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George Foreman

Axel Schulz

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This fight was a huge robbery.

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Absolutely, and it's not a known one either, which makes it even harder on Schulz.

Luis Ortiz is threatening legal action against Anthony Joshua unless he fights him this year. Ortiz will almost certainly get nowhere with that, I really don't think he makes the top 5, and I don't think he is deservinf of the opportunity unless he gets at least one more decent win under his belt. To fight Anthony Joshua, even though he him being number one is possibility, not fact (granted a strong possibility), is undoubtedly the biggest opportunity in the heavyweight division now, with his reputation, and having two belts.


I heard that to. I don't know how he can do well for suing Joshua. That's pretty odd he will do that. I think he's top 5. I think he needs a better win to get a title shot first as well.

I'll have Whittaker vs Rivera scored tonight.

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Yeah it's ridiculous! That is the general idea, but I'll stand firm here, I think he's really overrated, and time is not on his side, with you being a massive Anthony Joshua fan, you can see why I double checked you were prepared for Klitschko to have a little too much for him, but if Joshua vs Ortiz is confirmed (which it shouldn't be because Joshua's only other fight this year, I think should be Kubrat Pulev, maybe in November, I think October at the earliest) I wouldn't think there be any reason for you and other Joshua fans to worry, well, no more than about him him possibly losing to Pulev.

Two fantastic fights, especially the first one.

It's hard for me to say if he's overrated or not. I mean he's looked good but against decent level fighters, minus Malik Scott he looked awful against him. I always knew that Klitschko was going to be a challenge for Joshua. It's hard to tell where Ortiz is at, he's only getting older and haven't fought in a while. I like the Pulev fight next anyways for Joshua in October or November. Hearn said that he will put him in one of those months.

I'm about to start it soon.

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It is, because there are thing we can't know or say with any real level of confidence which is close to certainty, but I know what I believe, and that is that he is overrated, one paced, and when things don't go all his way, he'll crumble! Joshua steamrolls him, and puts a brutal beating on him, Wilder takes some big shots from him early, encourages him to take risks, and then knocks him out cold, Parker drains him and takes over in the second half of a fight, Klitschko drops him, and dominates him on the jab, and Fury makes him cry like a baby and quit on stool, that's where I think Ortiz stands with the other heavyweights.

The Pulev fight is a great fight for Joshua. I think Joshua vs Pulev goes maybe 8 rounds, Pulev is awkward, Joshua has work to do, it will be good experience, and a good learning fight for him, he will have tonthink and box in a very intelligent way, will be interesting to see how he boxes, I'll be very impressed if he can negate Pulev's offensive weapons.


Would you like to talk Joshua vs Fury at some point?

I would love to see Joshua beat him. I think Fury would break him mentally honestly. All his mind games then the way he fights would make him all frustrated and he would probably quit. I think Wilder stops him to. We have seen him against a southpaw and was able to get a brutal ko even though he was struggling.

I like the idea of him fighting Pulev. I think that Joshua stops him in around the 8th or 9th round. I think this is a good fight for him to learn as well. I hope he can fix some flaws for the next fight.I think he can negate Pulev's weapons, what about you?

I would like to talk about that fight.

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I agree. He thought he killed Szpilka.

I really don't know in all honesty, I think maybe in part, but not in the way the best Tyson Fury would be able to I think, I could be wrong though. I still think Joshua will build up a lead on the scorecards, maybe by as few as two points, so maybe a combination of 77-75 and 78-74, and then he gets the stoppage, he could do better than this.

Ok, if you were to construct a game plan for Anthony Joshua against Tyson Fury, what would be some of the things you would tell him?

That was a brutal ko.

I think Joshua would be up to then get the stoppage.

