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scorecard by MIKE25



Anthony Joshua

Joseph Parker

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I thought it could’ve been better but I still enjoyed it what about you?

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I thought it was great, it was just more about skill than I expected.
That was the best I've ever seen from AJ, he is still improving for sure, he'll never call himself the finished article, no perfectionist ever admits that.
Joseph Parker can come back from this for sure, he made a great account of himself, proved his chin, went 12, and was very humble in defeat, meanwhile Joshua does 12, and boxes out of his skin, shows more technical ability and boxing finesse than he ever has before.

You see Povetkin vs Price?

I thought that there was more skill then expected as well, not a bad thing at all. Joshua did show some ring IQ in the ring, he did a great job at cutting off the ring, and was smart not to throw the right when Parker was circling away from it.

I agree, he's still young and can reinvent his career, not that he's bad just that he can still get better. One complaint I had was the referee, any good inside attacks were broken up and that was awful, he even broke up action with 10 seconds left in the final round.

I saw highlights, I feel for Price I really wanted to see him win.

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Yes, and Joshua's jab is underrated, his ability to use his reach, control and dictate the distance is brilliant, and his all round technical ability, I think, has really improved over the last year. I think Joshua will improve over the next two, maybe three years, and if he beats Wilder in 2019 or 2020, I don't see anybody really seriously challenging him, I mean, that might not be the case, by 2022, Daniel Dubois might be competing at world level, and there are other heavyweight prospects who might do very well, Hasim Rahman Jr is another example. I think Joseph Parker might get a rematch one day, if he earns it, but he is only 26, his best years might be ahead of him, and when Wilder has retired, he might be one of Joshau's biggest threats, Hughie Fury as well though is also a top heavyweight who is still improving.

That's it, and I hope his career goes great, and bounces back, because Parker is someone I look up to as a fighter and person, he took defeat very well, frustrated the stupid British media who were desperately trying to get trash talk and insults out of him, but before the fight, and after, he has shown AJ a lot of respect. I think Parker should target Tyson Fury if he returns, batter him, get that win, or maybe another fairly difficult fight, bit I think next year, or 2020 at the latest, if he has the desire (which I think he will) he should be fighting for a world title again. I think Parker has the best chin in heavyweight boxing, Joshua caught him flush a few times, and Parker soaked it right up like a sponge.

He was so poor it was almost amusing, he saw that tape loose, and he didn't so anything about it, I mean, one break, maybe just 10-15 seconds to fix the tape, that takes less ti,e from the fight than all those unnecessary breaks, I mean, what on earth Quartarone thought he was doing, I don't know, yes there were clinches, but this is boxing, it is fighting, it is not pretty, it was unnecessary to break them up like that. I've heard he doesn't speak English, either he doesn't, in which case, he shouldn't have been refereeing a fivhtbetweem two English-speaking fighters, but he also might havs ignored Kevin Barry, for a referee to ignore a trainer who is concerned enough to take protest time out of the minute of the time he needs to give his fighter advice, for a referee to ignore that, is absolutely disgusting.

Price did great!, he hurt Povetkin at least twice, dropped him as well, showed guts, got up, for 4 solid rounds, he was right in the fight (I didn't think he had 4 rounds at that pace in him), but he was knackered in round 5, and after that right hand, Povetkin didn't even need to try that hard, he was absolutely there to get knocked unconscious, for that terrifying second, I was worried for Price's safety, but the main thing is, he is ok now. I think David Price should retire now, but he has nothing to be ashamed of and a lot to be proud of, he showed a lot of guts, a lot of heart against Povetkin. Price did much better than I thought he would, Povetkin was still the one with the work ethic, the skills, he was using his ability at a higher level for the duration of the rounds, but with more difficulty than I thought, those minutes were close, and Price used the jab very well, I thought it was even before the finish.

He's only going to get better in the next few years I feel. I thought his ability at defense improved, and his ability to cut off the ring has improved as well. I know I'm focusing on something negative here but I find it funny how Joshua goes the distance and people say he's a hype job and that all the top heavyweights beat him now. I just think he showed a new style, and another point is that no top knockout artist in history won every fight by ko it's just unrealistic. I heard somewhere where Hearn shut down a possiblility of a rematch, but you never know in boxing there's a lot of things said that won't happen that did. What do you think is next for the both of them?

