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Anthony Joshua

Andy Ruiz Jr

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Man I don't even know what to say now. That was horrible. I can't believe it.

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What a fighter is Andy Ruiz!

Very underrated. So where does Joshua go from here?

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Back to the drawing board, take some time off, watch it back and think about what he did wrong in the fight, come back better, but that is easier said than done.

What an awesome fight! No shame in losing to the better man on the night, I'm sorry your favourite fighter lost pal.

Yeah, I agree on that. Two questions here, how does this effect a Wilder fight? And where do you think Joshua went wrong?

This is almost as bad as Pacquiao Marquez 4 for me.

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Casts it aside, Joshua would have to regroup and ideally get his belts back, to really put the fight back on the table, and even then, the fight has lost something which it can't get back. I am about to write it in my analysis, I think his fighting heart, pride, mentality took over, he fought Ruiz, but his body let him down, if you physically do not have the natural resistance, you cannot get into a flat out war like that.

I'm not disappointed myself because I like both fighters and am happy for Ruiz, but it is definitely a bitter pill to swallow for Joshua and his fans, but he did himself and his fans proud, tried his best, no shame in losing to the better man on the night.

His stamina is holding him back. He's still young. Klitschko suffered knockout losses and came back, same with Lewis and a bunch of other great fighters. I think Fury beats him. But that's why I hate waiting for these big fights. Something like this would happen and spoil the fight. Where I think Joshua went wrong was getting too over confident, he knocked Ruiz down and got a little careless.

I'm happy for Ruiz too, but I was really hoping that Joshua would keep winning so we can see him fight Wilder or Fury. How do you see a rematch going?

Also, Wilder is a jackass for what he said about Joshua after the fight. He has some nerve to say he got gifted stuff considering how the Fury went for him. Same with Whyte too. Fury seemed to be the only person who was positive towards him out of all that.

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I don't think his stamina is the problem, his stamina is good for a 240-250lb fighter, it wasn't the pace of the fight, it was the beating he took. Good points. I agree, and unfortunately for him, he didn't realise how dangerous Ruiz is, and he doesn't have a good chin, Joshua, when you don't have a good chin, you can't take devastating punches.

That's a tough one, I'd have to think about that.

I don't know, they are rivals, Wilder is more of a hothead than Joshua, but I agree, he shouldn't have done that, and same for Whyte. Fury is unpredictable, next week Joshua will be a shithouse again, if Joshua loses again he will be respectful. That was always going to be the reaction from some people, people can enjoy him losing if they don't like him, but to say he quit when he objectively didn't, is below the belt, which is what that pussy, Gold did.

I felt it was his gas tank that let him down, after the third round he was dead tired. Also, I noticed something was off about Joshua the whole fight, did you notice that too, or am I looking into it too much?

Same here.

I understand that, but I just feel kicking someone when their down is a weak move. To say he was never a true champion is just false. Although he has an official loss he still had better defenses then Wilder has when he was champ. Whyte really has no room to talk since Joshua beat him as well. Fury is inconsistent but I do like his message, he does wish him best of luck before his fights.

Also Robeisey Ramirez just signed with top rank, I can't wait to see him fight. What do you make of the signing?

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I disagree, I don't think fitness or stamina is an issue at all, he got hurt, couldn't recover, but not because his conditioning wasn't good enough. I didn't think something was off, I thought he seemed fine, until he got caught. I wouldn't say you are reading too much into it, we don't know went on, there might have been a problem with Joshua, but I don't think so.

I've just spent 18 hours going back and fourth arguing with that piece of shit Gold, who says AJ quit ans there is no way around it, I am with you on that, kicking someone when they are down, it is not on.

Brilliant, a lot of fights out there for him, especially at 126 and 130. You?

Also do you want to see Ruiz vs Joshua II next?

It could be, I think you are right at a second glance it just looked like he was hurt, not gassed. It went downhill after the third round. I guess we'll find out soon.

I would just ignore him even if he says something you find very wrong.

I like it. He's another two time gold medalist I'll be curious to see him fight Stevenson in the future.

Not sure yet, what about you?

