your hopes up if I were you, but for what it's worth, like everyone else, I'd like to see that fight. I wouldn't be concerned about that, I think he can take the power of Alvarez, I think Alvarez can hurt him, but Kell has one hell of a chin, and is extremely durable.

Yeah, but let's just think about that for moment, permanent damage, to the eye, that's terrible, by anybody's standards, surely, even if it wasn't related to his vision, and it was a facial issue, it would still be horrible, and still to big a price to pay to go a few extra rounds with Golovkin. Absolutely, and the reason you thought it wasn't a good stoppage was because of the fact that you didn't understand the seriousness of the injury, which is why I don't blame you or the audience members who initially objected to Ingle's decision.

That's a very interesting question, I think the term 'get exposed' isn't something people should really think about, because anybody can be knocked out, anybody can miss, anybody can be made to look clumsy, I think Kell Brook exploited some susceptibilities in Golovkin which nobody else has ever done before, I think he found flaws in his work, he was good enough to make it a genuinely hard night for Golovkin, interestingly, although it was over inside 5 rounds, I don't think any differently now to the way I did before the fight, yes, I still think Golovkin beats Alvarez by wide decision, but I don't think Alvarez is capable of landing as many punches against Golovkin over 12 as Brook was over 4-5, I think Alvarez vs Brook is a 50/50 fight, Alvarez, the stronger, the heavier handed, Brook, the faster in hand and foot, the physically fitter, Alvarez, the more durable of the two, Kell, the defensively stronger of the two, it would be a great clash of styles, I'd root for Kell, with hope and optimism. Something I think you should remember is that if people on YouTube or the Daily Mail or whatever website of any kind on the Internet say things, you should remember you know better than them, and you'll learn more from your own thoughts than from what they say.

I think Rosado vs Munroe is an exciting fight, and a close fight, but I'm going with Rosado. I think Alvarez vs Smith will not disappoint, I really hope Smith pulls off the upset, I don't think he will though, although I do see him winning the championship rounds, I think Alvarez will over power and out brawl Smith narrowly but decisively down the stretch, throughout the mid rounds, bit I think he'll underestimate the adaptability and durability of Liam Smith, over exert himself and fade, and Smith with rally on late, maybe even to earn a rematch, I can see it being a great fight, who will you root for?, I know you're a fan of both, Alvarez needs his fans, Smith not so much, he's much more popular.

Agreed. I'm very confident that Kell Brook will make a pretty good account of himself at Light Middleweight. I disagree with you on one thing, I would rather see Golovkin vs Alvarez than Brook vs Alvarez. Both are really good fights, but I would rather see Golovkin fight Canelo than Brook. There's a lot that can be gained for if they fight. For Golovkin, it's a step up in competition for him and one I don't think people will complain about. For Canelo, I think people will gain respect for him for stepping up to fight Golovkin after avoiding him for so long. For both, It's a huge payday for them. But, it looks like Brook is the more realistic option for Canelo of the 2.

Yeah, it was just one of those things that you really needed to see to understand the stoppage. I understood it when he said that he broke his eye socket. That's the reasonable thing to do.

Yes, anyone can get knocked out or look bad. Look at Mayweather against Castillo in their first fight. He looked bad that night but wasn't exposed that bad. Also, with Brook being his toughest fight and best opponent, he could be able to show these weaknesses in Golovkins game. Brooks speed was something that he never experienced before and that could've set him off. I think that Golovkin will work on adjusting to that. I also think that Golovkin needs to work on head movement. In Brook vs Alvarez, I would root for Canelo but I wouldn't be upset if Brook won because I like him just as much. Some things on the internet you really have to look into, because a lot of people have agendas for certain fighters, and you can't take what those people say that seriously.

I hope it's a good fight. I'll root for Rosado because I know more about him, but I don't know who I think will win. I hope that Smith can make a good account of himself this saturday. This should be better than what people expect. I'm rooting for Canelo in this fight but I like Liam Smith a lot and think he's better than what people give him credit for.

Also, I heard the Fury vs Klischko rematch is on for October. That's a fight I'm looking forward to as well. What do you think of the rematch? I will definitely be supporting Fury in this fight.

