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Badou Jack

Lucian Bute

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You Know where I can find the full fight at?

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You could try Allthebestfights, YouTube, Dailymotion, I know the first of those three contains this fight, but the quality isn't great to say the least.

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Could you post the link on one of mike25's scorecards?

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Round 1 - Jack
Round 2 - Jack
Round 3 - Could go either way
Round 4 - Could go either way
Round 5 - Jack
Round 6 - Could go either way
Round 7 - Jack
Round 8 - Could go either way
Round 9 - Jack
Round 10 - Could go either way
Round 11 - Bute
Round 12 - Could go either way

Jack has the official win now over Bute.

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Yes I saw that, good news, Badou Jack won that fight, against an unclean fighter.

You heard about Broner and Bradley's feud? I would like to see that fight, maybe Tim Bradley shouldn't have called Broner a 'tune up', but some people in this sport are too sensitive, and someone with a loud mouth like Broner, but anyway, Broner did what anybody woild expect him to do and respond by disrespecting Bradley. I would like to see Bradley fight maybe David Avanesyan, or an opponent of that level, Broner should fight Granados again, provided they win, Bradley vs Broner should fight in an eliminator, and then Bradley hopefully wins, and then gets what I think would sensibly be his last world title shot, and also ideally, his last fight, but if this happened, he would be unlikely to retire, and would probably fight at least another two times. I've always said Bradley vs Broner would be great.

I just scored Hernandez vs Arslan.

He was robbed from what I heard by the judges and the fighter. It's good to see Jack get the W officially on his record.

I heard, and I would like to see the fight. Broner isn't a tune up but I do think Bradley will win that one if he is on form. I think Bradley and Broner should be next. I like Avanesyan as an option to, Shawn Porter if he can't land Porter rematch, Danny Garcia is also a good one, and Luis Collazo is another one. I hope Bradley continues to fight, he is underrated and he never disappoints.

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It was definitely a bad decision, I think you could argue it was close, and maybe give Bute 5 rounds, but even 5 rounds, do not win you a fight, and that is with Bute being unclean, which I think is why he was so strong in those late rounds.

Well, Garcia, Porter are levels above Collazo, I mean, going by my plan, Garcia Porter, even Broner shouldn't be next, maybe Collazo should, then Broner, then hopefully Thurman or whoever is the world champion with the most belts. I wouldn't like to see Bradley vs Broner next, I think he should take an easier fight first, then fight Broner. I agree, but I think fans should appreciate him for what he has already accomplished, and make the most of even one more future fight, I know you disagree with my opinion on hiw much longer Bradley should continue for, but, if you look at his record, look at his fights, and think about each one of them individually, what do notice about the consistency?

That sounds about right. Also I heard that Bute used to gas out in later rounds and later on in his career he was able to.

He should get a tune up or 2 then a big fight. Maybe Collazo would be a better fight, or Sammy Vazquez then a big fight. Also I don't know what you mean about consistecny? Maybe the grueling fights he's been at at times that took tolls.

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That can happen, and be for many reasons, obviously in this case, the reason was very much a bad one.

Yes, well, Collazo, Broner, Thurman, that's an example in my opinion.

