Eleider Alvarez vs Sergey Kovalev II Scorecard by Champion97

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Eleider Alvarez

Sergey Kovalev

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What did you think of the fight?

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Great performance from Kovalev, terrible from Alvarez.

I heard that Alvarez was looking for one big punch the whole fight, is that accurate?

Also do you think Kovalev can still be elite or what? He's been very inconsistent as of late. I still think Beterbiev and Bivol beat him.

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He was, but he was also banking on Kovalev tiring, without pushing the pace, there was a real lack of urgency, Kovalev's stamina has improved somewhat, because as we talked about, part of his issues were down to him nkt respecting his coaches, well McGirt brought the best out of him. Kovalev did tire after about 7 rounds, but Alvarez couldn't build on it, couldn't deal with Kovalev's jab, Kovalev did a great job of putting less into his shits than he normally does, and still throwing meaningful punches, but me and Gold were talking about this, and something else I said, was that Alvarez not only let some early rounds slip, but he was also a punching bag at times, he took a lot of draining punches, and when you take so many clean shots, you will likely be even more tired than your opponent, and late on, Alvarez had had all the gas beaten out of his tank. I do think Kovalev was made to look better than he was because Alvarez was so unprepared and inactive, but Kovalev was better than he's been since the Ward fights, definitely a combination of both.

Not Bivol, Beterbiev is interesting, I'd have to think about that, Kovalev proved me wrong, is much more experienced than Beterbiev, but Beterbiev is younger and fresher, both have weak chins, especially Beterbiev, both are massive punchers, would be a great fight.

That's a bad gameplan to follow, hoping he tires and relying on one knockout punch. I still need to watch the fight, but from what it seems the change of trainer is helping Kovalev. I remember in the Ward builup, JDJ said that Kovalev is stubborn, and you never heard that with Mcgirt.

Both fights are great, whats next for Kovalev?

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Changing trainers can be the making of a fighter, it can also be a mistake, Broner did not benefit from switching trainers, neither did Quigg, Kovalev, Groves, Maidana, certainly did. That is a sign that Kovalev, for whatever reason, has grown up, changed his attitude, improved his stamina not necessarily by working harder but by doing as he is told, doing everything right.

Possibly Bivol, Gvozdyk is with Top Rank, so that shouldn't be too tough a fight to make, but Bivol vs Kovalev is a fight that has been talked about for a while, amd Bivol has said he wants Kovalev.

What did you think of Tank vs Ruiz?

I think he realized that, if he loses this is pretty much it for him. That's probably why he started with the changes in his attitude and everything else.

Do you think it's likely he'll fight one of those 3 next? I think it's likely since they are all with top rank.

I saw it, good win, but I'd like to see him fight a better name soon, what about you?

About to watch Fury vs Wilder, If I have a different card I'll post it, but if it's the same round by round I won't. Do you watch fights on all the best fights at all?

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I think so.

He needs to step up his opposition, this time, it wasn't his fault, but if Tank vs Tenshin is next, that is disgusting.

Cool, I've seen it twice and have the same score, 8-4 for Fury, a close win, but it was a draw at the end of the day, so there has to be a rematch.


What do you think of Alvarez vs Jacobs?

It's been a while since he's had a credible opponent, maybe since Walsh. A fight with that Tenshin guy would be horrible, not only is Tenshin's company throwing him to the wolves (Mayweather and Davis) for a payday, Davis is also getting no actual experience fighting him.

I thought it was a clear Fury win still, but yes a rematch is necessary since no one technically won.

I like the fight, really hope Jacobs wins this one, what about you?

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Good point, it doesnt seem like it, but he is still quite inexperienced.

People all have their opinions, but the British judge scored it a draw, there was no USA judge, a lot of people think it was a bad decision, some think Wilder won, but I believe like Pacquiao vs Bradley, Kovalev vs Ward, Pacquiao vs Horn, as time goes on, the decision will get less controversial. It was a draw at the end of the day, we need a rematch.

Great match up, I think if Jacobs can repeat his performance against Golovkin, he has a great chance, even if he can't, he has a shot, but Alvarez might be too good, as well as the fighter in his prime. 100% rooting for Jacobs.

In case you haven't already heard, May is likely to be the time for Rodriguez vs Inoue, also when Baranchyk vs Taylor os happening, Briedis vs Glowacki, in June

I think Floyd just likes to say things, he did say he will have as serious fight in May.

From watching it, I find it hard to make it a victory for Wilder, even a draw. I still want to watch it again to see if it's still a robbery, even though I do after 2 watches.

I think Canelo is improving more then Jacobs has. Jacobs needs to rise to the occasion to beat Canelo. I'm rooting for Jacobs but I think Canelo takes it.

I saw, it's good to see the wbss is still on, I thought that Baranchyk bailed on the tournament, good to see there are fight dates.

Also what's going on with GGG? I haven't heard much from him lately.

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Respect your opinion, but again, I'm sure we can agree, the rematch should 100% be next, seems like it is 95% done.

I'm in the same boat.

Definitely, a tournament is always awesome in boxing.