First thing I would do is ignore his mind games. That's one thing Fury is great at doing, I think it worked well in his favor against Wlad and if Joshua ignores him he will be fighting like his normal self. I say if Joshua can fights like himself and makes a couple little adjustments that he will do well. To be honest I haven't seen Fury fight in a while so I have to look again to see how he fights, like what he does well and what he's bad at. What would you tell him?

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You can say that again.

Well, for a start, I think had Fury had the personality of Anthony Crolla, Shawn Porter, I don't think the result of the Klitschko fight would have been any different, maybe it would have panned out slightly differently in terms of how Klitschko initiated some of the exchanges, and his attitude, but not much and maybe not even that.

It is quite a task to set up a good game plan for Anthony Joshua against Fury, but I do have a few ideas on this. First off, I think it is important that Joshua finds a way to cut down the use of Fury's reach, and take away his ability to control range, I think, early, as the likely physically stronger man, but also the man who's build works against him for oace despite great health, athleticism, low heart rate, Joshua would be very wise to make it so that it is Fury who is doing most of the work, keep him on his toes, sustain pressure, if he's in the corner, and there is a clinch, sustain the pressure, try to limit his breathing.

I have never actually seen Tyson Fury take a really good, solid body shot, I find that interesting, Chisora, Hammer couldn't hit his body, and Klitschko didn't apply those kidn of tactics, I've seen Fury get caught bang on the chin, take massive head shots, get up off the deck, and become stronger, stopping his opponent, but I've never seen him take a good body shot which he doesn't see coming. I don't believe it is scientifically possible for Tyson Fury to stand up a large amount of solid body shots, or one fight changing body shot, afyerbhe has abused his body the way he has, I coukd be wrong, but when we think about the transition to abdominal durability and being 25-30 stone is absolutely massive. Joshua wouldn't have to obviously make it all about downstairs offence, because that will play into Fury's traps, he should target the body in his game plan, with subtlety, I think the jab to the body early is a great tactic, it should take some steam out of Fury and steer the second hal of the fight towards Joshua's favour.

I was very interested to see Fury vs Klitschko, Klitschko was really confident, he seemed a little but smug at the press conference, no person is going to carelessly tell me that Klitschko was jusy going to try harder, and "let his hands go more", no no, he had contructed an intelligent, compex game plan there, and I have a felling he believed he could get Fury on a body shot.

For Joshua, he is 6'6, we've seen his career, he worked well to the body against Dillian Whyte in rounds 4 and 5, but apart from that, I haven't seen him work to the body much, that isn't criticism, because he has been in more of a position to aim his offence at the head, but nevertheless, I think Joshua and Mckracken would be wise to build some of the Tyson Fury fight training into the training they're doing now, and work specifically on working to the body at a sensible, consistent but not predictable rate, because this is very different, and far more beneficial than just deciding to adjust his offence in order to work against Fury for just 3 months or less.

I think it had something to do with it, but mostly he had a great fight plan and that's what beat Klitschko. He did get in his head though. He made someone who never swears (Klitschko) telling him to fuck off.

It really is. Tyson Fury is a lot to deal with. The mind games for one, then having the fight plan to beat him is another. I think he has physical advantages over Fury like strength, and impose that on him. Another good thing he can do is whenever he is in a clinch try to sneak in as many body shots as possible to slow him down. He wouldn't like taking body shots from him because he is a little overweight. I say just overall just try to make him do a lot of work like you said and just tire him out.

That is interesting to. From what I remember of the fights I have seen of his he has never been hit with a great body punch. I think that Joshua will test him on that. A good body attack would be good from Joshua. He has shown to be a good body puncher from the Klitschko fight.

It was a good one. I didn't really look for much unitl you told me about Fury and it got me interested.

I forgot that Tyson is 6'9 and that's 3 inches. I hope that Joshua and Mckracken develop a good gameplan to beat Fury, I think it will be the toughest fight for him currently. Do you think that Fury will get his license back?

Also who would you pick in this fight Brook or Khan? I say Brook.

