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Carl Frampton

Leo Santa Cruz

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I was so wrong about how this fight would go down. I'm starting out 0-2 on big fight predictions.

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Hey bud, you're learning about boxing quicker than I did, don't beat yourself up, I have made some terrible predictions in the past. In a fight oike this, I see it as predominant physicality vs predominantly technicality, now, the majority of the time, the better technical fighter will be better at making the adjustments, but this fight just showed us, the better athlete, can overcome his more wiley opponent with increased and improved strength and fitness.

Before this fight I said, that the best thing for Frampton to do would be to negate the jab of Snata Cruz, and Cruz, well the best thing he could do, would be take that early success, that fast start away from Frampton, after that first round, and then the close second, ai thought Cruz was well on his way, but then the pace seemed to suit Frampton well in themid rounds, 6, 7, 8, Cruz was so inaccurate, and Frampton seemed to be outboxing him at times, but Cruz still tpmanaged to take iver in the late rounds when he needed to, it takes a lot oit of you to hit thin air, but so does constantly acoiding punches, and stayong in the balls lf your feet, staying switched in mentaly, changinh direction, under hardcosre pressure, and I think Leo taking risks and being made to miss, was something which was going to work in his favour, though it didn't look like it at the time.

I don't like it when people pick on athletes in this sport, and ignore physical success, this is why peoole are saying Frampton won the fight, the man himself, he just Leo won, come on.

It happens. You win some you lose some. Making wrong predictions is part of boxing and all sports in general.

Santa Cruz had a great jab in this fight. Too me, Frampton waited a long time to throw punches and let Leo get comfortable and fight at a pace he likes to fight at, and that is throwing high volumes of punches. Santa Cruz started off great and was able to take early rounds on Frampton and was still able to win the later rounds. Frampton starts off great and ends fights not so great and that was good of Santa Cruz to take those early rounds. By chance did you watch Showtime or Sky Sports for this? I heard that sky sport's commentary was awful. I thought there was a lot of close rounds but Leo edged them for me. I'll definitely give this another watch in a week or so, so I can take better notes and look for stuff I missed the first time. When I watch fights live, I don't take notes because I can't pause the fight and there's only one minute breaks.

I don't either. Hopefully we get a third fight in the summer. It's been so long since we seen a trilogy between two popular and great fighters.

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Yeah man, keep that up!

Yes, and he used it at the right time, in the early rounds, when they better technical fighter would often wrap the rounds up. Cruz could arpfford to expend so much, what with Frampton not being able to commit properly because of the pressure of Cruz, but it was morw about the fact taht he had a bit to spare the first time, his stamina's limit was higher second time around. Carl Froch had it 117-115. Who told you that?, Haye was biased, and he's never been an analyst, Froch struggled a little, because in hard to stay in rhythm with a fight like that, I wouldn't take that kind of talk seriously. Why can't you pause the fight?

We should do, I'll root for Santa Cruz, and I rooted for Jack a couple lf weeks ago.

This is unrelated to boxing, and I might have mentioned this before, but I really want to live in the US one day, I have to get my green card, but if and when I do, not joking, a state I have always wanted to at least visit, is Ohio, maybe we could meet up one day and talk about boxing in person. I really want to go to America, the more I see lf itbin TV the more I want to go there.

Yep. Santa Cruz made the right adjustments and it worked out heavily tonight. He was more patient but still landing at a high volume. The pressure of Santa Cruz made it hard for Frampton to commit and throw punches. I heard it from this U.K. boxing twiiter page that I follow. They said someone gave a lot of even rounds and that Haye with Biased. I can't pause it because my tv won't let me. That's at least when I'm watching a fight live on T.V. .

I rooted for Frampton tonight, but still respect Santa Cruz a lot, and I rooted for Jack as well a few weeks ago.

Yeah, that sounds great. America is a good place to live.

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The key for him, I believe, was that first round, I knew that once that had happened, it was going to be at the very least a tall order for Carl. Well he used his jab to set up his offence, I thought he was a little erratic in rounds 7 and 8, and he seemed a little bit frustrated abkut Frampton's tempo, those attenpted flurroes late were very inaccurate, missing with pretty much every single shit, but he was able to work more consistently in the last 4 rounds. It was also the jab, and the way Cruz could box out of range, Frampton thought he was 'bluffing' when he said he could out box the boxer. Haye was always going to be biased, he's not the most honest of people, and forget 'he gets on well with Frampton', the man is in his camp. Carl Froch had it 117-115, but tell you what, let's find the guys who criticised SkySports, get them to do Carl Froch's job, and see how they do. Oh right I see, we are really lucky with Sky.