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Yeah well, I'm sure I'm in the minority, I highly doubt Alvarez vs Brook would be out voted by Golovkin vs Alvarez. That's a good point, but aren't fights against Billy Joe Saunders and Danny Jacobs great step ups for Golovkin?, they're bigger challenges for him than Murray or Brook, which I believe have been his two toughest fights to date, man, that really emphasises how dominant Golovkin has been throughout his whole career, but back to the point, he's in a different weight category, I think with exciting fights like Golovkin vs Saunders and Golovkin vs Jacobs, who needs Canelo?, that's just my opinion, this is a completely subjective topic, I'm not stating any facts, and everyone has every right to rationally disagree, I like 50/50 fights, I find them intriguing, to me Alvarez vs Brook, is a 50/50 fight, Golovkin vs Alvarez, in my opinion is not, I get the impression you think it is, well, to me that shows although your in the majority in terms of wanting to see Golovkin vs Alvarez, I think you're in the minority as to why, which isn't a bad thing at all because you want to see the fight because you like the idea of two fighters who you admire competing for victory, and you struggle to pick a winner, that's always exciting, but I think most people who gave been demanding Golovkin vs Alvarez, want to see it because in their eyes, Golovkin is the hulk, and they have formed shall we say a hate campaign against Canelo Alvarez, they feel Golovkin would punch through him, and punish him, getting a brutal stoppage, they feel that a realistic, and they would love to see that, but that's an entirely different reason for wanting to see Golovkin vs Alvarez than the reason you want to see it. For what it's worth, it's about which of two good scenarios we think is superior, and I would still love to see Golovkin vs Alvarez someday as I'm sure you'd be excited to see Alvarez vs Brook. I think Golovkin would absolutely school Alvarez, but over the course of 12 rounds, I don't know why people think Golovkin would tear through Alvarez, Canelo is a massive puncher, extremely durable, extremely physically strong, a counter puncher, not bad defensively, Golovkin is not going to rush in, I think he'd dominate on the jab for pretty much the whole first half, which the demanding fans wouldn't like, I think Golovkin and Alvarez can hurt each other in a big way, which makes the fight more tense, and more exciting. So who do you think wins Golovkin vs Alvarez?, and am I right in thinking you believe it's a close fight?

Absolutely, and I think Smith will teach the world who Liam Smith is this weekend, I really hope he pulls it off, I don't think he will, I wouldn't be that shocked if he did, surprised, but not shocked, he's got a chance, he's very underrated, I give Canelo credit for fighting him, he didn't take the easy option, not at all, at least fighting Golovkin makes him look good.

I think it's a good idea in itself, but it's becoming tedious now, Klitschko needs to understand that he isn't the A-side any more, and he doesn't have the authority to take control over the fight like he is trying to do, he's lucky he hasn't scuppered his opportunity for revenge against Fury, and he owes the Furys respect for their patience through the process of dealing with the ridiculous rumours that Tyson is an unclean athlete, all tests have come back negative, I don't know what more Klitschko wants. So will I, and I think he gets the stoppage this time, I think Klitschko taking more risks will play into Tyson's hands, and I think Fury will stop him late, I think Klitschko might retire after this fight.

You're right, Jacobs, Saunders, and even Eubank Jr are all good fights. I think that Jacobs or Saunders is looking like the more realistic options for Golovkin. Those guys will pose more problems than any other opponent Golovkin has faced. For me, I feel that Canelo vs Golovkin is a 50/50 fight. I just can't pick a winner at the moment. I'm not one of those people that think Golovkin will run through Canelo like some people who hate him. It won't be easy for Golovkin to defeat Canelo. I want to see it because I really feel it is a good fight and bring in a lot of new fans to boxing. I agree with you, I don't see why people think Golovkin will breeze by Canelo. I think it's just because they don't like Canelo and discredit anything he does and think he sucks or something. I feel if they fight, it will be a close fight, so you are right about that.

