Andre Dirrell vs Jose Uzcategui II Scorecard by Champion97

scorecard by CHAMPION97



Andre Dirrell

Jose Uzcategui

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I was more annoyed than anything else to be honest, I enjoyed the other fights, and it was good to see Wilder put Ortiz in his place.

Did you see Bivol and Kovalev?

It was a fun fight, good thing the right man won. I was worried about that round 7, wilder was about to go.

I saw bivol and some of the kovalev fight.

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I'm not happy about that, Ortiz is one dirty fighter, he's on something, I don't know what, but he's a cheat, he's already been busted 3 times.
I'm glad Wilder got the win, that's the main thing, but that was not a genuinely hard fight against a clean athlete.
Wilder should take a slightly easier fight later this year I think, maybe the winner of Whyte vs Browne, then next year, hopefully the Joshua fight can happen, I wonder if they could battle it out at Wembley, maybe in Spring or Summer 2019, I think 2019 should be Wilder's last year, but if Joshua has three belts this time next month, and keeps them, then for Wilder, fighting Joshua will be the absolute making of his legacy.

They impress you?

Yeah, I don't like Ortiz either but he brought the best out of Wilder and I can at least respect that but that's as far as it goes for me. I'm happy the right man won this fight. Also tactilly what did you think of both Ortiz and Wilder? I don't mind if Wilder takes an easier fight before a potential Joshua fight. Next I would like to see Joshua fight Miller possibly then Wilder fight someone as good.

Bivol did impress me, but from what I saw of the Kovalev fight he was there to be hit.

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It was quite the battle of tactics, I thought tactically they both did great, I think Wilder was fery smart to use the closing seconds the way he did, in rounds 5 and 9, he may not have won the round had he not been thorough, used his age advantage, and let shots go without giving Ortiz time to control the range or use any of his tricks. Ortiz, and I didn't giev him credit for this before the fight, was great putting Wilder through pain, ge was angry, aggressive, motivated in the right way, and if you look at round 7, that first shot he tagged Wilder with, it wasn't a loaded up, tense, forced shot, which is more tiring to throw than to take, it was a natural, well timed, accurate shot to the temple, rattled Wilder's senses, that's experience. I think tactics wise, it is hard to criticise, Ortiz didn't show us anything after 7, but he was done, he wasn't going to find a second wind, and Wilder, proving the idiots wrong, showed that adaptability, got through it, and ended up winning, being more impressive for the challenge.

Yeah maybe, or possibly the winner of Whyte vs Browne.

My thoughts exactly, Bivol did great, handled the cut well, went the extra mile tk stop his opponent, was patient. Kovalev is only getting worse, he isn't built for boxing anymore, his legs, his lungs, and his chin, letting him down, he is still very dangerous, he still has that jab, that ability to keep it long, he has talent as well, but he is declining, he is a vulnerable fighter, he doesn't do the 12 consistently, he doesn't take it on the chin, body shots break him, and when he was dominant early in his career, it looks like, based on the Ward fights, that was the best Kovalev, and he isn't a fighter who thrives under a challenge.

Shame about Figueroa vs Broner, if Broner still fights on April 21, who would you like to see him fight?

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Sorry, very annoying when that happens.

That's a great picture. Use it.

Also what did you think of Uzcategis performance last weekend?

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Pretty much punch perfect. I would love to see Truax vs Uzcategui!
That was tough to watch at the end, Dirrell didn't want to continue, he didn't have tne desire, and with all due respect, on that occasion, he quit.

By the way, I'm now very confident that Joshua vs Wilder will happen next year.

I think Uzcategi can beat Truax. Also, I'm a fan of the Dirrells but I think it's time for Andre to retire.

Same here, and what made you more confident it will happen?

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I agree, I think Uzcategui's age might be enough, and I think this win is something of a statement, Truax's win was more if a triumph, but I'm not sure what kind of furture Truax has ahead of him, but they are two very good fighter, overachievers.

Someone from Wilder's team has said that they would except less than 50%, I honestly think that's the biggest issue, money, neither Joshua or Wilder are hard to work with, neither are stubborn with location, Wilder would come over here to fight, Joshua has said before that he will happily go to the US at some point.

I think Joshua is protected from Wilder, and I do wonder whether Hearn was bluffing when he said he would fight Wilder if he took the minority of the money, and that was based on the belief that Wilder would never agree to it, bht at the same time, and I hope this is right, Joshua and Hearn do intend on fighting Wilder, but at this stage, for such a fight, based on what they believe they are entitled to, they are demanding majority share because they think they are the A-side.

I think now, the question is about Wilder, how much does he want the fight? Is he willing to take 30%?
If Wilder (and you can't blame him for not being happy about it) tells Eddie Hearn, "let's fight, I'll take a lot less than AJ", then the boot is on the other foot, and Hearn will be questioned as to whether or not he wants the fight, and AJ as well, because how will they react if and when Wilder agrees to their financial conditions?, will they come up eith an excuse to sabotage or delay the fight?, or is the fight on next year?!

I thought so to. I thought Ortiz did better at boxing and Wilder was better with his patience and not rushing in immediately. I think Wilder struggled a bit with boxing Ortiz, but I don't think he matters because his power negates it and gives him a chance against any fighter. I hope people are happy with this win over Ortiz, he beat him fair and square.