He handled the loss well. I think at the beginning of the fight, I thought that Parker was coming up short with punches and had trouble finding range, and in those middle rounds I thought he was starting to catch Joshua more and even hurt him. He also did a good job at neutralizing Joshuas right hand and uppercut, he used put his forearm under his chin so it wouldn't land cleanly. I would agree that Parker has the best chin in the division. Parker is a great person and fighter I hope he comes back strong.

I noticed that too, he didn't do anything to stop it, it was Joshua who had to bring that up. He shouldn't have to that's the refs job. I think if there was a better ref the fight would've been even better.

I was really rooting for him because I'm not a fan of Povetkin, but Povetkin probably pulled off the ko of the year so far. Price did better then I thought to, I didn't expect him to get a knockdown.

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Absolutely. Yeah well it's just the same thing as ever, idiots all over the world, nasty pieces of shit as well, the sort who laugh at David Price. I saw that, can't argue, he's being clear, firm, but reasonable, that was a comfortable win for Joshua, there are fighters who have earned Joshua fights, Miller, Povetkin, so an immediate rematch wouldn't be necessary, but I do think it is rash to rule it out long term, I mean he did go 12, he is young, and there is time for him to earn a rematch.

Good question, well the answer is, Joshua should fight Jarrell Miller in maybe September/October, and that should be his 2018, that is almost as hard a fight as Parker in my opinion, and before, I said Joshua might be wearing himself out, having all these tough fights, but he took fewer punches, a lot less damage against Parker than I thought he would. I think Parker should do his best to get the winner of Charr vs Oquendo this year, almost certainly win a world title, in the mean time, maybe take a 10 rounder against Christian Hammer, Dereck Chisora level opponent. I wouldn't mind seeing Parker vs Fury II, Parker vs Ruiz II, see if he can build on those narrow wins, he did lose wide to Joshua, but he didn't take a beating.

His body work was great, the referee put him at a disadvantage for sure.

Definitely, it was Parker, the guy with less reach, who suffered more from the poor referee, but Joshua was robbed of some success himself.

I don't think so, I think Price being there to be flattened is what made it look like a great knockout, I don't think there was much method in that last shot, and I don't think it took a great fighter to land that shot.

Got a good month this month for boxing, Hurd vs Lara, Truax vs DeGale II, Jacobs vs Sulecki, Broner vs Vargas, Shiro vs Lopez II, Dodd vs Coyle. Which are you looking forward to most?

No pressure, but I think it would be great for you to be part of PCOM this month, that would be 10 competitors. JML14 won PCOM March.

Lost my response I'll respond again later but what fight are you most looking forward this month, for me It's Lara vs Hurd.

I think there's just some people who will never be satisfied. If they don't see a ko every fight he's a hype job apparently. There's other fighters who deserve a fight against Joshua. Parker is still one of them.

I think Miller is looking pretty likely for Joshua, Hearn said it's most likely next. For Parker who you picked were good ideas. Also I feel like Parker lost fair and square and anyone who scored in favor of Parker really hated Joshua.

I agree.

True Prices head was out there to be hit anyone could of done it.

I'll add my predictions soon.

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Pulev vs Whyte just got ordered by the IBF, interesting. Pulev could still get a shot at Joshua.

That's a great fight, Joshua took less damage against Parker than I thought he would, so I don't think that's too gruelling a year, especially if Miller does indlict too much damage. Miller is a threat, Joshua would have his work cut out for him. If he does fight Miller next, pre Klitschko, Joshua didn't fight anybody, but man, since then, he fights some tough competition!

Well I mean, it's a no brainer, it wasn't 10-2/11-1, but still quite wide I think really, and numbers aside, Parker and his team knew they lost, Joshua knew he had won, just look at their reactions after the fight, in that last round, there was a little bit of urgency from Parker, Joshua was just calm, composed, not taking any unnecessary chances. When a fighter and his trainer say, "I lost", "we lost", you know that side lost, it's like I tell people who say Pacquiao beat Mayweather, I mean, Freddie Roach said they lost!