I feel that Smith will impress a lot of people and gain some new fans. If he pulls it off, I would be truly impressed and this will make the boxing world explode. I've even heard if he beats Canelo, he could possibly fight Mayweather. But, this was something I heard from twitter and probably not a big source. When the fight was announced, I was one of the few people who were excited about this fight.

I like the fight. I really believe that it will be more entertaining than their first fight. I like that Fury was the one to dethrone Klitschko. It was about time it happened. Not that I don't like Klitschko, it's just that I like seeing competition in boxing. When Fury beat Klitschko, he changed the landscape of the heavyweight division and that in itself made it a great fight. If Klitschko loses, I think he will be done as well. He probably would think that he isn't dominant anymore and just retire.

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Yes, Eubank is in the mix, but he needs to walk the walk now, we know how he loves to talk the talk, I'm outraged to head about his recent behaviour, and his dad, he's being a disappointment at the moment, he's no role model for anyone. It's about the popularity of Alvarez, but also the fact that people don't know the limitations of Golovkin's power, and they don't stop to consider learning when and why fighters do or don't or can or can't use their power. I'm going to disagree with his there, and I'm in the majority here, but that makes you worthy of even more respect for standing by a fighter you support, I think Alvarez would be a new level of a challenge for Golovkin early, but down the stretch, I think the fight would become increasingly simple for Golovkin, securing at would be a relatively easy win, but like I say, that's just my opinion, and Alvarez is a threat to anyone.

He should do. Yeah, you said it, that's just a load of rubbish, let's forget about Mayweather on a present tense basis, he's possibly the best fighter who's ever lived, but he's retired, after a great 49 fight career, and it should stay that way. That's very good, I can't wait for it, I'm so interested to see how Smith does, I think he will impress big time, I hope the judges are fair, I don't think he'll win, but I really hope I'm wrong.

It's highly likely it will be, because Fury is happy to box at whatever tempo, it's Klitschko with the hill to climb, it's Klitschko who it's make or break for, I believe he will take more risks in this fight, I don't know though, part of me thinks it will be the same kind of fight as the first one for the first 6 rounds or so, I don't think Klitschko will be all over Tyson like a rash, I think maybe there's something in Klitschko's mind, something he did t do the first time, maybe it's a body shot, maybe it's the follow up to that lovely right hand he landed in the last round, maybe it's more about range or pace, who knows?, but if this is the case, it's crucial he fires the cannon this time, because that way, he'll either win (very unlikely in my opinion), or he'll be made to suffer the consequences of his risk backfiring (because he will have to take risks), and lose in a bad way, but at least he'll have closure on the matter that way. Absolutely, it was a fascinating, tentative, physically quiet, technical fight, but it was the magnitude of the event which made it such a big, special occasion, and yes, to quote the head of SkySports Boxing Adam Smith the second after Fury was declared the winner, 'It's a new era for heavyweight boxing!'. Yeah I think so, I know heavyweights last a bit longer, but he is 40 now, and his best years are behind him, he's very intelligent, he has so many different ways he could keep busy, he's got plenty of money, a family to think about, and has been in so many big fights before, if he loses, than I think it's definitely time to retire, if he wins, then maybe he should continue, but not for a great deal longer, and let's be honest, if he did win, forgetting all the wind ups Fury has been springing on everyone, the final chapter would a massive option, and Fury would probably win, that, if not, then wow, I guess many of us would have to eat humble pie, I wonder what Klitschko would do after that. I think the nature of the two fighters will come into this fight, Klitschko and Fury have both been dropped, hurt, and in dyer trouble in their careers, early on in their careers, if we look at this, we see Wladimir has been stopped three times, Fury, on the other hand, looked most impressive on stopping every opponent who's ever had him in trouble, that's about instinct, who a fighter really is, and how durable an athlete they are when crunch time arrives, and that's the trouble, in a 'dog fight', a 'brawl', it seems Fury is the master, on the outside, at long range, as we saw in the first fight, Fury is the superior, I think he'll be in better shape for this fight than the first, it doesn't even have to be a war, Klitschko has never really been an inside fighter at all, it looks to me as of Tyson will win big.

