Adonis Stevenson vs Andrzej Fonfara II Scorecard by mike25

scorecard by MIKE25



Adonis Stevenson

Andrzej Fonfara

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Fonfara must have been awful though, I didn't expect him to get done in 2 rounds.

Yeah, he really didn't land anything the whole time he was in there. I thought they could've stopped it a round earlier but the way it ended was fine to. I think Hunter did the right thing and stop the fight.

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I'm not impressed by Stevenson's reluctance to confirm his willingness to fight certain opponents, Williams, Fonfara, it is not fair to call him a bum beater, but I think he should go out now, fight Alvarez, and then look to unify, that is what is really good for the sport.

Yeah, I know what you mean he dodged the questions about Ward and Kovalev. I hope he's willing to fight Ward, Kovalev or any top fighter at 175. A fight I would like to see if he doesn't fight Ward vs Kovalev winner next is a fight with Gvodzdyk, that would be great to see. A fight with Alvarez to would be good to since he's a good fighter and it's his mandatory and he deserves the shot. How do you see Stevenson vs Alvarez going.

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I think Stevenson wins, but it could be close, and that's a tough fight. I want to see Stevenson vs Jack.

Bellew vs Stevenson at 200 is a match up I like.

Same, I think if he fought him no one will complain about the level of competition he's faced. I say best option for now is Alvarez then a unification bout. There's plenty of good options for Stevenson at 175.

Not a bad fight.

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I think his soon to come defeat might be the end of Kov, so Stevenson will more likely have to man up and fight Ward, but Alvarez I think, I wouldn't mind seeing Jack vs Browne.

I think Bellew knocks him out at 200.

I think if Kovalev loses again then Ward is the better fight. Alvarez should be next for Stevenson. Also Jack vs Browne isn't a bad idea.

It's possible that it happens.

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Maybe an easier fight for Jack before Browne, after he proved himself against Williams, Browne can't be denied credit as a great fighter.

I would think the fight very unlikely. Hopefully Parker vs Bellew happens later in the year.

I was talking about something hilarious, when I was about 8, I said me and my friends would get a wooden boat, and row around the world, on rough seas, live in fish from the sea, and take 6 years to visit 12 countries, haha, crazy kid I was, I said I would go when I was 18.

Yeah, Marcus Browne was able to redeem himself after a fight in which I thought he lost in. He's a very good fighter, hopefully he gets a big fight soon. I think he's fighting that guy I told you that was going to fight Stevenson.

I think Bellew vs Parker is more likely, I can see it happening this year. How do you see it going?

That's a pretty funny story. I've always wanted to travel the world.

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That's a great match up, maybe the winner fights Jack.

I think if Parker shows up, he wins, I think Haye is extremely underrated, Bellew won, he's better than that 'ballbag', that piece of shit, but let's not get carried away, I'm talking to not youl but idiots like Spencer Fearon, these guys love Joshua, and don't give Parker, Wilder any credit because of their nationality partly, I think Parker would stun Hellew with his speed, combinations, foot speed, power, he can take a punch, his fitness is great. Parker late stoppage or UD, what do you think?

I still do, but not on a wooden boat, haha.

Not a bad idea. I wonder how Beterbiev fairs in the 175 division to.

I think Parker wins to. I don't think we have to worry about Haye for a while, he came off a big loss and it will take him a while before another title shot. I know you aren't talking about me, because I give all the heavyweights their credit not just Joshua. I think Parker vs Bellew is an interesting fight, and a winnable fight for Bellew. Well at least more winnable then Wilder. Parker by decision is my prediction.

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Oh yeah, how did I forget about Beterbiev?

Haye is one of the most overrated boxers in the world in my opinion. Of course, and time is not on his side, his best victory is a man who lost to Ruslan Chagaev and Evander Holyfield, he has lost three times, he has had three fights in the last five years, two meaningless wins, and a loss, let's forget that fake. Yeah you do, which is good, unlike idiots over here, I'm very disappointed in Johnny Nelson. Doubt it very much. I think Wilder knocks everyone out. I really, really want to see Joshua vs Wilder, I'm 70% sure Wilder wins, I would be really disappointed if he gotstopped early or easily, I just want to see him do well, and get the respect he deserves, full credit to AJ if he shows himself to be the better man, but I think Wilder is better.