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I'm really not sure I agree, and to be quite honest (and I'm no psychologist, haha), I think most of the whole "win the mind games stuff doesn't affect fighters in the ring much at all if at all, sure boxing is a mental thing, Lennox Lewis once said is was 30% mental, I'm just not sure I buy the mental battle being about the taunts from the opponent, with Froch and Groves, it was relevant, but I don't think mind games work often, not at this level. Yes but all he did was rile him outside of the ring there, that doesn't necessarily and probably doesnt relate to how he would have approached the fight when they were actually in the ring, I think Klitschko just wanted to throw a dirty dig back at Fury after all the crap Fury had said, and to be fair, he did say it calmly, and regarding some of the sexist/homophobic things he had said already. I don't think this made a difference to the fight, but one thing about that fight, mentally, I do think realy unsettled Klitschko was the Fury's not being fooled and falling for any of their crap with the ring, the gloves, and by the way that's what I was talking about when I said Klitschko wasn't as great a guy as he seemed in the build up to Joshua vs Klitschko.

I think Joshua is stronger, but he might not be, and if he isn't, then the fight is even harder. He has to be careful, if he simply goes charging in with body shots, he will walk into one from Fury.

I meant the rematch?, did you think I meant the first fight?

Yes I do think he will get his licence back. Yes, and to me, that crucial point in that, is to start thinking about hownto beat Fury now, so they are better prepared if and when the fight happens, that doesn't mean I think they should look past Pulev, or any other opponent.

Yeah I would say Brook, but I don't think the fight will ever happen. I think Amir Khan against Danny Garcia is a fantastic, almost dead even 50/50 fight.

I think it had some to do with him losing, but a majority of it was an excellent gameplan by Fury. I think mind games sometimes work and sometimes don't. I think it was fair for Klitschko to fire back at Fury. The things Fury said were awful and he needed to be called out for it. I didn't really see it but what was Klitschko doing into build up in the Joshua fight? Also did you see Joshua and Wlad's brother Vitali get into an arguement after the fight?

I think he is stronger to, and probably in way better shape to. Strength doesn't always win fights but it sure can help. I definitely think body shots in clinches will work to instead of just charging in there.

I meant the first fight. That's when I didn't know much about Fury and you put me on to watching him.

Yes, he should start preparing now for Fury, but still not overlook Pulev or whoever else is next. Do you think Fury will return soon? He looks like he is interested in a return. Also do you think Joshua vs Fury will ever happen? I think it will.

I think the idea of that happening is gone now. I like Khan vs Garcia, also Khan needs to get active soon.

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Agree to disagree on that, but many would agree with you, I don't know which one of us is in the minority there. In my opinion, they unsually don't, I think trash talk 'mind games' are usually more just to build up the fight, or sometimes just dislike between two guys. It was just a surprising thing for him to say, he must have known Fury would have laughed 'it seems that Wladimir has found his bollocks from somewhere and swore, fuckin hell, have a day off Wlad will you?', but I think he was just trying to respond to Fury from a different angle, it isn't something that we should over think. Nothing, he was mostly very sportsmanslike, he js a good talker, seems like a very respectable man. It was what he did before the Fury fight, the hand wraps, the ring, all that nonsense, it is not fair on the opponent, now, actually, if Fury won any mind games, it was probably then, he got the better of the Klitschkos and out smarted them in that way, he must have frustrated them. That is why when before the Joshua fight you said he was a class act and a nice guy, I didn't 100% agree with you.

