David Price vs Tom Little Scorecard by SalTnutZ1

scorecard by SALTNUTZ1



David Price

Tom Little

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Wasn't it great to see Price win?

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It was good to see him get right in that fight. What do you think he does next?

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Lucas Browne if they can make the fight, also, for Dubois, Gorman, Price is not too much, too soon, because we know he is very beatable, got a lot of faults and weaknesses, but he makes a fight interesting against anyone to an extent, and very interesting against an inexperienced fighter, because of his power, how dangerous he is for 4 rounds, his size, and at this stage, his desire. What do you think he does next?

Good Christmas?

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Not sure myself. Have heard Browne linked to both him and Dave Allen next. That whole bunch is roughly the same level to me, so it is kind of a game of kick the can around until an opportunity arises,or retirement. Don’t know what is better for him in all honesty. Toiling around at gatekeeper level, and hoping one more chance pops up, or walk off into the sunset with his money and health. Tough call.

It was okay. My gal lost her uncle to the bout of cancer that I mentioned previously, but at least we knew it was and coming, so mentally, it wasn’t as bad, but still never easy. Other than that, had a few brews and just watched the fights. My family is all spread around the country, so we don’t do much in terms of get togethers. You?

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I agree. The thing is, some people think they are above watching fights at that level, but when the fights happen, even they enjoy it, and these fights deliver for entertainment value, because the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the fighters give them advsersity, and give the opponent something to exploit, and they don't have anything to lose.

Sorry pal. Yeah not too bad, spent £60 on the dogs.

So what did you make of the Charlos fights at the weekend?

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Well you know I’m not one of those folks. 2 gloves and a ring, and I usually watch, haha.

I thought the Jermell-Harrison fight was meh in terms of quality of watch. Interesting to score though. I thought Jermell’s action was enough to win most rounds compared to Harrison on the back foot boxing, but it is what it is. Neither was overly impressive, and makes me more bullish on my Munguia projection compared to the division. I thought Jermell could be cerebral enough to outbox him, but watching how he was chasing all night, I think Munguia would hurt him with his size and power were Jermell to fight him that way.

With Jermall, I thought he got outboxed, but could see 115-113 either way or a Draw. Those wide cards were bad. Korobov showed his amateur background with those clean straight lefts, and clean boxing. Jermall needs to work on boxing more and chasing KOs less. I think he’s 5th best, tops, right now at 160. Both got exposed to an extent, and at a bad time, too. That card did a few million views, which is pretty huge here, and they failed to impress. What do you make of them?

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Wasn't implying you were, just to be clear.

Well that is still a very interesting topic, I still think what happened to Lubin is a reason not to rush fighters, but I could also say that Shiro was fast tracked, and look at how much better a fighter he is after the Lopez and Guevara fights, so it is a big risk, but it can be the making of a fighter who wants to learn. I definitely think Jermell is limited, against Jackson, he was a long way behind, at the time it seemed like a learning fight, but maybe the same faults he had in that fight, are why he isn't as good as brother.

I agree, I think Korobov being underrated, the late switch, maybe Jermall not being as good as I thought he was, and his brother's loss, all factors. Based on that fight, I would rank him 6th, maybe even 7th.

My opinion on the Charlos has changed mostly because they have always looked briefly like potentially great fighters, had a lot of faults, but there seems to be a real lack of improvement, and they didn't look like better fighters last week than 2-3 years ago.

The fights in the next few days look good, Juarez is overmatched against Shiro I think, but apart from that, all good match ups.