Light Heavyweight is a stacked division, and a very underrated one. It can be easy to forget names.

I heard about the Johnny Nelson Deontay Wilder feud as well. Something about Nelson saying that Wilder got dropped in sparring by Klitschko. Wilder said it isn't true. If it is or isn't true, I don't think it matters a whole bunch. I think Anthony Joshua admitted to getting beat up in sparring by David Price, and we know if they fought an official fight Joshua would probably knock Price out now. And that was a while ago. For Joshua vs Wilder it's a 50/50 fight and it will end by knockout. I can see Wilder winning, I'm not writing him off even though I'm picking Joshua, but I can change my opinion before the fight happens. I might see something different that might make me chose a different opponent. Who do you think is a good opponent for Wilder next?

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True, Ward, Kovalev, Stevenson, Alvarez, Browne, Jack, Beterbiev, the list goes on. I think it might be time for Fonfara to hang up the gloves now, not sure about Pascal, but retirement shouldn't be far away for him either.

Johnny Nelson being an idiot, and being quite nasty, he talks rubbish, 'was Wilder scared off by AJ?', jsut because Wilder didn't steal the show, and gave Joshua that respect 'it seemed like he was more interested in Bellew than Joshua', you doughnut, Bellew was standing right there challanging him after a recent war of words, whilst the Joshua fight had been talked about for a while, and AJ, he wasn't showing any signs of wanting to face Wilder, he could have called out fellow undefeated world champion, yet he called out fat, unlicensed Fury instead, not criticising Joshua, just saying Nelson is a hypocrite. If Wilder got "knocked out cold twice in sparring by Klitschko, and then stopped with a body shot", which I'm 95% sure didn't happen, Joshua got knocked down by Dubois, who is only 19, 3-0, must have been younger and less experienced at the time, Joshua got dropped many times by Whyte, stopped by a Polish guy in the amateurs, dropped by Price, dropped by Okolie, we don't see American pundits taking shots at AJ over this, Nelson needs to stop wearing that perfume called bitch, and Spencer Fearon is a fake analyst who has completely put me off watching toe2toe.

This is not concussive power vs work rate, this is both those things vs neither, on the other hand, Joshua with the jab, does the basics so much better, stronger, the slightly more valuable experience over all now that he has beaten Klitschko, it is a great fight.

Whyte, Chisora, Bellew, tough to say.

Very good division. They have a very good amount of prospects to. I agree on that about Fonfara. I mean he went to Virgil Hunter to revive his career, and it didn't help so I don't think there's much left to go. He's only 29 I think. I think Pascal is close to retirement to.

I don't think Wilder is scared of Joshua at all, Nelson is obviously wrong on the topic. He wanted to Joshua to have his moment after he won the biggest fight of his life. I don't think AJ is ducking Wilder but he hasn't shown intrest. The reason I think he wants the Fury fight is because all the trash Fury talked on him. I think the Joshua vs Wilder fight will happen to. I don't look to much into sparring really, fighters fight different in sparring then in the ring. I'm not making excuses for him, but I think that's why he was dropped in sparring. Also he did get dropped by Whyte, but he knocked him out on the big stage. Also not a lot of people like Fearon.

Such an interesting matchup. I think it's the best fight to be made that hasn't been already since GGG vs Canelo has been made already.

Not bad options for Wilder. Depends who all is open for a fight at the time that Wilder is fighting.

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Heck, you're right, crazy, well, it is hard to say he should retire.