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We're done now, I've said what I wanted to say, but as a Joshua fan, you can understand my anger, accusing warriors of quitting, disgraceful.

That's a great match up for the future, of course Ramirez won the gold, beat Stevenson, but Stevenson has been a professional for a good couple of years now, been 10 rounds, and he seems to be a very talented fighter, who has the potential to be very good, has transitioned from amateur to professional, very well.

I think the rematch should be next, but Joshua has to be confident he can win the right way, he can hurt Ruiz, but Ruiz can hurt him a lot worse and keep him in trouble for longer, so Joshua has to go into the rematch the mindset of a boxer, not a brawler, if he can do that, the rematch should be next.

I understand.

He's around 25 so they have to move him fast, so possibly in a few years they can fight. It's kind of crazy to think that Ramirez is 25 and Stevenson is 21 and that Stevenson has way more pro experience.

I think he needs to change his gameplan for the next fight. Box him, and try not to make it a brawl.

I was thinking of a fight what do you think of Williams vs Lara?

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Good match up, Lara is still in the mix, but let's forget Castano, their fight was a draw, so based on that, him and Lara are in the same position.

Are you watching Judah vs Seldin next weekend or just Golovkin vs Rolls? Also, do you want to be in the prediction competition for the rest of the month?

I thought Lara edged him but a draw was fair from what I remember.

What channel is Judah fighting on? I might watch the Golovkin fight if I'm around. Also I have to look at the list of fights. What fight did you comment the list on?

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I don't know, I can't even get it.

The lost is on the Fight Vault for PCOM forum page.

7/New York
Zab Judah vs Cletus Seldin

8/New York
Gennady Golovkin vs Steve Rolls

Josh Warrington vs Kid Galahad

Tyson Fury vs Tom Schwarz

Mairis Briedis vs Krzysztof Glowacki
Yunier Dorticos vs Andrew Tabiti

Kazuto Ioka vs Aston Palicte

Andrew Cancio vs Alberto Machado II

Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Julio Ceja

28/Rhode Island
Demetrius Andrade vs Maciej Sulecki

Richard Commey vs Raymundo Beltran

Jermall Charlo vs Brandon Adams

Ok I may do it.

Also did you hear the rumors about Joshua and the questioned his health pre fight?

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Yes I did, we won't know how true any of it is, but in terms of him being concussed, he was talking in the corner, was talking fine after the fight, so if he was concussed, he can't have been concussed too bad, I did think it was strange the way his mouthpiece was half in, but he came out the fight, walking, talking. Apparently Joshua had a panic attack in his dressing room, possible, if he did, then that will have affected his performance at least to some degree, it's just another rumour, it's possible. All these questions will probably be answered in the rematch.

I think Joshua beats Ruiz in a rematch, but he has to box more and fight less. You?

Honestly, it could've been just an off night for Joshua. All the greats have had them from time to time. I did feel something was off with him that night. He addressed some of it in his youtube video he said he didn't have one and really didn't make any excuses. I want to see how he does in a rematch to tell what will happen with him.

I agree on that. I think he needs to box more, and try to avoid big exchanges. I can see him turning into a Klitschko type of fighter, that could possibly suit him.

What did you think of Andre Wards comments on Joshua? Nothing bad just him saying Joshua has the tools but he's just too big and stuff like that.

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No I didn't, but I believe he is one of the many people who has criticised Stephen A Smith, that jumped up, arrogant 'Boxing Expert', who talked a load of shit about Andy Ruiz, insisted Joshua is lying about being on form, because he can't accept that Ruiz is good, what a moron, one of these fools who thinks if a fighter looks like a Ruiz, Kownacki, Buster Douglas, he can't be a good fighter, boxing doesn't need fools like him, he doesn't deserve the privilege of being able to voice his opinion on TV, because he doesn't know boxing better than most fans.

Ramirez vs Hooker is close to finalised, don't see any issues getting in the way if it now, that's a great match up, a battle of the unbeatens and a unification fight, great to see unbeaten world champions facing each other and putting their belts on the line, I just wish the division had been this competitive a couple of years back, when Crawford was at 140, I think he'd still have been top dog in the division, but they would be good fights.