What I mean is, ok, look at his record, with the exception of the Rios fight, when was the last time he had a fight that wasn't a long 12 round hard gruelling fight? Alexander. So many times, he has been in outstandingly hard fights, I mean, all three Pacquiao fights, Provodnikov!, (could speak properly, urinated blood) Vargas, Chaves, Holt, Marquez. The question isn't which of his fights have long, hard, gruelling fights, it is which haven't. Tim Bradley is the toughest fighter on the planet in my opinion, I believe agony, he can deal with like it is second nature, I mean, he boxed with a broken foot against Pacquiao the first time, and it seemed more like it wasn't even a big deal, Andre Ward says Tim Bradley is the toughest boxer he has ever come across, and because of this, I don't think he has or ever really has had the mindset to choose to keep himself safe, I think he would draw the line at life and death, because he loves his family, remember the knee he took, in the last round against Provodnikov, he said 'if I hadn't taken that knee, I don't even know if I'd be here now', you very rarely see a fight which Tim Bradley has, where he doesn't take a beating, the kind of beating which is, one of those harder fights, for most fighters, and because of this, I think he should retire earlier than his mind tells him to. I believe Tim Bradley does have more to accomplish, I think Teddy Atlas improved him massively, I think he can beat, and maybe even dominate Broner, and let's hope he shuts that big mouth, and hopefully, go all out, show the world what he is made of against the best welterweight on the planet, I think he would lose, but after getting two more wins, if he did win especially but probably even if he lost, he would be likely to continue with his career though. In future, for Bradley, I would like to see him take less punches, and with Atlas rather than Diaz in his corner, I believe he could be a better defensive fighter.

Would you want Broner to beat Bradley? I think all that happened was that Bradley called Broner a tune up, and Broner unleashed a barrage of bad language on him, and disgusting verbal abuse. I like Bradley, I think he is a good guy, a warrior, and an honest athlete. It os upsetting what happened to Bradley after beating Pacquiao, part of it was HBO's fault, has he lost the fight 116-112, 115-113, one of them twice, it would have gone down as a great fight, Bradley's stock would have risen, he would have had his warrior's reputation enhanced, he wouldn't have gotten the abuse he did, and he would have been known as the fighter who, bar Marquez, have Pacquiao his toughest and closest fight, since the first Morales fight.

Ok, I think I got what you mean. He has had very hard fights in recent memory minus Rios and that takes a toll. The first Pacquiao fight I feel he took a toll mentally to. I remember he got hated on a lot and was in a dark place after the fight. That can be draining to. He has had some very hard fights, like the other 2 Pacquiao fights and the Vargas fight. You do make a good point for him to retire earlier than expected.

I would root for Broner but I like Bradley a lot to. If he beats Broner like I think he will, I'll be happy for him. Even though I felt Pacquiao won the first fight, he did not deserve the abuse from the fans. For their first fight I only gave Bradley to rounds at first, then I watched it again and gave him 4 rounds. I think 4-5 rounds is a good amount for Bradley to get.

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Yes, it is the amount of hard fights, the fact that it would be easier to select his not so gruelling fights, than to select his hard, draining fights. Oh absolutely, he was suicidal. That was the public's fault, the judges's fault, and HBO's fault. And then some, Chaves, Provodnikov!, Holt, the list goes on. I mean, it would be really sad to see a past prime Bradley take a beating like a young, fresh, athletic Bradley had taken on many occasions, he has little to prove, he must have made plenty of money, I think one more big payday, one more big world title opportunity.

Bradley is the better man, the nicer guy, but fair enough. I'm the same, I gave him three rounds the first time I watched the fight, to let HBO get to your head, is easily done, they are awful! It is, I don't blame Bradley himself for thinking he won, Max Kellermen is snivelling rat, 'maybe he thinks the other guy is Pacquiao', Bradley genuinely thought won the fight, he was telling the truth.

I just got back from a 2.29 mile run, pushed it pretty hard, doing 4.44 tomorrow, I'm aiming to able to sprint at the end of 8.72 miles in a few weeks time, I can sprint at the end of a 10.5k, which I think isn't bad, but not from ny longer distances yet.

I think he should've picked some easy fights in his career. He has a hell of a resume though. He beat an undefeated Peterson, Alexander, then beat Marquez, Provodnikov, and Pacquiao. He should of taken some easier fights during his career.

I don't blame him either for thinking he won. He made it a close fight and deserves the right to say it. I let HBO's commentary sway me into thinking he barley won any rounds. I think 4-5 rounds is fair for Bradley. I still think Pacquiao should've won but I don't mind Bradley saying he won.

That's good to hear. I can never do that.