Fury would be in phenomenal shape if he fought Joshua, Peter Fury may be a homophobic former drug barron, he may be a horrible bastard like his eyeball tearing nutcase brother, but he is not an idiot, I don't think he is a genuinely good trainer as such, I think he is a capable trainer, and would not let Fury anywhere near Joshua unless he was in fantastic shape, but I still think heart rate wise, in terms of fitness in itself, he won't be able to overtake Joshua, although don't forget, Fury was on his toes for 12 rounds against Klitschko, and Joshua, at 250, against Wladimir, in round 5, after he dropped Klitschko, with all that muscle weighing him down, he was knackered, however, with Joshua's fitness, health, I think his recovery from fatuigue should be better than Fury's, and if Joshua is just a few lbs lighter than he was against Klitschko, plus, 250 will be a lighter relative weight than it was the week before last, then this should help Joshua. I wouldn't underestimate Fury's physical strength either though to be fair, and he can work in clinches, although that could possibly be a good tactic for Joshua, you could well be right about that, it's so hard to think about this, because how do you beat Tyson Fury? I think the jab to the body early from Joshua would be a great weapon for him.

Well that's it isn't it, hopefully Joshua and Mckracken can find a good balance. Yes I think he will be back on July 8, on the undercard of Saunders vs Khurtside. Oh he is, no doubt. So do I, I think Fury stops him, that's my prediction.

Yeah I know, I don't like to judge boxers, but Khan has always had inactive periods of time, he had a long layoff between Algieri and Canelo, and he said he is looking at coming back in September, I think that's what he said, if so, that's 16 months out. I think Garcia beats Khan again. People said Garcia "got lucky" against Khan, because Khan was dominant in the first two rounds, but come on, it was not a scheduled 2, 3, or 4 round fight, it was a 12 round fight, yes Khan started very well, but the third looked slightly closer even before the knockdown, I think he was coming in anyway, who knows how the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, rounds would have played out, had Khan done what he did in the first 2 rounds, for another 9 rounds, and then been caught in the final seconds, then maybe the whole "lucky punch" thing would be buyable, but I think Garcia may well have won that fight even without landing that first left hook which changed the fight. The best fights for Khan in my opinion, the best opponents who I would predict him to beat, are Manny Pacquiao, Tim Bradley, and Lamont Peterson, that's a defeat which I definitely think he would avenge.

Now, to answer that question, yes, I read about it the day before yesterday, and I planned to avoid telling you, hoping you wouldn't find out about it.

I mean I think that the gameplan was the bigger effect on Klitschkos performance, but I think mind games played some part. I think Klitschko is a good guy I just think he does some things to throw opponents off, like doubt ability and stuff like that, but it didn't work against Joshua.

I think he would to. Peter is a bad dude but he knows what he's doing on the boxing front. I know Tyson says he wants Joshua next but Peter will be wise not to do that. I think people underestimate Tyson's strengths. He is pretty strong even though he doesn't fit the picture like Joshua does.

That's what I meant to say, find the balance. I would like to see him return on the Saunders undercard. We'll see where he's at in July. Who do you think he will return against? Also as much as I don't like to say it I think Fury will beat Joshua. I have to be realistic and I think Fury beats Joshua.

For me long periods of inactivity are a concern for me. For one I like seeing fighters I like being active, and I feel it can pose problems in the ring. Khan has been very inactive in the past. I think that he needs to return in the summer but September isn't bad either. Those are all good options for Khan. I think next should be like Robert Guerrero or someone like that, then go for a Pacquiao, Bradley or Peterson rematch. As much as I think it won't happen I would still like to see the Brook fight.

That's fine. It doesn't really change my opinion of him. What did you think of the incident? I really didn't read much into it but I knew of it happening.

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I know, I simply disagree about the mind games, but like I say, agree to disagree. He couldn't try it against Joshua, because he was the B-side, did you mean Fury? It was bad flr the sport when he did that though.

Bang on!

I wouldn't. I have absolutely no idea. I admire your honesty.

