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Are you enjoying the fight so far? I'm loving it, it feels so great to watch a fight and be genuinely neutral, I thought that was a closer round, and I think Garcia is going to improve as the fight goes on, but what a start from Keith Thurman!

Yeah, it was great.

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Keith Thurman clearly won the fight, I feel my prediction was very good, because, yeah like I said, not a one sided fight, not an easy fight for Keith Thurman, but decisive, and not as hard a fight as his battle against Shawn Porter.

I agree. I say at least 115-113 for Thurman at worse. There were times he struggled but he weathered the storm. It seemed a lot easier than the Porter fight. What's next for Thurman? Also Garcia?

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That sounds about right to me. I thought Thurman worked the body a lot more successfully than Danny Garcia, and I mean, that first round, after a start like that, Thurman was bound to grow in confidence, and for Garcia, well, if you don't manage to discourage your opponent from going on an offensive mission like that, and they can use their feet to negate your response, you're going to struggle. It was easier, so to me, it isn't fair that 'the winner of Thurman vs Garcia is number one in the welterweight division', but much that wasn't what people said in the weeks leading up to the Porter fight.

I think right now, a break, a vacation, he deserves it, he's the champion, but later in the year, the winner of Brook vs Spence seems like a fantastic idea, it does seem to me as if it is more realistic that if Thurman fights again this year, he takes on a heavy underdog, nd takes on the winner of Brook vs Spence next year, but who knows?, maybe Thurmans and the winner of Brook vs Spence might strike a deal, and make the fight for December, which is still realistic, and the best case scenario in my opinion.

Again, right now, a break, but later in the year, I don't know, it depends on what kind of comeback plan the Garcias construct, I personally, think they should take on the winner of Porter vs Berto, maybe a fight against one of the opponents we mentioned as potential future opponents for Adrien Broner the other day, maybe Garcia vs Broner, I'm struggling to answer, it's not because I think he can't come back from this though.

One thing I will say, is that I think tha Garcias know they lost, it was the body language that strongly suggested that for me.

He did. Garcia's the better body puncher and Thurman outdid him to the body. Danny's biggest mistake was not letting his hands go. He needed to do it more to win the fight. The last few rounds reminded me of Trinidad Dela Hoya where Oscar coasted the last 2-3 rounds. I did think he won the 11th but that's because I thought he did a little more.

I personally think that Thurman should take some time off and then try to get back in the ring within 3-4 months. I wouldn't say fight Spence Brook winner but maybe someone like Felix Diaz or Lamont Peterson. I say fight Brook Spence winner in like November or December. I hope Thurman doesn't fight only once this year. I want him to stay active like 1-2 more this year.

I think since Garcia lost he should take some time off. I totally agree on that. Winner of Porter vs Berto is a good idea, maybe a Peterson rematch or something like that. I like the Broner fight to.

I think so to. You can hear Angel scolding him and his tone sounded very urgent and not confident that they would win. I think that Garcia tried to tire out Thurman with body shots and Thurman never tired out like everyone thought. A lot of people I have seen said they didn't like the split decision. What do you think? I personally don't agree but I don't care since the right man won.

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I'm not even sure he is, but yes, Thurman got the better of him in that department. I don't think there wan anything else he could have done, Thurman didn't let him get into the right position to let his hands go. I think it is wise for fighters to do that, you win 8-4 rather than 10-2, at the advantage that it doesn't take as much of a toll on your body, and that could serve you well in 10 years time.

I don't think that's realistic, I mean, 3-4 months, at this level, with the way fghters prepare for fights nowadays, well I think if that was the case, you wouldn't need to rule the winner out, I mean, that would be a big fight, what?, a month or two after their fight, which is highly likely to be long and gruelling. No I think if Thurman even chooses to have a fight like that, against an opponent like Felix Diaz, or Lamont Peterson (not bad match ups, and champions shouldn't compete in 50/50 fights every time around), it's going to be much later in the year than 3 months, maybe 8 or 9, I'd think at least 6, and then he fights Brook/Spence next year. I would rather see Thurman against Brook/Spence in Novemeber or December to be honest, he's unlikely to fight another twice this year, but I agree, I think it would be good to see him fight again in 2017, whether that's the winner of Brook/Spence, or a likely easier opponent, in which case Thurman vs Brook/Spence would be likely to happen in 2018.

There a lot of options, but it is difficult to say which we believe is the best option fpr him.

It was wrong, you can't make a case for Garcia winning the fight.

Maybe it's just Thurman is the all around better fighter. People made Garcia out to be a great body puncher even better than Thurman. Thurman proved that whole weak to the body stuff to be nonsense. Yeah I think you're right in that sense with rather winning 8-4 than 10-2, but in terms of scoring the fight I think you should try to win every round you possibly can because you never know how these judges score fights. Garcia's biggest issue was not letting his hands go and that was due to Thurmans awkwardness.

My thing with Thurman is he needs to stay active. He only fought once in 2016 and I think he needs to fight more. Maybe not fight Lamont Peterson or Felix Diaz but maybe take an easy filler fight just to stay active then fight the winner of Brook Spence. I say at least one more time in 2017.

I heard Angel saying that he thinks Danny should retire. I don't think that's a great option. I think Angel is fed up with the boxing media and the way him and his son get treated. We'll have to wait and see what's next for Danny there's so many options.

Exactly. Danny was way to cautious and didn't let his hands go.

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The lesson for us in that, is, stay away from these Youtube channels which speculate and obsess, and just listen to thos who know boxing, because let's be honest, it was never about Garcia being a dangerous body puncher, is was that 'Thurman is weak to the body' rumour which got out of hand. Well, yes, but no, because yes you're right in that that is an issue and a risk, but it shouldn't be, because the fact is, in rounds, Thurman had won the fight after 9 rounds, and whether or not he wins the last couple, he still wins the fight in the mind of anybody who isn't wrong, let's forget this idea that 'boxing is subjective (it is to a smaller degree than people realise) the judges could be seeing it differently', there is a large element of correct and incorrect in this sport.

Yes, but in all realism, two fights a year is active enough for a world champion. I think one of those options, but all that looks like too much crammed into one year, which really is 10 months now, seems unrealistic, and I will be shocked if he fights twice in the remainder of this year, once again, absolutely, one fight in a year, and two fugyts in a year, are two different things, I mean 6 months is not a layoff, 12 months, is, I say, hmm, I reckon 8, maybe 9 months is when you can start to consider inactiviy as a possible issue, and when ring rust can come into the equation, I'vw been thinking about it, and I think the wisest option, would be for Thurman to fight again in October, maybe even against an opponent like Jeff Horn, and then next April, he takes on the winner if Brook vs Spence, I also think the IBF champion should fight later in the year as well, so both champions have had a productive, 2 fight 2017, man, what a fight we would be honoured to witness of that was to happen, three belts at steak, Thurman against Brook or Spence.

Let's just take everything he says with a pinch of salt, and see what happens in the future, I'm almost certain Garcia won't retire.

I'm going to do that from now on. Listen to the experts. Garcias gameplan looked like it was being based of Thurman being weak to the body. It didn't work, Thurman never tired out it looked like. He was still very mobile in the last 3 rounds. That's true but I saw the same thing happen with Dela Hoya against Trinidad. He thought he was up comfortably and he basically did nothing for the last 3 rounds and it cost him. There are times where a fighter thinks they are up ahead and take rounds off and it cost them.

Yeah 2 times is active enough. For me 2-3 times is the right amount for a year for a world champion. Yeah 6 months isn't a problem I say if theres 10 months or more in between fights there should be some concern. I say later in the year fight Horn or someone like Sam Eggington. A winnable fight for him nonethe less and focus on Brook Spence winner next year. If Thurman beats Brook or Spence where do you rank him pound for pound? Also how do you think he does against whoever the winner is.

I don't take it seriously. I think Angel might of said that off of emotion because it's their first official loss.

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Good, it makes boxing a lot more fun when you can discuss boxing properly, with people who follow it for the reasons as you. I don't agree with that to be honest, I think some people bought that bull****, but surely not Angel and Danny Garcia, we have to remember they hve known each other for a long time, each knows what the other does particularly well, and does not do particularly well at this level, does it really make sense that Garcia would rely on just that?, or even to be dependent on that for any portion of the fight?, no, and I doubt it are my two answers to those two questions. That's for a few reasons, one, Thurman may not have fought so often in the past couple of years, but when he's in the gym, he knows how to take care of himself as an athlete, I saw him doing some almost inuman abdominal exercises, and I know he had his aunt (works in the military) helping him prepare for the fight, my point is, Thurman is in phenomenal shape.

But again, it's exactly what I said before, you're 100% right that it is an issue, but as far as any downsides to the logic of that plan goes, on a fair and legitimate basis, it's absolutely ridiculous, you see what I mean?

Well it depends a lot of the level of opposition, three fights was a good amount for Anthony Joshua, because he didn't really have a meaningful fight, but for Thurman, two is the right amount, he defeated Porter last year, he defeated Garcia this year. Good idea, yes, that's a good fight, I think Thurman should try and have a fight like that later in the year to stay active, to be challenged to some degree, and as part of his preparation for next year.

Right now, I rank Keith Thurman in the top 10, I mean, it's a very good question, a very interesting thing to think about, but not one I can really answer at the moment. I'll have more confidence in my opinion when we know who the winner is, but I believe Thurman is the best welterweight on the planet, as for Brook vs Spence, I keep changing my mind.

Maybe, but I do believe that Danny won't fight without his father, so Angel could have the potential to actually make the decision for him, and controllingly stop his son from continuing with his career.

Something we should consider, is that Brook will probably move up to 154 fter the Spence fight, win or lose, so if he beats Spence, then Thurman vs Brook might not happen, although, Thurman is a big welterweight, he competed as a light middleweight early in his professional career, who knows?, if Brook beats Spence, declares that he will fight only at 154, then maybe Thurman will meet him at light middleweight.

I've changed my prediction for Pacquiao vs Khan.

Yeah I rather talk boxing with someone reasonable than someone who is stubborn or just say things jst to piss others off. I don't think it was there only game plan, I think they tried to go to the body a lot to try to slow Thurman down because they thought he was weak to the body. I'm not going to lie to you I did buy into that Thurman was weak to the body bs. Now I realized that he gets hurt from body shots just like everyone else. He still wins rounds after huge body shots so he obviously didn't slow down.

I see what you mean.

That's true. Joshua was in 3 fights that weren't huge risks. Thurman just fought another solid champion in Danny Garcia and before that Shawn Porter. He's had a tough schedule as of late and deserves a light challenge but not to easy. I like Thurman vs Eggington. I feel that Eggington is underrated and a good body puncher. If I'm not mistaken he finished off Gavin with body shots and did the same with Malinaggi. I'm glad Eggington won that was the only fight prediction I got right yestarday.

I rank him in the top 10 to. Hard to say where at maybe 5 actually.

I can see that to. Him and his dad have a strong relationship and if Angel leaves, so will Danny. That's a big point.

I think Brook might move up pretty soon. Maybe do a Jermall Charlo thing and fight the guy they wanted him to and then move up. Brook is huge at welterweight and so is Thurman. Hopefully they could fight. Maybe Spence will win and we might not have to worry about that. Then Spence vs Thurman will happen.

What made you change your opinion.

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I believe you, and really I think now you can make the judgememt when you talk to someone about boxing. I don't think so, but who knows?, we can't tell what was inside another person's mind. I know, that frustrated me a little because it seemed to me like those people who have the confidence to put themselves forward as people who know boxing, but don't, got to your head. I would have sooner declared him susceptible to the body rather than weak to the body, but Porter is just a phenomenal fighter (who I believe is better than Danny Garcia).

Yes that's what I'm saying, and yep, you said it, maybe Eggington (good idea from you), mybe Jeff Horn, but not Rod Salka, not Kevin Bizier, not one the guys who Victor Ortiz beat in recent years. Yes, he's alot younger than he seems, he is still growing, and developing power, he's a massive puncher, and being able to take his power out on the body is a skill he's developing, that body shot that knocked out Malignaggi, body shots like that, it's almost like trying to breathe under water for a long time, the agony is soul destroying, it's almost inhuman, it's physically difficult to breathe, it's physically difficult to move, I remember being told by the guys at the boxing club when I was sparring a few years back 'I would rather take a godo shot to the head than a goso shot to the body', they said the pain isn't something you can imagine, the most painful shot I ever took was definitely a body shot.

Yeah well done, but I certainly am not, I'm a massive fan of Paulie Malignaggi, what a legend, he's had a fantastic career, gave Miguel Cotto a hard night, beat Zab Judah, beat Juan Diaz, came very close to beating Adrien Broner, he out classed Senschenko, gutted for him.

He's definitely not in my top five right now, he might well be in a year or two, and yes I agree he makes the top 10, maybe even the top 8, but without question, for me, the top five, in no particular order, are Terence Crawford, Gennady Golovkin, Roman Gonzalez, Andre Ward, Vasyl Lomackenko.

For me, division by division, these are the top guys

Heavyweight (unlimited) Deontay Wilder
Cruiserweight (200) Olexandre Usyk
Light Heavyweight (175) Andre Ward
Super Middleweight (168) Callum Smith
Middleweight (160) Gennady Golovkin
Light Middleweight (154) Demetrius Andrade
Welterweight (147) Keith Thurman
Light Welterweight (140) Terence Crawford
Lightweight (135) Jorge Linares
Super Featherweight (130) Vasyl Lomackenko
Featherweight (126) Leo Santa Cruz
Super Bantamweight (122) Guillermo Rigondeaux
Bantamweight (118) Zolani Tete
Super Flyweight (115) Roman Gonzalez

I'll leave the other four for now.

I've lost a lot of respect for that man, he's showing himself to be a sore loser, selfish, and very unsportsmanlike, it makes me quite angry given that time and time again, his son has gotten decisions which could have gone the other way, this decision, could not have gone the other way, what moron and a disgrace to the sport.

Yeah absolutely, unless Thurman struggles with the weight anyway.