I agree on that. He has a very basic knowledge of fighting. So many fighters call him out on his nonsense. I think having muscles is overrated when it comes to fighting. When people see a "fat" guy vs a muscular guy they basically write off the "fat" guy. Tyson Fury and Tony Bellew fought guys that looked in better shape then them and they ended up clearly beating their opponents. This fight and the Fury and Bellew fights tell the important life lesson, never judge a book by a cover. To be honest Ruiz is in pretty good shape despite what others think. He moves well, he has great hand speed and power, great chin and stamina as well. Some can argue that he's still undefeated.

I love that fight, cross promotional fights are what we need in boxing. Were inching away at getting more fights that we want. I wish Hooker would've went in the WBSS. It's not like Crawford is avoiding anyone, he moved up to a better division.

Inoue vs Nery, in a future fight who do you think wins?

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Yes, it would have been easier to make when Hooker was with Top Rank, but good to see they still got the fight on. Who do you think wins?

That's a great match up, both devastating punchers, both got fast hands and are explosive, but I think with Inoue's chin being better than Nery's, and with him having more skill, I think he'd beat Nery. I think Inoue will be possibly the best fighter in the world in a few years, he is an exceptional fighter. You?

I think Ramirez wins it, what about you?

I feel that Inoue wins the fight.

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I agree.

Also, do you have predictions for Judah vs Seldin and Golovkin vs Rolls? Maybe sumbit them tomorrow if you want, or skip this month, up to you pal.

I'm probably stay put this month for predictions.

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That's fine, there is always next month, you don't have to be in that either if you don't want, but there is always next month, up to you.

I think June 15 is an underrated night of boxing, Dorticos vs Tabiti, Briedis vs Glowacki, both pick em's. Also, did you say you have Pacquiao over Thurman? He seems to be the favourite, but I think Thurman will knock him out, possibly retire him. If Pacquiao beats Thurman, fair play, because that would be 3 times on the spin he's proved me wrong, because I thought Matthysse and Broner would beat him?

I want to be in it for next month for sure, I just totally forgot about last month.

Oh yeah that should be a great night of fights. I have Pacquiao over Thurman at the moment. Thurman is the younger and fresher fighter so I wouldn't argue if someone predicted him to win. I thought the Matthysse fight was going to be tough for him. For Broner, I knew that Pacquiao would be too much, and that Broners output would be an issue in the fight. Pacquiao is past his prime but I thought he still had enough to beat Broner.

Davis vs Nunez next... What a disappointing fight.

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Well, it is not a month to miss, Thurman vs Pacquiao is not only a big fight but also a pick em. Broner is better than Matthysse, Broner lacks output, but Matthysse lacks skill and defence, does not have the durability to get away with fighting with his face, but I see why you had Matthysse to win but not Broner, because it is easier to see Pacquiao winning coming off a dominant win like the Matthysse win than to see him winning, coming off an upset loss to Horn.

Another mismatch, that's 2 years of just mismatches and tune ups for Davis, he is 24, there is no rush, he isn't getting worse, but he would be learning and improving faster if he was in against better opposition, same problem as Joe Joyce, only Davis is young, and has more time, already has the Pedraza win and 20 odd fights.

Matthysse and Broner both have flaws. Even though Broner is the better boxer, I feel that he his output flaws are worse then Matthysses lack of skill and defense. Matthysse was still powerful against an old Pacquiao, but also Pacquiao isn't the best defensive fighter as well.

Do you think he's taking boxing seriously if he's fighting this bad of opponents? After his fight with Walsh, his opposition has been very poor since. There hasn't been one fight of his I liked since then.

Dubois vs Gorman, who's your pick?

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Broner lacks not only output but dicipline, doesn't do the fundamentals, doesn't fight with urgency, he lacked hunger against Pacquiao, and he didn't want to fight, let the old man out pace him. I don't think Pacquiao is as far from finished as he looked against Broner, he is further from finished than he looked against Horn, but I think Thurman will knock him out, I would not be shocked if Pacquiao won, but I think Thurman will retire him, back up his words.