Well he has said he will retire in 3-4 fights time. In an ideal world, Guerrero or maybe a more active opponent (not necessarily a more skilled opponent with more potential, maybe just an opponent who is busier and at a better point in their career) would be a good opponent, but that raises the question, after he beats Guerrero (or other) in September, when does he fight next?, because this has happened time and time again, if we get to the stage where it is August 2018, and he is looking for a big fight, we'll probably say he should fight an easy opponent after a long layoff. I do agree that he should take on an opponent like Konstanstin Ponomarev next, or maybe a weaker opponent, and then step up and fight Peterson, Bradley, Rios, Broner, Garcia, in March or some time around that, well, time. Yeah it will never become a poor fight, it's a great hypothetical fight, but very unlikely to ever happen.

Ok, I get the sense you want to be honest, so I'll be honest, here's what happened according to Eddie Hearn,

After the fight, too soon, Joshua went over to Klitschko (to be fair maybe Joshua didn't realise it was a bad time), he said "listen man.....", Vitali defensively pushed him away with one arm and said "alright alright", and Joshua aggressively responded "fuck you!". Thatbis very disappointing from Anthony Joshua, I didn't tell you this before, but I have always been a good judge of character, and I can tell when someone isn't who people make them out to be, and I never genuinely bought 100% of the good guy act, or, the good guy exterior, there were a few things which made me wonder whether or not he is what people say he is, there a few things I could point out about him but won't.

In boxing, in life, if there is one thing I've learned, is that good guys, are just nice people, and there is nothing more to it, people who are built up to be particularly great role models, are not that, and you shouldn't buy it, these people always get found out, Manny Pacquiao "so caring, so loving, wonderful man", prayed with people, seemed like a great guy, well, haha, I highly suspect he uses illegal substances, and we know about all those disgusting things he said last year, I think all that nice guy stuff is well and truly out of the window now, and people called Mayweather vs Pacquiao good vs evil. I won't break this down and tell you everything on this topic because Joshua os your favourite fighter and you don't need to look at him as a person in a more negative way.

To fianlise this, I want to make something clear, I do, completely think Anthony Joshua is a good guy, and I will continue to support him in the future, maybe he will become more genuinely humble in the future, and I'm 99% sure he will, I don't have a problem with Anthony Joshua, I'm very happy for him, I wish him all the best, I won't even root for Widler against him, I don't think, and whether I think he is the best heavyweight on the planet, or the third best (second best with a licence), I think he definitely deserves to be considered and definitely ranked in the number one position, because he's beaten a suoer champion who looked great in the fight, he is unbeaten, and he has two belts. Here's my point, Joshua is not perfect, and right now, he is not the best role model in the sport, I think to act like that towards the Klitschkos was very wrong, and I can lost a lot of boxers who don't have anything liks the nice guy reputation that Joshua has, and they would never do that, then again, on the other side, I think Joshua has a temper which he failed to control, I don't think he is a genuinely nasty person, well, he is inside the ring, haha. Like Floyd Mayweather, like Andre Ward, like Canelo Alvarez (maybe), like Tony Bellew, like George Groves, like Carl Froch, like many, many others, Joshua is a good person, but somebody who does make a lot os mistakes, do things with don't paint a great picture of the sport, and let their temper getbthe better of them. Joshua is someome who I think has good intentions, has turned his life around from drugs and crime, and will calm down and get more humble as time goes on (and I do believe that), there are people in the sport who I think really are nasty people, and I wouldn't put Joshua in that group, but there are also a lot of fighters who are great role models for young fighters, keep it all in the ring, and don't get loads of credit as a person which they probably don't deserve, and don't decieve people, which I believe Joshua does a bit, if I'm honest. Ultimately, I'm still a big fan of AJ, and don't really have a problem with him as a person, I've made my point now. I really hope Joshua could have the beating of Tyson Fury one day, but I really doubt it. Joshus vs Wilder is massive, I think Johhny Nelson has made Deontay Wilder look bad, and I think that was wrong of him in all honesty, he's a great pundit, and thisnis the first time I've really disagreed with what he says.