I just think Pacquiao has to be declining, Khan with his range control, I just think he has what it takes to dethrone him, nobody changed my mind, I just continued to think about it, I think if Khan can catch Pacquiao coming inl and use his footwork in the right way, he can do this, and defeat Manny Pacquiao, I think this will be Pacquiao's last fight, I definitely think it should be if he loses. You still think Pacquiao?

It depends on who you talked to. That guy I showed you didn't effect my prediction on the Thurman Garcia fight, and the whole weak to the body stuff. I thought Garcia would win because he always finds a way to win and is a pretty good fighter. I believed the weak to the body after the Collazo fight because I was fairly new into boxing and that was the first fight of Thurmans I saw. I agree I think Porter is better than Garcia. Porter would beat Garcia if they fought.

Yeah, I'm starting to become a big Eggington fan. I think he deserves a shot at Thurman. Like you said he is improving quickly. His body shot on Malinaggi reminded me of Bernard Hopkins when he knocked Oscar out with a body punch. A perfectly executed body punch to the liver is basically what you said inhumane. You can't breathe and it paralyzes you temporarily. I would imagine that is the worst punch to take. You are right he shouldn't fight someone like Salka or Bizier.

I like Paulie to. He knows his boxing and is very tough. Only gripe I had with him is his attitude towards Pacquiao, I thought it was annoying. He is good and gave tough fights in his prime.

My top 5 in order is
1. Andre Ward
2. Vasyl Lomachenko
3. Terence Crawford
4. Sergey Kovalev
5. Canelo

I'll do my top guy at every division to
Heavyweight- Anthony Joshua
Crusierweight- Oleksandr Usyk
Light Heavyweight- Andre Ward
Super Middleweight- Gilberto Ramirez
Middleweight- Gennady Golovkin
Light Middleweight- Demetrieus Andrade
Welterweight- Keith Thurman
Light Welterweight- Terence Crawford
Lightweight- Mikey Garcia
Super Featherweight- Vasyl Lomachenko
Featherweight- Gary Russell
Super Bantamweight- Guillermo Rigondeaux
Bantamweight- Zolani Tete
Super Flyweight- Roman Gonzalez

Same here man. I lost a lot of respect for Angel Garcia. He gave no credit to Thurman and came off as a sore loser, bitter and unsportsman like. You are right his son got some decisions that some think he shouldn't and should be grateful of that. I personally think he lost to Herrera and Peterson.

Pacquiao could be declining, I don't know necessarily. Here's my thing if Pacquia shows that he fights like he did in Bradley fight he will win, if he fights like he did in Vargas fight he will lose. I think if Pacquiao loses he will retire. The welterweight might be doing a super six with Thurman Garcia, Brook Spence, Khan Pacquiao.

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Good, because I knew based on listening to 2 minutes that he's just like the rest of those idiots who confuse people, my advice is to stay away from any boxing YouTube channel which isn't for interviews with fighters, trainers and legitimate analysts, I don't like to force my advice, you're more than entitled to watch whatever it is you want to watch, and enjoy, but based kn my 6-7 years following boxing, if you want your knowledge to continue to grow, if you want to have increasingly fruitful and productive (and in my opinion more fun) boxing discussions, I know who anybdoy in our position should hear out, and who we should point blank ignore.

I can see that, it's a similar kind of scenario. I don't think Egginton will ever be on Thruman's level, but I think he is improving. I'm not sure if I agree he desreves a shot at Thurman just yet, maybe. He won't do that, he isn't Danny Garcia.

I don't blame him at all, I was the same with David Haye, it is deeply frustrating when you are the only who can see through somebody's BS, and you know somebody is overrated at what they do in the ring too, for example,

'David Haye would beat Tyson Fury, Haye has too much for Anthony Joshua right now', I said, he has a lot of flaws, you guys all said Haye vs Bellew was a mismatch before the knockdown, Bellew had won a round or two, Haye was tiring anyway, I think he would have won via UD, come on, I've calmed down, I wish Haye all the best, he's not Adolf Hitler, but I think peolel gave stopped seriously believing he is the best heavyweight on the planet.

With Paulie and Pacquiao, haha, what did we all say 'man of god, turned his life around, great role model, he beats Floyd Mayweather, too fast, southpaw, angles, power, too athletic, he beat 4 lf the 6 common opponenst they havs, better than Mayweather did', Paulie, at this point, went off on him several times, many people, myself included, thought he was jealous, and then what happened?, Pacquiao got schooled by Mayweather, losing by 4-8 points, I'll tell you, watch Paulie's pre fight version, his prediction, it is almost like he's telling you what happened, it was that accurate, he was worng about Mayweather walking him down, apart from that, it was spot on. And as for this saint, just after he got his ears boxed off, he made a homophobic remark, and then 'apologised' in a disrespectful and obviously to him humerous way, so to me, that wasn't annoying, that was Paulie not being fooled by someone, seeing the truth, and in the end, being proven right, and hey, give him credit, have you ever seen him try to claim credit?, I haven't, that's very admirable, I'm trying to look up to him, and do the same with the Haye vs Bellew situation.

You think Canelo and Kovalev are better than Roman Gonzalez?, fair enough, but I doubt that very much, I mean, I can always be wrong, but I think Gonzalez is number one, nd I definitely think he makes the top five, I think Canelo makes the top 10, and although he isn't top fiev in my opinion, I prefer to see that opinion, rather than these idiots who refuse to give Alvarez any credit.

Yeah man apart from the healthy disagreement about Wilder and Joshua, which we knew about, and us disagreeing on Russell and Santa Cruz, we agree on everything, I do have one query though, Saul Alvarez?

Oh yeah and Ramirez and Smith.

He's a disgrace to the sport, what's funny is that there are guys all over the world, shk have fathers who are 1000 times the man who that lowlife, foul mothed oik is, yet Danny si stuck with that bitch, have yiu heard his story?, he's so happy he has his dad with him now, because he didn't used to, because his dad was in jail, well that makes Angel less of a father than most other dads out there. I can't believe he's being such a sore loser, he's so bitter, what a twat, 'he ran all night', please, don't get me started on that because my computer can't handle it.

Have you actually heard that?, if so, the that's fantastic!

Yeah and sometimes they have a certain agenda to push. They won't tell you but from what you hear it sounds like it. I do watch the interviews and will continue to do so. Also I been around long enough to know who's worthwhile and who's not. I have talked to some knowledgable fight fans and some who are annoying or unwilling to be reason.

I don't either I just feel he's underrated and could get a shot sometime soon. Maybe it's too early he is 23.

I mean I don't mind when you call out David Haye since we talk all the time about boxing and we can be reasonable. I just find it annoying when people talk about others negatively all the time and are unwilling to change. Oscar Dela Hoya does it to Floyd and it's annoying as well.

I never said Haye would beat Fury or Joshua if you're relating it to me.

I saw that to. Paulie was spot on about the Mayweather Pacquiao fight. When the fight was first being talked about, I wasn't a huge boxing fan but I had a little knowledge and I bought into the whole Mayweather was ducking Pacman. As I got older I changed my prediction to Mayweather beating Pacquiao. Honestly I agree with you the homophobic remark was crossing the line and the apology was bad. I think Pacman is a good guy but not to the extent people make it out to be if you know what I mean. I'm confused what are you trying to do with the Haye Bellew situation that is connected to Paulie and Pacquiao. Honestly we might never know if Pacman is clean or not. Also are you a Manny fan or no? I remember when we first started talking boxing we both said we were big fans of him. Is it that you are a little suspicious with the whole steroids thing which is reasonable.

Yeah. In terms of boxing skill and in ring accomplishments I say Canelo and Kovalev have a better skill set than Gonzalez, but Gonzalez is in my top 10 for sure. Maybe 6 or 7. I think it's dumb that people say that Gonzalez isn't pound for pound because his face was busted up in the Cuadras fight which made no sense. Gonzalez won a close fight and deserves credit.

Canelo that's interesting.Also I don't put Canelo in the best at a division because he switches divisions a lot. First he fights Cotto for the middleweight title at a catchweight then fights for a title at 154 so it's confusing. Now he's fighting a super middleweight at a catchweight to.

The winner of Ramirez vs Smith would determine the best at 168. What do you think of Anthony Dirrell vs Callum Smith. I think Smith wins.

I agree with you 110%. He's not really a good person and has a bad temper to be honest. You see how he acts at these press conference. It's not just with him using the n word towards Thurman. It's talking shit to Zab Judah, then Amir Khan. He just has a bad track record when it comes to these things. He freaked out on a reporter for asking him about Lucas Matthysse. I heard his story about being in prison, don't know what for. Do you? I don't like the excuses either. He always tends to use the he ran mess. He said Peterson ran to. I thnk there's a strong possibility he's on drugs. He used to be funny now it's starting to get annoying. He's making his son look bad. Like Danny Garcia himself isn't hateable alone but his dad makes him, and people want to see his son lose over it.

I heard it somewhere. That would be great for boxing.

Tyson Fury back March 15th my man. I can't wait. Who do you think he should fight?

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I mean, this topic is one where I have to be careful woth what I say because I could intentionally insult a large amount of people, but, (do you know what?, I'm going to go ahead and not continue this). I believe you are intelligent and wise enough to know who and who not to talk to, well, how it isn't and is worthwhile to talk to, but like I said, it is very easy to get sucked into all that rubbish on Youtube, I haven't forgotten what you said about that guy you sent me a link to, not influencing your prediction, and that's great, I believe you, but with idiots in boxing, all I'm saying now, is you shouldn't give them a second of your time, I know they don't convince you, again, that's my advice, it's your choice. About Garcia vs Thurman, some idiots said 'Thurman is weak to the body', I think, you already said yourself, that that influenced a little, but I think overall, you went with Garcia for the same reason as Mikey Garcia.

Yes, I think it is a bit too early, but like you just pointed out, he is 23, that's only 4-5 years older than us.

Yes, and that is the kind of chracter which I'm trying not to resemble, I don't feel I am, I mean, I feel ver sorry for David Haye, I wish him all the best for his recovery, and I have immense respect for him as a fighter and an athlete, I'd be a mug if I didn't.

I think Oscar De La Hoya has a lot of mental problems, so I'm not going to judge him, I', not saying you are, I just think he's mentally unstable. I have to say, De La Hoya, can say things which anyone who knows boxing would think ridiculous,

'Canelo would beat Mayweather easy in a rematch'
'Canelo vs Chavez will be a war, there is no favourite'
'Hopkins did better against Kovalev than Ward' , heck, that one crossed the line for me, Ward bossed the fight against Kovalev, won 8-4 for me, wouldn't call it wide because he was knocked down (three points isn't a wide margin in my opinion). Hopkins didn't win a round against Kovalev!

Oh yeah I know, I wasn't saying that, I actually specifically remember you saying Joshua and Fury beat him, just not in the way I think.

You know what bud?, I did. I don't care for Pacquiao as a person, he's a shady character, and not one I'm interested in analysing.

Ok I'll tell you, first of all, it is more about Haye altogether, but at the same time, to agree with my other comment, Paulie didn't just blast Pacquiao on the basis of Mayweather vs Pacquiao, he went off on him many, many times, and justifiably so. What I was saying there, was that Paulie doesn't have smug look on his face and say 'I told you so', I'm trying not to do that with Haye vs Bellew, I said that it was not a mismatch, and guess what? I never retracted my original prediction, before the nerves got to me, I predicted Bellew to win, look at my prediction on the main fight page, I never edited it, and I won't correct the typos, because you can see the date on it, but an edition would change the date, and goodbye proof.

I have a feeling we will know, but we might not. Simple question with a simple answer, he is famous for his boxing ability, we are here to talk boxing, so the answer is yes, of course, he's a world champion, he's fought everybody who one could have requested he fight, he's had a great career, he's proven himself to be a boxing legend, yes, as a fighter, I am a fan, but as a person, I don't like the man, and anybody who does, well,

My opinion on Pacquiao is no different now to how it was when you first got your EOTR account, we were talking about him as a fighter weren't we?, we weren't talking about him being a good person.

Gonzalez is the most underrated fighter on the planet, I find it frustrating, Gonzalez is the best boxer on the planet in my opinion, most people don't have a clue who he is, I think a lot of it has to with weight, and that is not right. Next time you read s*** like that, just make a psychological note of them being what they are, swerve the rest of their BS, and stop reading, I mean, what is the point in even wasting a second of your life on what they have to say?

Right, but officially, I believe he is still in the 154 lb division, so if you believe he is better than Andrade (I don't), then he is number 1 in the light middleweight division.

Yes me too, I think he'll impress big time, and get Direll out of there late, I think he's number one already, he's a great guy, you've got to love the Smith brothers, by the way, Paul is one the best pundits in the UK, he's someone to listen to. I may be a little bit biased, but I maintain that Smith is already the best at 168.

Yes he probably is, I'm very disappointed, 'we ain't no stepping stone for nobody', I mean, how on earth that could possibly be enough to make the, even consider to retire is beyond me.

When you first suggested it, I thought it was a great idea, bjt it was the unrealism of it, which was why I didn't really go alomg with it, but if it is actually a possibility, that that would be awesome! Obviously.

Great, hmm, it's hard, maybe Dominic Breazeale, I know I blasted him as Joshua's first title defence, but Joshua wasn't coming off an 18 month layoff, mental and physical issues, and an injury, I think he could do with that confidence boost from an easy win, I think it would be great if he would fight twice this year. I'm disappointed in Tyson Fury for all he's said, and I don't think he's any kind of role model as a person, then again, he admits that, but as a boxer, for me, in the heavyweight division, he's the best, I think he beats Joshua and Wiler, that is, if one of them or both doesn't get him too soon, or too late, what I mean by that, are his wayward training methods, and drug use, cocaine and all that toll taking, rushed training after living like your asking for a heart attack for howver long (putting on 6 stone or whatever it is he usually gains), that's got to take a toll on yoru body, and cause for your older days to come early, I can see him declining fast, and looking old in the ring at 35, if Joshua vs Fury ever happens, Joshua's best hope for a win in my opinion, is of he gets Fury at that point, if Joshua continues to be sensible, healthy and look after himself, not take beatings, box sensibly, then, because plus the fact that he's a big heavyweight, and he started late, if anyone is expected to physically decline slowly, it's him.