I'm surprised about that, I mean, what with Cruz being a USA man, then again, I'm one to talk, I just love America (even though I've never been), and usually root for the American fighter. If you ever have a day off which you don't know hwo to spend, or any large amount if spare time, I highly recommend you watch Modern Family, it is awesome!, it is still going now, I think there is just a season or two left, but it has been going since 2009, and there are over 150 episodes already, it is so funny.

I've wanted to live in America for a long time now. You'd know being an American, but from what I've seen, to be cool in the US, is to be nice, over here, that's not the case, and America just seems are more open and honest country, I know it's no picnic living in some states what with gun crime, or are all states lenient with guns?, but I admire the US more as a community and a wide nation, rather than a nice looking country, although from what I've seen, a lot of America is very nice as well. I might have asked this before, but you guys love a British accent right?

Yeah, you could tell from the first round that Leo did his homework and it was going to be a rough night for Frampton. Frampton wasn't really executing the way he wanted. He probably underestimated him heavily this time around. I'll have to look in the later rounds where he missed a lot of punches. Leo used his jab very well to throw Frampton off his game plan. Santa Cruz was able to work at a pace he wanted and didn't abandon his gameplan. I commend him a lot for that. I'm not criticizing Sky Sports, I'm just saying what others said. I actually enjoy sky sports when I get to watch it. I enjoy the commentary and them showing all the fights in a big event even the smaller fights.

In big fights, I usually root for the American fighter as well. I'll have to check it out since it's on netflix. A lot of my friends tell me it's a good show.

For british accents, it depends on who you ask. Some people like it, some hate it.

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People assumed he couldn't adjust, just because his best attributes have seemed more physical than technical in the past, but they really underestimated him. Even when he was missing, he still made it difficult for Frampton to respond, and made Frampton have to exert a lot of movement, and work hard, just work hard in a different way to the way he was putting a lot of work into the fight. Oh yeah I know.

It's a great show!

Oh right, hopefully those who hate the British accent wouldn't find me too annoying.

Yeah, nobody thought he could make the adjustments and not a lot of people thought he would win. I was in the same group that thought Carl would win more clearer this time around. Leo made Frampton work harder than he normally does to try to land anything. I'm glad he won this time so that we can see another great fight. When do you think it will be? I hope they have it sometime in the summer like June or July.

That's what I heard.

I don't think they would. Also you hear that Deontay Wilder is fighting Gerald Washington? I think this is a step up from who they had first for Wilder.

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I think a couple of reasons for that, were, because, at first glance, often in boxing, the man who wins the first fight, wins the second, and also, when the physically superior fighter fights the technically superior fighter, often, the technically superior fighter makes the better adjustments, and more of them. I didn't think that would happen, I thought he would win a pretty much equally close decision. I actually think it is better if hey fight either in a years time, and they both have another fight later in the year, but I wouldn't mind seeing the rubber match this summer, I don't think Frampton and McGuigan have anything to worry about regarding whether or not Santa Cruz vs Frampton III will happen, in fact, why would someone even think he won't go to Belfast?, he seems like a genuinely good man, and a true champion, 'a true champion goes anywhere', I believe him.

I love the comedy aspect of it, but also the message that each episode closes with, some over here says it's 'too American', I say shut up, the more American, the better, I love how. Have you ever been to New York?, and is it about 8 hours away?, that's my estimate.

Yeah. Fans always pick the more technical fighter in the rematch. No one thinks that a volume puncher would adjust his style by that much to get a clear victory. I never expected him to adjust that well in the fight. Also, I wouldn't mind a rematch in the summer. I also wouldn't mind if they fought someone else in the summer and fight again in the winter. The fight will happen it's just a matter of when. I respect that both fighters are so willing to give the other a rematch. Now a days fighters are stubborn and have big egos and won't want to give a rematch or won't accept the A side terms or make ridiculous A side terms. One thing I want for the next fight is to have it on free tv. It would be huge for a tv fight and it would do great numbers.

I have been to New York before. I went to cooperstown for the baseball hall of fame.

How do you think Wilder vs Washington will go?