There's an idea when he needs to retire, and he's said it. I think if he's going to do 3-4 more fights I think he should fight often. That's a good point after september, when will he fight next? I say March is a good fight date like you said, but we don't know if he would actually fight in March. I hope he can get a big fight before he retires. I'm really not expecting a Brook fight I think we would see him fight Broner, Pacquiao, or Bradley before Brook. I think it would be a cool idea if Khan fought Brook as his last fight then retired, but I doubt it will happen.

I'm not making excuses or anything but I think that he just got mad at the heat of the moment and reacted in a bad way, it happens with everyone.

That's good. I'll still continue to root for him as well. I think he is a good face of boxing regardless of the incident. I think his story of changing his life from crime is a good story for others to follow who are going through what he did. It shows that even if you get in trouble it's never too late to change your life. I'm not condoning what he did but I think someone can take a lot from his story. I think it would be impossible to find a perfect person. I agree with you with him being genuine about him being humble and turning his life around.

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Often enough that he doesn't have whole years between fights. I don't think Khan beats Thurman, Brook, Spence, Porter, or Garcia, any of the others, I think he has the beating of.

No I understand, my full opinion is tha last thing I said at the end of the comment, I didn't want to tell you about it to be honest, I know your opinion on him hasn't changed which is good because great fighters need loyall fans, but I won't lie, he shouldn't have done it, I don't think Joshua os what the British media think he is, and I don't think he is exactly wha he appears on the outside, but I do think he's a good guy, and the important things, are true, like for example, he has turned his life around, he's a good guy, but my problem is not with Anthony Joshua really, but more that he gets credit for being this great guy, others don't, others who wouldn't say what he said, but nevertheless, you know my overall opinion, and it's not so different to yours.

What did you think of Parker vs Cojanu?

I don't think he could beat those guys either. I didn't like how Khan said a fight with him and Thurman was a bigger fight then Thurman vs Porter 2/

I don't think he should've reacted the way he did with Vitali. I don't know what he does in his personal life so I won't say he isn't the same as what he projects to be. He still seems like a good guy and we both know this.

I thought Parker could've done more, but he did look good in spots. Did you notice Cojanu say to Parker "stop running" multiple times during the fight?

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Oh yeah "forget Porter, come on ponytail, fight me", well, Porter has just stopped Andre Berto and looked great doing it, he's beaten Adrien Broner, the first Thurman fight was close, a great fight, Porter is doing more and doing better than Khan at the moment, Khan fought Canelo before Thurman vs Porter. Thurman and Khan really do not get along, that I do know.

I agree. I know some things, but obviously, I don't know him personally, so we can't really know any person through their fame. Yes, I agree, Joshua is a good guy really, I've said all I have to say on the topic of Joshua vs Vitali.

Overall, by his own standards, that was a very poor performance, I did near something about Cojanu getting near the Olympics or something like that when he was an amateur, which makes it less unimpressive, but still, Cojanu is not world class, and that was a bit of a stinker, I wonder if he was ill. I'm still a big fan of Joseph Parker, he is a great guy, and a great role model in the sport of boxing, but, I'm not going to stand here and buiod th case that he beats Anthony Joshua, I mean, even if I wasn't a fan of Joshua too, how could I?, after Joshua's performance against Klitschko, Parker needs a impressive win, against a good opponent. I can see why Tony Bellew is frustrated, Parker himself probably gets it, Bellew has beaten David Haye, he'll desperately want that WBO title shot, he'll be 100% sure he can win, and win well, I just think Wilder vs Bellew is a slightly better idea. I like Parker vs Whyte, it's a good fight, Whyte, like Bellew, will be 100% on beating Parker, if Parker beats Whyte (who I believe is overrated over here), hopefully he stops him if they fight, Parker did not get the credit he deserved in SkySports after the Takam win, I don't join those who believe he is the best heavyweight on the planet, but I think he makes the top 5, and is very underrated, I think Spencer Fearon is almost certain that Tony Bellew beats Joseph Parker, but I think Parker is much better than Haye, and beats Bellew, I don't care how many people disagree, or how strongly they disagree. I hope Wilder gets the credit he deserves over in the states, because he is being written off by most people over here. He should have been praised for letting Joshua have his moment, and not stealing the spotlight from him, not seen as an opponent who was scared off.