He was almost standing up asleep, Price just loses all sense of how to defend himself when he gets hurt, his senses were rattled, it was sad to see that last shot land, I don't blame the referee, because it happened over a very short time period, but I would have stopped the fight before Price got knocked out. I'm gutted for Price that he lost, but he did better than I thought he would, and I think he eased a lot of worry regarding Povetkin as a threat to Joshua, I mean, he looked old and vulnerable, he's 38, he's small, and he gets hurt, Price hurt him, gave him real problems, I don't think he gives AJ problems, 2 years ago, definitely, now, I think he gets battered in 6.

Awesome, give yourself a shot. What do you think of my points system?

I like the fight, who do you got if it is official?

I agree, I expected a more taxing fight on Joshua but it wasn't that bad. I think Joshua has an underrated resume. He has some good domestic wins like Cornish and Whyte both undefeated fighters at the time they fought, then beat Parker Takam and Klitschko at a world level. I think Miller will be a tougher fight for Joshua then Parker was.

The scorecards were a bit wide, I feel 3-4 rounds for Parker is the right amount of rounds to give Parker. For Mayweather Pacquiao I don't get to mad when people say Pacquiao won because most of the people who watched the fight that was their only fight they'll ever watch and don't understand boxing. But anyone who is a hardcore fan who thinks he won then that's a problem. Roach always tells the truth I remember him saying that.

Yeah I noticed that to, it's like he when he was standing he was already out cold. I'm mad that Price lost because I don't like Povetkin.

I don't mind them.

Thoughts on Lara vs Hurd and Broner vs Vargas?

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Pulev, I'm not confident, age and activity makes a difference, but I think Pulev has more skill, the Chisora fights suggest Pulev wins, as well, Pulev having been at a higher level in his career, but Whyte is younger, and he hits harder. You?

At world level, anything after 2016 is underrated, anything pre Klitschko doesn't impress me at world level, but that doesn't matter anymore, because he just beat Klitschko, Takam, Parker. I think physically, it might be more wear and tear, I think he might take more damage from Miller, but also inflict more than he did on Parker.

I think Joshua took the early edge, 5-9 was better for Parker, but he matched Joshua, he didn't overtake him, and Joshua then stole those last few rounds which Parker needed.
That's my example, what I'm saying is, if you think a guy won, and his trainer says, "we lost", then give up, he darn well did NOT win.

I think Lara has the skill, in theory, to outbox Hurd, but I just think Lara is too easy to bully, his output, stamina is too low, he's old as well, and Hurd can hit pretty hard, he has the volume, and he is a beats of a light middleweight. If this was an amateur fight, Lara would win I think, but after 4 rounds, I think he blows a gasket, Hurd can make him work, and Lara throwing shots is going to be of an exertion for him than anything else, Hurd can soak them up, and when Lara's legs slow down, Hurd can close the distance, make it his fight, control the pace, and I just don't see what Lara can do at that point, I think Hurd stops him, maybe in 8 rounds. You?

Vargas might have a mental edge, a lot of people think he will win, he is a lot bigger than Broner, but I just think Broner, with his speed, power, offensive attributes, his toughness, and Vargas's flaws and technical inabilities, Broner might have enough to just edge him out, but I don't have confidence in that prediction, if thisnwas at 147, I think Vargas would edge it, I think in the second half of the fight, his weight advantage will be more important, more relevant, he might be able to drag Broner into deep waters, Broner might fade a bit, but I think as well, certainly in the mid rounds, Vargas is putting himself in danger by trying to take the fight to Broner, because man Broner hits hard, even at 147, and basically, the ligher he is, the harder he hits. You?

I'm going with Whyte on this one. He hits hard and Pulev isn't the most durable of fighters, and he's been inactive and is older.

I don't think Miller will incorporate a lot of movement like Parker did, I expect a slugfest on this one. Joshua will give and take more punishment.

On paper it seems like Lara can outbox him, but it will be hard. I'm picking him by sd because of that but I'm not too confident in it. Hurd is the more younger fighter and has a lot of power so he could stop him. I think it depends on what type of pace it is. If Lara can keep it at his pace he will win if not he could possibly lose. I keep going back and forth on this fight on who I think will win.

Depends what weight at 147 I'd edge Vargas, at 140 i edge Broner. For this fight I think Broner got this.