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I don't think he should have fought different opponents, as much as, justfighting differently, I don't like Joel Diaz, I think he's an aggressive trainer, who did not teach Tim Bradley to be smart before he is brave, and I blame him for this in part, was it wise to stand and trade with Chaves?, winding up with a broken face, was it wise to fight Provodnikov's fight? with him not being a big puncher and nowheere near as strong as the Russian, I mean that lethal shot Jessie Vargas caught him with. I think because Bradley isn't such a big puncher, what he does sometimes, is he tries use volume and out land his opponent, the trouble can be, that in doing so, and making the fight more positive, he's also taking a lot more shits. I do think there is an element of opponent choice in it, but I think his risky style is what thisnis about more than his level of opposition.

I have to be careful I don't do my ankle, I twisted it so badly last year, and it was such a bad sprain, that it took ages to heal, it was quite an injury, it went numb at first, and then the pain started to kick in a few hours later. Long distance running is a tough sport, and a lot of runners find it takes a toll on their knees, but for me, ankle issues have been the problem.

That's true as well. I think at times he abandoned his fight plan at times to try to prove to people that he can fight toe to toe or give the fans a fight. I heard after the Provodnikov fight he had a concussion and a slurred speech two months after the fight as well. That can't be good for a fighters health in the long terms. Concussions can be bad if you get a lot of them. It could be a combination of both.

Sprained ankles can be an issue. They take longer to heal then one will think.

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I thought it was one month. Concussions are terrible! I agree.

Don't I know it, they can take longer to heal than breaks, because of all the ligaments and everything, I have to be very careful it doesn't happen again, I might have a permanent vulnerability there, it was that bad a sprain. When you have an injury that bad, nd you take a sport seriously, after a while, you just feel like a caged lion.

It could be, but I heard it was 2. Still bad. Concussions are a huge issue in American football.

They are bad.

Also, what fight are you looking for after Joshua vs Klitschko? For me Brook vs Spence.

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Really? I wouldn't know, boxing is what I know, no other sports. Is that because of the collisions begween players when they fall during tackles?

That's the best one, got quite an undercard too, Whyte vs Wach, Groves vs Chudinov!

Saturday has a good undercard too, Campbell vs Perez, Scott Quigg in a big fight, Katie Taylor is fighting.

Yeah, for football it is rough. When they play, it can be a bunch of different things. Like someones head hitting off the ground really hard, head to head collisions are very brutal. Those hits to the head have shown to have very bad effects on the brain long term. There was a player Junior Seau who had multiple concussions during his career, and may believe he killed himself because he had too many concussions and too many concusssions have a big impact on behavior.

That's a very good undercard. I heard the Chisora vs Helinius rematch might be on Brook vs Spence or Walsh vs Davis. I also saw Anthony Fowler is making his debut on the Brook vs Spence card, and he's one of the olympians I heard that is very good.

Also Lawrence Okolie. You know of him at all?

Also what do you think of Carl Froch and Kell Brook?

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That's sad to read, but that's what hard sports are like, the guys put it all on the line.

I didn't watch the 2016 olympics, at all. I think Chisora will stop Helenius in the rematch, what do you think?

No not really, but if I'm not mistaken he is fighting on Saturday.

As people? Or as fighters?

Yeah. It is sad to see athletes lives after sports in brutal sports like football or boxing.

I didn't watch them either I only followed a couple of them. I think Chisora will beat Helenius, don't know if by stoppage or decision yet.

Both I guess.

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It can be, that's one of the reasons why I don't box anymore.

Well I'm confident that he will stop him, but either way, I think as long as he wins, maybe Parker vs Chisora could happen later in the year, and Parker can show Chisora who "beats who up".

Yeah I like Carl Froch and Kell Brook, they are not my favourite fighters, Carl Froch is undoubtedly a great former champion who should be remembered, I mean, the only defeat that wasn't disputable and avenged, came against Andre Ward, and Kell Brook, well he's a genuine world champion, with victory over Shawn Porter, and he did show a lot of ability against Golovkin, I think that fight would have been great for the rest of it's duration at the devastating eye injury not occured, and if he beats Spence, he might well claim the number one spot in the welterweight division, it will be between him and Keith Thurman, that is almost for sure.