I think Davis is taking it seriously, I think it's his handlers who are at fault if anyone, the fighter isn't always to blame when the opposition is poor, but still, it shouldn't be the way he's matched, and I know they might not have had a lot of options, but why put Davis vs Nunez on the same night as Ramirez vs Hooker?

I know which one I'll want to watch live. No I agree, Fonseca and Nunez have not fought at this level, Hugo Ruiz is chinny and very small, and Cuellar was well past his best, that's being very negative, but there isn't a lot you can say for his opposition, I believe Farmer has to fight Frenious, but that would be a good match up. Davis isn't too inexperienced, he is only 24, but just because you have extra time, doesn't mean you should waste it, and going into the late rounds, adapting to the distance, is important, and Davis hasn't been 8 rounds, testament to his power, but Inoue, Wilder, Matthysse, Rungvasai, all devastating punchers, all been 12 rounds, so it's more about his opposition, Davis.

It's an underrated fight, 50/50 fight, but I'm just leaning slightly towards Dubois, been slightly more impressed by him, but I would not be at all surprised if Gorman won.

I feel like he's insistent with his skills. Like there was one round in the Pacquiao fight where he caught Pacquiao coming in like 5 times in a row. If he was more consistent he could've done a lot better. I guess that comes from discipline.

That's what I think too. Davis has spoke out on it too. I remember he said he felt betrayed by Floyd when he put him against Pedraza. I think it's dumb to put his fight on the same night as the Ramirez fight.

That's what I'm saying, he's either fighting "washed" guys, smaller guys, or very low ranked fighters. Who do you think would be an ideal fight for Davis if it goes how we expect? He has to step it up for his next fight. Also there's this Russian fighter who's ranked below. Do you think he'd be a good fight for Davis?

I love the fight. Reminds me of Fury vs Chisora, at least the timing is around the same time. I'm picking Dubois as well.

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Pacquiao hurt him in round 7, punched himself out a bit, the minute wasn't enough for him, at 40, unlike Horn, who was relentless, didn't let Pacquiao breathe, Broner just sat back, pet Pacquiao rest, and then Pacquiao got straight back to business.

Maybe Fortuna, if he doesn't vacate and stays at 130. Who's that?

I agree, it is similar, hopefully this fight is better than that was, because they were both fat and unprepared for that fight, it was poor, but yes it is similar.

Did you see Golovkin vs Rolls?

That's true, Broner pretty much just let him get away with punching himself out. I wonder how Horn vs Broner would go at 147. What do you think?

That's a good fight. The guys name is Shavkat Rakhimov.

I can't wait to see it.

I'm going to watch Golovkin vs Rolls right now. What did you make of it?

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I think Horn would win that, I think he would out work and out hustle Broner, Broner could hurt him, hit him clean on the counter, but I don't think he has the power at 147 to do enough damage to stop Horn, Horn would be too strong and agile for Broner to keep him off, and Horn would beat him. You?

I've seen him fight, I saw him against Jimmy Paypa, good fight, got dropped a couple of times, Rakhimov, but came back to get the stoppage.

I think it will be very close, and whether one of them just edges it or it's a draw, I think both will learn a lot and improve from the fight, both have a lot of potential, will have good careers. In terms of prospects, heavyweight boxing is doing great.

Good performance from Golovkin, but not great, he got hit clean and backed up, he is definitely declining, but it was a good performance overall, he got a clean KO, early, against an unbeaten opponent, can't criticise his performance too much, but it wasn't a great performance. I think Canelo vs Golovkin III will happen this year

I think Horn can beat him. He's bigger and he's just relentless with his attack. Broner is tough so I think it would be a UD for Horn.

Do you think he's a good fighter?

Oh yeah there's a lot of good heavyweights now that are coming up. I think Dubois will be the best of them. It's early enough where none of them will lose much with a loss.

That's what I thought too. He looked good not great. You can definitely see that he is declining. I would like to see Andrade or Canelo next for GGG. Canelo is saying he needs a title so he might fight Andrade.

Thoughts on Gassiev going to heavyweight? Also can you see Usyk beating Joshua?