For Fury, later in the year, if he comes through his first opponent with no real problems, then kaybe he could fight someone like Carlos Takam, or maybe not, but a tough opponent, maybe instead of Breazeale, he could fighg Malik Scott, Scott has an inconvenient style for Fury.

Yes. It was a good lesson learned. I will only listen to what the experts say and add in my opinion on it. For now on only I will go off my own reasoning for predictions. I think I did go for Garcia to win for the same reasons Mikey Garcia did. I will go off what I see and take information from the experts in predictions. Also I do factor in things you say in my predictions because you bring up a good point that I might of missed.

That's possible, he could be too young.I remember Garcias team offering him a fight so who knows. Jeff Horn is a good option.

That's mature of you to say that. We won't get into it that much but other boxing fans who dislike an other fighter always wish harm and other stuff and I don't think thats right. Glad you do it though.

I'll wrap up the whole Oscar thing in one paragraph. I would like to say I have all the respect for him as a fighter and will always be one of my favorites inside the ring. Outside is a different story. The things he says are ridiculous. The whole Ward thing is nonsense. Hopkins didn't win a round and Ward clearly round. Ward pretty much dominated the later rounds. He got up off the canvas and won. I know he's a boxer but I don't think fans should listen to him period. He's one of the few I say that for. I really think he's bitter about losing to Mayweather and honestly it destroys him inside to think about it. He's so bitter about it even to this day that he has to talk about him negatively all the time they mention him. I'm actually excited for Canelo Chavez. It won't be a war like he says but it will be entertaining.

Ok, I guess for now I'll list him higher than Andrade.

I can see Smith getting the stoppage late. If he does he will get big recognition in the U.S. For me I think who wins between Gilberto Ramirez and Callum Smith is the best Super middleweight. I say Ramirez is underrated because he was inactive last year a lot. I think he only fought Arthur Abraham. I'm a huge fan of the Smith brothers. It's ok to be a little biased I think I am towards Anthony Joshua.

I used to think Angel was funny but now he's just disrespectful and offensive. He really showed his true colors after his sons first pro loss. It's a shame because I'm a fan of Danny and I think his dad is making him to villain and is bad for his career. Like in that article you showed me, he almost jeopardized himself into not being involved into training his son. Danny took the loss well, his dad not so much.

I think it's a great idea. It might not be official but that's what they could be doing but not calling it that. I think they will all fight each other at some point.

There's some decent options for Fury's return. Breazele is good. I know what you mean. Joshua and Fury are both in different situations at the moment and it's understandable for him to fight Breazele instead of throwing him in there with a Wilder, Joshua or Ortiz. Maybe Duhaupas or someone like that. He needs to get in boxing shape before he gets into the ring with the elite fighters. I think some of the things Fury says are not appropriate I think other things he does or says is entertaining. Like the batman thing was funny. I can see him declining fast to. His lifestyle choices and the long training camps he gets to get in shape will take it's toll on him.

Those are good options if he gets by his first fight without problems. I say no title fight until next year and in the later stages.

Champion97's picture

Thanks for appreciating my advice.

Angel Garcia is a cherry picker, that's typical of him. The only rematch they ever gave was the Morales rematch, a fat, mentally unstable, depressingly declined Erik Morales, no rematch for Peterson, Theophane or Herrera.

You mean you're glad I don't?

Oh absolutely, so do I, how could we not? Haha, yeah, but it is not a 50/50 fight, and obviously, there is a heavy favourite, and it's Alvarez, he's tryong so hard to sell the fight I think that's the answer, a desperate businessman, but the whole thing with Canelo and Mayweather, and the Hopkins/Ward vs Kovalev thing, you begin to wonder why.

If you believe he is better than Andrade, which I personally don't, well, not potentially, and not under the right circumstances, but at the moment, because of the large difference in activity, it would be hard to favour Andrade if they were to fight.

Me too, that will be great for him, I just think US fans are the best, their and honest, fair crowd of supporters, which I think is great for the sport. The thing is with Ramirez, is that he beat Abraham very wide, he shut him out I believe, that's one heck of an achievement, and in terms if looking at the gap between the two fighters there highoy suggests Ramirez has to be one of the best in the division, but in all honesty, and in all realism, it's one fight, he has a lot of questions surrounding him, I think Groves beats him, maybe Degale too, and maybe Jack, that's my opinion, there isn't any factuality with this group of fighters. I think you would be gutted if Klitschko was to cause the upset, and because of that, I really hope Joshua pulls it off, you should always preparenfor the worst, but I think Joshua will knock him out, I'm going with round 10.

He's a moron, and a disgrace to the sport. Oh absolutely, Danny was gracious in defeat, when a fighter loses by 2-6 points like he did, you can't blame him for thinking he won, I mean, let's look at Maidana against Mayweather both times, let's look at Rogelo Medina against James Degale, these are random examples, Robert Guerrero against Danny Garcia, Austin Trout against Jermall Charlo, Scott Quigg against Carl Frampton, there some cases where fighters do the admirable thing and admit they lost when ot would be understandable if they were to believe they had won, Frampton admitted Santa Cruz beat him, Anthony Crolla admitted Jorge Linares beat him, Stephen Smith admitted Jose Pedraza beat him. Angel is very bad for Danny, he was away when he was a kid, in jail, for I believe drug related crime, Danny is grateful to even have a dad, Angel should be grateful, if he was my dad, I would rather be without a father, he's trying to control his son, and tell him to retire, just because he lost, I mean, let's spin this Angel's way, let's just say the decision was wrong, and Garcia should have gottne the green W, and that's enough to stop them from continuing with their career, that's the most patheitc thing I've ever heard in the sport of boxing, what true champion retires, at the age of 28, after 34 fights, 3 really meaningful, career defining fights? This is ridiculous. To quote him "oh I give him five rounds, he didn't fucking win, I give him 5 rounds, if anything", if anything, what on earth?, what?, he could have gotten 0 rounds, or 5 rounds?, not 1, not 2, no, 0 rounds, or 5 rounds, first class bonehead moron. Angel Garcia is without doubt the sorest loser in the sport of boxing, and all that stuff about penis size, that was very childish, I mean, he reminded me of a kid at school who has anger issues, so bad that teacher shad to be aware of him, threatened me and other kids many times, and we were 14, he wasn't as immature and Angel Garcia, shame on that joke of a human being.

My hopes still aren't raised, Thurman doesn't want to be rished into fighting the winner of Brook vs Spence, which is very understandable, he is top dog, he has two belts, he's just beaten Shawn Porter and Danny Garcia in the space of a year.

Oh absolutely, and forget what you saw on that Youtune channel, I think he is better shape than most think he is at the moment, and he's got 2-3 months before he's likely to eb fighting again. He should hire a dietitian in my opinion.

You mean world title?, if so, then yes I agree, or if he gets 3 or 4 wins under his belt first, then that would be great for him, I think if this year goes well, he impresses twice with good wins, then he should fight three times next year.

Yeah, sometimes I miss big points and when you bring up something it's good to consider.

I find Angel's take on rematches pretty hypocritical. He was adamant about not giving Herrera or Peterson rematches now all the sudden when he loses he's all for it. He even said he's a cherry picker " Why have Thurman fight Porter when you can fight a Salka?" I think that's a bad mindset to have to be honest.

I'm excited for anytime Canelo fights. Canelo should be the favorite in the fight. Oscar is in a bad spot with Golden boy. Canelo's his only big star, I know he has good fighters but Canelos the biggest. I don't like what Oscar is doing with Canelos career. He made him a star with the Cotto fight then made him not likeable with the Amir Khan fight. I find the Canelo Mayweather situation funny. Before the fight Oscar was saying that he himself gave Canelo the blueprint to beat Floyd. Then when Mayweather outclassed him he said Canelo was too young and made excuses. You really can't take what he says seriously.

At the moment Canelos better, but that can always change for me. The thing with Andrade is that it is frustrating to find his fights because I hear so many people say Andrade is the best 154 pounder. I'm trying to watch his fight this weekend.

If he can beat Dirrell impressively that would raise some eyebrows to American fans. No one here really knows who he is. He did beat Abraham in pretty impressive fashion, and could never capitalize because of an injury. I actually think Jack was the best at 168 but he moved up. I would pick him to beat Ramirez. I think Ramirez beats Degale and Groves. I would be a little upset if Joshua loses to Klitschko. That's right you always have to prepare for the worst. Like you have to think of the possibility of injury or having an off night and so on. I hope Joshua is on his best form and beats Klitschko. Which I think he will be.

Danny took the loss like a true champion. Angel came off as a sore loser, cry baby and so on. It's horrible that he gives no credit to Thurman at all. To me it seems like Danny and Angel are on two separate pages. Like Danny was willing to give Khan a rematch and his dad was passionate about not giving him a rematch. Honestly his dad might be talking his son out of a rematch with Thurman with his poor attitude. It's like the Ward Kovalev situation. Kovalev's team refuses to knowledge they lost and it's hurting their chances at a rematch.

Very understandable. He fought two big names in a row so he can fight whoever he wants now. I say get a stay busy fight later in the year.

He has a couple months and should be in good shape on fight night. That's a great idea to hire a dietitian.

Yes. Get a few good fights then later next year fight for a world title. I say fight 2 times this year.

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Yeah, and I mean, you have you're own mind, you're intelligent, you want to keep gathering knowledge, which is great, to find that balance between taking advice and considering opinions of other people who are also trying to grow in their own knowledge, but also constructing your own opinion.

There's really nothing else to it, you just hit the nail on the head. You're right, I mean, when we simply think of it from the angle of good practice, and good experience, what good does it do a champions career to fight a poor opponent like Salka?, it does almost nothing, whilst Thurman was fighting and defeating Diego Chaves, Shawn Porter, I mean, to me, I have to say, it showed, Garcia looked like he didn't know what to do in there against Thurman at times. People don't acknowledge that Diego Chaves was nearly as good as Lucas Matthysse, Porter is better than Khan in my opinion, Salka is a bum (sorry if that sounds harsh, I suppose the man has done nothing wrong) Herrera, not a lot better than Jesus Soto Karass in my opinion, I think you get the picture, this whole 'Thurman hasn't really fought anyone, Garcia has been in there with many more great fighters', was taken too far in my opinion.

Oh yeah of course, it was patently stupid remark from De La Hoya. You know what?, I think Alvarez deserves a lot more credit than he is given for fighting Khan, and beating him, he fought aguy who he knew was a tricky customer, and of he didn't connect, he could have probpem, nobody can accuse him of only being after publicity, because he was never really going to get any credit for that fight, I think it was a good performance, and a sensational knock out.

Like Andre Ward, he is hard to promote, and struggles to get fights, it is frustrating,I hope he has a better, 2-3 fight next few years, he looked great agisint Willie Nelson, you saw that fight? The question of who is better out of Andrade and Canelo is hard to give a straight answer to, this doesn't mean a great deal, it means little in terms of the here and the now, but Demetrius Andrade beat Keith Thurman as an amateur twice.

We don't know who beats who, would be very cool to find out. That's it, and of course, Klitschko could better than Joshua right now, it is unlikely (not 'sun won't rise tomorrow' unlikely) but it is possible. I think Joshua will knock Klitschko out, I think Joshua will be an average of 3 rounds ahead, after 9 fascinating rounds.

This is on a whole different level to Kathy Duva and so on, Angel Garcia is a disgrace to the sport, as expected, he has retracted what he said about wanting Danny to retire, he wants the rematch, Thurman has said he will fight him again, I think if the rematch happens, he wins again, wider.

Yes, exactly, and unlike our mate Angel Garcia, he won't call out Rod Salka, if he does what we think he should do, he'll fight a decent opponent.

Yes well I think it would solve his problems, did you get my comment the other day?, when I explained my opinion that the reason for some of the issues for proud fighting travelers like Fury and Saunders, is that they often get carried away with their pride in being warriors who will fight until they are unable to in the same way they can't lift up a car, and they push at the boundaries, and try to fight the science of the human body.

Yes I think he shoukd fight twice this year, maybe not late next year, maybe late next year, I think it depends on a few things, but whenever, let's hope he fights Joshua and Wilder at some stage.

I like using my own knowledge to, but it is always good to go hear outside opinions to and pick up new things.

It's a negative. He brings up Salka but no one said one good thing about the fight. Him and his team was criticized harshly for it. Thurman on the other hand has an underrated resume in my opinion. He beat Quintana who was one of 2 people who beat Paul Williams, an undefeated Diego Chaves who is underrated and tough, undefeated bundu, beat Guerrero better than Danny, porter, Collazo and Danny. That whole he hasn't fought anyone is nonsense. Dannys resume is also good but they act like he fought way better competition.

I think he deserves some credit for beating Khan. I thought he struggled and he made proper adjustments. He slowed him down with body shots then ended up knocking him out cold. Canelo did have a great performance against Khan.

I guess that's the only problem with Andrade. He struggles to get fights. I have been struggling to find his fight with Nelson, and the one with Vanes. I hope to see his fight this weekend. How do you predict it going?

It's always great to see how this fight will play out. Klitschko can come back in his regular form so anything could happen. I think Joshua will knock him out to in the later rounds as well.

That's true. kathy Duva hasn't said anything personal or vulgar towards Ward so that's good. I saw that today of him wanting the rematch. I agree Thurman will beat him even better next time, maybe even stop him.

I hope he does. Fans have been throwing the idea of Broner vs Garcia. Not a bad fight.

I might of. I don't remember clearly. But yeah there are some pretty unthinkable things that most think the human body can't do.

Agreed. Two times is perfect for this year. I really want to see him fight an elite Heavyweight next year. He's still young so it's not impossible.

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I'll respond to the comment properly at some point, but for now, here is Jack vs Bute, it's the same link EndOfMe1994 tried to send you.

Champion97's picture

And don't forget, I learn things from you too, I pick up new things from your knowledge as well, for example, I didn't know Carlos Quintana beat Paul Williams until you told me, you showed more experience than me in giving Davis a chance when he fought Pedraza, I have a feeling that one day, your belief in and loyalty to Canelo Alvarez will be good to you, I mean, I can't think of many 18 year old lads who like boxing, and support Canelo Alvarez, whether that's jealousy, or them not liking any fighter who does what's best for him as an athleteand a hard working man rather than just being involved in brutal battles on their say so, I'm sure Canelo would appreciate your support, and like I say, to revisit the point of what I'm saying, anyone can say GGG is one of the best, anyone could have said Mayweather was one of the best, but Canelo, I think you've used your intelligence, and independently tabbed him as a top fighter, if he fights Golovkin one day, and beats him, then I'll be very happy for you.