For me I think Thurman fighting Khan next would be a waste of time, he would stop him. The rematch with Porter will be so much better, because the fans are hammering for that more than a Khan fight and the first fight was a classic. I think Thurman has more options then to fight Khan at the moment.

I feel it was to. I mean he looked good in spots but I think he could've got him out of there. That could be a possibility that he was sick in his last fight. I also think that nobody's perfect and that this was just a bad performance. I think he can come back from this. I like the Bellew fight for Parker, also the Wach vs Whyte winner to. I think Whyte is good but not great. I think Parker beats him. He's a top 5 heavyweight in my opinion to, and he's underrated. He has fast hands and pretty good boxer. I agree with you on the fact that he beats Haye. Personally I think he won't be the same if he returns. Some people don't give much credit to Wilder. They call him a cherry picker and he isn't a good boxer at all. I don't think that, he's a good finisher and arguably number 1 or 2 heavyweight in the world. One would be unwise to write him off against Joshua. I liked that he let Joshua have his moment, very good gesture by him.

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I agree, it is a great fight in my opinion, but I think given that Thurman has been more active, I believe is more disciplined, and has a style that I think would not suit Amir Khan, it is not a better option than Thurman vs Porter II. Absolutely, most think Porter won 5 rounds, he was absolutely fantastic throughout, Porter is a top 5 fighter, and I think he beats Amir Khan, I think it would be a very difficult fight, but Porter would have the better of that fight. I do still think Khan is on the same level as Thurman and Porter, and I wouldn't be shocked if he beat all of them to be honest, surprised, but not shocked, especially Porter vs Garcia, but I do agree, Thruman and Porter both beat Khan now, and Thurman vs Porter is a better fight for the fans.

I'm not just standing here trying to make excuses for him, maybe he is overrated, I don't know, we'll have to see, I definitely think he should defend his title over here against Tony Bellew or Dillian Whyte, but anyway, it is a possibility, he looked bad, Cojanu, I don't think was actually really trying to win. I agree with all of that, and we can say "I told you so", if and when he beats Whyte, Chisora, Bellew, but until then, we have to accept that evryone, and understandably so, is going to think him the weak link in the division without any doubt, and he isn't a challenge for Anthony Joshua, I think he is certainly the sort of Danny Garcia of the heavyweight division, and he is underrated, I do think he (on a good day) has the beating of everybody but Fury, Joshua, Wilder, but that is not a popular opinion, and it's one I'm sort of keeping to myself, Parker is a good guy, and I'm sure he woukd be willing to give Bellew, Whyte a fair shake, and I'm sure they either lose and accept it, and Parker proves himself, or they beat him, become champion, and then they show him more respect, this isn't personal, but at the end of the day, when they are talking about each other as fighters, they don't have to be all nice and obviously respectful, because they are dedicated athletes, and they want that belt so bad, they will train like animals to get themselves in the shape of their lives, and fight their hearts out to get that belt. Both Bellew and Whyte are good, tough opponents for Parker. I wouldn't mind seeing Bellew vs Ortiz for a WBC eliminator, I think Ortiz is made for Bellew, I certainly think Bellew deserves a big opportunity, against either Parker or Wilder, with Parker, he has a higher chance of winning, with Wilder, it is a bigger fight with surely more money in it, he's not going to fight Anthony Joshua, because he's too scared? Haha, f*** no!, because Joshua is too close a friend.