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In anybody's experience, it is more common that the technical fighter makes the better adjustments, so it was understandable, and certainly not surprising. That depends on a few things, I'm not sure whether or not they both want t9 fight each other in July, for both, they've just done 12 hard rounds, maybe they should have an easier one this year, also, for Frampton, maybe he shoukd take a tune up fight, may e just to get that confidence back, that's if he has lost any confidnce, which he might have done. Santa Cruz isn't like that, often athletic tough guys like that who's boxing braim starts often in quesrion but improves, like Cruz, tend to be very reasonable champions.

I want to see Frampton vs Quigg II, I feel everybody is being ridiculously harsh on Scott, and I wouldn't say that unless I believed it, the forst fight was great, Quigg was dominatt on some of those late rounds, and that was with a broken jaw, he looked great against (can't remember his name, I think if he impresses again, he should be in the runninh fir another Frampton fight. I don't think there is much public interest in Frampton vs Quigg II.

That's cool.

I think Wilder will secure a late stoppage, it's a good match up, what do you think?

I think it would be better if they both fought someone else in the summer. They both should have tune up fights then fight in the winter. Even if they do fight each other next, I wouldn't complain about it. I like champions who are able to give rematches when they are deserving of one. Unrelated to this fight but, what do you think the possibility of a Ward Kovalev rematch? I don't remember asking you that.

There isn't any demand for a rematch with Quigg, I don't understand. They had a good rivalry and Quigg is deserving of a rematch.

I think Wilder will get a late stoppage as well. This is his best fight since he won the title.

Also what do you think of Errol Spence and Kell Brook going into a purse bid? Do you think the fight will happen?

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I agree, each is a great idea, but the better idea is probably for them to each get anither win under their belt before the rubber match. Yes, for me, boxing is about respect, and and that message is really encouragingly sent across by champions not taking advantage of officialdom.

I'm not sure about that, maybe, it's difficult to say really, Szpilka was not an easy defence.

I do, I think Kell can still just about make the weight, and because it is such a massive fight, yes, I think Kell will take on Spence, and win, decisively, then again, Spence is potentially a furure candidate for being number one in his division.

Yeah best idea is to fight someone else next then go for rubber match. For me, if a fighter deserves a rematch, then he should get it. I admire the willingness these to had to give rematches.

I guess we'll have to see with Washington. In my opinion I think Washington is a little better.

I hope this fight happens. This fight will be a step up for Kell Brook and Errol Spence. I know that Brook fought Golovkin but I mean he needs better names at 147 and Spence is that good name he needs. Same with Spence.

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That's my opinion too, but I'm not sure of the McGuigan's will agree, in fact, I thknk they may exrress frustration at Santa Cruz if he doesn't take the immediate rematch, I think they should all meet, soon, and discuss and official conformation of the third fight, in Belfast, for 2018.

Yeah well there's no way of knowing right now, and even if Wilder has an easier time with Washington, that still might not necessarily mean I'm right on this, because styles make fights, and I believe Wilder struggles with southpaws, or did at that point in his career, I don't believe Washington is a southpaw.

Well yes, there are great fights at 154 too, but I think the difference is, that everyone wants to see him fight Spence, and I think because Spence has waited so long flr his world title opportunity, if in doubt, and he can comfortably make both 147 and 154 (I mean comfortably as in he can be at his best when he shows up after making the weight), he should stay at 147 and fight Spence.

Have you seen Spence vs Lartey?

I guess it depends on the situation. If they both agree to fight someone else then they wouldn't be upset, but if Leo was offered a rematch and declined I can see it.

True, styles do make fights. Just because someone has an easier time with a different opponent doesn't mean their worse.

I think that Brook is being pressured into fighting Brook. He fought all the mandatories like Bizer and Frankie Gavin, and is having trouble making the Spence fight. I think Brook realizes he has to make a fight or there will be huge backlash from the fans and media. Spence definitely deserves his title shot whether it's Brook or fighting for a vacant belt.

I have not.

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Well that's what's going to happen, or it's highly likely, I think Frampton and the McGuigans will want that third fight ASAP, can I just say something, about Santa Cruz's father that I respect so much (cancer surviving warrior), he thought his son had won the first Frampton fight, "I didn't see my son lose, but there are many who disagree so maybe we did lose", that's isn't precisely what he said, but you he said something of that ilk.

Not at all, and styles are one of a few reasons why that can be the case.