Yeah he did, and I mean that right hand, that was a textbook set up, and a great launch of offence, the timing and the accuracy was beautiful.

I think Andrade will win, I think dominante Culcay, and stop him around abput the midway point.

That would be more than possible, but my prediction would be another wide UD, and I think Porter beats him comfortably as well. I'll tell you something else I don't like about Angel Garcia, trainers are suppose to fight bias, and be honest with their fighter, Scott Quigg thought the Frampton fight was close after 8 rounds, Gallagher said 'no it's not, Sky have it 7-1', Bellew thought he was well ahead against Masturnek after I believe 10 rounds, and Dave Coldwell was honest, he said "no Tony, this is close, you need a good finish", and because of that honesty, Bellew pulled the possibily narrow but decisive victory out of the bag, I'm sure if Keith Thurman had believed he was well ahead against Shawn Porter after 10 rounds (not saying he did think this) then Dan Birmingham would have said "no champ, this is very close, I need you to take it to him in these last two rounds".

Seriously, 'I give him 5 rounds, if anything', I'm sure you can see the clewr flaw in that sentence.

Yeah that's not a bad fight, I like Bradley vs Broner more, but yes it's a great fight.

Yes, but what I'm saying is that a lot of these proud traveller type fighters, can rebel against health.

I don't like the man, at all, so I would rather he didn't come back, but personality aside, I think he's potentially the best heavyweight in the planet, I think it will be much better for Jsohua and Wilder if Fury stays away. I really hope Parker knocks Hughie Fury out in May.

It's always good to share knowledge for anything. You put me onto a lot of good British fighters. Like Tyson Fury and Billy Joe Saunders. Now I'm a big fan of both of them. I've been able to put my friends on to a few fighters like Canelo and Anthony Joshua. I don't know why people don't like Canelo. He's entertaining and is one of the best in the world. He improves every fight. For Mayweather I put him in my top 3 but don't know where to put him because he can go anywhere. Easily the best of our time. Also when we say best of our time what's the cutoff for that do you think? The oldest year you can consider a fighter from our time. If Canelo and GGG fight I will either be neutral or leaning slightly towards Canelo.

Great performance from Canelo.

I think so to. I believe it will be one sided maybe even a stoppage.

I think Keith Thurman will beat either by wide UD or late stoppage. They're on 2 different levels I feel. I see Porter beating Danny, Brook and spence as well, and maybe even Pacquiao if he's on form. I like it when trainers are honest with their fighter. Telling them it's close and not to coast the rounds. I remember Bertos trainer telling him he was beating Mayweather and I thought that was crazy. The thing with Danny is that he was to gun shy.

Yes. I don't see how Thurman only won five rounds. I can see someone make the case that Porter won against Thurman though.

Not bad at all. Hopefully we see Garcia vs Broner or Bradley sometime soon.

Yeah I know what you're saying

I think he's funny at times but would not look up to him. He has the potential to be the beast heavyweight for sure but there's some things holding him back. I'm rooting for Parker to against Hughie. I give Parker a huge chance to win.

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Yeah man, and believe it or not, I haven't forgotten that it was you who recommended Gonzalez vs Estrada to me, that was the first fight from Roman Gonzalez that I ever saw! Well yeah that's great, to have a good amount of supportive US fans is very encouraging for Anthony Joshua I'm sure, and as for Canelo, well that's something which he needs.

I know exactly why people don't like Canelo, bear in mind that young guys are often the loudest boxing fans, I mean, beautiful women all over the world love you, I mean, that's the life, but on the downside, if that's you, guys all over the world will be bitter with envy, and that won't help you're popularity. Too many fans don't understand what a tough, demanding sport boxing is, what I like about Canelo is that he always fights underrated opponents, I mean, I think if he was a cherry picker, he would have taken on Chris Eubank Jr, that would be such a convenient fight for him, but anyway, back to the point, people out there want Canelo to fight GGG, and if the fight doesn't happen, then Canelo is 'a coward', 'he's ducking him' etc, they will get very angry with him, and they will hold grudges. I don't think this is any more justified than you do, this is just my opinion on why Canelo is not as popular as we know he deserves to be, I think when he actually fights GGG, that will help a lot.

I don't like the way people always seem to make trouble for Canelo, I was talking about idiots on YouTube, well recently, some clown of a YouTuber, put a video on YouTube, a video of an interview with Alvarez, he was asked about Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor, and like everyone else who knows boxing, he said "it's a joke", he was asked 2 or 3 times, and he repeated "it's a joke", he was about to explain "Mayweather is retired", it seemed like if anything he was giving Mayweather a lot lf respect as a boxing legend, and he was accuased of calling Mayweather a disgrace to the sport, I mean, he just watched the same video as I did, and accused him. I hope you don't think I'm a hypocrite, because I know I said you should ignore idiots in boxing, but I want to make tnis exception, because I want to show you how some of these fools want to set Canelo up to be something he's not.

Do you mean the best of our era?, because I consider this a new era, and Mayweather has retired, for me, had he not retired, he'd still be number one, no doubt about that in my mind, it's not a fact, but it's a very strong opinion of mine. I'll be neutral, no doubt, I always enjoy fights so much mkre when I don't mind who wins, I didn't enjoy watching Haye vs Bellew believe it or not, even when the guy I want to win is winning, it is still stressful, and I don't like it, so being neutral is great for me, I really enjoyed Thurman vs Garcia, because I didn't mind who won, but I really wanted Thurman to get the decision and I got nervous at that pont because I knew he had won the fight legitimately, without a shadow of a doubt.

That wasn't Virgil Hunter was it?, surely Hunter wouldn't be so stupid.

Yes, it is stupid, but my specific point is, 'I give him five rounds, if anything', what does that mean?, haha, so, let's break this down, if anything, IF anything, so maybe nothing, nothing, 0 rounds, but IF, anything, 5 rounds, not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, 5, if anything, you see what I mean?, he knows his son lost.

I really don't think so, but I see why you think that, I mean, Paulie Malignaggi, Mikey Garcia, they say you can't make the case that Porter won, it's a given, I mean, they're not wrong in all realism are they?, I think you coukd make a case for a draw for Thurman vs Porter, and by the way, Keith Thurman has to be one of the most honest athletes I know of, he actually said that Porter won 5 rounds against him.

He's the favourite, and rightly so, you have to be impressed by Parker's activity, I don't think he's as good as Joshua and Wilder, but there is not a lot in it, I think he is number three in the division, if anyone outside of themselves can beat them it's him, and he is a couple of years younger than Joshua so who knows? I mean, if I'm right, and only Wilder and Joshua are better than Parker, then last year, Wilder had two fights, Joshua had three, Parker had five, and his two best opponents were far better than any of their five opponents between them in my opinion, those 24 hard rounds against Takam and Ruiz, will surely be great experience for him, although I do wonder if five was too many. I'm very confident Joshua handles Ortiz quite comfortably, Wilder knocks him out cold, and Parker out works, out paces him, if the heavy handed, dangerous Cuban proves me wrong, I will take my hat off to him, but I juat don't think he's good enough to beat Wilder, Joshua, or Parker, time certainly is not on his side.

My first Gonzalez fight came on the golovkin Lemieux undercard where he fought. I like putting people on to different fighters.

So it's out of jealousy? I can see that. Women like him and that's the way it is. People don't understand boxing and attack Canelo out of ignorance. They don't know the toll fighting takes on the body. People also have to realize that some dream fights never happen. Like Brook Khan might never happen, Ray Leonard was supposed to fight AAron Pryor and so on. I think there's a strong possibility that GGG will fight Canelo in the fall sometime, fans just have to be patient.

It happens. They do it with a lot of fighters and try to make them look bad. And Canelo is telling the truth with the Mayweather vs Mcgregor situation. It's a joke of a fight that shouldn't happen unless it's an exhibition. I don't think your'e a hypocrite at all you're good.

Yeah. When do you think the last era started and ended, and when do you think this new one started. If Mayweather comes back he will be number one. I agree on that. When I root for someone it is so stressful because what if they get beat, gets caught or robbed by the judges? Like these are things I think that can happen. I like being neutral better. Like for Brook Spence I am 100% neutral on that, same with Golovkin Jacobs. The announcing of the decision was so nerve racking. When he announced split and gave out the two cards that were for each fighter, then the last one was suspenseful because I thought Thurman could've got robbed by the judges.

I don't remember clearly.

I get what your'e saying. It's not clear how many rounds they say he won. I'm going to rewatch Thurman Garcia tomorrow and add my pound for pound list as well.

I thought it could've went either way but Paulie is right in a sense. I would have to rewatch to again to see if there is no way that Porter could've won. The fight isn't fresh in my mind round by round but Thurman did win one out of the 2 times I watched it.

Yes. I feel Parker is underrated. He is fighting better opposition then most heavyweights but not nearly getting any recognition. I think Wilder and Joshua beat Ortiz, I'm not sure about Parker.

Champion97's picture

Yeah it's great, I did that with Marcos Maidana, and yes there's something great about being able to get others to appreciate skill in the ring that you witness and admire. That was a very good performance against Arrayo, Steve Buncce said it, on that night, we saw the two best boxers in the world fighting, actually no I think that was on the night he fought Dominic Wade in a mismatch, I can't remember who he fought on the undercard of Golovkin vs Lemiuex, by the way, De La Hoya predicted Lemiuex to stop Golovkin in 5 rounds, not making anything of it just saying it. I really think Roman Gonzalez is the best boxer on the planet.

Yes, I would love to have beautiful woman all over the world be fans of mine, I'm sure you would, heck, he we all would, some of us can't fight envy and jealous, some of us are easily man enough to accept it and give people respect when they deserve it, Canelo is a former bullying victim, and has surely had to put his heart and soul into training his way up to where he is now. Absolutely, they also have to understand that fights not happening can be for many reasons.

Like we all do, but seriously, did I miss something?, did he say anything disrespectful to Floyd Mayweather, all I heard him say was that the fight was a joke, and it is, anyone who knows boxing knows that. Yeah some kind of charity match, for the kids, haha, with no real fighting, fake blood, why not?, haha, I think Mayweather would do that.

Well that's a very interesting, but not one that it is easy to answer, because not all guys of the same era retire at the same time, but if you're asking me when Mayweather and Pacquiao's era ended, I'd say a couple of years ago, this is going to be Golovkin's era, perhaps for another 5 years, it's going to be Canelo's era, perhaps for another 10, kaybe 12 years, Pacquiao is fighting, but it is not his era, this is Thurman's era, it is Spence's era, it is Crawford's era, it is Parker's era, it is Joshua's era, it is Lomachenko's era.

I'm not sure he would be number one now, at 40 years of age, after a year and a half away from the ring, I think Crawford would beat him, I don't think size wise, Golovkin or Lomackenko would be appropriate opponents for him, I mean, I think Mayweather still makes the top 5 in his division, maybe even the top 3, and 37 year old Mayweather, 38 year old Mayweather, I believe was the best on the planet, and that fighter, well there never has been a fighter as good.

I'm the same for Brook vs Spence, and Golovkin vs Jacobs, I mean, both should be exciting fights, especially Brook vs Spence because it's a 50/50 fight, I think Jacobs will give Golovkin the hardest fight of his career, I think he is the best opponent of his so far apert from Brook, I think Golovkin will stop him late, and Golovkin will be well ahead on the scorecards, I think he will have a couple of great rounds, and win possibly up to 4, of I was to roughly predict the scorecards, I would say 106-102, 107-101, and 108-100. I can see it being a great perffrom Golovkin, but I think he will be challenged, I think Jacobs is underrated, deserves far more credit than he deserves, he looked great in dominating and stopping Peter Quillin and Sergio Mora, I think he makes the top 3 in the division.

People complain and say Golovkin has to move up to 168 for opponents, or the Canelo fight has to happen urgently, Golovkin vs Jacobs is a fantastic fight, and Golovkin vs Charlo, even better, let's forget Golovkin vs Eubank Jr, because that was always going to be a total waste of time, it was never going to happen, and Eubank doesn't deserve the honour of fighting Golovkin, he's not a sportsman like Danny Jacobs, it really doesn't look like Golovkin vs Saunders is going to happen, and I don't think Saunders is as good as Charlo or Jacobs, they are two great fights, and when these fights are happening, there will probably be more great fighters who will be new to the division, let's see, Jermell Charlo, he's likely to move up before too long, he's Jermall's identical twin I believe, so it seems likely to me that their natural size is more or less the same, Lara, imagine if he was to move up to 160, that's another more than worthwhile opponent for Golovkin, even Andrade, wow, that's a fight and a half, I think people should think more bout the glass being half full, and stop enjoy and appreciate the fights which they can see rather than just sulk bout fights which they're not seeing.

If you watch the video again, you'll see what I mean.

Ok cool, it's extremely hard to be fair when we extend our list like that.

Paulie Malignaggi is the best analyst on the planet, and I would advise anybody on the who follows boxing to listen to what he says, if he says something, then it is an absolute given that he is right, Porter couldn't have gotten the decision against Thurman, I knew that was right as soon as Malignaggi said it. Thurman had a slight upper hand in decisive rounds after 10, and I think he knew that if he clearly won the last two rounds (which he did), then there would be no legitimacy in Porter winning the fight, then again, all Porter would have needed to have made him winning a fair arguemnt was one point, two would have been better, so had he even made of the last two a debatable round, it would have been one of those fights which could have gone either way.

I hope we find out soon, I would love to see Ortiz vs Takam, or Ortiz vs Ruiz, Ortiz is still quite untested, I mean the Scott fight taught us a lot about him in my opinion, I don't think we should read too much into the Jennings or Thompson fights. I think there is great sportsmanship between Deontay Wilder and Joseph Parker, I hope that fight happens, I think there might be a little bit of needle between Joshua and Wilder, which is definitely the klst popular potential fight in the heavyweight division, I think the fight would be amazing, I think Wilder would stop him as you know, but I think he would be behind, and having been in a lot of trouble himself.