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I don't think he will win a world title, can't say he's not a decent fighter, but I have only seen him fight once, I didn't see the Castellanos fight or his last fight, he might have improved a lot and learned from the Paypa fight.

Possible, but there are so many, Ajagba needs a step up, but he is doing very well, Hrgovic made a great statement in his last fight, Joyce is finally fighting an opponent who isn't old and completely shot, Jason Gavern lost to a fighter he says hits as hard as Wilder, the heavyweight division is lively.

Possible, I would rather see that fight, but I think the trilogy will happen because there is more money in that fight, and I think Golovkin, despite still being a threat to a lesser degree, being a tough opponent, is less of a risk now, and although not as high, it is still a high reward fight for Canelo.

It's where the money is, fighting on DAZN, we'll see how he does at heavyweight, he is a big cruiserweight, is still young, he can do well at heavyweight, it will be interesting to see if he has learned and improved from the Usyk loss. Yes, I think Usyk can beat Wilder and Joshua, and Fury has to stay consistent in the gym and in ghe ring, you?

I agree with you on that.

That's true Ajagba is a good fighter. I haven't seen much of Hrgovic but I've heard good things about him. I can't wait to see how Joyce does down the road, he has to move faster since he's 33 with not many fights.

So you think Canelos team is bluffing when they say that Golovkin needs a belt? I can see it because Golovkin is his biggest money fight still. Do you think Golovkin can re invent himself with Banks or not really?

True. My thing on Usyk is, he is more skilled then Wilder and Joshua, has the tools to beat them. I feel if his chin is good and he can take a good punch from these big heavyweights he will beat them. I agree on Fury he has to still build on the Wilder performance.

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Possibly, I think they are trying to remind Golovkin who the A-side is, and who holds all the cards. Not really, I don't like the idea of trying to turn Golovkin into a boxer mover, because that's not his style.

I don't think he necessarily has to build on it, I think as long as he fights twice a year, doesn't lose or take too much damage, stays in the gym, he will be the best, whether he fights Wilder and Joshua or not. I think Fury will fight Pulev this year, probably in an eliminator, both should be close to getting a shot, both are with Top Rank, so I think we will see that fight at the end of the year.

Which of the fights are you watching this weekend? I'm watching the WBSS, but Warrington vs Galahad and Fury vs Schwarz are both on BT Sport, and I'm not paying whatever the ridiculous price is, so I can't see those ones live.

I think they'll make the fight, it's still a huge fight. Sort of reminds me of Pacquiao Marquez where this same thing happened, two close fights with one a draw so they still fight a third fight.

That's what I was meaning, just stay busy stay in shape so he doesn't have to do longer training camps. I like the Pulev fight, he's underrated and a top 10 heavyweight. Great preparation for a Wilder rematch.

Not sure yet, definitely the Fury fight since I have espn + now, I will see what I'm watching before that. Is the WBSS in America or no? If so I can watch it before the Fury fight.

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It's similar in that they had two close, entertaining fights, so a third fight makes sense, but Pacquiao and Marquez were both young when they fought the first two times, it's a different scenario, still, I see what you are saying.

It's in Latvia. Who you got?, I keep changing my mind on Briedis vs Glowacki, it really is a pick'em, wouldn't have thought it would be, you'd think Briedis would be the favourite, but he was so bad in his last fight, got an absolute robbery of a decision. I think Tabiti beats Dorticos, but that is another great match up, would not be surprised if Dorticos won.

That's a big difference, they were both young when it happened. I mean like the controversy surrounding the fights. For the first Pacquiao Marquez fight, I thought there was no way Marquez could've won. Having been knocked down 3 times, he would've had to of won 8 rounds and Pacquaio just 4, and I feel Pacquiao won at least 5, which is still a Pacquio win. Second fight was a Pacquiao win but I felt it was close.

For Bredis vs Glowacki, I got Bredis. For Dorticos vs Tabiti, I got Dorticos. What time zone is Latvia in? I think that would be before the Fury fight. Is the Fury undercard any good?