Great idea.

Offensively Kovalev is great, not so much defensively and I think that will let him down in big fights.

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Basically, but I think the word boxing can be ambiguous when analysing a fight.
To be fair, in terms of using the ring, keeping his positioning, and doing the basics as well, blocking, I guess it's ring generalship, Ortiz did and probably is better than I thought he was, I still think he was full of steriods or something of that ilk, but him doing so much better than I predicted, I have to say, is partially, not completely, but partially due to him having more natural power, and having more skill than I thought.
Once Wilder had hurt Ortiz, he could swing for the fences to his heart's content, but he had to hurt Ortiz in the first place, and Ortiz making him have to resort to being patient, was the reason why Wilder didn't hurt him until, and hadn't really done anything, until round 5. I think in round 7, Wilder might have thought he'd hurt Ortiz, but been wrong. And ultimately, Ortiz is old, you could see that even with his mean exterior and sort of poker face, he was grimicing in agony with that knockdown in round 10, he knew he'd lost by then. I think they are, by the way, drugs aside, Stieverne was underrated 3 years ago, but he was never as good as Ortiz, and Ortiz is the best opponent Wilder has fought, that, I was simply wrong about.

This win for Wilder is similar to Joshua's win over Klitschko in a sense, both opponents were old, Joshua beat a faded but still dedicated boxing legend, and Wilder faced a good, dangerous fighter who was pumped up on a substance of some sort, but both hurt their opponents, very nearly got stopped, and rallied late to stop the other guy. I think put Wilder in Klitschko's shoes in round 5 or 6, Joshua gets stopped, but put Joshua in Ortiz's shoes against Wilder at the end of that 7th, Wilder gets stopped. I think if the fight is a tear up, it doesn't go the distance, but it may go 12, and be more tentative amd negative than anything else.

I think his offence is his defence sometimes, but his head movement is poor, his feet are slow, and he doesn't take punches well, he tires as well, and if an opponent can make it an inside fight, Kovalev struggles, I do think Kovalev hits the hardest in the division, but Bivol and Beterbiev hit hard too, and have higher stamina, they have faster feet and are both more complete boxers, and I don't think Kovalev would beat either of them.

Ortiz showed that he was better then we thought in this fight, but that's because he could possibly be on steroids, and that's a tough call since he's been caught before and everything that he accomplishes will be in question. I think Wilder took a good approach in the early rounds. He didn't throw punches just for the sake of throwing punches, he waited till he hurt Ortiz to throw punches.

I thought of that to. Wilder and Joshua both went through a near stoppage moment and weathered the storm. How do you think the Ortiz that fought Wilder would do against the Klitschko that fought Joshua?

If the guy he fought last weekend had more power he would've had a pretty good shot of winning.

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It's a combination of both, steriods don't give you blocking abilities, or the experience to use the ring the way Ortiz did, so I can't put it all down to Ortiz being on steriods, but, I do believe that the way he took some of the shots so well, is suspicious, and just his general physical strength, I honestly believe a lot of his physical attributes were down to a substance of some sort, he might have faked the hand injry and gotten a toroidal shot. You just summarised it there, once he had really hurt Ortiz, he went for it, when Ortiz wasn't hurt, he didn't, it is so hard to disorganise a fighter like Ortiz, and even if be might have been slightly hurt in round 7, Wilder over commited, that's what happens, and Wilder got hurt, but champions do get hurt, it happens, but Wilder bit down, and got the win.

Good question, Klitschko was slightly older, and I think punch resistance wise and ability to fight, Ortiz was tougher, but having said that, it is hard for me to say Ortiz is better than Klitschko, I mean, there is a vast, vast difference in experience in achievements, let's be fair, Klitschko's a boxing legend, he has a lot more discipline and athleticism than Ortiz, I don't even think Klitschko's tank was empty after 10 rounds, I think he got caught with a spectacular, tide turning shot from Joshua, but experience aside, Klitschko was always vulnerable, had Ortiz had Klitschko where Wilder was, game over, and a lack of punch resistance can invalidate a lot of attributes. In conclusion, I would say Klitschko is slightly better, what do you think?

I think Kovalev hits extremely hard, and in some ways, he is a great fighter, his ability to dominate with that spearing, almost catapult like 1, 2, is enough to beat most fighters you would think, but he has so many weaknesses, and bad weaknesses as well. I think Kovalev vs Stevenson would still be good if Stevenson comes through Jack, which he could (if he gets him out of there early), then their fight is still a good one, two front runners, two extremely dangerous 5 round fighters, both struggle to take punches, each could hurt the other, both tire, both fade, Stevenson, with the speed and combination punching, Kovalev, with the heavier hands and maybe the better offensive skill. If Jack beats Stevenson, the Kovalev fight is possible, but I think, given that they have fought on the same bill at least twice, Bivol vs Kovalev is being built up, if that fight happens, I think Bivol is in danger for a few rounds, but if he has been battered, after 6 rounds, and he is a good mental and physical state, he's got it in the bag, and with Bivol's talent, speed, youth, I think Kovalev would really struggle to make the most of the early rounds, and if come rounds 7 or 8, Bivol can make it an inside fight, let fly with vicious body/head attacks, Kovalev won't survive.

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Hey man you added Pacquiao vs Matthysse? I didn't even know it was confirmed.