I only added Eubank because I think him vs Golovkin would be a good fight. I do think the fight between them will be very unlikely and very hard to make. Chris Eubank Jr and Sr's attitudes cost them this fight for now and in the future. I don't think Tom Loeffler wants to work with Eubank anymore after what happened the first time.

I don't think that is a possibility at all either. It's just something I saw but yeah I think Mayweather should stay retired as well.

This is Klitschkos last chance. I agree, I think he will take more risks and have better adjustments in this fight. I just think that Furys mindgames and all his movement will be a huge problem for Klitschko. I feel that Fury can stop him as well. This time he will be even better and probaly be more active than he was in their last fight. And Klitschko doesn't have the best chin in the world, he's been stopped before so it's not unlikely. I think Tyson will either win a big decision or a late stoppage.

By the way, have you seen Gonzalez vs Caudras yet. I would have to say that is in my top 5 fights of the year as of now. Even though the scorecards weren't Close, the fight was very close like I predicted. Not to brag though.

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Fair enough, I'd love to see that fight, I have to say. I think that was deliberate on Eubank Sr's part, I highly doubt he wanted Golovkin anywhere near his son, forget, 'it might be bit too soon', Golovkin tortures his opponents, and breaks them mentally, physically, psychologically. Eubank has pulled out of the Langford fight, because he's injured, I'm not sure what or how he's injured. Did you hear Eubank taunt Brook recently?, commenting, 'my corner doesn't own towels', well someone commented on his withdrawal from his next fight 'maybe he slipped on a wet floor, his corner doesn't own towels'.

I agree, nothing's impossible, but I don't see Klitschko not being out classed.

I've seen the first 67% of it, really enjoying it, great fight, I have Choclatito ahead, but only 77-75, both Gonzalez and Caudras are really impressing me. No you deserve credit for getting it right.

Yes indeed. Would be a good fight. Eubank sr had those crazy demands for the fight and it looked like it wasn't going to happen. I did hear his sons comment on Brook, and I can say that it was very disrespectful. He should realize that Brook could've had permanent damage to his eye if they let it go longer. He should understand that because of his fight with Blackwell. If he would've went longer he might of killed him. Although he made a distasteful comment, I'm still a fan of his. That was funny that you said the maybe he slipped on the floor because his corner doesn't own towels. That made me laugh.

I scored the same as you at this point for Gonzalez. They both performed very well. I just saw Glowacki vs Usyk and that was a very good fight as well.

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I think Eubank realises more than you or I, I think he doesn't care. He's goaded Blackwell since that fight. Yeah, it was funny, by the way, Saul Canelo Alvarez was absolutely splendid this evening, his performance was smashing, he showed to be capable of far more than I believed him to be capable of, you'd be wise to continue your admirable support. I begin to wonder whether Golovkin and Alvarez are being lied to, and really neither want to hold up the fight any longer, it should definitely happen next hear in my opinion, Alvarez performing like that, against an underrated opponent (who I believe will return, better than ever), adds interest in the fight, I just wish the excitement for the fight was for the right reason from more people, I know you want to see it for the same reason I would, but as you know, too many people just want to see Alvarez get battered.

I'm very surprised he was a he to pull it off, and against a champion like Glowacki.

First, I want to apologize on how long I took to respond. I was busy and couldn't find the time to respond. Canelo looked really good in his fight against Smith. I was very impressed as well. He showed a lot in this fight that a lot think he couldn't do. I'm happy that you are a good sport about Alvarez winning. Liam Smith deserves a lot of credit for how he performed against Canelo. I thought he looked good despite winning any rounds decisively. He did good work against Canelo when he was on the ropes but Canelo was just too much for him. Canelos combinations, body punches and defense was really on point in this fight. I really wonder what is going on in the whole Golovkin and Canelo mess. I think it's Oscar that doesn't want the fight right now because, Canelo is his cash cow and he doesn't want him to take a tough fight. Me personally, I want them to fight as soon as possible.

I'm shocked to. I thought that Usyk would not have the experience to beat Glowacki. He really proved me wrong here. I also found out he beat Holyfields cruiserweight record for the least amount of fights to win a world title in that division.