Thoughts on Canelo GGG 2 being canceled?

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Fair enough.

I agree, I think for a few rounds, Joshua could be in trouble, but I think Miller will fade, and when he he gasses, I think he will still walking into punishment, Joshua has been past 10 rounds twice now, finished strong both times, he does not have stamina issues, he can force the pace, he can punch, and I think he stops Miller. There is a chance that the fight could also be tentative, Miller might want to make Joshua work, and Joshua might try to use the jab early, it could take a while for either to really pull the trigger. I think Miller stops guys, because he hits quite hard, and he's big, but Joshua, he is a serious puncher, and I think, if Miller cannot get Joshua back peddling early, if he meets him centre ring, and they open up, then Miller could go early.

I think the most important aspect is Lara's ability or inability to control the pace. If Hurd can force the pace like he did against Trout, Lara almost doesn't stand a chance I don't think. I think Hurd will win, and I don't think it will be that hard a fight, I could be wrong, I was wrong about Wilder's win over Ortiz being early and easy. I think Hurd stops Lara inside 8 rounds, and by round 5, he will be very dominant.

Good riddance to Canelo, I don't buy his BS for a second, what he has done, it is a kick in the teeth to Mexican boxing and all his fans. I would love to see Golovkin vs Andrade for May 5!
Whether the opponent is Andrade, Derevyanchenko, or another good fighter, I definitely still hope to see Golovkin fight on May 5. What do you think?

I can see the fight going exactly as you say it will. I think Joshua will be in trouble until Miller gasses out, then once he does it's the Joshua show from there on. There's always a chance when two big punchers are fighting that it is tentative because no fighter wants to rush things early.

I agree on that, a fight at his pace benefits so much, but when it's fought differently he will struggle. I don't think that Lara is too old to get stopped but he can possibly lose.

Yeah, he really let down the fans what a shame. I would love to see GGG fight the big names but the question is how will they get a top fighter in on such short notice?

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In some ways, Miller is like Luis Ortiz, he isn't as fast in hand, and he doesn't have the same amateur pedigree as Ortiz, and in some ways, he has more skills, Ortiz, so I think Miller wouldn't trouble Joshua with accuracy, variety, ring generalship the way Ortiz did to Wilder in those early rounds, but I think Miller, against Joshua, early, because he is so big, he can apply hardcore pressure, and when the tables are turned, he could suffer the same fate Ortiz suffered against Wilder, but Miller is a lot younger and a lot bigger than Ortiz, and I think he should hold up against Joshua's turn table onslaught for more time.

You mean to old to not get stopped? I don't agree, we'll see. I would be shocked if Lara won this fight.

Well Demetrius Andrade would I think, I think he's in shape, he isn't coming off a fight, but the Fox fight wasn't too long ago, the fight isn't for a few weeks yet. Andrade would be stepping in on short notice, but at the same time, his style is very different to Canelo's, he'd know that, so there would also be a limited amount of time for Golovkin to prepare for a certain style. Andrade is an example, but I'm sure there are few options. Often, these sort of deputy opponents can surprise us, even if it is short notice, they are prepared, take Takam for example, he replaced Pulev on about 2 weeks' notice, but he didn't look like a late sub when it came to the fight.

I don't think that Miller is as tricky as Ortiz was against Wilder. I think he'll apply pressure and get him with some hard shots. Since he's a lot bigger then Joshua, I think that he will gas out earlier. I think Miller gets stopped against Joshua.

Not to old in terms of the fight being out of reach for him, I still think it's winnable for him. Also I can see Hurd stopping Lara, I'm not too confident in picking Lara for this one.

I think with Saunders not ready yet, Charlo fighting this month, also Jacobs so Andrade could get his shot. I just feel the fight would be on short notice since GGG status of his opponent. I think that O Sullivan is going to be the more realistic option. Also I think GGG should ditch the Canelo rematch, in September he should fight Saunders for all the belts instead. I felt through the whole Canelo situation he got a raw deal from having to wait, getting screwed by the judges and this failed test. I really want to se the Saunders fight.

Also, do you think that Klitschko has a good influence on todays heavyweight boxing? All the guys he's sparred with Wilder, Joshua and Parker have all became world champs and that is impressive.