It's a great feeling. I think on the Golovkin Lemieux undercard he fought Brian Viloria and stopped him. My first thoughts on the fight were that no one in his weight class is beating him. I remember the prediction of Oscar saying him being wrong but I don't remember how people predicted it would go. All I remember is that was also my first Golovkin fight as well and I predicted him to win.

Yes, we all would. I used to get jealous over these athletes getting women. I started to realize that any athlete with money no matter how they look can get women. That's just the way it is for the most part. I remember hearing about Canelo being a victim of bullying and stuff like that.

Yeah, and that's understandable. He's saying what were all thinking. I hope Mayweather and Mcgregor never fight. You watch UFC or no?

Ok I see what you mean. The last era was dominated by Pacquiao and Mayweather. Now were on a new era. Dominated by the guys you said. I still think Mayweather beats everbody at 147.

Yeah, those are great fights that I won't be upset on who wins. I like Brook an Spence the same and they are both good people that I don't mind who wins. For Golovkin Jacobs I don't mind either. Both great people and good stories. Jacobs is one I am a fan of. Coming back from cancer to becoming the best in the division is a great story. This is a 24/7 for Golovkin vs Jacobs. Very interesting.

I hear that to but Golovkin says that he wants all the belts at 160 then moves up. I don't see anything wrong with that and there's good fights at 160. Golovkin would beat Eubank Jr easy. Also Danny is the most deserving of the fight with all he's been through. I do think Golovkin should fight Canelo before he moves up but that's just me being a fan. People complain about Golovkin not fighting real competition and that it's stupid because he's fighting Jacobs. Jacobs will give GGG his toughest fight to date.

I'll watch it.


Him and Al Bernstein are the best in my opinion. Two people who are very knowledgeable about the sport. I'll take his word on it that Porter clearly won. I do want to see it again because it was a great fight and that I want to analyze it better.

I just want to see Ortiz in the ring soon. He hasn't really fought anyone good except Bryant Jennings. I see it to. Parker traveled to Alabama to see Wilder and looks like there is no bad blood between them. I hope they fight if we don't see Joshua Wilder.

I'm making a page on the forum so everyone can make a pound for pound list. Also I'm watching the final Bowe Holyfield fight. I remember you recommended me that trilogy a while ago and wanted to thank you. The first two fights were classics.

Champion97's picture

I know, I looked it up earlier after my message, another fantastic performance, I can't see anybody beating him, if only Rigondeaux was a couple of weight classes smaller, what a fight that could be, I think Gonzalez would destroy him, Tete would have been a great opponent for him, but he is a bantamweight now. Oh Lemiuex was an underdog, most people didn't expect him to get dominated the way he did when he was there, but it might have been thought that if anything, he would have been stopped earlier, I remember the Boxnation saying that they were bith massive punchers, so Lemiuex woukd have to hurt Golovkin and use his power, butpretty much ll the technical skill was with Golovkin, and if nobody lands with something big, it was going to be almost impossible for Lemiuex to take lead. De La Hoya seems to dislike Golovkin very much, I understand that the Golovkin situation is a big part of why Canelo gets portrayed as someone who is bad for boxing, but none of that is Golovkin's fault.

That's how all kids feel, but as we know, there comes a point, when we have to grow up, butnot everyonecan be humble like that. Yes, I have been a victim of bullying myself, and I'll tell you, it puts any kid at high risk of suicide, it can ruin lives, and to everyone who has been bullied, people like Canelo are very inspirational.

Not at all, I think it's absolute rubbish, it's two guys fighting in a cage, kicks, elbows, knees, headbutts, come on, it's street fighting, they are just thugs in my opinion, just a bunch of mindless brutes, come on, boxing is a real sports, for warriors, for athletes, UFC, what a joke, Conor McGregor, the thug, proves my point, that a lot most UFC fighters are just that, they also don't know anything about boxing, when he was asked about Paulie Malignaggi, 'I don't know who the fuck that is but I'll wack the fucking nose off him', the mug, who who knows boxing hasn't heard of the best analyst on the planet, a former world champion who has beaten Senschenko, Zab Judah, Juan Diaz, Edner Cherry, nearly beaten Adrien Broner, given a prime Miguel Cotto a lot of problems and shown more heart and courage than any UFC thug ever has in taht fight with the level of paun he battled through, only lost to these fighters, Shawn Porter, Danny Garcia, Amir Khan, and Ricky Hatton, come on, Malignaggi, with one hand, could easily box McGregor's head off with ease, shut out, with no trouble I think, that is, if McGregor didn't lose control of his emotions and get himslef disqualified. I think UFC is a mug's game. I reckon Marcos Maidana would hve given McGregor a hard time af UFC, but in boxing, he would knock McGregor out cold, in one round. If you like UFC then I'm sorry.

That's fair enough, and it's more than believable too, I just disagree, because I think inactivity and decline makes a huge difference in a sport like this.

Yes, phenomenal story.

Thanks man, I don't watch magazine shows as much as I used to, but I'll give that a watch, and I'll stay up to watch Golovkin vs Jacobs so mahbe we could message each other during the fight.

Yeah, well I mean, WBA, that's one step closer, but the Saunders fight is not one I think is going to get made, in my opinion, he should fight at the weight in which he feels most comfortable, maybe he should move up to 168 at some stage, but if he does, it shouldn't be about having all the belts in my opinion, I can see why he has that aspiration, and I think that is a great goal, I just don't think it's the right thing to have as a priority. I'm very glad Golovkin vs Jacobs was made, it's an underrated and under appreciated fight in my opinion, I mean, 'Jacobs got knocked out by Pirog', first of all, Amir Khan got knocked out against Prescott, Badou Jack got kncoked out by Dereck Edwards, Boone stopped Adonis Stevenson, second, Pirog was a very underrated fighter, no name, but if you do your homework, the level of shame in losing to him goes right, right down, lastly, him being knocked out doesn't confirm or even really strongly suggest he doesn't have a good chin, I mean, knock outs, it can be a factor which creates an off night, it can be all about experience from the victor, it can be about inexperience, with the man who comes up short not knowing what do when he is hurt, that's pretty much what I think happened with Frank Buglioni and Sergey Khomitsky, I think Jacobs will be able to take Golovkins power better than most of his previous opponents, I think he will shock everybody with his durability, and Golovkin, surely he won't try to rush a finish, surely he will be sensible against an opponent who carries level of threat which Jacobs does. I think Golovkin vs Charlo would be even better, I mean, I think those two fights, could absolutely be the making of the rest of Golovkin's time at 160. Everyone wants to see Golovkin vs Alvarez, it might happen one day, who knows?

I'm not just trying to expose his stupidity, I think I heard a contradiction there, I'm nkt a genuis, so I could be wrong, and making something out of nothing, but I think that was a very strange thing to say.

I mean we could both do it, it's not complexity, it would just take more time and effort, one of the reasons why it is hard to extend pur list, is because there are probably many great fighters out there who just don't get any publicity yet, I mean, let's take Luis Ortiz and Joseph Parker, I hadn't heard of him until about a year ago, he makes my top 20 now, I', not convinced he's improved that much in a year, and the same for Ortiz, I hadn't heard of him until he beat Jennings, did he improve that much in what?, 2 years?, less?, see what I mean, I think if we list our top 50 now, in 6 months, or maybe 3 or 4, we might well look back at our lists, and say "that's crazy, he makes the top 50 easily", talking about a fighter we still haven't heard of but will have heard of soon.

I'm very glad you said that, that makes a gigantic difference in whether or not you keep being humble and learning more about the sport, or not, I strongly advise you keep doing that, if you don't understand something a great analyst says, step one is, agree they are right, without needing to understand how.

Me too. You have to admire Joseph Parker's sportsmanship, and Wilder too, he didn't try to rile Parker or create animosity, they shook hands, and told each other they wanted to fight each other, with athletes at this level (trash talk can make you forget this), "I want to fight you" is a compliment.

This tells me Parker is a good role model for young fighters,

I saw it, great stuff!

Yeah man no problem, and I remember when you were new to EOTR, and you suggested Bryd vs Oquendo, great fight, and De La Hoya vs Quartey, another great fight.

Rigondeaux would be a tough fight for Gonzalez, I'm not sure who I will pick. Rigo has a weak chin. I also like Gonzalez vs Inoue sometime this year. I think it's possible, we're getting all the good fights this year. I remember that now. No one picked Lemieux to win but expected him to give Golovkin a tough fight and Golovkin completely dogged him. I think it's a little bit of Oscars fault for why Canelo isn't liked real well. Because after he fought Cotto fans gave him tons of respect and expected him to fight Golovkin after a voluntary fight with someone else then decided not to give Canelo the fight.

Yeah, bullying sucks man. It's tough to go to. I've witnessed some and been recieving some as well and it isn't pleasant at all. Canelo put all his energy in the right place and that is definitely a positive.

I'm really a fan of all combat sports but I like boxing the best. I like wrestling better than ufc. Not the wwe wrestling but the kind that's in the olympics. Conor Mcgregor is not a good boxer at all. Freddie Roach said Chris Van Heeredeen was dominating him in sparring and that's not a good sign. I don't expect him to beat Malinaggi when he can't even beat Van Herdeen. Paulie is a good fighter despite all his losses. He beat Zab Judah and had a disputable decision against Broner.I'm not offended you don't like ufc, you don't have to like everything.

I think the Saunders fight is possible for sure. That's another thing. If you are comfortable at a weight you should stay there. I mean if you want to move up to get bigger fights I see no problem in that either. It all depends on what the fighter wants. Also I don't think Jacob's chin is as questionable as one thinks. Yeah he got knocked out against Pirog, but that was a while ago and he's more experienced now. Also people bring up him getting knocked down by Sergio Mora, he got knocked down because he was reckless and I doubt he will try to fight reckless against Golovkin. If he does he will get knocked out. Also all those knockouts you mentioned came from inexperience or got avenged. I think if Golovkin can take Jacobs power like it's nothing the fight will be very easy for him, if not he's in for a tough night. I hope to see Golovkin vs Charlo or Canelo. Both are great fights. When do you think Charlo will make his middleweight debut? I hope soon.

It takes research and some time. Pound for pound lists are interesting to see. Not everyone's is the same. My first fight with Ortiz came on the Golovkin Lemieux undercard. He showed explosive power. It depends so much changes in a year. Upsets, impressive wins and so on. Sometimes exposed.

I like Joseph Parker. He's a good sport and is good for boxing. Him and Wilder look like they just want to fight and nothing else. He is a great role model.

Yeah, if you want me to recommend any fights just let me know. I have a list of Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, and Tyson fights so after that I will check the Andrade fights and so on.

Champion97's picture

You wouldn't know who to pick?, fair enough, but I think Gonzalez would absolutely dominate Rigondeaux, with that power, overall skill, that high work rate, I think Gonzalez would take him apart with no problem. I mean Rigondeaux doesn't make my top 15, maybe my top 20, not sure, but Gonzalez in number one in my opinion.

Bullying is something I want to tackle later in life, it made me wish to die when I was younger, I seriously considered suicide, it wouldn't have taken much more for me to not be here now. I wonder how stupid those bullies in Mexico feel now, the worst kind of bullies are the subtle ones, who have great lives, no reason to be nasty, but they just enjoy making certain people suffer.

Fair enough. Of course he isn't, we didn't even need to know that, he is not a professional boxer, a boxer could learn to be a good UFC fighter faster than vise verse, it is stupid idea, and the talks are starting to get on my nerves, when Paulie was talking on SkySports before Haye vs Bellew, the newsreader decided to waste 2 minutes asking him stupid questions about Mayweather vs McGregor, at least in the US it seems to be kind of a 'LOL' kind of thing, gullible people over here are taking it seriously, for goodness sake, a reporter was actully asking Mayweather about it when he was over here for the Davis vs Walsh press conference, Mayweather does speak like it's a genuine option, but come on, McGregor is an idiot, he's very disrespectful and thinks he has to the right to talk to boxers the waybhe does just because fights in cage like a thug for living, it would be so enjoyable for Mayweather to torture him in the ring, he might try to make him quit, but I definitely think he'd stop him inside 6 rounds. I don't know much about UFC, it seems like assault which is allowed, like just street fighting, I don't like that one bit, but it is more that people are silly enough to compare it to boxing, and to put them on the same level. If you want to defend it against me then go for it, I'll hear someone out on UFC as an individual sport, but if someone is going to compare the two and act like Mayweather vs McGregor is worth a minjte of thinking time, I'm not having that.

Well it's one of tbose things which has always made sense, but for a few reasons, it seems very unlikely, Frank Warren is a very difficult man to reason with, and I mean, Saunders saying he wouldn't win, it was ver honest of him, but it tales something away from the fight, and of course, why think about Golovkin vs Saunders when we're going to see Golovkin vs Jacobs, and it's more likely that we will see Golovkin vs Charlo, also better than Golovkin vs Saunders, I'm going to forget about that fight for now, Saunders need to fight again soon, for an absolute start. Well he's not going to be able to do that is he, I mean, if we look at Jacob's knock out ratio, he has won every fight he has had by stoppage since losing to Pirog, and against decent opposition, I don't think it is the only attribute he has which could be a difficulty for Golovkin.

Yeah it shouldn't be too long, Peter Quillin could be a good opponent, maybe the winner of Lemiuex vs Stevens, who do you think is going to win that fight?, there isn't a great deal of options for Charlo opponent wise, but there are a few decent ones, I think he is the best in the division apart from Golovkin.

Yeah that's all true, I think doing research is good, but sometimes there is almost no way of watching a certain fighter fight or learning about their talent or potential.

Yeah thanks, I think you will be very impressed by Demetrius Andrade.

Yeah. Maybe the weight might make a difference. I rank Gonzalez high as well. He does everything pretty well. Rigondeaux is good but his chin is very questionable.

Most people who bully others are miserable people. There's something wrong with them so they take it out on others. Also I hate the ones that don't have anything wrong and they do it because they like harassing people.