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Don't you worry buddy, good that you found the time to reply. I'm my opinion, better than he's ever looked, his speed surprised me, his ability to work whilst moving backwards was something else that impressed me, that I didn't see coming either. I think stylistically, Liam was made for Saul, I think Smith was at a disadvantage, and would do better in a rematch, I still think he beats Lara, maybe the Charlos, maybe even Cotto. Smith was great when he walked Alvarez down, the way he was able to fight fire with fire with Alvarez, he looked great, I don't know if you felt the same way, but those body shots, from round 1, to round 9, they were lethal, and a split second after some of them landed, I was worried Liam was about to go down, but it's easy to forget just what he is made of, and only when Alvarez was Abel to land with real venum, in the most vulnerable spot, with all his power, when Smith didn't see it coming could he hurt him, I'll tell you, when I've sparred in the past, when I boxed, I took some body shots, not 1% of the level of that one that stopped Smith, but I do know that when you take those real killers, breathing is a challenge, you can't think straight, the immediate after effects seem to weigh you down, they're the worst shot to take, and the fact that Smith was grimacing with effort, rather than just sheer discomfort from the pain, is so admirable. I don't know, it's hard to analyse the situation, it's hard to form a opinion in which you truly believe to be accurate, because we don't know what's inside people's minds, what I do know, is that when Alvarez 'dodges questions about Golovkin' he's told to do that, what he says as a response to any question about Golovkin, he's told to do that, the promotional side of boxing, is not his job, it takes an idiot to analyse the situation and still believe Alvarez is too scared to fight Golovkin in my opinion, it's clear to me, that he isn't, it's very wrong that Alvarez gets so much abuse, and the morons that won't stop winging about the fight, they wouldn't give Alvarez any credit whatsoever if he was to beat Golovkin, everyone would suddenly decide that Golovkin was never any good in the first place, the only way Alvarez can make these people happy, is of he takes a brutal beating in the ring, and really suffers, because it's these buffoons who aren't interested in the fight because it's a great fight, they want to see it because they don't like Alvarez, and they want to see him lose. I understand why you want to see it sooner or later, you are in the majority, but I want it to continue to be built up, and I want to see them both succeed before facing each other, I think maybe late 2017, so they both have at least one more fight before that happens.

Yes, great achievement, that might be the upset of the year so far.

Yes, he looked very impressive last weekend. This was one of my favorite Canelo performances. He showed a lot that I thought he wasn't capable of. I always thought he showed great reflexes and defense but he showed me other new things that I didn't know about. He was throwing some great combinations and showing a better punch variety. Canelos body punches in this fight looked deadly, I thought Smith would go down at any time in the fight. I'm surprised that Smith lasted that long while dealing with those deadly body shots. Liam Smith showed that he was very tough and had a lot of heart in this fight. He didn't go there to lay down to Canelo and he looked really good. They say that a perfectly executed body shot can paralyze a fighter temporary and that last body shot that put Smith down looked like it paralyzed him temporarily. For the Canelo vs Golovkin situation it is a tricky one. I really looked into the situation and it looks like it isn't Canelo that doesn't want the fight. He seems like he wants it but theirs things that are holding it back. It is unfortunate that Canelo gets so much backlash from the fans. I agree with you, if he beats Golovkin he will get no credit and they will say he's a bum and stuff like that. It's ridiculous that there are fans that irrational over fighters. I see that same thing with Mayweather, Pacquiao and others. With some of these fans whatever a fighter does it's just never enough. For Canelo, he's accomplished a lot and deserves credit for what he's accomplished so far at his age. This is all I want for the fight between Golovkin vs Canelo. I want an exact month or date for the fight and it being official. I don't mind waiting for the fight as long as its guarantee that it will eventually happen. I don't like guessing on when it might happen. I would perfer it sooner, but if it takes longer but I know it will happen for sure then so be it. The fight will be huge when it happens.

By the way, Crolla vs Linares is tomorrow. Who do you think will win?