Exactly, and he should have been respected for that, if he didn't want to fight Joshua, why did he come over to the UK?, if Johnny Nelson wanted him say something about it, him or another person should have asked him, I honestly think he was just being respectful, also, he was preoccupied by Tony Bellew, Wilder is about as much "too scared" to fight Anthony Joshua as Mayweather was to fight Pacquiao and Alvarez was and is to fight Golovkin in my opinion, that rubbish talk will eliminated just like that talk was in the other two scenarios I just mentioned.

Those are good reasons as well, but I think Khans chin will let him down in the fight. I much rather see him fight Porter again then Khan, and I think we both agree on that. A better fight for the fans and money wise would be in a Porter rematch. The huge fight that Khan will get the most money with is with Brook and it will probably never happen.

I know what you mean. He could be overrated, but I don't think we'll see until he's in there with the best. Cojanu didn't really do anything in the fight besides survive. We have to understand people are going to say what they want about Parker now because of this fight. It could be a bad night, or it could be that he's overrated. I guess we'll see in his next fight where he's at. He can prove all the doubters wrong or prove them right. I think Joshua beats him, just like Wilder and Fury to. That's not the end of the world because being top 5 in the division and that's still great. For Bellew it will be interesting to see how he will do against Parker and Wilder. I think he has a better chance of beating Parker then Wilder, but he will probably make more money with Wilder like you said. Bellew has said he didn't want to fight Joshua because of their friendship.

That's true. He wouldn't spend all that money to travel and to look for the fight because he's scared. If he was he would be declining fights with him and would probably ignore Joshua's call outs and stuff. All this will be proven wrong when they get in the ring and I think it is inevitable.

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Ultimately, I agree Porter is a better option for Thurman than Khan, but I don't think Thurman would stop Khan, I think he would back him up, and Khan would have to be so careful of not getting caught bang on the chin, that he wouldn't be so focused on his own work, I think Thurman might score a couple of knockdowns as well, he might stop Khan, he definitely has the power. For Khan, he should continue to chase the Danny Garcia rematch, that's a 50/50 fight, Garcia has the edge there in my opinion. I still think later in the year, Bradley fights Collazo, on the same night or at least at a similar time of year to when Broner takes on Granados again, if they both win, they fight, early in 2018, and the winner gets a shot at the world title.

I hope Wilder gets a really good win this year, and builds up the Joshua fight even more, and hopefully convinces some more people he wins, so it is more closely predicted in all opinions combined .

I think it's possible he stops him, I definitely think he gets like 2 or 3 knockdowns if it goes the distance. The Garcia rematch I think is the best option for Khan at the moment. Some time down the road I would like to see Khan vs Broner and Bradley. Winner of one of those fights gets a title shot next year. How do you think Matthysse does at 147?

Same here. I think he showed a lot in the Washington fight, he showed he can end a fight that he's down in. And Gerald Washington is no scrub, I think he was better than who Wilder was originally supposed to fight. If he looks good in his next fight it will be hard not to give him credit.

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I believe Khan is better and more durable than you believe, but we can't know, you could be right, losses to Peterson, Garcia, and Thurman is unbeaten, has defeated Garcia, so I get you. Yeah they're good match ups, I think he wins both those fights, but they should be tough fights for him. I don't think he'll do any better than he did before, I don't think he's learned anything new from Diaz, I mean, based on Taylor being able to catch him like that, and frustrate him, let's be honest, I think he'll get out boxed when he steps up.

I agree, I think Wilder beats everyone in the division but Fury, and if anyone beats Fury, it's Wilder. I would like to see Wilder fight Ortiz later in the year to be honest, I think Parker vs Whyte should be next, not sure where Bellew fits in, as much as I like Bellew, I don't think he and eveyone else is right when they talk about Haye, I've always said he was overrated, and the lack of respect he showed Klitschko afger the Joshua fight, he's just bitter that he got his head boxed off back in 2011, in Germany, to be fair, Froch, although we said he is a good guy, is just as bad with Ward, calling his style 'disgusting'.

Did you get my message on your Moorer vs Schulz card?