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Alexander Povetkin

David Price

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Price did well until he didn't

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You see now why I was saying earlier that this wasn't necessarily a mismatch and Wilder vs Stiverne II was certainly worse.

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What I mean by he did well until he didn't was the British commentators were cheerleading Price for every shot he landed when he was losing every round and was inevitably going to be knocked out. British commentators were super biased and garbage, as usual, Povetkin wasn't hurt in the first. Price hit him with one good shot in the third and got a weak knockdown. Price got brutally KO'd as expected, he didn't belong in the ring with Povetkin. I don't dislike Price but I hate the way Sky's commentary team talked about the fight.

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Oh come on man, just because you predicted Price to do worse than he did, just give him credit.
Yes he was hurt in the first, not out on his feet, but he was hurt, "got a weak knockdown" a knockdown is a knockdown, and someone could just easily talk about the timing of the bell, so you can build petty arguments either way, but here are the facts, that went 4-5, Price knocked Povetkin down, used the jab quite well, and hurt him at least twice, you see Povetkin on his stool after 4?, this was not a mismatch.

Price is safe, that is what matters, he was doing well, but it is what I said, when he is hurt, he is bewildered, and after that right hand landed, he was there for the following, fight finishing shot.

British commentary was just fine! They did a great job!

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I mean I predicted Povetkin in 4 and he did it in 5, not much of a difference. Price landed one good punch and buzzed Povetkin which made Povetkin fall into the ropes. Otherwise, Price barely landed anything and just shelled up letting Povetkin work his body and head at will. Povetkin was doing fine, the sand in Price's hourglass was going to run out eventually. If you think Price being truely knocked out, cut up, spitting out blood in 5 rounds isn't a mismatch I don't really know what to tell you.

I will definitely be switching over to Showtime and I really dislike Paulie, Adam Smith is a joke when there is a British fighter, always talking about what they are doing well and downplaying what they do wrong.

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I'm going to respond afterall.

Paulie Malignaggi is the best analyst in the world!

You said, "I would be surprised if this lasts four rounds.", is what I was referring to, also, in a fight that is 100/0, 99/1, you think you get 4-5 rounds like that?. You have to admit I was right about Wilder vs Stiverne II being worse, because that really was a dangerous mismatch, ended in one round, Stiverne had no success, didn't throw any punches, whereas Price, not only lasted until 5, but he hurt Povetkin twice, dropped him, used his jab, was probably not that far behind on the scorecards. Price blocked a lot of shots, and be fair, he did land a fair bit, hurt Povetkin.

But that is just you painting a picture, I think the blood was all from cuts in the mouth, and Oscar Valdez was in a similar state against Quigg in that regard. Fighters get truly knocked out in boxing, doesn't mean the fights shouldn't have happened, look at Frich vs Groves II, and with the cut thing, come on!, that's bullcrap, means nothing, facial damage doesn't come into it. Povetkin was struggling, he got dropped, he was hurt in that first round, took some hard shots, after that performance, I would say he is nothing for AJ, Wilder to worry about, I think he's well over the hill now.

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Paulie is often biased and rambles on quite often. Roy Jones is much better but neither of them can come close to comparing to Emmanuel Steward.

Yeah I was surprised it went 5 rounds, but Price also fought very negatively by frequently backing up and holding a high guard instead of being offensive. Again, Stiverne was a former world titleholder coming in on short notice, Price was planned to fight Povetkin for a world title eliminator having never made it past the domestic level and had been knocked out multiple times. Stiverne came in for a check and turned in as bad of a performance as possible.

It was a lot of blood and it was ugly, I would be surprised if it was just from cuts in his mouth. Valdez faced someone who didn't even come close to making weight, I don't think that is a fair comparison. Groves and Froch were both world level fighters, Price was a domestic level fighter who wouldn't have got the opportunity versus Povetkin if it wasn't for his name. Cuts and damage do matter, if fighters get busted up they are getting hit and hurt. Judges score damage and blood when it is apparent. Povetkin knocked his guy out in the fifth round, didn't get too beat up and only suffered a flash knockdown by going into the ropes. Everyone knew Price had a good punch, but he is a glass cannon with limited skills which is why no one in their right mind thought he could win. He is certainly over the hill, like I said before his prior performances aren't as good as they once were, but he is still a top challenger in the Heavyweight division due to the lack of depth.

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He doesn't man, he gives great breakdowns and tells the truth.