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Smith showed a lot of durability, and a lot of heart, which people are recognising, which is good to see, but he also surprised people with his skill, he didn't win a round on my card, but it was the hardest shut out I've ever scored, I know the fight was very positive, but in every round, Alvarez appeared decisively great, whilst Smith looked decisively good, he never looked like he was going to be out classed, he looked fantastic in some rounds, round 4 in particular I thought, I'm a little annoyed with Dan Rafael for calling the fight a mismatch, it certainly wasn't that, I guess we should give Alvarez we credit for winning every round when he was challenged like that, I think you'll disagree with this, and it seems farfetched when using Alvarez as a common opponent on paper to compare the two, but I think he beats Erislandy Lara.

To me, it's basic logic, Alvarez is known for his durability, he's known for his physical toughness and bravery, anyone who knows boxing knows that Mayweather vs Golovkin would have been so likely to have been a very close fight, in terms of their reputations, they're very similar, the first defeat on a fighter's record is the most intimidating, I don't believe in the theory 'I'm undefeated, I've never lost, so I losing isn't in my mind, I don't know how to lose', if Alvarez will fight Mayweather, he'll fight Golovkin, money?, I think he'll get a lot more money for fighting Golvokin than he got for the Mayweather fight, people sho call a coward for 'running scared from Golovkin' don't know the mind of boxer. I don't think for second that Golovkin wants to avoid Alvarez, I think they're both keen to fight each other, whether they're both aware of and supportive of the waiting situation or are genuinely frustrated is another matter, and something I haven't the foggiest idea of.

To be honest with you, this may sound silly, but I'm going to make a very unusual comparison, in the US, Justin Bieber, well, he's always been a metaphorical punch bag for young guys, what is it about him?, is it because he used to have a high voice?, is he that bad of a singer?, no, it's because nearly all young lads want to be popular with women, and when guys are famously popular with the ladies, they're jealous, another example is one direction a band over here in the UK, they aren't bad singers, they seem like nice guys, yet so many young guys, more or less, hate them, and enjoy talking of their imaginary pain with joy, just like all these fans do when they talk about Golovkin destroying Canelo because apparently Golovkin is the incredible hulk, the common ground there, is the typical situation of jealous young guys being jealous of Alvarez, because the girls do love him, and I think that may be the prime reason why he's so global hated, maybe I could be wrong, and people aren't that petty and pathetic, but I can't think of another explanation, the weight situation?, please, he isn't a nasty man, he hasn't done anything to he unpopular intentionally or unintentionally, a lot of fights have to be waited for, but it doesn't make one of the fighters this unpopular, you see what I mean?, the excessive unpopularity doesn't add up.

I completely understand that, I'm the same, and I'm do glad you see what I mean about being patient and appreciative of these great fights between elite superstars like Golovkin and Alvarez, and not for the reason why so many want to see it. I think Golovkin will win if and when the fight happens, but strangely, I do think Alvarez will do far more than just make it out of there in one piece.

This fight didn't really do any damage to Smiths reputation. If anything it helped him because a lot of people thought it was going to be easy for Canelo but it wasn't. As you said it was a hard shutout to score and he didn't back down. I thought Smith looked great, but didn't do enough to win most rounds, or Canelo just had the better work of the two and that won Canelo some rounds. It seems like everyone has a problem with Dan Rafael these days and rightfully so. To me he seems to have it out for certain fighters like Ward, Mayweather, or Lara and calls them boring and stuff like that. If Liam Smith were to fight Erislandy Lara, I think Lara will win. I do believe that Smith will give him trouble and take advantage of Lara taking his foot of the gas in the later rounds.

Yes haha, Justin Bieber is hated a lot in the U.S. . Me personally, I used to hate him, now I just don't mind him anymore. He is hated for the reasons you mentioned. The thing with Canelo, he isn't a violent criminal or anything I mean how bad of a person can he be?

I get impatient for fights when there really is no set date for the fight. When there is a set date for a good fight ( Like Ward vs Kovalev) then I have no problem waiting for the fight to happen. I don't like playing the guessing game with these fights, I just want to know when they will happen.

Did you watch Crolla vs Linares today? I would have to say that was the longest card I have watched so far in boxing, even though I enjoyed it. I thought Conor Benns fight was pretty good.