I think it's a dumb idea but I guess there's a lot of money involved with it so sadly it could be done. I don't know why some members of the boxing media are so obsessed over this fight. People need to realize UFC isn't boxing and Mcgregor is entering a whole new world he doesn't know about. He will get stopped easily. That's not even against Mayweather. Most boxers would. I even think Lomachenko at his weight would stop him easily to. On espn anytime a boxer is on they ask about Mayweather vs Mcgregor, it's so dumb honestly, such a mismatch. Ray Leonard was asked about it when he was promoting Garcia Thurman. I think if you put jeff horn in there with Mayweather he would do better than Mcgregor. I think Mayweather should stay retire and focus on promoting. I like UFC but it doesn't compare to boxing. UFC is brutal. You can knee someone in the face and that's something I would hate. What's your opinion of Rousey? I thought it was funny she called out mayweather and got knocked out twice in a row.

I heard that. Saunders said that Golovkin would beat him. That's such an honest thing to say. Most fighters don't talk that honestly. I'm not worried about the Saunders fight since nothing is set in stone. I am very excited for Golovkin Jacobs, a fight we are actually going to get. Golovkin vs Charlo would be a great fight later this year.

Peter Quillin needs to get in the ring soon. He's been very inactive, but it is understandable. He came off a bad loss to Danny Jacobs. I think Stevens will win. I'm not counting Lemieux because he has a punchers chance.

I think so to. I'm trying to watch his fight this weekend.

Thoughts on this? I like the idea if they can fix the problems.

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I think Gonzalez would beat Rigondeaux with no problem.

I don't know if I agree with that, that's certainly not been the case in my experience, I'm talking about the 'popular crowd', the people who have no reason, no excuse, but just enjoy bullying people, I knew a rich, fat kid, he came from a privileged background, I'm not going into it, but in terms of people of mentioned, he was the nastiest, most cruel minded piece of shit I've ever met, I've met many people whonhave anger issues which can be taken out in a bad way, they can end up being bullies themsleves, but in my personal experience,this level of bullying isn't as bad as the other type I mentioned before, then again, in all fairness, I'm just one person, I only have my own experience, if you've had harder times in the last from people havd reason to be horrible then people who just enjly other people's pain, then each to our own.

Well yeah, and more tha that, it would be a bit of fun for Mayweather, I mean I think woukd try to carry McGregor for a few rounds before stopping him, I think he would try to torture him, I mean that might sound a little bit overly drastic in relation to reality, but the point is, for Mayweather, it would be fun, but that's it. I bet that annoyed Ray Leonard. I don't have any opinion on her at all, she's just another UFC fighter, I mean, haha, it's all about aggression, just because, mentally, she wasn't as confident, she got smacked with a bare knuckle punch, and then she got battered, haha, I don't know anything about UFC, but I don't want to. UFC fighters need to know where they stand, if they want to declare being top dogs on the streets and be the ultimate aggressive thugs and bullies, they have that right, congratulations to them, we don't want to mess with them, but they can't compare themselves to boxers on an athletic and sport concerned basis. Sorry again if you like UFC, tell me why it's probably more complex and more of a sport than I just said it was if you like, I'll never, ever be a UFC fan, but I do want to be fair.

Yes, but it has taken interest away from the fight. I don't think Golovkin vs Saunders will happen, and in my opinion, it doesn't matter, because I don't think Saunders really wants it, Frank Warren certainly doesn't, and Jacobs and Charlo are probably both better than Saunders, and are more challenging and productive opponents for Golovkin, those two fights, in my opinion, will absolutely make the the remainder of GGG's time of competing at 160.

Golovkin vs Charlo could happen late in 2017, but I would think it more likely that, if it is to happen, it would be next year. Someone said (I want to say Abel Sanchez), that Golovkin would fight four times in 2017, I find that hard to believe, I think he'll fight two or three times, maybe two, but maybe three, obviously, three would be better.

Yes, I think Saunders vs Quillin would still be an interesting fight, they could really both do with a win, for different reasons, and at the same time, what a win that would be for either, I'd lean towards Saunders, but it could be a 50/50 fight.

Doug Fischer is another Dan Rafael, Skip Bayless, etc, he was commentating for Jacobs vs Quillin, he yelled 'premature stoppage!, premature stoppage!', haha, when the man on the receiving end says it was a good call from the referee, you must know you're wrong, the guy scored Kovalev vs Ward 117-110, moron, Paulie Malignaggi would have gone mad.

He has a lot more than a punchers chance, but I'm not one to pick at your words, I agree if you mean his power is his biggest attribute, and it is what gives him his best chance. I understand why you are going with Stevens, could well be a 50/50 fight, I'm still going with Lemiuex, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Yeah me too, I expect him to do the business, against quite an opponent, not much a name, but so what?

Yeah absolutely, that was interesting to read, but it still seems to me like something which is more ideal, understandably very worthwhile, very popular, but something which would still be very difficult to sort out.

Apparently Pacquiao vs Khan has gone up in flames, shame isn't it?

I will respond after Andrade vs Culcay. It's about to start.

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Ok pal, enjoy, I would appreciate it if you would not divulge the result when you respond later, because I might watch it tomorrow, and I want to find out then.

It's hard for me to say at the moment.

Oh ok I see what you mean.

Yeah, it will be fun for Mayweather and a huge payday. Sadly if this pay per view sparring match ever takes place people will actually buy it. It's a huge fight, and people actually believe that Mcgregor can beat Mayweather in a boxing match. It will be Floyds easiest fight. I bet any boxer gets annoyed when asked about it. It annoys me to because there are so many other fights that could happen that should be promoted more. Like Canelo vs Golovkin or Joshua vs Wilder. Those 2 don't even come close to Mayweather vs Mcgregor. As for Rousey, I'm not a fan at all. She's a sore loser and overrated for sure. I do like UFC, but that's because I'm a fan of contact sports. Like boxing UFC, and wrestling (not wwe). I think it's a harder sport than most think. You can't only worry about punches and kicks standing up, you can be taken down and be able to defend everything and stuff like that. I give you credit for not making fun of UFC even though you don't like it. People say it's gay and it's 2 dudes rolling around in underwear and I think that's a stupid thing to say.

I remember Frank Warren saying that. Calling Golovkin a monster and stuff like that. You could be right Jacobs and Charlo could be better than Saunders. I think Jacobs is, Charlo has the potential to be. I'm a huge Charlo fan actually and hope he does well at middleweight.

I think realistically next year is the best possibility for Golovkin vs Charlo. This is saying if Golovkin gets past Jacobs, do you think the Canelo fight could happen next? I think 2 to 3 times is realistic for Golovkin. I think they might have something in place for Golovkin vs Saunders for all the belts if he gets past Jacobs. That's something I heard.

Good fight. I heard Quillin might go up to 168. If they were to fight I would pick Saunders to.

What an idiot. He had that score for Kovalev or Ward?

I was wrong, again. Lemieux produced a ko of the year (so far) on Stevens. Lemieux showed that he belongs with the best of middleweights. He's a solid contender there. I only got one prediction right this year and that was Eggington vs Malinaggi.

Yeah. I thought he was good but looked vulnerable at times. I thought the split decision was bs. I was shocked Andrade got the nod in Germany, it's so hard for a traveling fighter to get a decision there.

What weight class would you like to see it for? I say welterweight, light middleweight, or Heavyweight.

It is a shame. Apparently it was never really official either.

Champion97's picture

Ok well it's unlikely to ever happen for weight related reasons.

Sorry for that rant, it's just a difficult topic for me, I hope one day, to be able to channel my emotions and use them in a more constructive way, e.g. try my best to tackle bullying in schools.

It shouldn't happen, and I don't think it will. Haha, I don't think it compares to Charlo vs Hatley, let alone Wilder vs Joshua or Golovkin vs Alvarez, which I believe are our two favourite potential future fights. Yeah well all I know, is that I don't like it, and I want to stay out of it, that said, I', not going to continue to tear it apart. Yeah, I think that's just kids being stupid, people say a similar thing about soccor.

He makes the sport seem quite boring, and quite depressing at times. Yeah that's a good point, he may have to adapt to the weight, and I shouldn't get carried away.

I don't know Mike, I think that is very optimtistic, I love the idea, who doesn't want to see that fight?, but my hopes aren't raised, I suppose it is possible. Yes, but with Frank Warren standing in the way, will it still be possible?

Oh yeah I heard that as well, Saunders looked very poor against Akavov, and I mean, that's all he's done since Andy Lee, and before that, all he did since Eubank Jr was take part in that mismatch against Johann Bloyer, inactivity is not good for a fighter like Billy Joe Saunders, and I wonder what he is capable of now, I don't like him much as a person, so I don't care too much, I mean, money wise, he should be fine, but as a boxer, it is hard to say where he goes from here, I think he should be ordered to fight GGG sooner or later.


Yes, but you were right about that. Not let the fights not going the way you expected them to get you down man.

The judging system in Germany is terrible.

Maybe cruiserweight, or super middleweight.

I don't think that's true, ah who knows, what a shame!

Do you like my new profile picture?

I doubt it will ever happen either.

That's fine man don't worry about it.

I'm on the fence about it honestly. There's a 50/50 chance of it happened. I wouldn't be surprised if it did or didn't happen. Any boxing fight that is happening is better than Mcgregor vs Mayweather. Those are my top 2 fights.

Who makes the sport depressing? I just got confused there.

With the way boxing is going I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. We are getting so many good fights this year.

Inactivity seems like it gives Saunders problems. He gained a lot of weight during the off season and probably had to focus more on losing weight then boxing. He looked poor against Akarov probably because of that and ring rust. I like Saunders's honesty. He admitted he looked bad against Akarov, and he said he would lose to Golovkin. I also think he is an entertaining person. I always laugh at the things he says, but I don't agree with it all.


I don't let them get me down. Hopefully I get some right coming up.

It's awful. You really can't take any rounds off or make the fight close. Since you saw Andrades fight, what do you think?

I say welterweight or heavyweight. Lots of good talent there.

Truly a shame.


Champion97's picture

What a 50/50 chance of Mayweather vs McGregor happening? Exactly. Yeah I would just prefer to see Golovkin vs Alvarez, but they are both great fights which are realistic enough to talk about and think about, but nkt likely enough that our hopes should be raised.

Oh sorry, Frank Warren, I mean, he rarely gives the audience the fights they want to see, I tbink he's a bully and a control freak, the proof ia in the pudding, compare the way Eddie Hearn promotes his fighters, to the way Frank Warren promotes his fighters, all the fights in the UK we have looked forward to, or 90% have been Hearn rather than Warren.

Yes that's true, I can't blame you for being optimistic.

It was a lot more than ring rust, but tht was issue anyway, the problem there, was him losing weight rapidly, and draining his body, it goes back to what I was saying about Fury, Saunders, a lot of these bixers who are proud fighting travellers, they are so tough, and so rebellious against anything, that they can try to fight the science of the human body, they need nutritionists, and they need give themselves sufficient time to work down to the weight they need to be at.

He called Canelo 'a pussy' and 'a shitbag', I mean, haha, Canelo is doing a lot more than he is, against much better opposition, Imknow of one guy who likes to sit around and scoff, and another guy who grinding towards greatness in the gym, if he beats Golovkin, that could make him number one, I want it to happen this year (I don't expect it to) so that Canelo gets the credkt he deserves.

Yeah that's it man, I'm sure you will, in boxing some things are unpredictable, so to put yourself in a position to not only get the winner right but to get the fight's result and the way it comes about right, it is impossible for you to not get a few wrong along the way.

You can't, but this goes back to what O was saying the other day, when we were talking aboht Thurman vs Garcia, that's not a problem with the fighter, that's a problem with the judges, the answer is not 'try to win every round possible, Mayweather should have made more of an effort to win the last round against Maidana in their second fight even though he was well ahead and Maidana was still dangerous' it is that the judges need to be sorted out, boxers hsoukd be able to lose 5 rounds and still win the fight.

I thought it was a good performance, maybe not his best, but Culcay, I believe, was underrated,mhe won that fight, he won it wide, I thought 8 rounds weren't enough to give him, I think he lost that last round, aand rounds 6-8 were close ones, he should have won 117-111 and/or 118-110, so a very wide win, and for me, still a dominant performance, he needs to stay busy now though. Maybe a Martirosyan rematch, John Jackson, or maybe an easier opponent amd then one ofnthese bigger fights, I would like to see him fight another twice this year, and I think that is possible if nothing stands in the way.

Interesting that we disagree on the divisions, I don't feel there is much need for a tournament at welterweight, it would still be good, but for me, super middleweight would be the best, light heavyweight wouldn't be bad at all if we think about it, Ward, Kovalev, Stevenson, Beterbiev, Jack.

I have no idea where Pacquiao goes now, as for Khan, again, it is tricky, but I think the clock ticking is much more of an issue for Pacquiao than it is for Khan.

I'm staying up to watch Golovkin vs Jacobs live next week, maybe we could discuss the fight during it happening. Which round do you predict Golovkin to stop Jacobs in?

Do you think Gary Russell has the beating of Leo Santa Cruz?

Yeah. I see it as 50/50 chance of happening. I don't like it but it's the way it is. I much rather look for Golovkin vs Canelo.

Yeah, your'e right. I mean he did give us Walsh vs Davis, but before that we really got nothing before that. Eddie Hearn is the better promoter of the two. He does a good job at promoting his fighters and making good fights. Joshua vs Klitschko, Linares Crolla 1&2, Haye vs Bellew, and so on. There's no comparison between Hearn and Warren.

You can tell it was more than ring rust. I heard somewhere he weighed up to 200 pounds. That's 40 pounds over the middleweight division. I would imagine that he spent more time getting the weight off rather than sparring and other boxing related training. I think he admitted in post fight interview that he didn't get to spar a lot and had a lot of ring rust.

We all Canelo isn't so that shouldn't be taken serious. I like Saunders and found it kind of funny, but he's wrong. Canelo is better at the moment then Saunders. I think if they were both to fight on form, I think Canelo would win.

Boxing is very unpredictable. There are some things that make it hard for predictions. You have to factor injuries, how good the scorecards will be and so on.