You're not understanding what I was saying, you said you would be surprised if it lasts 4, so that's not a prediction for a 4th round stoppage. Well what does that prove?, exactly, Stiverne was coming on shirt notice, Price was better prepared because he found out he was fighting in advance, and again, if anything is 100/0, it is the ones which are 100% one way traffic, and end in one round, not back and fourth stuff that goes past 4, and ends brutally. Yes, but he had been possibly cheated out of wins, be deserved an opportunity like that! That's not exactly true, he was deluded. Safety, "dangerous mismatch", I think that's not so much about levels as age, vulnerability, Stiverne was 5 years older than Wilder, Price is 4 hears younger than Povetkin, you have to admit that Wilder vs Stiverne II was much worse than Povetkin vs Price!!

I think you're exaggerating again, I don't think that was internal bleeding. You're missing the point, and you're going off topic, the Valdez vs Quigg is only relevant in that spitting blood from oral cuts, does not mean a fight was so bad it shouldn't have happened. But again, this is about supporting that being knocked right out doesn't mean a fight shouldn't have happened. Well that is terrible, Paulie Malignaggi explained that that is not right when he criticised Max DeLuca in Provodnikov vs Algieri, facial damage is a sign, but nothing else, you don't score a fight based on cuts, and you don't use cuts as an example for a fight being 99/1. Again though, he was hurt, he got dropped, and you calling that "a weak knockdown" was unnecessary. That's bullshit, because as I explained, often in boxing, the basics matter, and a 34 year old who can bang, in against a smaller 38 year old who can be hurt, always has a shot, I said he could win, a lot of people who know David Price said he has a chance, and he did hurt Povetkin early, Price winning was always a tall order, most of us doubted it, but he was definitely deserving of the shot, it's bullshit to complain about it, because he had a chance, it was a good fight to be made. Top 3? Unlikely, top 5? Could be, top 8?, probably.

Bottom line

The fight wasn't 99/1
It wasn't worthy of the criticism of Wilder vs Stiverne II
It wasn't the mismatch you said it was before the fight, you're breakdown was an exaggeration, and you know it.

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Like when Paulie went off the rails about the supposed low blows in the Ward vs. Kovalev rematch and Roy Jones gave an actual analysis of them?

I'm not saying Stiverne had a close fight, I am saying with the context, that fight makes more sense and was fairer than Povetkin vs. Price on paper. You yourself said to give the boxers the benefit of the doubt in regards to juicing. Not everyone who beat Price was juicing and his losses can't be blamed entirely on it. You are purely speculating based on your opinion what Price's level is to say he "deserved it", what we knew for a fact was that Price was a domestic level fighter. Again, both were bad fights, but Stiverne at least had been a world level.

Valdez vs. Quigg is totally irrelevant. My point is that Price got cut up and knocked out. Price was getting hit with a lot of big shots even though he was fighting defensively which caused the cuts. Cutting a guy up and damaging them shows to the judges that there is effective punching, obviously, it isn't the only thing people should score. It was a weak knockdown, he didn't actually touch the canvas. The only people who actually thought Price could win were Price fans, there was no actual logic to believe he could win except for an exceptionally lucky punch, Povetkin has shown a good chin and good boxing abilities, Price has shown a glass chin, questionable stamina, and poor defense. I would have much prefered something like Whyte versus Povetkin for the mandatory spot, both of those guys have won enough to deserve a shot based on merit rather than speculation.

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Man, it is obvious from your writing that you are bitter about the fight not being what you expected, stop with the insults, accept when you get something wrong. If he didn't belong in the ring with Povetkin, he wouldn't have had the success he had, he might have won some rounds, he dropped the guy. Hate it all you want, but they did their job. "Super biased and garbage", man, come on.

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Just don't like the portrayal of the fight and Price's performance by Sky, they have British commentators to hype British fighters on a domestic British network for a reason though I suppose.

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Not reading your latest comment, because it will only irritate me.
No beef at all from me, no hard feelings, you know boxing, but this is a sensitive topic for any Brit whi has been supporting Price for years, but there is truth behind my points, he dropped Povetkin and hurt him at least twice, but anyway, that's that, we are not going to agree on this, so let's ditch this topic if that's ok with you.

Joshua vs Parker coming up! Excited? Stupid question right?!

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Yep should be exciting, I think it's funny Parker always uses Roy Jones's walk-in song though, he is almost the stylistic antithesis of Roy Jones lol.

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Yeah, and the New Zealand style dancing before the fight, and the fat guys who go to the ring with him, gotta love JP.
Should be a great fight!

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Scary knockout!! Lousy work by the referee!! Price was out on his feet and to get a crushing blow like that, when you're out of it is really dangerous. The crowd really didn't like Povetkin!!