Adonis Stevenson vs. Thomas Williams Scorecard by mike25

scorecard by MIKE25



Adonis Stevenson

Thomas Williams

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What was it like to see this fight live?

It was a great experience. We were very close to the fighters and saw the entrances and everything. You really see how hard fighters hit live. I also got pictures with Oscar Rivas, Jean pascal, and Artur beterbiev. All very nice people you can just go up and ask them and they'll take a picture with you. You could do that from where I was sitting. I was close to getting a picture with Stevenson but security wouldn't let anyone take pictures with him.

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Good or you. The seats that are nearest to the game or fight are always the best ones to book. Oh yeah, people often forget that ringside, you can really see the impact of all the punches, something that you can't always see when watching on a screen. That's awesome, and I wouldn't be surprised if two of those three were there mainly out of interest in fighting the winner at some juncture, which is exciting. I don't doubt it, boxers love their fans.

It makes the experience a lot better for a game or fight when you have good seats. The thing about Rivas was he was fighting and after he was done, I went up to him and asked him for a picture and he gladly did it. That was a cool first experience of seeing Oscar Rivas. This was a very good fight. At times I thought Stevenson would go down. I would definitely like to see a rematch for this fight. I think beterbiev vs Stevenson would be an interesting matchup within a year or so. You watch nurse vs coyle or frampton vs Santa Cruz this weekend? Also when do you think beterbiev will get a title shot?

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I didn't get to see either fight, but I'm planning on watching both at some stage, I don't know, maybe a year or two, a lot of it depends on what kind of opportunities he's granted in the near future, which I suppose, is about luck.

Same. I can't wait to see frampton vs Santa Cruz I've been seeing so many different opinions on who won, it should be interesting.For me I think in 2-3 fights he'll get a title fight.

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That's interesting, I've observed scores across the Internet, and the vast majority of them seem to be 115-113 for Frampton, from what I gather, Carl won the fight decisively. I'll tell you something about the scorecards, although I haven't seen the fight, I can tell you that at least one of the judges was wrong, when you see the score of 114-114, and 117-111 in the same fight, forget 'boxing is subjective', one of the judges is incorrect, I think analysts should educate fans more often on just where the limits for subjectivity in this sport are, because invalid arguments are invalid arguments, and it isn't good at all when professional judges make them.

Same here but I've heard some cards for Frampton vs santa cruz people had it for Santa Cruz as well. I'm about to watch the 10th round and I feel it can go either way. I feel the 114-114 is better than the 117-111 card because in my opinon there is no way that Santa cruz won only 3 rounds.Right now I have it 5-4 Frampton but it can still go either way.

As I was watching Frampton Vs Santa Cruz the computer kept crashing and to make things worse the fight videos got taken down. So I'm gonna rewatch it when I get a chance and just start over again.

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Sorry pal, that's really annoying. I'm in the process of scoring Huck vs Lebedev at the moment, I have it 19-19, fascinating fight so far. Have you tried Dailymotion for Santa Cruz vs Frampton?

Funny thing you mention lebedev vs huck because I was thinking about scoring it. I think I will tomorrow and we can compare cards.

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Awesome, I have it 38-38 now.

I found time today to watch this fight and I'm about to watch round 11. Thanks for the idea to watch this far. Also do you know of any close fights I can watch?

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Huck vs Povetkin
Calzaghe vs Reid
Eubank vs Benn II
Abraham vs Smith I