Brandon Figueroa vs Moises Flores Scorecard by SalTnutZ1

scorecard by SALTNUTZ1



Brandon Figueroa

Moises Flores

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They really want him as undisputed champ don't they? Do you think there is a possibility, should he win his next fight, and unify the IBF most likely, that him and Lopez go end of 2019 or beginning of 2020? Seems the only way the kid gets an early title shot, short of WBC being vacated, or him moving up in weight, which I don't think is optimal. I know there is no rush, but they(both his team and TR) seem like they really want to fast track him. Am I misreading the tea leaves?

What a finish to this decade it would be for Ukraine if Lomachencko unified a division. That's for the better for Lopez, I think Lomachencko destroys him now, I think we should see Lopez in the co-main event for a Lomachencko bill first. I don't get the sense Top Rank want to rush Teofimo Lopez.

I think Yvan Mendy or Daud Yordan would be a good step up opponent for Lopez, you think he stops those guys? Has it easier than Crolla and Campbell?

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I think he would stop both, at least I believe so. I think his potential is higher than Crolla and Campbell, in terms of where their careers have ended up. I could see this kid being a 3 division champ when he’s through. Other than Loma, and I may be a damn nut for this haha, but I like his power/pressure against most at 135(not counting Mikey, since he isn’t fighting at 135 currently, or I’d put him there, too). Any move they make for him at this point, in terms of building him up is fine by me, I’m just reacting off where things seem to be going. Hearing his team, Ryan Garcia’s team, and Haney’s team all talking about wanting a title shot at 135. Crowded young field. I think Lopez stays at 135, Ryan should fight at 130 and shoot for a title if he can. And Haney may be moving up to 140 soon if he doesn’t get a shot, and ultimately end up at 147 from what I’ve heard.

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I think if he fought one of those guys now, it would go the distance, he would struggle, it would be a great learning fight. It could well be, but I think Crolla and Campbell would beat him now simply because they have that experience he doesn't have.

Basically, you are tabbing Lopez to be a great fighter, respect that, I said Fury would be great, I was right, I said the Charlos are top fighters, I might well get proven wrong, but ultimately, at this stage of Lopez's career, he's so inexperienced at world level, and there is so little to go on, it seems like saying he will or won't be great is unreliable, because he is 21, 11-0, hasn't done 8 rounds, and has fought nobody (nobody who has challenged for a world title), but at the same time, someome arguing from the other side, I would say the same thing as I would to the people who say Ryan Garcia is terrible, give him a chance, because at this early stage, a fighter could be great or not even good at world level.

I think when a fight goes how his KO over Menard went, when it is that much of a mismatch, it is likely more because the opponent was disappointing, we've seen it time and time again when fighters beat common opponents better than their rivals, but they aren't better, but I have to say, Lopez did impress me, because you can't ask for anymore than that.

It is just my opinion, but Lopez, as green as he is, against Lomachencko now, I think would be a bad loss for Lopez, way too soon, but I respect your opinion, you might be right on Lopez, I just have no opinion on whether or not he is great, there are questions, chin?, stamina?, and most of all, adaptability?

I hope Wilder vs Fury II happens next, I don't know how seriously to take all the talk of all these other fights, but after the draw, there has to be a rematch in my opinion. You rate Wilder top?

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Yeah, it’s all projection on what I think he can be. I absolutely could be proved wrong. I’m also high on Munguia, been shown a top fighter so far, but was disappointed in Uzi, another guy I pegged as top 3 in his division. That’s what makes this sport great, and frustrating, haha.

I hope it happens, too. I could see Wilder maybe getting Breazeale out of the way first, and Fury taking a tuneup if that needs up needing to happen. But I definitely want to see the second fight, and giving Wilder the benefit of the doubt, seeing him fully healthy in the rematch. I’m guessing AJ vs Miller in NYC, Whyte vs who knows in April, maybe Usyk or Joyce vs Ortiz. Who ever wins should definitely get AJ end of the year or beginning 2020. I bet AJ tries to squeeze either Whyte( or Miller if the roles end up reversed) in the Fall, or getting his Pulev mandatory out of the way before making the big fight. I think Wilder is top still in terms of power, and while Fury was still a question mark, I had him above AJ as top, because I think AJ would not get up from that 12 round shot, like Tyson “The Undertaker” Fury did, haha. I think AJ, while having the power to hurt Wilder in a way Fury couldn’t, would also have a lot harder time keeping Wilder from landing his big shots compared to Tyson being able to negate Wilder’s strengths, and also not have the height and reach advantage that Fury had that allowed him to land first a lot. I also think, if Wilder and Fury go again, Wilder should have the better chance to improve. I think Fury fought damn near flawless, and I don’t think he could do anymore than he did. Wilder left a lot out there, and could definitely improve his performance dramatically. You think that is plausible?