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I'm sure Lara would be a big favourite, but in my opinion, Canelo Alvarez was a much better fighter when he fought Smith, and Lara, stylistically, is made for Smith.

He isn't a bad person, people need to get a grip, and get a life.

To be honest, my advice to you, is the same advice as Paulie Malignaggi gave everyone yesterday, forget about Golovkin vs Alvarez for now, and think about Golovkin vs Jacobs, that's a great fight, and it's much more realistic, and after that, maybe Billy Joe Saunders, at the moment, it's those two which I'm most interested to see, but after those two, I imagine the middleweight division will have grown, through improved fighters, and grown fighters, coming up from 154, so Golovkin's future isn't dull, let's be honest, Golovkin has been under challenged throughout his whole career, but I think Jacobs and Saunders are both challenges for him, he wasn't under challenged against Kell Brook, but I'm talking about natural middleweight world champions.

I haven't seen it yet, but I will do at some stage, I know Linares pulled it off, I take my hat off to him, Crolla's a great champion, and it takes another great champion to dethrone him, I think there is a rematch clause, which is good to hear.

That would be interesting to see if it can happen. I would still favor Lara, but I think Smith can give him problems.

That's a good idea. Even though we aren't getting Canelo vs Golovkin we can still probably see Golovkin vs Jacobs and that's a great fight. That's probably the most realistic option to be honest. I can see some elite fighters from 154 moving up to middleweight as well.

It was a good event. I liked the Conor Benn fight, he seems like the one to watch in a few years. I would love to see the rematch for sure.

I found out today that Vasyl Lomachenko will be fighting Nicholas Walters in November. What a fight that will be?

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Fair enough, I think the idea that Lara would use his amateur experience, use his awkwardness, and out box Smith from range, picking him off as well, maybe even showing a bit of a gulf in class would be the widely expected result, but due to vast improvement in Alvarez, stylistic inconvenience, and a disadvantage Smith had against Canelo that hopefully he wouldn't have against Lara, I think Smith would pull off the upset, Smith is a great pressure fighter, Lara works a lot in the early rounds, Smith loves that, he's very versatile, well, they both are, but I think Smith wouldn't mind being knocked short on the cards by Lara in the first half of the fight, because I think it would be a fight with two halves, and Smith would take over in the second half, I think Lara does have holes in his work, has some psychological issues, which he has worked on and sorted out to an extent, and he isn't the most durable, he is definitely not the most adaptable of champions, that is for sure, and I think with the way Smith punishes his opponent to the body, the way that accurate, vicious jab sets up his offence, the way he lands every shot with such precision (which he did show us in brief stages against Alvarez), he would overcome the challenge that Lara poses, however, one could easily argue that with Lara having fight at a much higher level, with his speed superiority, with his boxing brain, that he could negate Smith's pressure, control the range, and box comfortably at his pace, winning the fight, which wouldn't surprise me, Lara vs Smith would be a very interesting fight.

That's it, it's definitely most sensible to think about Golovkin vs Jacobs than Golovkin vs Alvarez. There is also a possibility that Golovkin could move up to 168, he is a full career middleweight, so I think maybe, he could make 168 comfortably, maybe he wants to unify 160 first, I think he beats everyone at 168 as well.

Oh 100%, it was a great fight, for me, it was close, maybe it wasn't, it isn't a fact, it was competitive, enthralling, exciting, a bit brutal at times, I thought it was anybody's at 10, I had it even, but Linares went out and clearly took those two crucial championship rounds, and he won the fight decisively, I think one of the cards was too wide, I think Linares won, by 2-4 points. I've never been so impressed with Anthony Crolla or especially Jorge Linares, they both boxed and fought spectacularly.

Yeah a great fight, I think Lomackenko wins big, he's been far more impressive as of recent, I think Walters being likely to be better against Lomackenko than any other opponent, the inevitable threat which he is made to be by his power, and the fact that Lomackenko may have achieved big things as an amateur, but the pros, well it's a very different game, it's almost a different sport, these things make the fight very exciting, I think Lomackenko might stop him.