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I had Pacquiao edging the first two fights by a point, 5-7 the first time, knockdowns just swing it his way, second fight, 6-6, the knockdown for Pacquiao just scrapes it in his favour for me. I thought the third fight was a draw, and that's the thing, they were all close fights, the last one wasn't close as such because Marquez got the KO, but they both hit the deck, it was anybody's fight for 5 rounds.

Certainly before the Fury fight. They are 7 hours ahead of you, so if the fight in Latvia starts at 10, that's 3pm where you are.

I have Glowacki and Tabiti, so that shows how tough both fights are to call, I might change my prediction for Briedis vs Glowacki, but I definitely think Tabiti beats Dorticos, still wouldn't be surprised if Dorticos won though. Warrington vs Galahad should be a great fight, that's a 50/50 fight, battle of the unbeatens, I will miss it, because unfortunately it is on BT, but I will catch it on YouTube later.

Not really, not too bothered about Lizbeth Crespo's fight, Hart vs Barrera isn't a bad one, but it is not a stacked card, no way I am paying for that, WBSS is free, I hate BT sport, I will catch the fight later.

Did you hear about what happened to Zab Judah after he lost to Cletus Seldin?, brain bleed, was hospitalised, he is ok now, which is great news, he is one of the lucky ones, but Felipe Orucuta was also badly hurt, had a brain bleed, and I haven't heard any news of him making progress.

I thought Pacquiao clearly won the first fight, but was robbed due to an error by the judges, I thought with the kd in the second fight, he edged it by winning 6 rounds. The third fight I watched twice and had a draw.

That's great hopefully I'm home for the co main event and main event. I should be fine. I just saw that Warrington vs Ghalad is on Espn plus as well.

I'm still in the middle about Glowacki and Bredis, that's close for me. I'm confident that Dorticos beats Tabiti.

I can't wait.

Yeah I heard, that was scary to hear about. I think Judah should retire now. Same with Orucuta.

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Also, looks like Tyson Fury is doing exactly what I said, being a piece of shit again, if Wilder and Whyte pissed you off with their comments, don't read what Fury said. The worst part is, Fury is liar, he knows Joshua didn't quit, because only a moron thinks he quit, I don't know how much clearer it gets than 'do you want to continue?', 'yes', after getting up ans beating the count, if he was going to quit, he likely wouldn't have even got up, people accuse him of quitting just because his body language suggests he was concerned for his health and didn't want to continue, but even that doesn't prove he wanted to quit. Whether Joshua wanted to quit or not, fact is, he didn't, angers me a lot that people are still falsely accusing him of quitting.

Oh yeah, you were right. I'm disappointed he said that because of the nice message he sent to Joshua immediately following the loss.

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Did y'all think AJ was a bit loopy in the after fight interviews? I don't think they should have interviewed him, he still seemed a bit out of it.

Joe Rogan has a rule in the ufc to not interview concussed fighters and I think it should have been applied here. AJ was classy as always but I think he definitely suffered a concussion here. Hopefully he'll be fine

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He was concussed, but it is up to him, if he can talk, let him talk, he didn't embarrass himself, call Ruiz Wilder or think he was in Vegas, I don't see the problem with letting a concussed fighter come over and talk as long as he isn't showing signs of a major concussion, which Joshua was not. He should be fine, these are great athletes, they need their fitness they work for in the gym, to give them the durability to get through it if they suffer a haemorrhage.

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Yeah I hear you on that. I just was worried about the guy, getting knocked down that many times is worrying.

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Definitely, that's why Gold the pussy, and all the other nasty trash talkers out there anger me, when they are taking shots at fighters, they don't understand how dangerous this sport is, and Joshua took a lot of concussive punches there, there is always some level of concern for a fighter's well being when they are dropped 4 times and battered the way he was, this sport is so dangerous, fighters put their lives on the line when they step in that ring, and people are accusing Joshua of quitting, talking trash, it has to stop.

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If someone wants to accuse AJ of quitting there they are braindead. That was not a controversial ending

The man was barely able to keep it together and couldnt obey simple referee commands. He was brave to get up all the times he did but we're not trying to see him get seriously hurt from a knockout! He wouldve been in big trouble if it kept going - and in the following interviews he was classy as always