Froch and Brook are good guys, I mean, I think team Brook should show Spence more respect, because like I said, there not giving the Texan a fair shake in the argument, I mean, he's younger now than Brook was when he fought Porter, and given that, for his level of competition, Brook has only the Porter victory really to go on, it is hard to make much of the Golovkin fight because he lost, he shouldn't have been ahead on the scorecards, and kt only went 4-5 rounds. For Froch, he's popular over here, he's a good guy and a good sportsman, but I'll tell you, if you're GGG's number one fan, you're highly unlikely to be Froch's number one fan.

Are you a fan of Froch and Brook?

I wouldn't mind seeing Parker vs Chisora. For Chisora I like a rematch with Whyte, but if he can get a fight with a champion like Parker then go for that.

I like them both to. I have a lot of respect for both. Carl Froch is a great fighter in my opinion, his way of getting wins while behind on cards are great like against Groves and Taylor. I also thought the George Groves feud was entertaining, I would never act like that but I found entertainment in it. The reason I asked you on Froch is I was watching an interview on him and I liked the things he had to say. He's a good guy, I also think the 80,000 at wembley thing is funny to. I saw him interview Floyd and he snuck that in there.

I like Brook to. Before I say anything about him I'm switching my pick to Brook to beat Spence. I like him and all but he should show Spence some respect as a fighter. The reason Brook has fought better names than Spence is because he is older and Spence just started blowing up a couple years ago. I mean for the rounds he was in for Golovkin he did very well, but it's nothing to bring up. I personally think that Brook should've never taken the Golovkin fight.

For Joshua Klitschko, who will be the analysts for the fight? I know the regular sky crew but what fighters? I heard Haye and Bellew will be but there can be more.

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I think that rematch is unlikely to happen anytime soon, but it could well happen in the future. I don't like Dereck Chisora, he was fantastic against Whyte, but I think he's bad flr the sport, I think Parker would bust him up.

Oh yes he was, no doubt, he wasn't one of those "obviously talented from the start" fighters who wpuld have been tabbed by manynto be world champion at a young age, he was a fighter who by his own admission, didn't expect to get as far as he got, he said he would have been more then happy to have been British champion, but that just makes his success more worthy of credit. Yeah well, he's a wind up merchant I think, I think he should have forgiven George Groves, and Golovkin deserves more respect than he gives him, but hey, these aren't reasons for me not to think he's not a good guy.

Yes well that's my pick too. That's not exactly why I think Brook will beat Spence, it is some of the reasons but there are others reasons too. I don't think so either personally, but I don't think strongly about it.

It should be Adam Smith, Carl Froch, Paulie Malignaggi commentating. Johnny Nelson, will probably give his i put during the fight too, maybe Spencer Oliver, Darren Barker, Tony Bellew.

Haye might be, I've seen Haye as an analyst, I've seen Bellew as an analyst, but never both of them analysing a fight together.

Do you like Zolani Tete?

It doesn't look like the rematch will happen soon. I wish they could've got a rematch for the Joshua vs Klitscko undercard. I think Parker would stop Chisora if they were to fight. I believe Whyte should get a title shot soon if he beats Wach.

Froch is a big overachiever which is great. There's fighters that are okay with being journeymen in boxing, but he went farther with not having tons of talent. He deserves a lot of credit as a fighter. I think he's a good person but is one to hold grudges from time to time. He seems knowledgeable and nice in the interviews. This is a funny video I found that he was in.

This is a fight I might switch my pick for. I think it's a harder fight to pick then Thurman vs Garcia. I know I picked Garcia but I should've expected Thurman to win. For the Golovkin fight there's not much to do about it, I think of it like he's still undefeated at 147.

I like that lineup. I'll try to watch most of the undercard as I can, but I will for sure watch the main event. I was able to get showtime for a little.