Yes, and that's not right really. Actually, in the defence of Brook's critics, Gavin was a voluntary defence, and that was just after the Khan fight was 'maybe going to happen', I think it's unlikely there were no options for better opponents, let's be honest, Gavin was (although a class about Dan and Bizier), likely to be another below optimum opponent, I predicted him to go 8 or 9 rounds, and make a case for a round, but he didn't manage that. Well I think the issue is the weight dilema, he doesn't know whether or not he wants to move up to 154 yet, of he confirms he's staying at 147, he's going to fight Spence, of he refuses, he loses his belt, if he stays at 147, but doesn't fight Spence, I will be shocked. The only real question is, will Kell vacate his belt and move up to 154, or defend against Spence?

Well I recommend you watch it.

I think they'll want it to. I also have a lot of respect for Santa Cruz's father. He has been through a lot and is a tough man. He has done all in his abilities to help his son throughout his career.

The whole weight situation in my opinion is holding the fight back. Eddie Hearn is telling Brook to move up to 154 because he will be more comfortable and get better fights. Brook says that he wants to keep his title and stay at 147 a little longer. I think he should only stay at 147 if he fights Spence or Khan. Do you think the fight will ever happen? I really doubt it at this point. As much as I like Khan, he needs to be staying active and stop chasing huge fights. The big fights will come he just needs a tune up fight. They say purse bids are next week, so we'll have to wait and see what happens.

I'll watch it sometime soon.

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I hope they can all come to some kimd of agreement, that way there is no fall out, and Santa Cruz vs Frampton III isn't ruined. Remarkable in my opinion, we should remember that a boxer needs his trainer, always, and we praise the adjustments, well clearly he deserves credit in that regard.

It is, there's no question about it. He will support Kell whatever he does, but I think he did advise him to move up after Brook said that he would be more comfortable at 154. I doubt Khan will ever fight him, recently, Khan said he woukd fight him, on three conditions,

One - he enters the ring last
Two - the fight tales place in Bolton
Three - the money, 70-30 split in his favour

This is what I believe Chris Eubank Sr did to get his son out ofnthe Golovkin fight, I mean Khan can't be that much of and idiot, no the answer is, he doesn't want to fight Kell Brook, he wants to fight Danny Garcia, he's love it if Mayweather returned to the ring, he'd fight Pacquiao I believe, but Brook, I don't think he wants that fight, I've been thinking about what I believe would happen of Khan fought Garcia, Spence, very interesing fights in my opinion, I don't think the Spence fight will happen, but I suppose the Garcia rematch is very possible.

Yeah, as long as the 3rd fight happens within a year, I'll be happy.

Yeah, it depends on what Brook wants. I think if he stays he'll fight Spence, if he move up the Spence fight won't happen. I think the opportunity of the Brook vs Khan fight has been slightly ruined. One it's the demands of Khan, and second they both suffered pretty bad losses this year and it spoiled the fight a little for some fans. If Brook didn't get knocked out by GGG or fight him and if Khan never fought Canelo, it would've been bigger. I don't think they'll ever fight and if they do, it will be at a time when no one will be looking for that fight.

I can see that being the case. He might feel that Garcia is a bigger fight and a good chance at redemption. I think maybe later down the road the rematch will happen. I think Brook is more likely to fight Spence than Khan if he does stay. Khan doesn't really seem interested in fighting Brook and it's disappointing because it would be huge and it seems like they have a genuine rivalry and that's for the most part good for boxinG. Since were on the topic of Eubank sr, I wanted to ask what you think of his comments saying he would crush Andre Ward?

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Same here.

Well whichever option Brook chooses, Spence is going to finally get the opportunities he desreves, because if Brook vacates, he is mandatory I believe, and the other mandatory challenger is likely to be not such a challenge, so he'll probably become a world champion, I don't think winning the belt in that way would be a big deal, but if he has a title, then I believe, along will come potential fights against Thurman, Porter, Garcia, Khan, maybe Pacquiao if he's still fighting. If Brook stays at 147, then the fight will happen, if he loses, he loses, what will be will be, if the fight happens and goes the way I think will, Spence won't win, but his stock will still rise. Eddie Hearn has stated that he wants Brook to move up to light middleweight, but the chance of him remaining at 147, is 70-80%.

I'm not sure that's the case for most of the fans, because very few thought either would win thise fights, but that's still a good point in that they have suffered physically toll taking and confidence knocking defeats, and that means more than merely not having fighst that everybody would be right in thinking they would lose. You're probably right about that, it's more likely that the fight won't happen.

I think he's being controversial, and possibly taking advantage of the sitiation Andre Ward is in, I don't take that stuff seriously.

Sorry, I forgot to answer one of your questions yesterday, what do I think of Ward vs Kovalev II?, I like the idea, and I think it should happen, but I question whether or not I think it will, how about you?