He's being biased, unfair, unprofessional. And he should show interest, I think he will soon. I think it is more about what the British public wants to see, but the American public deserve the fights they want to see just as much as the fans here. No, and you're right not to, it doesn't mean much at all, but my point about Joshua getting dropped in sparring, was a relative thing, each to their own, it is all well and good Nelson saying "sparring is sparring", but he can not say that before slating Wilder for allegedly being rocked by Klitschko in sparring. Joshua doesn't take a shot so well, he doesn't have the best chin, that's part of the reason why he's been dropped in sparring, besides the reason you just stated, Joshua's experience, knowledge, and heart will more than make up for his breakable jaw, the Klitschko fight was evidence of that. Yeah yeah, and funnily enough, I think Wilder would knock Klitschko out on the big stage. Fearon is a d***, his attitude is bad, I didn't like the way he disrespected Parker, Spence, and Wilder, also, he's so annoying when Paulie Malignaggi is in the studio, when they first spoke, Fearon kept interrupting him, and taling over his points at times.

Yeah I agree, besides, Crawford/Lomackenko/Garcia, and Thurman vs Spence.

I hoep Wilder can get a good opponent this year, would be good to see him face an opponent who is better than anyone he has ever faced before.

For Fonfara, I think he should soon. I think a long layoff would work to. For Pascal I'm not sure he should retire, but I think a layoff will help him.

Very true. I mean you can like Joshua but still be able to give an honest and fair shake to Wilder. I think we should get Joshua vs Wilder first then Joshua vs Fury. Those have potential to be huge fights. I think Joshua vs Fury will be huge in Britian, but Joshua vs Wilder I think can be bigger worldwide. I know that it might be a common thing that Joshua would get dropped in sparring, I feel like it doesn't translate in the fight for the most part, because if you put him in the ring with any of the guys who dropped him in sparring he would knock them out, and not only that but he wouldn't get knocked down. I really don't think his chin is that bad to be honest, not being biased at all. I think at this stage Wilder would knock Klitchko out. I was never huge on Fearon to be honest.

I forgot about those fights.

I wouldn't mind seeing him fight Ortiz or someone, I saw him call Ortiz out. Hopefully that fight can be made.

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Well Pascal has had quite a career, when you look at the Froch defeat, you see he has been around a while, but nah it probably isn't quite the end for him, but he should retire before too many more fights.

I think Wilder would ruin the fight, I think as well, Fury, currently, is unlicensed, and is unlikely to get it back before the year is out, so let's forget Fury. Yeah and to be honest, I don't care much about these big domestic fights, I'm more interested in worldwide fights like GGG vs Canelo, Joshua vs Wilder. I disagree to an extent, because at the end fo the day, you're still taking a punch in the chin, and it is still about the nature of it, but at the end of the day, sparring is when to make the mistakes, you can not correct a mistake you don't make, sparring is when you learn, so him being dropped in sparring will not only have adapted him to being in thats situation of getting up off the deck, but also taught him how not to get caught on the chin, and like I said, with his improving knowledge on what to do when hurt, he doesn't have the MOST vulnerable chin, and his heart, his chin shouldn't be a big problem. Dubious might put him on the deck in a fight even now, unlikely, but possible. I think if he takes a big shot, he's in trouble, reactively, he does not take a punch relatively well, same as Groves, Thurman, Klitschko, Khan, Stevenson, this is not an insult or criticism, but it is something I think is hard to argue against, like I said as well, heart, knowledge, these are things which can more than make up for a vulnerable chin, most fighters do have that heart, there are some, and this is such a shame, Walters, Scott, who's hearts have let them down in the past, which is think is really sad.

Honestly, I think as soon as Wilder catches Ortiz, they will carry the old man out on a stretcher, I think Joshua could make him quit, I don't think he beats Ruiz, Hughie Fury, Ortiz, like Eubank Jr, can look great in the ring, but when the opponent comes on strong, can adapt, I questioned this about Lomackenko, we know Davis, Garcia (Mikey and Danny), Thurman, Spence, Crawford, Joshua, Wilder are very adpatable.

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I think Stevenson wins, but it could be close, and that's a tough fight. I want to see Stevenson vs Jack.

Bellew vs Stevenson at 200 is a match up I like.