Andrew Cancio vs Alberto Machado II Scorecard by SalTnutZ1

scorecard by SALTNUTZ1



Andrew Cancio

Alberto Machado

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I didn't expect Cancio to beat Machado again! Good fight while it lasted?

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Yeah. Went kind of like the first.

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Machado is in a tough spot, he will have to go back to the drawing board. I reckon Golden Boy will make Diaz vs Machado II.

You watching Malignaggi vs Lobov?

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Yeah. I always thought he was a bit overrated in terms of champions at that weight, but he looked weight drained and unsure of how to fight these last 2 bouts. He knew Cancio would look to bang early and often, and want to fight on the inside, and he did nothing to really deter him. Didn't use his jab well, didn't use his size/reach advantage. He gave up every advantage he had and fought Cancio's fight. Machado should move up, but I really don't know if I'd favor him against anyone of note at 135 at this point. I'd like to see Cancio against any of the other 130lb champs.

I will be. I've been watching the Bareknuckle scene from the states and UK, and kind of enjoy it as a change of pace from Boxing/MMA. I think Paulie should pick him apart, as Lobov is kind of a free swinger, but in Bareknuckle, you just never know. If you happen to watch the card at all, another really fun fighter on the co main is Chris Leben. Was a KO artist and banger as an MMA fighter, and has been obliterating opponents in BK now as well.

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I think losing to Cancio again means it's hard to rate him higher, and it proves his lack of adaptability.

I like that it is less dangerous than boxing, I might give it a go myself one day, but I'm not a big fan, I'm definitely not buying Malignaggi vs Lobov on PPV. You'd think so, it's similar to boxing in many ways, Malignaggi was a better boxer than Lobov was at any combat sport he's been in, but Malignaggi is 38, has serious hand problems which won't have gotten better with age, and the hand protection won't be as good in bare knuckle fighting as in boxing, still, Malignaggi should be able to mess Lobov up with his skills, he doesn't need forceful power punches, just a lot of good shots that will open up cuts on Lobov, I believe that was what they did in the old days, tried to cut the opponent, so Malignaggi's lack of power that was his biggest weakness in boxing, probably won't be so much of a problem in bare knuckle fighting.

I've got 8 days before my half marathon, 9 weeks of training, I can't wait to just get it done now, I'm hoping to get it done in 01:35:00, few weeks off, then, all being well 12 weeks of training.

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I think I enjoy it some, as it reminds me of the old days as a street kid fighting a lot. Never gloved, always bareknuckle, and we were in some brawls(not that it was a good thing, just why I think I relate to it a lot). Yeah, the more you can cut them, the better. Paulie said his knuckles have been like razors in sparring, so we'll see.

Hey man, that's good. Hope you do well in it. Is the marathon in your city?

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I'd definitely give bare knuckle a go, although I'm not a fan of it, it is deceptive, because it doesn't do the possible internal damage that boxing does, and who gives a monkeys about facial scars?, not saying that's the worst that could possibly happen, but I think it's safe to say the risks are more external in BK and in boxing it's more internal. I hope Paulie wins, very bad for him reputation wise if he loses.

No, but it's fairly close, about 90 minutes away, it's a good route, it's an interesting one, fairly flat overall, apart from cardiac hill, which is extremely steep, a mile, and it's the 10th mile, late enough that you've already put a good shift in, but not so late you know you're at the very end, I've done it before, and I know I'll be better this time, just have to sustain a decent pace for 11 miles and pick up the pace in the last 2 miles.

I'm assuming everything is still the same with your mom and her treatment.