I believe he signed with DAZN, 2 fight deal I believe.

I think it will be next, it's looking likely. I think Fury takes it. Also, do you think Joshua will eventually fight Fury at Wilder at some point?

I'm really pulling for Jacobs, but I feel Canelo is at his best now.

That's good, he can still go the undisputed route.

Thoughts on Joshua vs Miller?

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I think Joshua will fight the winner eventually, too important fight not to happen, as Joshua says, both champions, same weight class, same era, they have to fight.

Tough fight for Joshua, Miller is strong, but Joshua has to be the favourite. You?

I think so too, and the thing is he's not entirely to blame for the fight between either of them to be made.

I love the fight, perfect fight for U.S. debut. I think that Whyte or Pulev are more deserving, but what better U.S. debut then against an American. I think Joshua will hve his hands full with Miller, but will pull out the win.

Usyk vs Povetkin is close to being made, what do you think of the fight?

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Of course not, people who don't understand boxing negotiations often blame the A-side, the fight will happen eventually, I'm 99% sure of that.

Exactly, can't blame Joshua for making his US debut. I agree, I think he has too much pedigree, he will win the battle of the jabs, he might get overpowered, but he hits harder.

Awesome, wasting no time there, great opportunity for Povetkin, and for Usyk, high risk it may be, but it is also a fight that will help adapt to the weight more quickly. The size is interesting, weight is on Povetkin's side because he has so much more heavyweight experience, but Usyk is a big cruiserweight, 6'3, there have been smaller fighters who have moved up to heavyweight and done well, but we'll see. What do you think of Usyk vs Povetkin?

I think both are at fault for it not happening. It depends on who you ask, if you ask a Joshua fan they'll blame Wilder, and if you're a wilder fan you'll blame Joshua and Hearn. I think the fight against the winner, or even both will happen. They are both huge fights for Joshua. I still believe that Joshua vs Fury would determine the best in the division.

I think it would've been a lose lose with the Ortiz fight, he wouldn't of got credit if he won. They would've said Ortiz is old, never fought anyone and fighting Wilder leftovers. I like the Miller fight. Even though Joshua can tire easy, I think that with Miller being the heavier fighter will gas quicker of the two. Joshua has a great jab, pretty good defense and hits hard I don't think Miller will go the distance.

I love it. Usyk is challenging himself at heavyweight right out the gate. I find the fight interesting. Povetkin has size on his side, and Usyk has skill on his side. I think Usyk being more skilled and younger will beat Povetkin by decision, I don't know if he can stop him, if so that would be very impressive. Who are you picking? I'm rolling with Usyk on this one. Usyk might be number 1 pound for pound in my opinion.

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Fury has signed a deal with Top Rank, doesn't kill the Wilder fight, but makes it harder to make.

Who Joshua? Ortiz was never an option I don't think because he wouldn't Matchroom and Ortiz making a deal for the fight would be hard, Ortiz would decline for the same reason Whyte did, but more because he is neither a challenger who has earned his opportunity with a good win, or another champion, and that's why Joshua wanted to fight Wilder or Whyte. We'll see, depends on Miller's chin, his inside game, survival, recovery, his ability to manhandle Joshua when he is hurt.

Povetkin has size on his side not because he's necessarily naturally bigger but because this is Usyk's first title fight at heavyweight, and he has virtually no experience at heavyweight, so weight is well on Povetkin's side. We'll see how well Usyk can adapt to the weight. This is also not too much, too soon, because Povetkin is a small heavyweight. I'd need to think about it, it is definitely an interesting fight. Possible, Crawford in my opinion.

That was out of the blue of him to sign with Arum. Ward said it's not impossible to make so we'll see. Hopefully it wouldn't ruin a fight with Joshua either.

Yeah for Joshua. We've talked about it before but Ortiz hasn't had a huge win in years and not worthy of a title shot yet. Didn't look great in his last fight either. I think we'll see how good Millers chin is when he faces Joshua. It won't be easy work like I said, it will be tough but I think Joshua will get him out in the mid rounds. This could be his second toughest fight to date in my opinion.

I think that Usyks power could suffer, it might be an issue against heavyweights. He could make up for it with his movement, and being more fresh of the two. I think this is the perfect test for Usyk at heavyweight for his debut. I would have to say he's the best number one because of him beating an undefeated Glowacki, Hunter,Bredis and Gassiev, and winning the WBSS. Crawford is a close second for me, but you can make a case for him being number one.

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No it isn't impossible, it just delays it, at least.

What would you tell Joshua to do against Miller?

It will suffer, that's the thing, you can gain strength, take strength up with you, but power is much harder to carry up when you move up in weight. You can make a case for at least 4 fighters being number one.

Do you think the fight will still be made?

I would tell Joshua to box smart not fight close with Miller early on because he's dangerous. I think that he'll tire out from trying to chase Joshua. What would you tell him, it's hard for me to articulate it.

I agree on that.

Also what do you think of Shawn Newton and T street controversy as boxing youtubers? Also have you heard of MF DOOM he's a rapper from the UK.