That's true. Fighters don't score the fight judges do. The fighters have to fight their fight and hope for the best on the scorecard. In a close fight that's a different story. You have to convince judges that you won the round.

That's my first fight of his. I would have to say he looked good, but vulnerable at times. I say 116-112 is the best possible score for Culcay. Rounds 6-8 could've all went to Culcay, and in round 12 he hurt Andrade. I hope he stays active to. Maybe John Jackson, maybe Austin Trout. I heard Lara before this year ends. I think Andrade beats Lara. I think that Andrade looked more vulnerable and that will get one of these champions at 154 to fight him.

I wouldn't mind seeing Super Middleweight and Light Heavyweight tournaments either. It's just I like Heavyweight and Welterweight better. Light heavyweight would be great.

Me to. The situation of Manny Pacquiao is a tough one. He's 38 and Khan is 30 so it's more of an issue for him than it would be for Khan. Maybe he might retire. Maybe Bob Arum might be setting up the Crawford fight. He has expressed desire to make Pacquiao vs Crawford. It is a crazy idea

Same. Is it on boxnation or sky sports for you? I have to order it on pay per view. I predict Golovkin to stop him in round 11. I hope he gets credit for beating Jacobs and I hope the same for Jacobs if he beats GGG. I know I told you about my concerns with Golovkins head movement. Here's something I thought. People always bring up Brook "exposing" him and that's not necessarily true. Brook isn't a huge puncher and took a little bit more shots then when he fought a tougher puncher in Lemieux. In the Lemieux fight, Lemieux barely touched Golovkin because he kept him off with his great jab. So he will fight Jacobs differently than when he fought Brook.

I feel so. His hand speed is crazy and I think it will be too much for Leo.

After Lennox Lewis vs Frank Bruno, I will have scored all of Lennox Lewis fights. I might add some more soon.

Champion97's picture

This is only about a third of my response, I'm just saving it so I don't lose it, so maybe don't repsond until I type up the rest, or if you want just the top three paragraphs.

Well pal, and this is good news, no way, it's unlikely to happen, I would hope for old Connor's sake, that his UFC coach knows enough about boxing to know that McGregor would have absolutely no chance in the boxing ring, so it won't happen, at least that's one of the reasons, I mean, his coach must be quite the idiot if he let's him anywhere near Mayweather. Who told you it had a 50% chance of being made?, or where did you read it?

Yes, and more importantly, well, possibly more importantly, he tried to shed the weight in too short a period of time, time is key in any weight less journey, I think he needed at least five weeks longer than he gave himself, a couple of months would have been better, what happened to Saunders, I think, was pretty much what happened to Brandon Rios when he fought Tim Bradley.

Oh absolutely! I think Canelo would win big, probably stop too, I think Canelo against that Saunders which we saw against Akavov, would have been a mismatch. Saunders shouldn't chat s***, because ultimately, if Canelo wants to vacate his belt, and fight undefeated, underrated world champions, at a weight he feels comfortable at, that is his right, in fact, I think it was an admirable and quite sensible thing he did there, I believe Alvarez might be one of the most durable fighters on the planet, have you ever seen him hurt?, I haven't, I think his durability would be very new for Golovkin, and it would be interesting to see how GGG would work around that. Back to Saunders, whilst Canelo was beating Khan and Smith, having beaten Miguel Cotto (who was massively underestimated by many, and proved to be a much younger and fresher fighter than people believed), Saunders was sitting on his backside, eating burgers, if there's a shitbag there, it's Saunders.

Many, many things, but that's not exactly what I meant, I meant that you have to take a chance on certain reasons for thiking a certain fighter has adjusted, if you are predicting the way in which a rematch will play out.

Champion97's picture

I think in orfer to call fights, and really get them genuinely right, you have to take a chance, circumstances are something you can't always predict, but, (I', really stuggling to explain what I mean, I've been busy recently, I migyt reconvene this topic tomorrow. One thing I can say now, is that getting predictions wrong is a sign that you're baining experience, and you're seeing in front of your own eyes, that sometimes, in fights, things don't turn out how you and many others imagine them, and sometimes (this is the best example), the technical fighter doesn't have enough to come through the power of just iverall physical attributes of their stronger, faster, fitter opponent, that's what we saw with Frampton vs Santa Cruz, it's what we saw with Lemiuex vs Stevens, one's mind naturally jumos to the image of the technically superior fighter winning, and I think that being the general idea, can cause people to under think fights when analysing them.

I agree, I think he is the best in his division. I'm nit sure that's true, I mean it might be, it's unknowable, but I think other fighters in tnat division would be willing to figjt him anyway, definitely Austin Trout, who I believe is a challenge for absolutely anyone, I would love to see him fight Julian Williams, beat him, and punish him for talking rubbish about him, I mean, haha, like Garcia and Porter, Williams got so much more credit and was predicted by mny more tk beat Charlo than Trout was, even though Williams has done little, and Trout had a Holyfield vs Moorer level off night against Lara, and I believe edged out Canelo by a round, anyway, Trout won 4-5 rounds against Charlo, and made him struggle in victory, and Julie, he got his ayass knocked out in five rounds.

The reason why I'm not particularly keen on tournaments at heavyweight or welterweight is that, one, I don't think welterweight needs it, and for Heavyweight, I don't think there are realky enough, I mean, I guess if Fury returned and got back to being himself, there would be Fury, Wilder, Joshua, Parker, Klitschko, Ortiz, but I still think they would be better 175 and 168.

I don't mind it so much, I mean, they are a weight away from each other, and Crawford says he is staying at 140, he beat Burns at 135, I think, but I think Pacquiao would go down to fight him, haha, I mean, if he'll go down to 140 for Lomackenko, and try yo make Lomackenko go up 10, for goodness sake, that was ridiculous, but anyway, I like Pacquiao vs Crawford, Pacquiao vs Lomackenko, I think, was Arum's idea, and there have been some things he's said recently which I've not been keen on. So would you not like to see Pacquiao vs Crawford?

Boxnation. Barry Jones, who is the best pundit/analyst in the UK, and nearly as good as Paulie Malignaggi in my opinion, made the point just after Lemiuex knocked out Stevens, that Golovkin's head movement is great, early in his career, he proved it was a great attribute of his, he doesn't use it once he knows he can take the power of his opponent, he doesn't fight with his face, but he finds a lot of benefit to chooses not to move his head at the cost of taking punches from an opponent he can easily take punches from, so against an opponent who is a puncher, a GGG fan, I doubt shoukd worry about GGG's 'lack of head movement' costing him. Against Brook, Golovkin was prepared not to try use his head movement, because he was able to put Kell in a position where he couldn't really use his power, I think the weight issue was a big part of that, when Brook landed that uppercut in round 2, I think Golovkin felt the weight of it, it physically moved him backwards slightly, it was something to shake off, but it didn't dissuade him, or so much as stiffen his legs.

I think Golovkin was annoyed with Brook for unwisely not accepting Golovkin's offer of coming down to 155, I mean, they should have accpted it, moving up 8 pounds, rather than 13, let's think about that.

I disagree, I think th fight should happen maybe next year, I think Santa Cruz should challenge Josh Warrington late this year, face Frampton again in the early part of 2018, and then Russell late next year.

I think Rios vs Broner would be a great fight, I think Rios could win that fight, if he maybe got a warm up or two under his belt first, but what a fight that would be!, so interesting to think about how their styles would clash, and their strengths would trouble the opponent, I think, and hope, Rios would have the edge, on his day, but Broneris so talented, once he has found that rhythm, he is extremely hard to put a dent in, weeven saw that in the middle rpunds against Chino, could be a 50/50 fight, I think Rios vs Ortiz and Rios vs Broner would be two big rivalries, a hothead vs a wind up merchant, and a hothead vs a staged d***head who loves to play the bad guy, I think Rios would tear through Ortiz in 3 or 4 rounds, easily, but Rios vs Broner is a 50/50 fight, that is a fight I would particularly love to see.

That's true. In order to have successful predictions you have to take risks. There not bad risks unless you lose money, but if you're just making a prediction then there's really nothing to lose. It does gain experience getting a prediction. It shows where you went wrong and what you can fix. I learned that you have to go with your gut to. I originally picked Thurman over Garcia and changed it.

He has the potential to be. I can see him giving Canelo fits and possibly beating him. A lot of people didn't want to fight him and now that he looked vulnerable maybe they will step in the ring with him. Julian Williams is a good fight. I think Williams deserves some credit. He was competitive with Charlo before he got stopped. But Trout gave Charlo a lot of problems he made it hard to win. He's still a solid fighter maybe not as good as many think. I think Canelo lost to Lara but it could've went either way. Lara took his foot off the gas later on. That's why I think Andrade will beat Lara.

I think tournaments are a good idea. It shows who's the best, but I feel that they are tough to make. Promotion issues always stand in the way, controversial decisions and so on. For heavyweight, you have Joshua, Wilder, Fury (possibly), Ortiz, Parker, Wlad, Ruiz, Whyte. There's 8 right there. Maybe shorten it to Joshua, Ortiz, Wilder, Parker. That would be a great tournament and the winner of that would undoubtedly be the top dog of the division. Same for welterweight. I think 175 and 168 are good to.

I like Crawford vs Pacquiao. I think Pacquiao can make 140 since he's a light welterweight. He weighs like 144 or so at weigh ins so I think he can make 140. I think Lomachenko vs Pacquiao is a stretch. I think Crawford vs Pacquiao is realistic and it might happen. There has been so much talk on who Manny will fight next, I think it might be Crawford. Also you hear about Spence and Brook and the issues with the fight?

That makes sense. I think he fights different against certain fighters. Like Brook and monroe, he had no head movement because he knew he couldn't hurt him, but when he's in there with a dangerous puncher like Lemieux he shows his full skills. He uses his jab more to keep Lemieux off of him and break him down. I think we'll see a different Golovkin against Jacobs then we saw against Brook. Because he knows Jacobs is a dangerous puncher.

I forgot about that. If I was Brook, I would've took that offer.

As long as we see it within 2 years I'll be happy. I think Russells speed will be too much for Santa Cruz. Maybe have Russell fight the winner of Santa Cruz vs Frampton 3.

I like the fight, but I disagree. I think Broner will win. Maybe both of them take warm ups then fight each other. I rather see Broner fight Danny Garcia and Rios fight Victor Ortiz. I do think Rios would beat Ortiz to. I think that Ortiz is more athletic but he doesn't have that heart to go on. Also Rios hates him and will look to punish him.

Champion97's picture

It's hard not to keep changing your mind, I mean, would the Andarde that we just saw beat Canelo? It is a tough question to answer. I wasn't as as simple as that, Paulie Malignaggi explained after the fight 'the only reason Lara losing rounds was because he didn't throw enough pucnhes, he just should have done a bit more' is stupid if one thinks like that then they're being an idiot, because, why would he train for weeks on end, to win, talk the talk, and be lazy?, it doesn't take much thinking to see the stupidity there, I mean, obviously Canelo was stopping him from being more active, and he was preventing him from getting his shots off, I mean, it is possibly just as technically useful as evading punches if you can disallow your opponent from working.

Lara fading down the stretch against Canelo and being unable to prevent Canelo from overwhelming his work, is one of many reasons I think Andrade beats him.

I still don't think you should get your hopes up.

It's a great fight, which has been talked about for a while, what a victory that could well be for Crawford, I think he might even stop Pacquiao. I think, now, Crawford beats Mayweather, he beats Thurman, not a prime Mayweather in my opinion, but now, I think he is the best fighter in the world between 118, and 154.

No I haven't heard anything, I hope it's some stupid rumour, because it would be such a shame for both if that fight was to go up in flames.

Brook is a very dangerous puncher, and hey, had the fight been at 155 rather than 160, maybe we would have seen a heavier handed Brook, and a more cautious Golovkin, but circumstantially, the threat that Brook posed power wised didn't compare to what Lemiuex had the potential to land. I think there is more complexity to Golovkin's tactics, but what you said is the long and the short of it, and let's be honest, it is more effective for him if he ships unhurtful punches at the advantage that he can help his offence plans.

Back to Julian Williams, I'm just taking it as obvious fact that goes without saying, that the man deserves credit, but as a fan, who knows it wouldn't be taken seriously, I enjoy taking the mick, I mean, 'chat s***, get banged', Trout is a better fighter than he is, and I think he would box his ears off, remember, Trout stood up to Charlo's punishment, Williams got knocked out. Haha, yeah but he got stopped in 5 rounds, I'm serious about wanting to see Trout shut him up.

I disagree, because I think speed very rarely beats timing, and with the way Cruz uses his height and reach, he has a 12 round engine too, I'd definitely go with Santa Cruz there.

Haha, my football/soccor team is called Middlesbrough, our bitter rivals, are Leeds, one of my best mates at school was a Leeds supporter, it was quite fun to have that rivalry and banter, and if Rios vs Broner happened, it would be a bit like that, I'd hope your boy Broner would get beaten by Rios, and I've got to be honest, like most fans, I massively enjoyed seeing jim lose to Maidana and Porter, I was willing to give him sufficient credit for all his wins, but anyway, when all said and done, and he's won or lost, and he goes home yo his family, hopefully safe and well, and all the banter from fans, all the bravado from the fighters, and Broner being 'the problem', is all gone, I'd either be happy for you, or disappointed for you.

I'll give you a couple of strong opinions of mine here, one, I think Rios is more athoetic than Ortiz now, he's been whipped into shape, and let's think about the kind of pace he's used to compared to the pace Ortiz is used to. Two, I think it would be very unfair to say, they both get warm ups, Broner vs Garcia, in a big fight, and Rios vs Ortiz, because Rios is deserving of as much opportunity wise as Broner in my opinion, I mean, I think Ortiz, that is his warm up, and after Rios has beaten Ortiz, then he fights Broner, and as for Garcia, well he's not the champion, so I'd think it more likely that the winner of Rios vs Broner would look to face a world champion, but my main point here, is that Rios vs Broner is a 50/50 fight, Ortiz would be a good warm up opponent, but the equivalent of Broner vs Garcia and Rios vs Ortiz, in my opinion, would be Garcia vs Rios, and Broner vs Gavin. Anyway, let's hope the fight happens. I think we would both be biased in that fight, to be fair you probably have a better reason for that, but anyway, pals on opposite sides of a bitter rivalry, love it!, but it isn't a fight that is definitely going to happen.