In the end, I hope Spence gets the title shot. He worked so hard for it and deserves it no matter who he faces for it. Hopefully when he wins the title he gets the big fights. I think Brook will win to and surprisingly we are the minority there. I hear a lot of people saying Spence will crush Brook and that he is overrated. I don't think Brook is, people just say that because he hasn't fought the big names to say he's good. It's not entirely his fault. For Spence if he Wins, loses or draws it will be a stock raising fight for him.

They both suffered really bad losses and people probably question if they both are the same after that. Some devastating losses can ruin career and can't comeback from that. Yeah, if I were to guess if the fight were to happen I would say it wouldn't.

He's just saying it for build up and because Ward is commentating his fight. Here is his response to Eubank.

I'm not 100 percent sure it will happen anytime soon.

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Did you get the link for Jack vs Bute which EndOfMe1994 sent you?

No the website didn't work.

When do you want to add the rest of the Mayweather fights? Or if you still want to add the other fights I can add the 16 or 17 remaining fights of his.

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You choose, you can put as amny Mayweather fights and whichever you like, uo on here, but I think I will finish of BK's list first.

Ok. I'll look to finish the Mayweather fights.

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Whatever floats your boat.

Btw, did you see Vargas vs Berchelt?

I still have to see Vargas vs Berchelt.

After we get all the Mayweather fights who do you want to add all fights for next?

Yeah, I wouldn't mind adding Wards fights.

Also what do you think about Andrade vs Culcay?

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Cool, well, I'm very behind with adding fights, I've been very preoccupied, but we will do that at some stage for sure man.

I think it's a decent fight, but so was Andrade vs Nelson, and I just think, that now, Charlo, Lara, or Canelo, should be fighting Andrade, I'm not saying they're avoiding him, I just think Andrade should be in more challenging fights. What do you think?

Ok that's fine. I also wouldn't mind adding all felix trinidad and roy jones fights. I know a channel that has all footage of Roy Jones fights.

I don't mind the fight. I can't knock Andrade for fighting in a title fight. I think he will have a big next fight if he gets past Culcay. I think Andrade wins by stoppage.

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Yeah we can do that too.

I hope so, I think he's the best in the division, do you think he is too?

Yeah, either him or Jermall Charlo.

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I'm not sure when Charlo is moving up to 160, or even of for sure, if he is, but J want to see Charlo vs Andrade get made soon, becausemgiven that they're twins, I'd imagine if Jermall is moving up, then Jermell will probably move up before too long as well, I' not saying twi s are always exactly the same size, but there is bound to be not a lot of difference, especially with identical twins.

This is unrelated to boxing, but do you have a girlfriend?

Yeah, I'm not sure about what he's going to do next. He might fight again at 154 or he might move to 160. Who do you think is a good first fight for him at 160? I know his brother is in talks of a fight with Charles Hatley, so he won't be moving up right away.

I do not.

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Maybe Eubank, Stevens, Lemiuex, tough to say, but if he moves up to 160, then he's a challenge for Golovkin in my opinion. It's funny because Charles Hatley got himself intl a physical confrontation with Jermall after he defeated Austin Trout last year, I'm not sure whetyer or not doung some outlandish was a tactic for getting that IBF title opportunity, or whether it was a personal thing, either way, I'm sure Jermell is looking forward to showing this Hatley chap what's what, because I think he will win without any real trouble, obviously, you never know in this sport, and I don't think Hatley is a bad fighter, bjt I think Charlo will pull off a stoppage. Charlo stopped Jackoson, he git the job done, and it wasn't a poor performance, it was ok, but he was definitely behind in that fight, I had him trailing by three points, all three judges had him behind by five, I think he was coming on, but he did look bemused at times, and was one frustrated fighter in there, often, I think he might have underestimated Jackson, maybe he was made to fight out of his character, he definitely learned a lot in that fight.

I don't either at the moment, it's difficult for me, because one the one hand, I do want to find the right woman, but on the other hand, if I meet someone, we fall in love, but she doesn't' want to live in the US, what do I do?, so I'm in no rush.