I am a fan of Tete. I scored a fight of his in which I thought he got robbed. Tete vs Sosa is a good one to watch.

Want to talk about Joshua vs Klitschko while it happens on the Joshua vs Molina card?

You hear that the guy who runs IFL tv is banned from going to Joshua vs Klitschko fight.

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That would've been ideal, but we have a lot of great fights coming up which are great. Yeah, I think he'll come through Wach, Dillian Whyte is idiot of the year, and I would like to see him lose to Wach, but I really hope he loses when he steps up, I think AJ would do a number on him in a rematch, Parker, Wilder beat him too, Wilder, in my opinion, does to him what AJ did in their fight.

Yeah I agree with all that, he isn't as good a role model as some fighters, but hey, glass half full, he's a good guy, he is better at breaking fights down than people give him credit for.

Yeah, haha, I saw that before.

Don't beat yourself up, and also, don't even lightly critique yourself for thinking Garcia would win, because like I said, Steve Bunce, Mikey Garcia, Abel Sanchez, and many others thought Garcia would win, the only thing, and sorry for repeating myself here, that you could have picked up from your view on the fight before it happened, was buying the 'Thurman is weak to the body' hype. And he is, I don't think the Golovkin fight has taken anything out of him.

Tete is extremely underrated, has been robbed at least once, is far better than hus record suggests, keeps impressing everytime, is a great guy as well, I'm a massive fan, I think Rigondeaux vs Tete would be a great fight.

Yeah why not?! :)

Cugan Kassius? Why?

It's not the end of the world, it's not like were getting terrible fights and would hope for that to happen. I think Whyte is good but will lose to Fury, Joshua, Wilder, Parker and so on.

He's a good guy but he does have some dislike able traits.

I'm over it but I should of seen it coming. I thought Garcia would rise to the occasion and beat Thurman. I did buy in to the hype about the weak to the body stuff. You made good points about him not being stopped and coming back to win rounds is a good point.

I like Tete. I thought he was robbed in the fight I mentioned. I would like to see him fight Rigondeaux at some point. Great analysis by Paulie.

Yep. It's because someone from Klitschko's team banned him from entering for fight night. Team Klitscko said they don't want him there because they think he's team Fury. I feel bad for Cugan. He is missing out on one of the biggest fights in boxing.

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I agree, on both thise two things you said.

Most of us are the same to be fair.

Yeah well, I mean, you understand all of it now, it's just experience, and that's always a good thing.

He is far better than his record suggests, and that is because if the judges wrongly not giving them rounds they deserve, like Richard Abril, Yvan Mendy, Mauricio Herrera. I think he has what it takes to upset Rigondeaux, I really do.

As always, great analysis by Paulie?

That's a shame, I believe he is Billy Joe Saunders's cousin, so there is reason to believe he is team Fury, but I don't see what difference it makes to Klitschko or team, whether he is in the arena or not.

Are you watching the fights?, great wins for Joe Cordina and Katie Taylor, I think Perez won that first round against Campbell, I'm watching round 2 now.

It's a learning experience.

There's many fighters like that. Judges can screw over fighters all the time and a bad record can hurt fighters getting big fights. I think that's the same with Adrian Granados, he's a good fighter and all his losses are majority or split decision.

Very good analysis.

Yeah. He said he covered every matchroom card for the last 7 years and is missing the biggest fight they are putting it on. I don't see why they care so much that he would be there, he said he doesn't have any contact with team Klitschko and keeps it that way and that should be good. I was looking forward to hear some interviews from Joshua vs Klitschko. He always puts up great interviews.

Not yet, but I'm trying. If not I'll watch on youtube tomorrow. I heard Wilder will be in attendance tonight.

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About Joel Diaz as well, he's bitter, and holds a grudge against Bradley. He was interviewed on Bradley and Broner's dispute, he criticised Bradley for calling Broner a tune up, but nevermind about Broner saying 'I'll fuck you up nigga fuck you punk ass nigga', or some rubbish like that.