Changing my mind is common. Paulie is right. Lara did not throw enough punches and that probably cost him the fight. I also think Canelo was slowing him down with body punches and that made him not throw more punches.

I agree. Andrade would capitalize off that big time.

I think he'll beat Pacquiao in a wide decision. I think he beats everyone at 147 to. I say between 118 and 154 I say he is the second best. I think Lomachenko might be better but that can change. Do you think Crawfor will move up to 147?

It was something about Vada testing. Kell Brook posted something a picture on twitter of him signed up for vada testing and told Spence to. I also think the fight is moved back a week. I hope this fight isn't off or anything.

That's true. His power was very good at welterweight and could've been a different fight at 155.

True. He deserves credit but didn't do nearly as good as Trout. Maybe Charlo exposed Williams as not being as durable. Who knows maybe Trout can get a stoppage against Williams.

That's a good point because Lomachenko was able to deal with his speed and maybe Santa Cruz can to.

A good rivalry is always fun. My baseball team is the redsox and my friend claims to be a yankees fan, and it is always good to see the redsox beat the yankees so I can joke about it. Yeah, I would root for Broner in that fight. A lot of people don't like him and that's understandable. Personally I find him funny and a change of pace within boxing.

I can buy that. I think Ortiz is done mentally. Rios would beat Ortiz by stoppage. Where do you think Ortiz went wrong? I think the Mayweather fight ruined him. He was never really the same after that. I think Garcia will be a tougher fight then Rios for Broner. I see Broner vs Rios being the same result as when Rios fought Pacquio. Kind of like how Broner fought John Molina. I think Broner could beat Garcia to. It will be an interesting one that's for sure.

I got some dream fights for you. Who wins?
Lennox Lewis vs Deontay Wilder
Lennox Lewis vs Riddick Bowe
Lennox Lewis vs Tyson Fury
Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Vasyl Lomachenko at 130. Not Floyd at 40 but at the age he actually fought at 130.

Champion97's picture

That is great man, because it really helps you consider all the possibilities. Yes, bjt specifically, that was not due to his issues or laziness, that was due to Canelo stopping him from working but negating his work rate. Good point, Lara did a good job of with standing those body shots, but he wasn't really able to bounce back from them late on or woek around that very successful tactic from Alvarez. I'm glad that fight ended in a split decision, because it could have gone a couple of rounds either way.

I think Andrade is just a better fighter, pretty much all round.

That's not my order, but my selection is obviously similar to yours. I gree that Crawford beats even Thurman and Mikey Garcia. Not fora while of ever, he think he is very comfortable where he is for now, he said after he beat Molina that he is staying at 140.

Ah don't worry about that, I'm sure it will all be fine, and we will still see the fight.

Oh there's no question about that, the question us, how different?, there is no questiln that Kell should have taken the 155 offer with both hands.

If you are confused by my attitude, then I understand, one minute I say people shouldn't call other people names, then I say what I say, I mean, you're right, Williams deserves a lot more credit than I gave him, but to be honest, I think when talking about someone out spoken oike Williams, we ourselves can be outspoken too, and call him a d***, and it doesn't really mean anything, it's more just humour, but seriously, I didn't like him getting credit which he didn't deserve before the fight, and Trout not getting credit he did deserve before his fight against Charlo. Williams is highly unlikely to be as durable as Trout, butnI think it was just a fantastic knock out from Charlo.

Speed is an interesting attribute, but also an overrated attribute in my opinion, I'll tell you, Amir Khan probably has the fastest hands in the 147 lb division, I don't think he's in the top 5, Paulie Malignaggi said that the only guy who he'd ever faced who had faster hands than him was Amir Khan, that didn't make him troublesome for Hatton, Garcia, or Porter. The thing is about speed, is that it is a physical attribute like strength well used, or stamina well used, but, I believe that overwhelming an opponent's work, maybe being able to back them up a little bit, maybe showing superior counter punching opportunities, that can negate speed much more easily that any tactic can negate stamina or strength, do you see what I mean? This is a terribly explained analysis. Something I will add to this, is that I haven't boxed flr two years, I keep in shape, I'll probably be about 125 when I run my next half marathon, but I don't box anymore, guess how many punches I can throw in one second, you will see my point in my next comment.

Yeah that's cool, it helps in the end if you can still be friends, it helps the bitterness kf defeat seem less bitter. To tell you the truth, and if you simply tell me I'm wrong, I believe you, I think you're biased in favour of Broner because you're both from Ohio, I mean, it's not a bad thing, I see it as loyalty, and truth be told, I was awfully biased in favour of Liam Smith when I watched his fighg against Alvarez, biased in Porter's favour against Brook, biased in Cotto's favour against Alvarez, biased in Maidana's favour against Mayweather, right now, I'm probably still biased in favour of some fighters, maybe the Smith brothers, but apart from that, I don't think I show bias anymore.

His career has gone very badly for him, I feel for the man to tell you the truth. Ah man I don't know, I think a lot of it is a mental thing, I think some of the beatings he took, took quite a toll on his body, I think he's never really been the fighter he was before the Maidana defeat, since the Maidana defeat, have you seen that fight? The Mayweather fight didn't help, I know he was only trying to be sportsmanlike, but, I mean, in my opinion, fighters, should never, ever kiss, or hug during the two bells, and only when they are 100% sure the referee has said break, should they touch gloves, I mean, Ortiz should have given him a businesslike nod, and said, sorry, done, forget about it.

I think so too, but I think Garcia beats Broner, Porter said he might give Broner the dge in that fight, so what the heck do I know?, but I do think Garcia beats him, not a one sided fight, certainly not easy, but I think he beats him. I think that's crazy man, I mean, you should have your own opinion, I'm not going to pressure anyone else to changing their mind, but I will ask you to think about that again, I mean, seriously?, baring in mind the improvements Rios has made since the Pacquiao fight, and Broner, is he as good as Pacquiao was at that point?, I'll leave you with those questions, like I say bud, no pressure on you to change your opinion, I just want to show you this scenario from my angle.

Again, to me, that's unimaginable, I mean, the same thing as I just said applies here, but you must think Broner has skyrocketed in improvement since the Molina fight, I mean, an on form Brandon Rios, compared to an on form John Molina, a poor John Molina, and I can't even take the comparison seriously.

If any of them happen, which they might not.

Pass, sorry.
Lewis knocks Bowe out late.
Fury stops Lewis in tentative stand off turn tear up, getting up off the deck, and losing rounds before soldiering on to victory.
Mayweather beats Lomackenko with a decisive unanimous decision, or kaybe even a stoppage, actually, I think a UD would have been slightly more likely.

How would you have predicted those fights?

I've got some for you,

Crawford vs Duran (lightweight, in his prime)
Haye vs a prime Evader Holyfield.
Mayweather vs Leonard
Golovkin vs Hagler

It's good to sort out the possibilities. Canelo had a good game plan in the late rounds. Lara probably took the body shots well, but it probably did slow him down a bit. People act like Lara was robbed when really it could've went either way. Although I think 117-111 a bad scorecard.

It's possible. Canelo is improving in every fight so who knows. I think it's 50/50 for me.

If he's comfortable, he'll probably stay. There will be fighters moving up from 135 to 140. So there can be some good fights there.

I hope we still get to.

Yeah. Now we'll never know.

I get what you're saying now. We can call people out just like these fighters do. I agree, he got way more credit than he really deserved. He really didn't fight anyone good before Charlo. That's what I mean by Charlo exposing him. Williams probably hasn't faced anyone as good as him and he did land a good punch but it could expose him as having a weak chin. He also got knocked out with a jab in the first round.

We're still friends it's just fun to have a good rivalry. Sometimes when you're biased you could be right. You were biased for Bellew and he won. It's ok if you're biased against someone but still give them credit. There's people out there who hate Floyd Mayweather so much they won't give him credit for anything. He can come up with a cure for cancer and they would still hate him. That's where bias goes wrong. Like you don't like Haye but still give him credit and can seperate in and out ring stuff. I'm a little biased towards Broner I won't lie but that doesn't mean I'll say he beats someone like Floyd Mayweather. I'm realistic about it, but I would root for him if they were to ever fight. Biases are part of sports.

I didn't mean that. I misspoke. I'm not comparing him to Pacman. I'm just saying I can see a similar result in terms of scoring. Like a lopsided shutout. I think Pacman is way better than Broner. I think Garcia VS Broner is a close one. I'm picking Broner but I can be wrong. I don't think Broner improved drastically but I do feel that Broner would have an easier time with Rios than he did with Granados.

I don't think he skyrocketed since the Molina fight. He did lose to Porter and had a very close fight with Granados. It's just I don't think Rios is what he once was. But I can be wrong. I feel like when Rios steps up he doesn't fight great. Like against Bradley and Pacquiao. I do give him some sort of a pass because I heard he was very overweight and had to lose something like 80 pounds which is crazy.

My Predictions
Lewis beats Wilder by decision
Lewis beats Bowe by decision
To close for me to call
Mayweather by split or Unanimous decision

Here's for yours
Prime Holyfield

Last one for you
Ali vs Tyson. I say ALI

Champion97's picture

And to make correct predictions based on knowledge, and to predict fights with the right outcome, and for the right reasons, you are going to swing and miss with many predictions along the way, I hope you know that, you'll see what I mean when one of your predictions is bang on, I'm sure you will get that sense of victory, many times, if Canelo fights Golovkin one day, and beats him, you called it, and nobody could take that away from you. That's right, because merely being able to withstand punishment, is not going to win you a fight. Typical, the judging system in this great sport is a pickle, it has to be said.

True, Crawford vs Garcia might be in my top three favourite potential future fights.

I keep changing my mind about Brook vs Spence, now, I'm going with Brook.

Yeah good point, Williams isn't relatively durable, I think Tony Harrison vs Julian Williams would be a good fight, maybe the winner fights Trout, I think a great fight would be Trout vs Martirosyan, could be a 50/50 fight that one, his fight with Lara could have gone either way, but he did clearly lose to Andrade, wide too, not that there is any shame in that at all.

Exactly! I'm going to deny that actually, I know it is hard to believe, I'm trying to be 10p% honest, I was biased in favour of Liam Smith against Canelo Alvarez, very biased in favour of Lee Haskins against Stuart Hall, but I don't think I was biased in Bellew's favour, but he's just one fighter, you're right, bias doesn't confirm inaccuracy.

It's important to me, because how can I be taken seriously as a future boxing pundit (fingers crossed), if I can't separate what I think of a fighter in their personal life, from what I see them achieve in the ring.

Ah okay, but I still think that's crazy, I mean, I give you credit for being willing to admit that you are biased, but I think that is what this is. Ok man, I'll tell you, I think that I was wrong in thinking tjis was all about bias, I think like many other fighters who don't look good on paper, Rios is awfully underrated, I mean, Granados, I'm very confident Rios beats him wide.

Let's put it this way, judging Rios as a fighter based on the Bradley performanceu, that's like judging Evander Holyfield based on the first Moorer performance, and as flr the Pacquiao fight, mark my words, Rios HAS improved since then, a great deal, did you see his performance against Alvarado, I can't wait to see him in the ring next and watch him prove the doubters wrong. Antonio Margarito got shut out by Pacquiao, he beat Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosely lost possiblepy very round, a good 3-4 years ago I believe when he was younger and closer to his prime than now. I think Rios beats Broner, I think, it's razor tight in my opinion, I'd eat my hat if Broner beat an on form Rios without struggling a lot, it is crucial that it isn't Rios's next fight though, because of the inactivity, I think Collazo might be a good opponent, I doubt the Ortiz fight will happen now, I mean, Berto, maybe, after he probably loses to Porter, Broner vs Rios would be fantastic, I mean just the waybtheir styles would clash, I'd love to see that fight, if Broner beat Rios, I would be verg happy for you.

Pass (sorry!)
Pass (sorry!) I might have the answer after more thought.

Me too, definitely, he'd have to watch himself, but I think depending on how the fight would unfold, Ali would win via decision or stoppage.

I think it is great that Gonzalez and Caudras are bot fighting on GGG's undercard on Saturday, plus, Andy Lee is fighting again, what a night of boxing!

Yeah, and another thing is I'm not basing my opinion on what someone else says. I will consider all opinions, but it's my prediciton. I made a prediction for another sport and everyone thought I was crazy and ended up being right. The judging system can get in the way of predictions. You can predict someone and even though the fighter you pick wins the fight but loses to the judges.

I like the fight to. I say it's in my top 10.

I'm picking Brook to win but I'm neutral on who I'm rooting for.

Williams vs Harrison would be a good fight. Those other fights are good to.

That's fine. I was biased in some fights to. Like I was biased for Thurman against Garcia, Canelo against Cotto, and I'll be biased on Joshua vs Klitschko. I will be fair on scoring thought but I will be heavily rooting for Joshua against Klitschko.

It is important. People who factor in an atheltes personal lives to their skill should not be taken seriously. I'm glad people like me and you don't do that.

My thing on Rios is that I don't know where he's at right now. He could be underrated but we never really know. His last fight was in 2015 and we don't know what he's doing. Is he staying in the gym, training, staying in shape and other things? He could beat Granados, but we don't know yet.

That's true. Fans have a thing where they judge fighters based on their worst performance. They bring up the Marquez knockout for Pacquiao, Collazo hurting Thurman with a body shot, Castillo and Mayweather. I have a bad habit of doing it sometime but haven't done it lately. I think that Rios might not be as good as he once was. He's been out of the ring for around 15 months and that can take a toll.

I think Ali would win. As much as I like Tyson, I feel he's a bit overrated. People made him out to be a monster and he got a lot of losses to Holyfield, Lewis and so on. I think that Tyson could've been a lot better. When he was younger I thought he was a great puncher with great defense, but then faded. I heard in his fight against Buster Douglas he didn't even focus on the fight, he visited Japan, watched Sumo Wrestling and wasn't focused.

I like it to. I like that they are both fighting on the same card. If they had a rematch on the Golovkin undercard that would've been better but it's still good that they are both fighting. The return of Andy Lee is good to.