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Wilder vs Fury II? It's tough to say, with Tyson Fury, it is always unpredictable, but I think it will happen, I think the fight makes the most sense for both, Wilder obviously wants the rematch, and it is the obviously answer for Fury, he knows he can out box Wilder, knows he is stonger and more technically skilled, but I think it was a bad time to make a promotional change, days before the fight was supposed to be confirmed.

I would tell him not to try to overpower Miller, I would tell him to get that distance, use his jab, move backwards, keep changing direction, and make it hard for Miller to cut off the ring, and if he does that, he makes it very hard for Miller to get the good start he needs. I don't think Miller hits nearly as hard as Joshua, but that overhand right is a good shot, comes from an awkward angle, if Joshua makes him miss, Miller wastes gas in the tank, but if Miller lands shot, it registers, it might hurt Joshua just a little bit if in that split second he knows it's coming, but Miller has enough power to hurt him, but definitely, that allows Miller to punch into range, and let the shots go, the corner is the worst place for Joshua to be, because Miller has the leverage. Joshua should try his best to keep that distance, but when Miller starts to struggle for pace, probably in rounds 7 and 8, use the right hand more often, try to do more damage, and if the opening is there, try to set up that right uppercut. If Miller can force Joshua to fight on the inside in the early rounds, which I think he can, in rounds 3 and 4, Joshua should fight in the pocket, work the body, not try to get the distance back by pushing or using rough house tactics.

No idea, and no I haven't heard of him. Only controversy I heard about was Ward telling some fool called 'Barbershop Conversations' what's what.

Sorry for late response. I think they might try and freeze Wilder out. It could be a theory. They could be waiting on Joshua then chase the bigger payday against Joshua, and it's still winnable for Fury, he's arguably the best in the division. I prefer Fury to rematch Wilder before he does anything. I do think Joshua is the better fight. I also heard top rank offered Wilder a contract.

I agree with all you said, it's just hard for me to articulate it.

I'm glad Ward called him out. Also I wish more boxers would call out these youtubers, there's too much bias.

Usyk doesn't need heavyweight power to beat Povetkin. Usyk's never been considered a big puncher and few thought he'd get rid of bellew inside the distance. I think Usyk will just have too much skill for Povetkin. As champion said, he's not the biggest heavyweight so it's a good fight for Usyk to take.

As for Miller, I think AJ is levels above the guy and I expect him to take Miller out with ease. AJ's hand speed will be too much and I don't think he'll see the punches coming.

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I agree to an extent, but it depends what angle you look at it from, like with Saunders moving up to 168, will compromise his power, but he has never relied on power, but at the same time, fighters who struggle to generate power struggle to inflict damage, can't get their opponent's respect, and a fighter who isn't so much a puncher might not be able to afford a decrease in power. I thought he'd stop Bellew, he isn't a non-puncher, but what is impressive is not sheer power, it is the way he uses timing, accuracy to use what power he has.

I'm glad you didn't say Joshua will win because Fury dropped Miller 7 times in sparring. I disagree on Miller, but this is the problem with fighters as untested as Miller, you can rank him 4th, rank him 10th, it is unknown to us whether he is on Joshua's level or not, and before fighting Joshua, he should have had to prove himself against a Povetkin or Ortiz. I don't agree on the fight, I'm impressed by Miller as a pressure fighter, and a body puncher, but even if he is as good as he could possibly be, the difference in amateur and professional pedigree is surely going to hurt Miller, and he carries so much mass, he will tire.

Miller talked his way into this fight. I don't mind trash talk in terms of promoting a fight but I hate to see it win someone a fight that as you say, they don't deserve. In fairness though I guess he's also getting it by default. Default that Whyte wasn't going to be shortchanged and that Miller offers AJ keys to the American gate. I don't see the fight going long and AJ's jab should keep him at bay early on.

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He accepted the terms because he knew he was lucky to get the shot, Whyte, as a fighter who had worked his way up, thought he was not offered enough, so he turned it down. It isn't that he doesn't deserve to be considered in the mix, and he deserves an opportune maybe in just one fight's time, but he should have been made to take an eliminator first,had he dine that, Joshua beats a good challenger who beat Ortiz/Povetkin/Pulev etc, but after the fight, if Joshua wins, but it is tough, we won't know whether to praise Joshua for winning, or criticise him for struggling, and that is down to us having no way of having a good idea of how good Miller is. Joshua should not be criticised for fighting the US, Wembley shouldn't have been pencilled in for April 13, but he has every right to travel and get that international experienced. I see the fight going long, I think Miller will overpower Joshua, Joshua hasn't been there before, and he will work the body well. AJ's jab will be important, it will what puts the points in the bank before they have settled down, and also, when they both need to drop the pace, and they need the fundamentals. I think Joshua should box going backwards, use his jab, but also, against the ropes, if he can work the body on the inside, that's a great tactic, I think Joshua is an underrated body puncher, and an underrated inside fighter. If Miller has a granite chin, which he may or may not have, Joshua's best shot to hurt him might be doubling up the jab to set up that right uppercut. I think Joshua wins wide, but by no means a shutout.