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Maybe Eubank, Stevens, Lemiuex, tough to say, but if he moves up to 160, then he's a challenge for Golovkin in my opinion. It's funny because Charles Hatley got himself intl a physical confrontation with Jermall after he defeated Austin Trout last year, I'm not sure whetyer or not doung some outlandish was a tactic for getting that IBF title opportunity, or whether it was a personal thing, either way, I'm sure Jermell is looking forward to showing this Hatley chap what's what, because I think he will win without any real trouble, obviously, you never know in this sport, and I don't think Hatley is a bad fighter, bjt I think Charlo will pull off a stoppage. Charlo stopped Jackoson, he git the job done, and it wasn't a poor performance, it was ok, but he was definitely behind in that fight, I had him trailing by three points, all three judges had him behind by five, I think he was coming on, but he did look bemused at times, and was one frustrated fighter in there, often, I think he might have underestimated Jackson, maybe he was made to fight out of his character, he definitely learned a lot in that fight.

I don't either at the moment, it's difficult for me, because one the one hand, I do want to find the right woman, but on the other hand, if I meet someone, we fall in love, but she doesn't' want to live in the US, what do I do?, so I'm in no rush.

I say Stevens vs Lemieux winner is a solid option at 160 for a first fight. I don't doubt he will be a challenge for Golovkin. I remember to altercation the 2 got into after the trout fight. I also believe that Jermell will get the stoppage in the fight when they do fight. I haven't seen the John Jackson fight but Jermell deserves a lot of credit for that. It takes a lot to pull off a stoppage when down by a lot and being frustrated. He really had to dig deep to pull it off.

I say just wait till you get to the U.S. .

Have you seen Lomachenko vs Salido?

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Yes, well, that had to be the case, but at the same time, and Paulie Malignaggi was syaing this, against Jackson, when you're hurt, get yourself out of range, clinch, exchange if it's necessary, whatever, do something, it has to be said, although Charlo was having more success, and he was more than in the fight, Jackson was right there to be stopped, it was only a second of stupidity, but in boxing, you have to good reflexes, your reactions have to be quick, and at times, instant, not doing what you should so when hurt, and being relatively, not so durable, that doesn't combine well.

I might do, but if I find the right woman first, and she wants to stay in the UK, I'll probably only ever visit the USA, I'm still a bit in limbo in terms of what I want kind of job I want to work towards permanently, so I don't know when I'll be sorted out financially and career wise, at which point, I will be in a position to move overseas. I would love to get my green card, and move to the US within the next 2 years, but I'll have to wait and see how things turn out. How big is the US on Marathons and Half Marathons?

No I haven't, will do though.

I say the best thing to do when your'e hurt is to clinch. This is just my opinion, I think it's best because you don't run the risk of getting hit as much than if you were to exchange. I saw the moment of the knockout and Jackson made a silly mistake that cost him the fight. He turned his back to the ropes with no guard and was vulnerable to punches. John Jackson seems like a good boxer but makes some mistakes.

You hear that Lomachenko vs Sosa is on for April? I'm trying to get tickets for it since it is very close to me. Also I heard Cotto vs Kirkland off.

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There's no general straight answer, it depemds on the fighter, and the situation. I don't think he's the most durable, and because as we all know, in boxing, one punch can change a fight, that is very hard to woek around.

Yeah I heard, that's not a bad fight, though I don't imagine it would be popular, because of the common opponent they have in Nicholas Walters.

Yeah it really depends on the fighter. In my opinion clinching is the best option. You are right about his durability. He was beating andy lee to and I think the same thing happened.

I think it's a good fight but will be fairly easy for Lomachenko. Sosa is a good name but Lomachenko is on a different level than him. I think Lomachenko will get a wide decision.

Right now who would be your top 5 pound for pound?

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Well it depends on the styles of both fighters, for example, when Brandon Rios had Mike Alvarado in trouble, clinching certainly wasn't the best option for him, like we say, it all depends on a few things.

I agree.

1. Roman Gonzalez
2. Terence Crawford
3. Andre Ward
4. Gennady Golovkin
5. Vasyl Lomackenko

How about you?

Very true.

I like that Loma keeps taking tough fight after tough fight. Props to him.

My top 5 pound for pound

1. Andre Ward
2. Vasyl Lomachenko
3. Terence Crawford
4. Sergey Kovalev
5. Keith Thurman

There's a lot I missed but I think this is an ok list.

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I'm watching Scrubs, I just watched the first episode of season 4, when Turk and Carla return from their honeymoon, and JD and Turk race to greet each other, hilarious.

I don't know about you, but Nurse Robert's death storyline is one thing I will never watch again, the forst time I saw it, I sobbed!

I love scrubs. Do you watch it on netflix? For nurse roberts, I don't remember that part as much but I do remember that the show is hilarious.